Megan and the Girls’ Night Out Ch. 04

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Megan sat on Lindsey’s sectional, the fingers of her left hand dancing across the sensitive hood of her clitoris, as Sara spread her legs next to her. Earlier tonight, in a series of events that still boggled Megan’s mind when she thought about them, Megan and Lindsey tricked Sara into devouring an egg they had birthed together, causing her to mutate and grow a near foot-long cock. And after fucking Megan with it and depositing a hefty load of seed into her pussy, Sara was now spread wide, ready to take Lindsey’s cock in her own pussy. Lindsey approached Sara, her long, girthy girl-cock in her hand, the head of which bulged and throbbed as she squeezed the base, and Megan couldn’t wait to watch what she was going to do to Sara’s hairless snatch.

Sara’s balls, still looking heavy and full, hung over most of Sara’s glistening lower lips, only the bottommost portion of her labia visible underneath the swollen orbs. Sara reached down and hefted her balls up, giving a perfect view of her snatch to both Lindsey and Megan. It was completely bald, not a trace of hair or razor burn on it whatsoever, with a swollen clit perched atop a pair of barely-there lips. It was a near perfect innie pussy, her outer labia doing much to hide her inner lips. Megan had only felt it, her hands exploring it in the lady’s restroom at work not too long ago, and smelled it’s delicious scent on her fingers, but had never seen it in its glory.

“You want to fuck this pussy?” Sara asked, locking eyes with Lindsey as she held her own ball sack up with her right hand. With her left she reached down and spread her lips, her hole wet and appearing ready to take a cock. “You want to fuck this tight little pussy?”

Megan looked Sara over and practically drooled as she did, her fingers working harder against her pussy as she examined the newly cocked woman. Her body was slender, with perky but relatively small breasts. Her cock, almost a foot long and wet from fucking Megan’s slit, was uncut and had a large head that dribbled precum onto her belly. Being spread the way she was, the blonde woman’s rear end, already large and supple, looked even bigger and more voluptuous. Megan’s eyes made their way up to Sara’s face, and while she still thought it looked a bit equine and long, she couldn’t help but be incredibly attracted to her, with her near perfect teeth, manicured eyebrows, and deep, brown eyes. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, her long brown roots melding into the blonde of the rest of her hair. Sara’s mouth hung open in anticipation of Lindsey’s enormous cock, and looked absolutely lost in lust, her cheeks a deep red and sweat coating much of her face and body.

Megan’s attention turned to Lindsey as she got herself into position in front of Sara, her bulbous cock head hovering in front of the blonde’s pussy lips as she grabbed Sara’s legs. Megan swooned over her girlfriend, a new title the pair seemed to have for one another, and watched her get ready to pound the becocked blonde on the sectional. Lindsey’s wide hips and powerful thighs made their way between Sara’s legs, and her cock, slightly larger than Sara’s, though thicker in the middle, pressed against the woman’s labia. Megan leaned over a bit to get a better view of the action, watching the thick cock, topped with a tuft of hair that ran in a bunny trail up Lindsey’s slightly pudgy belly to her belly button, begin to penetrate Sara. The two girls let out a low moan at the same time as Lindsey’s cock began to enter Sara’s slit, her thick head spreading Sara’s lips with a wet, slick sound. Lindsey’s eyes practically rolled back, and she ran a hand through her auburn hair in pleasure as she began to thrust, slowly, in and out of Sara, only her head and a few inches of cock actually inside the blonde.

Megan found herself with her middle and index finger lodged inside her pussy, her own wetness intense, a combination of her juices and Sara’s jizz. She let out a few soft moans as she watched her girlfriend fuck Sara, her thick, powerful cock sliding deeper into the blonde, dicked woman, the pair groaning in pleasure. Sara’s cock flexed against her own belly, getting stiffer and more erect as Lindsey fucked her pussy, Sara’s swollen balls hovering just above Lindsey’s shaft. Sara let go of her ball sack, letting it flop against Lindsey’s cock as she fucked, and she used one hand to grip the arm of the couch and the other to rub her own cock.

“You’re…you’re so big…” Sara said, masturbating herself while her pussy was fucked. “It’s so good…”

“You like that cock?” Lindsey asked in a sultry voice, her wide hips thrusting back and forth, still slowly, into Sara. “Let me get deeper,” she said, pulling Sara towards her by her legs, getting her pussy closer to the edge of the sectional. Lindsey repositioned a bit, leaning over Sara more, and recommenced her thrusting, now getting much closer to bottoming out her large cock. Sara’s cock was practically wedged between their bodies, and she stopped Bostancı escort jerking herself off to wrap both arms around Lindsey, keeping her close.

