Meeting the Boss’s Daughter Ch. 15

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After that event in the woods, I had stayed with him, like a possession at first, unable to get over the illicit pleasure he brought me over and over again. He meant it when he said he took what he wanted, because that was what he did with me everytime. He took every bit of sanity, turned it into a multitude of explosions in ways I can’t have imagined, in places I dare not go, in situations I would not risk. But he always made sure that I would experience the thrill of having sex where people might see, where we could get caught, where the danger is always at its peak. It was that which took me to the edge so many times, that he was so dangerous and yet he brought out of me pleasure that was extraordinary.

It’s been six months now, I hadn’t heard from my father, my friends, Adam…. I forced myself not to think of him, it was a strange feeling. I’d never gone back to the company where we all once worked together briefly. It wasn’t because I had forgotten but because it brought about a sense of uneasiness. Instead, I’d spent every day in Hunter’s company, in his home, his bed… I guess it was convenient and as he promised, I had never seen Helena since that day.

I stared out the window on the 36th floor of the building where we were, watching people walk around, busy, mindful of traffic, holding their kids as they crossed the street and I wondered where my life was going. Hunter was a lot of things, he was different, certainly his tastes were different but there was a compassion in him that got to me, a sensitivity. I sometimes wondered if I was only there for his sexual pleasure or if there was deeper emotion to it.

I heard his steps on the carpeted floor and turned to see him just as he was entering.

“Are you alright?” he asked. He was dressed in pants and just starting to button his shirt down, a tie hanging on his shoulder, his hair still a bit damp from the shower, a nice messy wet look to it.

I nodded and turned to face him as he approached.

“Are you sure?” he added, a bit of a concerned wrinkle on his brow.

“Yeah,” I answered with a shrug and reached over to finish the remaining buttons on his shirt.

His hand stopped mine where they were. He lifted my chin up so his gaze was right at my eyes, “tell me.”

“I….,” I couldn’t think of what to say, I didn’t know what I was feeling.

“Are you lonely?”

I wasn’t sure that I was, maybe a little bit. I thought hard before answering, “maybe a little…”

“Would like me to stay for the day?”

“No, it’s alright. I can just go out and … find something to do.”

He smiled and pulled my face to his, his lips gently touching mine, his other hand tugging at the tie on my robe, opening it, revealing the silk teddy I had worn to sleep that night and the panties that matched it. He pushed the robe off my shoulders, the other around my waist, pulling me tight against him.

My hand found its way between us, undoing what buttons he had already closed, pulling it open, feeling his hard chest, his strong arms… I could feel his hardness pressed against me. My hand moved lower, between his legs, rubbing him through his pants, as if lighting a fire. His kiss became like a hunger, his hands grasping tighter at my body, digging into my skin, into my ass, squeezing and kneading them. I moaned loudly into his ear. His hands secured under my ass, grasping firmly as he lifts me up, my legs wrapping around his waist.

He carries me that way to the living room, its windows all full glass. It used to bother me, I used to be so shy that the world could see. He sat down on the sofa, me on top of him, facing the windows. He pulls the straps off my shoulders, revealing my breasts, my nipples hard and pouting for him to take them in his mouth. He knows it makes me weak. escort gaziantep ilanları Our eyes are on each other as his hands reach up to my lips, tracing them, moving down my neck, a firm hold, moving lower to the creamy mounds of my breasts. His hands close over them, kneading them, clasping my hard nipples between his fingers and squeezing them tight. My thighs tighten against his, my juices dampening my panties, rubbing against his thighs. He can feel my need for him growing, my moans calling out for him.

He reaches behind me and grasps my hair, pulling down on it so my head bends backwards but my chest leans forward, making my breasts protrude. He sits up and takes them in his mouth, one then the other, teasing my nipples with his tongue, swirling them around them and biting down on them, making me cry out.

His hand slips between my legs, rubbing my hard clit, soaking my panties even more. My body is on fire, grinding down against his fingers, electric currents coursing through my breasts as he continues his teasing and biting and tugging on my nipples. My hands reach over to hold his head against me but his hands grasped them quickly and held them behind me with one hand, the other returning to its place between my legs, continuing its work on my clit.

I writhed and wriggled against him, his fingers and his mouth working simultaneously on me, driving me insane. I can’t take it, I wanted to burst at the sensations that were growing inside me. I wanted to scream, to burst….

