Mel’s Wedding: More Extended Family Ch. 03

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You will appreciate this Chapter more if you read the earlier chapters first. If you’re new to The Extended Family series, you are invited to read the entire series. Oh, and please vote. I love your e-mails and I’ll respond to most of them. Thanks for reading.


A Week Before Mel’s Wedding

Suddenly July was gone and so was most of August. I’d somehow managed to get four more chapters of my new book written and self-edited and worried the details of Mel’s wedding. We’d ended sending out about two hundred invitations, many to Mel’s friends from Ohio State. So far we’d had only fifty “regrets” so this was shaping up to be a pretty large group.

A week before the wedding Bev Price arrived at Tampa. She flew in from Madrid, Spain. I met her at TPA’s international arrivals hall as she came through customs and immigration. She let out a little shriek and threw herself bodily into my open arms. I hadn’t seen her for over six months. People watched us kiss and hug; they were all smiling at our reunion. Bev was quite emotional.

An hour and a half later, Bev was naked in my bed and I was buried deep in her welcoming pussy. She talked to me, “You know I haven’t worn underwear since you told me not to. I feel so sinful … so available to all the men I meet. Ooooooh that feels good — your cock, I mean. You know I’m your super slut don’t you? Oh, don’t ever stop. Don’t stop. Keep thrusting into me. Right … there … Oooooh faaaaaaaaah-ck!” She climaxed.

I didn’t stop banging into her warm cunt. A minute later she came again … and a couple of minutes after that again … and again. Bev had the remarkable ability to orgasm almost continuously if she relaxed and let the pleasure wash over her. Today, I was her pleasure. I enjoyed pleasing this lovely older woman. Well, not that much older than I was but about ten years or so. She came again. She was very ego gratifying if giving pleasure is how you measure your manhood.

Finally, when I was ready and on one of her more emotional highs I too exploded into her small lithe body. We were both shouting our fervor and love for each other. The bedroom was hot and we were both covered in a fine sheen of sweat, and by now, what with all our foreplay and Bev’s ejaculations, lots of sexual juices. As we lay there Bev licked my face; before we started fucking it had been buried in her pussy bringing her to her first orgasms of her visit. Now she was enjoying my taste — her taste mixed with my perspiration.

“God you are great fuck,” she told me. I probably blushed and my ego soared further.

“You’re not too bad yourself,” I told her as I kissed her. “I love to see you go multi-orgasmic. From a guys point of view it’s very rewarding.”

“Well, from this girl’s point of view it’s a pretty good thing to be doing too.”

We lay together for quite a while, just being quiet together. Finally, Bev said, “Jim, I’ve got to be serious for a couple of minutes.”

“Go ahead,” I replied.

“Well,” she hesitated, “I’ve got a boyfriend. He’s …”

“That’s great,” I interrupted with a smile and kiss for her. She looked surprised.

“You aren’t mad?” she asked.

“No, so long as he brings you joy and pleasure, and he loves you.”

“It might mean the end of our times like this. I haven’t told him about any of this. He knows that you, Lynn and Karen live together, but not much else about what’s happened here — not about the extended family.”

“Well, I’m romantically in love with you and I put your happiness above my own. Go with love and joy. Know I’ll always be here for you in whatever way you need me,” I told her. I kissed her again. She kissed back — hard.

“Oh, you are so disgustingly understanding. I love your philosophy of love and life because it’s so different from how just about everyone else thinks. I’m a convert. Then when I’m involved in some dilemma you bring it to the situation and I’m surprised at how you feel and what the result is.”

I said, “If you deal from a basis of love all else follows. Sorry I’m not being more demanding.”

She said, “I don’t know whether to tell him or not? Whether to involve him or not? We’ve been sleeping together for about three months and he hasn’t asked me to be exclusive, but I think there’s that expectation. He might be shocked and just disappear on me; I wouldn’t want that either.”

“Our relationships are all built on open and honest communication with each other,” I replied. “That said, you could share too much information and hurt your relationship. Value the relationship then the communication. It’s hard I know. Just know that I’m not going to put any pressure on you to do anything except enjoy things as they come to you.”

We hugged tightly and then I started to rub Bev’s breasts again making her nipples erect. I was enjoying myself and she seemed to be. We were looking into each other’s eyes. Bev then closed her eyes and I could feel her spasm in orgasm around my cock — just from my stimulation of Escort bayan her breasts and nipples. The event made me harden inside of where I’d stayed nested since our mutual orgasm of a half-hour earlier. Bev waggled her hips into me.

“Can you fuck me again,” she asked softly.

“I can try and we’ll see what happens.”

I started to gently thrust into her. The stimulation of her warm, moist pussy did the job and I hardened in less than a minute to something approaching titanium enhanced steel. The Cialis was working too! I pulled Bev’s legs over my shoulders and started to drive my cock into her body again. This time she popped off within seconds and then at even shorter intervals than she had in our first session. Of course, every time she came I was launched ever closer to my climax.