“How does her pussy feel?” Megan said, getting in closer to the copulating women. She reached up and pushed Lindsey’s hair behind her ear as she fucked Sara deeply.

“She’s really tight,” Lindsey moaned, looking over to Megan. “She’s gripping me hard…”

Megan leaned in and kissed Lindsey, grabbing her face with her free hand and still fingering herself with the other. The pair’s tongues danced as Lindsey moaned into Megan’s mouth, making out as Sara was fucked. As the pair kissed, Megan could hear Lindsey’s thrusts get faster and Sara’s moans louder and more shrill.

Megan pulled away from the kiss, and slid her fingers out of her pussy. “I want to ride her while you fuck her,” Megan said, gently pushing Lindsey back. Sara’s cock bobbed and flexed as Megan reached over to grab it, the thick meat feeling hot and heavy between her fingers. Megan steadied it and began to climb onto Sara’s lap, getting into the reverse cowgirl position to face Lindsey while Sara grabbed her hips. Megan slapped the thick, bulbous cock head of Sara’s cock against her wet slit, looking hard into Lindsey’s eyes while Lindsey thrust slowly into Sara.

Megan pressed Sara’s cock head against her lips, and began to let herself down onto it, feeling the fat head spread her open and her eyes rolling back as she impaled herself on the girthy member. The cock throbbed inside Megan as she slid further down onto it, the thick shaft filling her so satisfyingly. Lindsey leaned in to kiss Megan as they both began to fuck Sara; Megan bouncing on the hefty shaft and Lindsey thrusting faster and harder into Sara’s hairless snatch, the wet, lewd noises of their lovemaking coupled with the erotic and pleasure-filled moans.

“I can’t…I can’t take it…” Sara moaned, the two other women working hard to fuck her dual genitals. “This feels…SO GOOD!” Megan felt Sara’s hands grip her hips hard as she rocked her pussy on the woman’s cock. The thick member throbbed hard inside of her pussy, twitching intensely, and she knew she was about to take another load inside her. But she couldn’t stop, she was so utterly filled by Sara’s meat, and she could feel Lindsey thrusting away beneath her. Megan moaned into Lindsey’s mouth loudly as she felt her pussy tense up, ready to cum hard on Sara’s cock, and as she felt herself about to release, Sara let out a deep guttural moan.

“Graaahhh…mmmpphhhh…” Sara groaned out as Megan felt a hot spurt of seed spill into her pussy, Sara’s cock absolutely rigid and throbbing. Megan slammed herself down onto the enormous cock over and over, milking Sara as she felt herself slip into orgasm.

Megan screamed, breaking the kiss with Lindsey as she bottomed Sara out inside her, her pussy gripping the fat cock over and over as her body was wracked with orgasmic bliss. The hot seed injected into her slit only made her cum harder, her legs buckling as she felt her mind blown by her climax. Sara kept cumming into her hole, she could feel the cock keep throbbing and the warmth of the cum inside her, Sara now whimpering softly as she thrust gently into Megan, her orgasm abating slowly.

“I felt her pussy cum,” Lindsey said, nuzzling against Megan as she kept thrusting into Sara. “She has such a tight hole…” Lindsey grunted a few times, her brow coated with sweat as she bit her lower lip. “It was so hard not to pop when she did…”

“Let yourself cum, baby…” Megan said, kissing the side of Lindsey’s face. She could feel Sara’s cock inside her begin to get more and more flaccid, the blonde cocked woman still moaning as Lindsey fucked her. She didn’t want the sensation of Sara’s cock inside her to end, and she gripped the cock with her pussy muscles to try and coax the penis inside her to keep going. But she could tell Sara was spent, and Megan turned her focus on Lindsey. She began to lift herself off the thick cock inside of her, feeling some seed spill out of her as she rose. Sara moaned as her cock popped out of Megan, the glistening member flopping against Sara’s belly as it softened even more.

Megan made her way off the sectional and went behind Lindsey, embracing her from behind, pressing her sweat soaked body against her, her breasts against Lindsey’s back. She put her head on Lindsey’s shoulder to watch from her point of view, looking down over Lindsey’s firm breast’s to watch her cock slide in and out of Sara’s cunt. Megan ran her hands up and down Lindsey’s sides as she watched her girlfriend fill Sara with her fat member, bottoming out in her only to pull back and slip it all the way in again. A thick band of cream built up around the base of Lindsey’s cock, and Sara’s lips were equally sloppy and creamy as the pair fucked.

“It’s so sexy watching you take her,” Megan moaned into Lindsey’s ear. “She looks like such a good fuck.”