“Hunter….,” I pleaded in a gasp.

“Mmm let yourself go, luv,” he murmured, his mouth busy with my nipple.

I felt his hand release mine and, in a second, I was holding onto him, digging into him, my body arching, my hips grinding down on his hand, my voice finding itself into a scream as I let go of the waves that swept over me.

I climbed off him, kneeling on the floor between his legs, fumbled with his belt, undoing his pants pulling them down to free his cock, immediately taking the warm rod into my mouth, sucking on his length. His eyes were on me, watching me, my cheeks sunken in as my tongue caressed him and my lips sealed him inside.

I felt his foot between my legs, reaching up to rub my clit. Muffled moans escaped my lips as I worked his cock. I could feel my juices soaking his feet as they pressed against my panties.

I stood up, our eyes still focused at each other. His hands felt at my thighs, moving higher up the hem of the teddy I had on, slipping under and pulling my panties down. He turned me around, facing away from him and pulled over him, holding my legs apart. He positioned his cock between my legs.

We were facing the tall, glass window, where anybody in a building high enough could see us, me. I closed my eyes as I felt him enter me, my lips parting in a gasp as he filled me up. His arm around my waist, holding me firmly against him as he thrusted in and out of my naked pussy. His other hand tugging and tweaking my nipples and moving downwards to rub my clit.

I was gasping and panting, moaning out of control. He released his hold and I sat up, riding his cock as if I was riding a horse, bouncing like mad, wanting him deeper and deeper inside me. He held onto my waist, lifting me up and down on him. I came so many times.

He pushed me forward and down on the floor, on my hands and knees, his cock had managed to keep its place inside me. He tugged at my hair so I my face was up and staring at the glass, his other hand digging into my ass as he moved inside me. His momentum increased and soon enough, my fingers were grasping at what it can on the floor as he fuck my pussy with a vengeance, so hard and mercilessly. My breasts were bouncing against my chest, escort kadın gaziantep his balls slapped against me harder and harder. I couldn’t contain myself, the shivering moans started to leave my lips. I heard him grunting, felt his cock swelling inside me. I tightened my pussy around him, clenching as he moved in and out of me, squeezing him hard.

I heard him cuss before burying his cock deep inside me, his fingers dug into my skin as he let out an animalistic growl. I felt him fill me with his load, hot squirts hitting me deep inside.

We collapsed on the floor after that.

He lifted me in his arms and carried me to the bathroom upstairs, lowering me into the tub. I felt the warm water on my skin and bubbles as well. He pulled off my soaked teddy and the rest of his clothes before joining me inside.

“you look surprised,” he said, as he took a sponge and rubbed it gently against my back.

“You made me a bath before you were supposed to leave for work” I turned to face him, “or was this your plan all along?”

He was concentrating on the sponge work, “I haven’t the slightest clue what it is you’re insinuating.” He smiled gently as he looked at me.

I grinned as I settled myself against him. “You’re going soft on me.”

“You just wore me out.”

“I didn’t mean that.”

“I don’t know what you mean then.” He put the scrub down and I felt him relax, leaning back, his arms resting on the sides of the tub, our skin against each other.

The water felt so good, just as it did resting against his body, feeling the back of his hand gently caressing my arm.

“Do you miss him?” His question came out of nowhere, making my eyes flutter open in surprise.


“Do you miss him?”


“You know who,” his hand returned to stroking my arm.

I turned around to face him, “Why do you ask?”

He was always calm and unfeeling when he spoke, making it difficult to identify what his thoughts really were.

“I just wondered if that was what was making you sad.”

I looked down and toyed with the water at my palm. “No, I haven’t thought about him… or my dad… since…. I don’t know…. Months now.”


“Because I don’t know what to think.” I thought I saw a glimmer of guilt on his face as I looked up but it was gone in a second.

“Do you like kids?”

That question made my eyes wide with surprise. My jaw dropped as I unconsciously backed away from him.

He laughed, amused at my reaction, “Don’t be silly, I’m not about to impregnate you or anything of the sort. I just thought you’d like a little…. ” he paused for thought, ” distraction.”

I leaned back against the tub, opposite him, “Like what?”

