Meeting Max

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Double Penetration

Do not Copy me its not nice!

ADULTS ONLY!! If your not an adult, where the hell are your parents?

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Based on my life: Names have been changed to protect privacy.

* * * * *

Max was the wildest guy I’d ever met in my entire life.

He was 6’2″, a wiry 200 pounds with mischievous black eyes, and a sexy smile that could make a normal woman’s knees weak. The thing about Max that could send you over the edge was his accent. I don’t recall exactly where he was from although he mentioned it often. I think it was Ireland, or Scotland maybe, but it was somewhere in the British Isles for sure. He was the delivery man at a hospital I where I once worked.

During my first week at the hospital most of the nurses told me to watch out for Max. They said he was trouble. The truth is all of the nurses had crushes on him. As they warned me over and over to watch out for Max I smiled to myself, thinking he’d likely better watch out for me.

My name is Lola. I am 26 years old, 5 feet 11 inches, 122 lbs, and I have dark brown hair and eyes. To add to my exotic look, my skin is always tan thanks to my 1/2 Cherokee father, but 34D breasts, however, I got from my mother. (“The gift and the curse,” as she called them). I’ve been getting leered at by men since I was 13 years old.

I’m also a medical doctor. And, the irony of that will become apparent in the story I am about to share. But, for now, all you need to know is that I decided to become a doctor for two reasons: First, I want to help people and second, so people would take me seriously. But, even now, with my professional credentials continuing to impress my peers, some people still have trouble taking me seriously, because of how I look.

I was only 23 when he met me. I guess my mind was focused elsewhere, because I didn’t notice Max when he banged through the emergency room doors wheeling his delivery, slapping the odd nurses’ ass and shouting one of his many sexual harassment suit-worthy jokes. But, the minute he saw me he slammed his fist down loudly on the nurse’s station. This was his ever so subtle way of getting my, and everyone else’s attention. “Who are you?” he demanded. I just looked at him blankly.

“This is Ms Scott; she’s the 3rd year. She took James’ spot,” said Dr. Fisher, the attending physician, my boss at the time, and an entirely different story.

“Ms. Scott,” Max said, clamping his hand on his heart dramatically, “I think I love you.”

“Thanks.” I smiled. “But, maybe asking me out would have made a better first impression?”

“I’ll be here when you get out then! I’ll take you wherever you want, then afterwards, we can go get married!” was his reply.

I smiled, rolled my eyes, and followed Dr. Fisher down he hall.

I can honestly say I wasn’t very surprised when, several hours later, he was standing outside the door in the snow as I was leaving the hospital. I saw him standing there still in his uniform pants, shivering and I began laughing.

“Does this count as asking me out?”

“If it works for you, girl, it works for me” he said motioning for me to come to him with a gloved finger.

I walked towards him. “You wanna go somewhere?” he said, smiling slyly.

“Where?” I said, returning an oddly similar, sly smile.

“With you, Dr. Scott, I’d go fucking anywhere.”

I leaned into him. I could hear his breathing getting heavier. “I’m not a doctor, yet,” I whispered in his ear “but, you could come to my place.”

***** ***** *****

His hands were all over me before I could unlock my door. I could feel the thick head of his cock on my ass as I fumbled with the steel locks. I reached behind me and gave it a quick squeeze, before returning to my 5 lock Detroit security system.

“You’re a crazy little bitch, aren’t you?” he whispered, as he rubbed his dick on my ass, and as he kissed my neck.

“I’m not so little,” I laughed, as I finally finished with the last deadbolt, releasing the door. I turned around and faced him, just as he slammed open my apartment door. He quickly grabbed me, pushing me violently against the door. I laughed; I was startled and excited.

He kissed me hard on the lips, his tongue forcing its way into my willing mouth. I kissed him back, my hands creeping around his neck – but he stopped them, pinning them above my head with one of his big hands. He looked at me and smiled naughtily. He kissed my neck as he cupped my left breast in his free hand, pinching my already hard nipple. I struggled a little, whimpering softly, as he gently bit my breasts and chest through the fabric of my shirt.

Max’s hand quickly traveled down into my scrub pants and into my panties. He looked at me coldly as he slipped one of his thick fingers into the now wet lips my excited pussy.

He studied my face waiting for a reaction. Being the bitch I am, I gave him none. “You’re sopping wet, girl,” he whispered, pulling his finger out of me.

“Yes, I Sivas Escort am,” I said, staring right back at him. He let my arms down and stepped back smiling. He began to undo his belt.