“She’s Anadolu Yakası Escort got such a good pussy,” Lindsey replied, her eyes half closed as she gripped Sara’s legs in her hands, keeping the blonde spread for her. “Thank you for bringing her here to us.”

As Megan watched Lindsey work on Sara, she noticed the blonde woman’s cock begin to get more and more flaccid, dribbling some last remnants of pearly white cum as it shrunk down. Sara’s eyes were closed, her head rolled back, and soft moans escaping her lips as Lindsey fucked her, both of her hands massaging her own breasts, seemingly lost in the sensation of being filled by such a glorious, fat cock. Megan could relate, thinking back to how incredible it felt to be fucked by Lindsey. The fat cock spreading her perfectly, the bulge in the middle stretching her hole as she thrust in and out of her, bulbous head buried deep inside her canal.

“Her cock is going away,” Lindsey murmured, almost to herself, and Megan snapped out of her fantasy daydream. She watched as Sara’s cock continued to shrivel a little faster, now reduced to a mere few inches in length. Her balls became equally emaciated, seemingly shrinking into their ballsack, now a deeply wrinkled pouch of flesh. “She must be spent…”

“She blew two thick loads in me,” Megan said, feeling the hot seed still inside her pussy, slowly dripping out between her legs in thick globs.

“Give it to me, Lindsey,” Sara moaned, seemingly unaware or uncaring that her cock was shriveling away. “Cum in me…”

Lindsey began to thrust harder and more shallow, barely letting much of her cock exit Sara’s pussy as she pounded away at her. Sara’s cock was abysmally small now, looking like little more than an engorged clit and a pair of raisins beneath it, appearing as if they were being absorbed back into her body. Megan began to massage Lindsey’s breasts, kissing her neck as she could sense her girlfriend was getting close to climax. Lindsey’s heavy balls swung against Sara’s ass cheeks, thick rod buried inside the blonde’s pussy, small, innie labia gripping the base.

“Oh fuck…oh fuck…” Sara moaned, reaching down over her micropenis to rub her clit. Her hand obscured the tiny cock she now owned, and if Megan didn’t know any better, she’d say that it never existed in the first place. “Give it to meeeeee!”

Lindsey slammed her cock into Sara a handful of times before finally bottoming herself out and letting loose a deep moan, Megan watching her eyes roll back into her head. Her knuckles white as she gripped Sara’s legs, her hips thrusting very shallow into the tight pussy as Sara screamed in climax herself. Sara ground her hips against Lindsey’s pubic mound, her fingers rubbing her clit vigorously as her back arched. The pair groaned in orgasmic bliss as Megan watched Lindsey’s cock flex hard, the veins at her base protruding in thick ribbons as she deposited her hefty load of seed into Sara, her fat balls lifting and dropping as they pumped her spunk through the thick shaft of her fuck cannon.

Lindsey’s legs buckled as she made shallow thrusts into Sara, the squelching sounds her cock made in Sara’s pussy turning Megan on incredibly. Sara’s head rolled back completely, buried in the back cushion of the sectional as she shrieked in pleasure, her fingers never leaving her clit as she squirmed beneath Lindsey, her face bright red and covered in sweat, just like the rest of her firm, slender figure. The scent of all of their lovemaking hung heavy in the air, the thick smell of pussy and she-cock, mixed with the sharper odor of semen, and Megan felt as if she were in a cloud of intoxicating aromas.

After a few more moments of light thrusts, Lindsey let out a low moan, almost a growl, and partially collapsed on top of Sara. Sara made a few more soft whimpers as her legs quivered, before finally exhaling hard and flopping her arms against the cushions of the sofa. Lindsey propped herself up on her hands, and lifted herself off the newly-fucked blonde, beginning to slide her still rock solid cock out of Sara’s wet pussy. The length of her dick glistened with their fuck juices, each vein even more pronounced as its wetness caught the light. Sara whimpered again as Lindsey pulled the last of her cock out, the bulbous head a deep reddish color, her foreskin pulled up behind it in a thick band. Megan could see a thick, white cream around the head of the cock, dripping onto the floor as the large member flexed and throbbed still. Even after pumping what could have only been a huge load into Sara, Lindsey was still incredibly erect.

“Holy shit…” Sara murmured, her breathing heavy and quick. “I’ve never been fucked that good before…” Megan noticed that Sara’s cock had completely vanished, and as far as she could tell, there was no sign it was ever there. The flesh above her pussy was perfectly smooth, blemish free, and the only evidence she had that Sara at one point owned a thick, Kadıköy Escort throbbing cock was the cum dribbling down her legs.