“I’m always busy, I can’t deny that. But I’ve happened to invest in some…. Projects on the side over time. One of those is a preschool just a block away from here. I can arrange for you to help out if you’d like, teach or just spend time with the kids. They like having new people around.”

I tensed up at the thought, I wasn’t exactly teacher material nor did I have any experience in teaching.

Again with the mind reading, he said “You don’t have to worry, kids at that age have no basis for judgement. Just be yourself and talk or play with them. It is preschool after all.”

“Alright,” my mind started having a multitude of ideas, “I’ll try.”

He smiled and moved over to me, holding my cheek to his, “You’ll do great.” His lips touched mine and I felt him hard against my thighs.

I wrapped my arm around him, my lips parting to make way for his tongue sensually entering my mouth, exploring, caressing toying… His hands cupped and kneaded my breasts, teasing my nipples. escort gaziantep kızlar I let out a muffled moan and he pulled away from the kiss, his face only inches from mine. “Let’s get out of here.”

He laid me on the bed and kissed my thighs, soft, sensual kisses, making me gasp in pleasure. He started kissing up, I could feel my juices already leaking out from anticipation as his lips moved higher up thighs, almost between my legs. I exhaled as he passed and it and moved higher up.

“Disappointed?” he asked between kisses.

I could only moan, my fingers soon reached his hair and ran through them, reaching down to caress the back of his neck as he moved higher up.

His mouth closed on my breast, tugging on my nipple. “Mmmm god….” my leg wrapped around his waist, the desire building inside me. He continued teasing my hard nipple, my hips were reaching up, trying to get something any part of him to sooth the ache between my legs.

I felt his hand on my hip, pushing it down, holding it down. “Calm down, luv, we’ll get to all that. Let me enjoy you first.”

My brow tensed, I could feel beads of perspiration trickling down the sides of my face as he continued to toy with my nipples, slow, firm grips on them with his teeth, pulling at them and releasing. I was writhing so much, I couldn’t keep calm. My nails were digging into his back.

“I need you…” I whispered, pleadingly.

His tongue flicked and swirled around my nipples, his fingers pinched at the other. His sucked hungrily on my breasts and went back to torturing my sensitive nipples, one then the other. It was driving me crazy, my moans were getting frantic, my desire burning as he teased and tugged and bit, my fingers dug into his shoulders, my chests arched up against him, I could feel my thoughts blurring away as I came hard. He didn’t stop and before I could regain my sanity, his legs pushed mine apart and his cock made its way fully inside me.

I screamed out as it only served to intensify the orgasm that was already in motion.

“Fuck, that is so tight,” he exclaimed, as he left my breasts and folded my leg by the knee high up to my chest. He began to vigorously fuck me, hammering down on me. It felt so good, I felt like I was high on something. I couldn’t think, barely breathe properly. My moans came in quick intervals. I felt his hand around my throat, I could feel his balls slamming against me fast and hard. I came again and again.

He pulled me legs out and wrapped them around his waist, holding onto me, he rolled us over so I was on top of him. I looked up at the clear glass windows, it used to be bother me a lot that people might, could, see us. I found myself enjoying it now, aroused by the thought of somebody watching my body bouncing crazy onto him, watching my lips parting, my eyes closing, my hair scattered around my face as I rocked against the cock inside me, lowering onto its length until I could almost feel its tip hitting my insides.

I felt his hand around my hips, grasping tight, lifting me and down on him. He was so deep inside me, it felt so good. He reached between my legs and rubbed my clit, making me moan loudly, increasing the pace of my body moving up and down on him.

I bounced on his cock with urgency, loving that his eyes were focused on me, on my body, on my breasts bouncing wildly on my chest, he would reach up and hold them, tweak them, driving me over again and again.

“Damn, I’m gonna cum soon,” he groaned out, his fingers dug into my thighs.

I pulled out of him and covered his cock with my mouth, sucking tightly on him right away, stroking him, lapping at my juices on his cock. It surprised him that I did, bringing him over the edge, shooting streams of white cream into my mouth.

“Fuck!” he groaned as he tensed up, his hands had found their way to my hair and held my head down onto him as his cock erupted a few times. I sucked on every drop that left his rod.

He laid back, gasping for breath as well. I smiled at him as I lay on my side beside him. “You alright?” I asked, softly.

He turned his head to me, “you’re amazing.” He leaned closer and brushed his lips against mine.

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