Megan Gives Dan His Present

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Cum Bukkake

Me and Megan had been good friends for a long time, but recently we had drifted apart. We had both got into relationships, and so started spending less and less time together, and I had eventually decided to do something about this. My 19th birthday was coming up shortly, and this made the perfect excuse, so I sent Megan a quick text:

“Hey Meg, been a long time!! It’s my birthday in a week, wanna hang out to celebrate? D”

I was extremely happy when I received a reply about five minutes later, saying:

“Hi Dan! Yeah, we have drifted apart rather 🙁 I’d love to hang out, what would you like as a pressie? M x”

I replied to her immediately, telling her:

“The only present I need is you 😉 how about 2pm at mine this Saturday?”

“Awww haha 🙂 that’s good with me, I’ll see you then!! Xx”

Megan arrived at my house five minutes early on Saturday, and as I opened the door, I noticed significant changes since our last hang-out. Megan may have been 19 four months ago, but she had been a late developer, because in the past year, her waist had thinned right in, her ass had grown out into a perfect bubble-butt and her breasts had swollen to a jaw-dropping size!

“Megan, holy shit, you look awesome!” I told her, and she did in her cute crop-top and denim mini-skirt.

“Aww thanks Dan, not too bad yourself if I may say!”

I am not the best looking guy, Tekirdağ Escort my hair has always been too flat and my skin stays pale no matter how hard I try to get a tan, but I had made an effort, putting on my best shirt and jeans, and doing what I could to spruce up my disastrous hair. I was pleased my efforts had not gone unnoticed.

“Come in, come in, go on up to my room I’m right behind you!” I told her, and so she did, and as I caught up with her in my room, she said,

“So, what were you thinking of doing?”

It was then that it hit me that I had been so excited about spending some time with my old friend that I had totally forgot to plan anything!!

“I’m so sorry Megan!” I apologised, “I just totally forgot to make any plans at all!”

Meg reassured me, saying, “Hey, it’s ok, we can just sit and chat and prat about like old times?”

“Of course, yeah, great idea!” I said.

So we sat on my bed for what ended up being nearly three hours, chatting, laughing, and messing about like five year olds! We ended it all off with a particularly violent pillow fight, ending with Megan and me lying on the floor, facing each other, panting for breath and laughing our heads off!

The laughing finally calmed down, and I said “This has been awesome, I hope we remember to hang out much more now!”

Megan didn’t reply, and instead leaned in Tekirdağ Escort Bayan and placed a cheeky kiss on my lips, just for a second, then pulled away laughing. I was stunned!

“Megan, what was that?!?” I asked, but Megan didn’t say anything and instead leant in again, kissing me full on the lips and holding us together. I finally pulled away, asking,

“Meg, what about Andy, and Jamie?” (Her boyfriend and my girlfriend)

“Well I’m not going to tell Andy, are you gonna be telling Jamie, or is our secret safe?” Megan replied, with a sexy grin that brought my cock raging to life.

Megan felt my erecting pushing against her stomach, and giggled, as if that answered her question. She leaned in for a full on kiss, and after a few second her lips parted. I followed suit and our tongues darted and danced in each other’s mouths for a good five minutes.

Megan pulled away, dragging off her top and skirt, revealing her sexy lace bra and panties, already slightly damp. I took her cue and began unbuttoning my shirt, whilst she pulled my jeans and boxers off, releasing my throbbing cock.

Meg licked her lips sexily and my dick reacted, bobbing up slightly in her face, before she wrapped her lips around the head and started to slowly stroke my cock with her hand. I couldn’t help but moan aloud, at which she removed her hand and started deep throating Escort Tekirdağ me.

My dick isn’t massive, only six or seven inches, so she easily took most of it in – she had obviously done this before! Her sexy green eyes locked on mine and gorgeous warm mouth were pushing me close to the edge, and so I told her, almost whispering “Mmmm Megan that is so good, I’m getting close to coming!”

At that, Megan pulled off me and said “Can’t have you going over the edge too quickly!” She stood up and I sat on the bed again as my best friend gave me the strip show of my life! Slowly revealing first her perfect breasts, and letting me suck on her nipples, then her perfect ass and shaved pussy, she bent down and whispered in my ear.

“I can’t wait any longer, I need you. Don’t worry, I’m on the pill.”

She then so slowly lowered her pussy onto my dick, me sitting on the bed and her now bouncing in my lap, her massive tits jiggling in my face for me to lick, suck and fondle to my heart’s content, whilst my hands mashed and squeezed Megan’s perfect ass.

I started to feel my cock twitch just as Megan started to moan,

“Oh, OH, yes yes YES Dan mmmm yes!!” And her pussy tightened around my dick as her body spasmed in my arms.

The tightening and vibrations were just too much for my balls, which released their load to explode into Megan’s pussy, alongside a long moan of “Megannnn” escaping from my lips.

As my cock slowly retreated out of Meg’s vagina, softening and shortening after my efforts, me and Megan sat, her in my lap, staring into each other’s eyes. One thing was sure, I would be seeing an awful lot more of my best friend from now on!

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