“Where’s your room?” I loved the way he thought. I smiled, took off my coat, threw it on a chair, and lead him into my bedroom.

He pushed me back onto the bed, and I laughed softly.

“Why are you smiling?” he said taking off his coat, pulling off his shirt. I looked at his chest and its perfect muscles covered in his soft dark hair. “Fuck it – don’t answer”. He leaned over me and pulled my pants down. “Are you on the pill?” he asked, as he roughly removed my panties.

“Yes,” I whispered, now trying not to shiver, in order to hide my immense excitement.

He stood up and looked at me lying there, now covered by only a scrub shirt. I sat up and slowly pulled off my top and undershirt. I looked up at him, hungry to see his reaction. His eyes were wide and his mouth dropped open. He blinked and looked at me again. I felt his eyes wandering over my body. I felt his gaze travel up my legs to my thighs, then scanning my stomach, finally pausing at my breasts. He blinked again and finally our eyes met. I smiled, almost laughing.

“Don’t laugh woman,” he said smiling. “I’m not sure how often a man gets to see something like,” he paused, and swallowed, “um… this… I mean, you.” His hand went to his chin as he looked at me. “Should I say a prayer?” he said softly to himself, “thanking the almighty for your fantastic fucking…oh man…”

I rolled my eyes and began to laugh out loud, shaking my head.

“Oh that’s it… I told you not to laugh!” And with that he pounced on me grabbing me and kissing me roughly.

My hands moved over his broad, muscular back as he kissed my neck, biting it softly. That got me, my cool composure was gone. He sensed it, and pulled my hands above my head, pinning them down with one of his arms. He laid himself in-between my open thighs – his pants now were hanging loosely at his waist. I felt the edge of his belt buckle cutting into my thigh, but I didn’t care. His free hand traveled down to my breasts and as he touched them softly, this time, I was still able to hold back a cry of pure pleasure. I heard him groan softly, as he rubbed his face into my breasts. Sighing heavily, he looked up at me and grinned. Then, when at last his lips met my very hard nipple, sucking and biting, I couldn’t…

I was totally defenseless. I moaned in anticipation of whatever sort of assault, I was about to receive from him.

“That’s it girl, fucking moan for me,” he growled. And instantly his face was buried between my legs.

He ate my pussy violently, voraciously. I moaned and pulled at his hair, but it just egged him on. I began to cum hard, wrapping my legs around his back, raking my nails over his neck and shoulders. “Jesus! Oh, please… No..!” I begged, as he forced me to cum painfully, again and again, but he wouldn’t stop. I could feel the sadistic son of a bitch, laughing as he continued punishing my pussy with his tongue. I was being ravaged by him…and he was loving it…

I came again and again, and, after what seemed like an eternity, he suddenly, in one, quick, fluid motion, was standing over me. He pulled me up by my hair onto my knees and onto the floor.

He quickly forced his now free cock into my mouth. He moaned as I sucked it eagerly. “Jesus!” he shouted as he forced my head back and forth on his cock. I grabbed his ass, stabilizing myself as sucked his perfect cock.

“Yes suck it.!” I kept sucking hard caressing his balls with my hands, my fingers pressing against his peritoneum as I greedily sucked and licked him. “Fuck me, woman! You’re really fucking good at this!” he shouted.

I continued to move my mouth back and forth on that gorgeous, arched cock. I looked up at him, sucking harder, he looked down at me his breathing coming in gasps. “I need to fuck you!” he shouted, as he suddenly pushed me backwards onto the floor.

Surprised, I lost my balance and landed on my ass. I had no time to feel the pain that the hardwood floor gave me, because Max pulled me up and onto the bed by my under arms, and began trying to situate me on his lap. His hands seemed to be everywhere on my body at once he was massaging my breast, running hands over the muscles of my stomach and caressing me between my thighs.

We were both so eager for penetration that in our near-panic our movements were completely out of synch. He moved one way on my body, while I was working in a totally different direction on his.

For a moment, there in my mind, I knew I should have been worrying about condoms, about HIV (or any of the many other STDs that I saw daily in the ER) but I wasn’t. (Hey, I never said I was a role model!)

At last, when he was sitting up on the edge of my bed, I finally managed to straddle him. He lifted me up high and over his rock hard cock and with my hand I guided his amazing tool into me.

We both moaned as he slammed me down onto his cock.

