Meeting In The Park

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He was finishing his hour-long walk and jog in the park on a perfect summer day. It was hot but there was a slight breeze, and his path was often in the shade. He was tiring, but kept on, knowing that at his age it took extra effort to keep in any kind of shape.

He saw, coming toward him, a woman walking a Great Dane. The Dane looked young and was a handsome brute, and he seemed well under control. As they approached, he saw that the woman was attractive, with long legs beneath a pair of shorts. Under the matching blouse it was obvious she had ample breasts. He smiled, she smiled back.

“Good looking Dane,” he said. “How old is she?”

“Thanks. She’s just eighteen months but I’ve been training her.”

The dog seemed friendly, so he asked if it was OK to pet her.

“Oh sure,” she said, “Sela’s a sucker for love.”

They chatted for a minute as he rubbed the Dane’s chest and behind her ears. Then, without saying a word, they walked off the path and sat under a tree. She was in the middle of a divorce from an abusive husband, he was in a sterile marriage. She looked in her 30’s and he was almost 60, but they talked easily, as if they were friends.

He kept sweating in the heat, and she asked if he’d like a cold drink and a chance to be in air conditioning. Surprised, he said that would be wonderful.

“Follow me,” she said with a grin, heading off toward an apartment house next to the park.

In her nicely furnished one-bedroom apartment overlooking the park, they sprawled on the couch and continued to talk. The Dane was put away in the kitchen. The woman introduced herself.

“I’m Tina,” she said. “I see you walking and jogging almost every Ankara escort day, and I fantasized about who you were and what it would be like to meet you.”

“I’m Mike, and I’m flattered, a lovely young woman like you fantasizing about an old guy like me.”

“You may have a few years on me, but you’re in marvelous shape,” she said. “Will you excuse me a minute? I want to change. I’ll bring you a fresh t-shirt and shorts if you’d like. But first, a cold drink.”

She brought back a tall glass filled with ice and water, and disappeared into the bedroom. Mike took a long drink, and savored the cool air blowing from the vent.

In minutes she was back, and he could not stop staring. She had changed into a diaphanous dressing gown that billowed around her legs as she walked in. She wore nothing under it. Her breasts pushed against the flimsy fabric, the nipples and large areole clearly on display. Her trim waist, the flair of her hips, and her solid thighs showed as well, and between her legs was a thin sliver of pubic hair.

“Well, what do you think?” she asked.

“Absolutely gorgeous,” he said, tongue thick.

“Here, put on this t-shirt and the shorts,” she said, handing them to him.

He looked at her and peeled off his sodden shirt and running shorts, under which he wore nothing. She stared frankly at him, not at all embarrassed. His cock was beginning to shows signs of life after he had looked at her. Before he could put on the dry shorts, she came over to him and stood with her breasts brushing his bare chest. She looked at him and licked her lips.

The dam broke, and he gathered her in his arms and began kissing her, gently, on the lips, cheeks, Ankara escort bayan eyebrows, and finally neck. She gasped and pushed herself against him. He felt a new kind of heat, emanating from her. He was getting aroused. His hands went to her breasts and pushed the gown aside. He palmed them, hefting their weight, and ran his thumb across her nipples, sending a shudder through her. He leaned down and licked each nipple in turn, and sucked on them. Her hands held his head and she murmured, “Yes, like that, yes.”

She broke the embrace and led him into the bedroom and playfully pushed him on the bed. She removed the gown and stood, gloriously naked. She was full-breasted and full- hipped, but clearly in good physical shape, almost no flab evident except in the slight belly that made her even more womanly. Her mound was shaven except for the thin line of hair he had seen before, that pointed to her labia. Those nether lips were slightly swollen and pink, and he thought he saw a drop of her juices between them.

She ran her hands over her breasts, down her belly, and between her legs, sighing. She got on top of him and her hand reached for his cock. She kissed him, deeply, her tongue pushing against his, as she squeezed his now hard member. He rolled partly over until they were side by side, then reached between her legs and stroked the shaven pussy lips. Inserting one finger, he found she was very wet. His thumb massaged her clit, which was already peeking out from its hood, and she moaned and jerked on his cock.

Mike knelt beside the bed and spread her legs and pulled her to his mouth. He kissed and licked the tender flesh of the inside of her thighs, then traced her Escort Ankara labia with his tongue. His fingers parted her outer lips and he began licking her wetness, the taste intoxicating. Tina groaned and her hips moved up and down and sideways. He probed deep in her pussy, and then moved up and circled her clit again and again.

“Oh God, Mike, fuck me,” she cried.

He kept on, now flattening his tongue over her clit and licking it directly.

“Oh shit,” she said, “I’m ….I’m… cumming!”

As she began to climax he wet one finger in her juices and pushed it to the entrance of her anus. When she was in spasms, he shoved the finger up her ass, and it was then she went wild- crying and grabbing his head.

Before she was finished, he took his cock and played it up and down her pussy lips and over her clit, before plunging into her.

“Yes, oh shit yes, fuck my cunt, oh yes now, now, now.”

He pumped, slowly at first, then faster. Looking at her passion-filled face, flushed and beautiful, he reached out and grabbed a nipple, pulling on it, twisting it as her passion peaked. He felt his balls constrict and the cum flow, and he froze, yelled out, and came in a series of hard thrusts. She immediately came again herself, wrapping her legs around his back and pistoning her hips in rhythm with his thrusts.

“I feel your cum flooding me,” she gasped. “Oh so good, so good, my lover.”

They lay in each other’s arms, saying little, basking in the afterglow. She licked his cock and balls clean and then kissed him so they tasted both their juices. He kept two fingers in her soaked pussy, wiggling gently, keeping the feelings alive.

Later they showered together and she made them coffee. He went home, eventually, a small secret smile on his face. She stood in her window overlooking the park and thought about all the days to come when his usual exercise time would be greatly extended.

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