“I’m glad to hear!” Lindsey said, equally breathless. She flopped herself down on the sectional across from Sara, and Megan sat down next to her, giving her a little space to cool off. Lindsey’s body shimmered with sweat, her hair was matted against her forehead and neck, her pubic hair was damp and matted, thick strands of juices clung to her light brown bunny trail, leftovers from fucking Sara. The behemoth cock pointed stiffly outward, still at full mast and occasionally flexing, sending a small pearl of cum to the tip that eventually dribbled down the underside of her shaft.

Lindsey was a goddess in Megan’s eyes, a thick woman with juicy thighs and wide hips, perky breasts, with a beautiful face, lightly freckled with slender features. The fact that she owned a monster, girthy cock, only made her more perfect, though Megan would have likely fallen for her just the same without it. Megan looked her up and down, getting lost in all of Lindsey’s beauty, imagining just what she wanted to do with her. And not purely on a sexual level, but on an emotional, day to day level. She wanted to call her and talk about her day, to cuddle up next to her and watch a movie, to wake up and make breakfast with her, all the cliche and stereotypical relationship things that she never felt she had before. She wanted that with Lindsey.

“You okay?” Lindsey said, quietly, with a small smile on her face. Megan returned the smile and nodded, before scooting closer Lindsey, their sweaty bodies pressed together. Lindsey leaned her head against the top of Megan’s, nestled herself into her hair, and the couple held each other on the couch.

Sara, meanwhile, stood up and stretched her legs, leaving behind a large wet spot on Lindsey’s sectional. She asked if she could use Lindsey’s shower to clean herself up, and made her way to the bathroom, the water running for a long time as Lindsey and Megan cuddled on the couch, their naked bodies embraced.

“What a night, huh?” Megan said, looking up at Lindsey. “I never imagined it going quite like this.”

“No? You didn’t think we’d get Sara to grow a cock, that she’d fuck you for MAYBE thirty seconds before cumming, and then I’d fuck her senseless while you rode her still hard cock?” Lindsey said, all matter of factly before laughing. Megan joined in, realizing just how absurd things had been.

“I guess I was too tight for her,” Megan said, thinking back to some of her boyfriends post high school. A lot of them blamed her for their premature emissions, claiming she was ‘too tight’ or her pussy was ‘too warm.’

“You’re almost too tight for me,” Lindsey said, leaning back against Megan’s head. “I have to really focus not to blow my load too quick when we have sex.”

“I can tell, you have to slow down a lot,” Megan said, in a teasing tone. “Guess my pussy is just too good!”

“You little slut,” Lindsey said, giggling.

“How did she feel?” Megan asked, moving slightly away from Lindsey to look at her face better. She couldn’t help but feel a small twinge of jealousy as she asked the question, annoyed at herself for allowing the feeling to emerge. Sara had been balls deep inside of her not too long ago, what gave her the right to feel jealous that Lindsey had fucked her too?

“She felt good,” Lindsey said, her face getting a bit red. “I think I was just really turned on by the situation.”

“Her pussy looked really tight,” Megan said, thinking about the hairless, innie pussy between Sara’s legs.

“It was, she kept gripping me really hard when I was in her deep,” Lindsey said. She looked down and away from Megan, only briefly, before making eye contact again.

“I’m sorry, Linds,” Megan said, sighing. “I know I shouldn’t, but I just…I feel—”

“Jealous?” Lindsey said, her voice soft.

“Yeah, I do. It’s not fair, we both fucked her. I even fucked her before tonight, but I just—”

“It’s okay, I do too,” Lindsey said, putting her arms around Megan to pull her in closer. “It was really hot watching her fuck you, but I wanted it to be me. And when you rode her, I imagined it was my cock going into you, not hers. And that I was fucking you.”

“That’s why I rode her the way I did,” Megan said, her face getting hot. “I saw the way you were giving it to her and I wanted it to be me.”

“I had such a good night, it was so sexy, but I think the idea of it all turned me on more than actually doing it,” Lindsey said, quickly, as if she were getting it off of her chest.

“I feel the same way,” Megan said, feeling a sense of relief at hearing Lindsey admit the same thing she had been. “Sara looked SO hot with a cock like that, and I can’t lie, it felt good having her fuck me, but…I just really wanted you.”

“That makes me so happy to hear,” Lindsey said, kissing Megan on the lips. “I was so worried you’d want to keep having these threesomes, and yeah, it was great, but I feel like we need to explore more of each other still.”

“You’re so right,” Megan said, kissing Lindsey again. “It’s something we can revisit—if we feel like we want to—but I just want to be with you.”

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