For Sivas Escort Bayan a moment we sat frozen, I swear I felt a breeze cross my hardened nipples. It was like everything had stopped just briefly for a moment. Suddenly time was back and my hips began to guide me on his cock. He felt so good I felt tears begin to well up in my eyes. Max had a death grip on my waist and my hands were around his neck. He began to thrust into me as I worked myself up down and around on his throbbing cock.

“Damn, woman!” he whispered, pulling me closely to him crushing my breasts into his chest. We kissed passionately over and over, his cock deep in my pussy and his big arms holding me close to him. He was forcing me to orgasm again. I began to cry out and shake, as tears ran down from my eyes. Max held me tightly, letting out muted cries of pleasure, feeling it now as my pussy muscles begin to spasm and strangle his cock. “I’m gonna cum!” he shouted over my shoulder into my hair.

My body was still being rocked with orgasmic aftershocks and was clinging to his. I felt him cumming deep inside me and I moaned, almost at the point of orgasm once again.

We sat there for a moment, breathing hard, trying to calm down. Max smiled at me, and I smiled back and began to slowly kiss his neck, pausing to bite into his skin gently. I felt him growing hard again inside me. His hands were exploring my ass, kneading my skin. They traveled up my back as my teeth nibbled on his earlobes. He reached the sides of my breasts. “You want me to fuck you again,” he whispered into my ear as I began to move up and down on his cock again.

I wasn’t listening to him, I was too involved in feeling the great girth of his manhood gently pulsing back and forth within me. Sure, I heard his words and I understood them, I was just too busy to respond. But, I must have moaned, or he sensed something in my movement which he took to be a response – because at once he stood up, sliding me off him, and then, roughly, Max pushed me on the bed.

“You like to get fucked hard?” he asked, crawling over me.

I liked this. “Yes,” I said softly.

“You want me to fuck you?”

I knew my role in this game. “Please, yes fuck me, fuck me hard!” I pleaded.

“Suck my cock again.” I sat up taking his hard dick in my hand, the slowly into my mouth. “That’s it, girl, show me how bad you want me to fuck you.”

I began to work his cock down my throat massaging its width and length with my tongue. My one hand now on his chest, as the other explored the wonders below his cock. “Fuck that’s good!” he said as I rubbed my finger around his asshole. He suddenly pulled me up to him kissing me violently. Then he turned me around pushing my hands onto the headboard of my bed. He slammed his cock into me from behind, the exquisite violence of this act sent me instantly into an orgasm that forced me to lose my grip on the headboard, and fall to the mattress. He kept thrusting his cock into me. “You fucking love this… goddamn you feel so good girl…mmmm!”

He slowed a little.

“You like it rough, huh?” he asked knowingly, as he stopped to help me back up into position with my hands on the headboard, so he could manhandle my tits while he fucked me.

“Yes!” I cried out, as he pinched my nipple while sliding his long cock almost out of me then quickly ramming it back in with a loud grunt. He began to fuck me wildly, his head resting between my shoulder blades. I began to shake, feeling another orgasm coming on, but Max started to slow down.

“I need to fuck your ass” he said softly into my back.

“Then do it,” I said pushing my ass into him, causing his cock to go deeper within me.

“God, woman, you’re a dream!” he said pulling out of me.

“You like this?” he asked as he slammed his cock into my ass.

This caught me off guard and the pain knocked the sound from my scream. I was frozen in sheer silent agony as he began to fuck me hard. Tears, I hadn’t realized had formed and now ran down my cheeks. “Max!” I shouted hoarsely.

But, he didn’t stop, he didn’t hear me. He was moaning obscenities in an English that his accent rendered completely unintelligible.

After a few seconds the pain from his unexpected entrance wore off, the familiar feeling of full pleasure began. Max pulled at my hair causing my neck to stretch back, oddly. I just kept moving back into him slamming my ass onto his cock. “FUCK ME! Yes! Yes!” I heard myself saying it, and suddenly, I was CUMMING again!

Afterwards I let him stay, which is very unlike me. I lay on my stomach and he was next to me on his side his fingers running through my long hair, stretching it out into long straight lines down my back.

I was trying to sleep and, normally, I would have thrown any guy out by now, in order to attain that sleep. But with Max, I didn’t. I let him stay and actually sleep with me in my bed. Maybe it was because I didn’t have to be back at the hospital that next day. Maybe I wanted to piss off the nurses who had a thing Escort Sivas for him, and who had also said I’d gotten my prestigious placement because of my looks (tits – were their exact words, but, details can be so inane…) and not due to my hard work and skill. Or, it might just have been my electric blanket wasn’t warm enough on that cold February night. But, for some reason, take your pick, I allowed him to stay.

“Lola,” he said, softly, “how old are you?”

“Why? How old are you?”


“Oh,” I replied while pulling my pillow over my head.

He pulled it off me kissing my neck. “You’re amazing!” he said, running his hand down my back, gently caressing my butt. I rolled over quickly.

“You want to fuck again?” I said getting excited already.

“I don’t think ‘Mad Max’ could handle it… that’s five times, Lola.”

“Fine.” I pouted rolling back over. He pulled me close to him holding me tightly, “Lemme just keep you in my grip for a time,” he yawned.

I tried to struggle out of his arms as nonchalantly as I could, but he was too strong and he was suddenly fast asleep. I don’t know for how long I lay there, but eventually I fell asleep too.

********* ********** ***********

We met every day like that – night or day, depending on my schedule, bursting through my apartment door shedding clothes. He drove me insane with pleasure. God, that guy could fuck me so hard! I thought I’d die of ecstasy as he fucked me. Pulling my hair, calling me names. God I love to be dominated!

“Fuck, Lola, you have the sweetest fuckin’ pussy, mmmm… fuckin’ Christ! Yes, yes…” he would moan as he slammed into me from behind. I didn’t care what he said or what he did as long as he didn’t stop fucking me with that perfect cock of his.

Eight perfect inches of thick cock coming from 200 pounds of solid Irish Scottish somewhere-in-the British-isle force pounding away at my pelvic bone or ass. Max fucked me hard and rough and I couldn’t get enough of him.

He liked to slam my face into a pillow shouting at me or make me sit on his lap my back to his chest and pump his thick meat in and out of me, teasing me, making me beg for him to fuck me. “You like this bitch?” he’d say, pinching my nipple. I’d moan trying push myself down on to him, to ride him, but he held my waist and hips with his other arm. Then, when I was about to die, he’d begin slamming his cock deep into my pussy then pulling it almost out again.

“You want more, you cock loving slut?” “Yes!” I’d cry out, pulling at his hand around my waist, trying to free my hips so I could lower myself back on him.

“So, doctor, you want me to fuck you, huh?” he’d breathe down my neck.

“Yes.. yes..!” I’d cry shaking in pleasure? as he fondled my breasts roughly.

“You like my fat dick in you?” he whispered in my ear, kissing it.

“God yes…” I’d moan. Feeling his temperament softening: “Jesus you’re fucking beautiful Lola.” I could feel his eyes on me, and an odd tenderness suddenly coming from his forceful hands. “I’ve never seen anything, any creature like you…” he said softly kissing my neck. This is where I would go into a frenzy. I love it mid fuck when the pain, passion and pleasure all come together.

He lifted me up with his big hands helping me lay down on my back. I whimpered softly as he lowered himself over me kissing my lips hard. I kissed him back and he moaned in my mouth.

I opened my eyes and looked up at him as I felt his cock at the entrance of my wet opening. He was looking back at me. I felt him slam into me and my eyes clamped shut and my hips rose to meet his powerful thrusts. He let out a vowel-less grunt and began to move in and out of me slowly. “Yes… Oh yeah, girl, you love this…mm yes you’re so tight! Shit. Umm.”

********* ********** ***********

Max was my secret, though. Although the nurses might have noticed that he was unusually quiet when I was around, I doubt they could imagine the incredibly kinky stuff he was thinking of doing to me. I know they wouldn’t have been able to imagine the stuff we actually did!

When I would pass him while he was at the station getting his paperwork signed, “Hallo Ms Scott” he’d say grinning at me like the devil. “you’re looking warm on this terribly cold day.” “You too,” I’d say, looking up from my charts. I nodded at him casually, inside burning with desire – unable to get the memory of his taste out of my mouth.

No one knew about Max and I. That was my rule. He could sleep over, but he had to make sure no one saw him leave. He knew that the secrecy of our affair just made me want him more. There were several reasons I kept him a secret. I didn’t like relationships then – in fact, I still don’t. I hate the idea of someone having to know where I am what I am doing and who I am with. Also, Max wasn’t the kind of guy I could take with me to hospital social events, or to dinner with my colleagues. Wait I’ll rephrase that, its not that I couldn’t, he wasn’t the kind of guy I WOULD take. I could endure his drunken antics when I was sure no one would know who I was, but Detroit’s not that big of a place. In fact, from my experience, there isn’t a place on the earth big enough for people like Max to go unnoticed. Max tried his best not to ask me for anything but eventually he couldn’t help himself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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