Finally, she warned me, “Oooooh Jim, I feel a big one coming.” She was panting and glistening in sweat. I leaned in and lick a small rivulet of her juice from between her breasts. “Oooooh fuck!” she exclaimed.

I went with her that time. I felt her pussy spasm around my hard cock as the pulses of semen started to race through my plumbing, leaving huge bundles of pleasure at every nerve ending. I went into orbit again with this wonderful woman. I emptied into her folds as she arched her body into mine.

When we were through we lay there atop the bed panting. There was no rush to finish or wash up or anything. Just to enjoy our coupling and the moment.

I wasn’t the least surprised when Robbie appeared. He knew Bev was arriving and the two of them had a special relationship in spite of a close to forty-year age difference between them. We both watched as Robbie shed his clothes.

I whispered to Bev, “I’ll let you tell Robbie unless you want me to.”

“No,” she said quietly, “I’ll tell him. And thank you.” We kissed again.

I pulled my withered cock from her dripping vagina and headed to the bathroom. Robbie moved in and took my place. I heard him say to her, “Bev, I have really, really missed you. I love you so. I’m so glad you’re back, even if it’s just for the week.”

Bev was pulling on Robbie’s cock with one hand, milking the blood into it until it had the hardness of ice. She then pulled him towards her open vagina. As I left he had just slid his rod into her body and was starting a lovely fuck.

I took a quick shower slipped on some casual clothes and wandered into the kitchen. Mel, Karen and Lynn were sitting there talking about the wedding and some of the details. I kissed them all.

“Mom arrived safe and sound I see,” Karen said with a glint in her eye. I grinned back at her.

Lynn went on, “I don’t think you saw us. We went and peaked as you two were humping away. You guys put on a really good show. You should go on TV.” I gave her one my ‘over the top of my reading glasses’ looks.

Mel said, “We just got here. When Robbie heard Bev was here he really wanted to see her. I urged him on. I hope he’s making her happy.”

“Oh, I think she’s very happy right now. She’s also very full.” I paused and went on, “She has a boyfriend. She may have to trim back this part of her life to focus on that new relationship.”

Karen nodded, “I knew. She swore me to secrecy because she wanted to tell you herself. She’s been in tears over the fear of losing your love. I told her you wouldn’t react that way.”

“Of course not. That said, I don’t want her to cheat on this other guy in order to love me – at least unless he’s approving of it. What’s his name? She didn’t get to the details when Robbie arrived.”

Karen answered, “Dominic. Bev calls him Nick or Nicky. He’s a cross between Spanish, French and Italian — all along the Riviera. That’s where she met him. I think his family makes women’s clothing and that’s how they met. She’s bringing him to the wedding. I think he arrives day after tomorrow. I also think he has more money than God since he’s flying here in his own jet.”

“Oh good, I want to meet him. Money aside, I want to be sure he’s worthy of her love,” I said with a big grin. The others nodded in agreement.

We started cocktails


Five Days Before the Wedding

Dominic de Salva was one of the most handsome older men I’d ever seen. He was sophisticated, poised, gregarious, and clearly loved Bev. The two of them couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Karen had arranged for them to stay at the local Ritz Carlton that was only a mile away.

The night of his arrival we all went down to Café L’Europe at St. Armand’s Key and had dinner. Nicky treated us all. It was a very expensive dinner but he didn’t blink an eye. He and I had a chance to chat across the dinner table where I learned he was fluent in five languages. I was still struggling with English.

We talked about authoring books and the stage I was in now with the book on relationships. I got him talking about the clothing business. They had a unique business model that let them be unusually responsive Bayan escort to fashion trends yet keep costs low. He told me he was glad that he and Bev had closed a very large deal for Federated Department Stores before they became romantically involved because he didn’t want her facing a moral dilemma. I increasingly thought this guy was a keeper.

After dinner Nick and Bev faded away to the Ritz and the rest of us went back to the house. Robbie went off to catch up with some friends that had insisted on taking him to a strip joint called Cha Cha’s by way of having some sort of bachelor party for him. Mel made him promise “no diseases!” Mel had temporarily moved in with us until wedding day to worry last minute details and to play the ‘you-can’t-see-me-in-my-wedding-dress’ game with Robbie. I was fine with that. Lynn and Karen insisted that Mel sleep with me. They told me I couldn’t sleep with them until after the wedding and that I should spread my lovely charms around. They reminded me that Chris and Mel’s other housemates were coming too.

Mel was happy and smiling the next morning. I was worn out. The three women were walking around the house clad only in bikini bottoms again as we had breakfast. Nick and Bev arrived, looking very European and sharply dressed. Bev took one look at the nearly naked women and disappeared into the guest room, reappearing a few minutes later similarly dressed in a small strip of cloth that covered her pubes. I thought Nick’s eyes were going to bug out of his head — he didn’t know which pair of boobs to look at first.

Gradually Nick got used to the nudity. He finally asked me, “Is it like this all the time here?”

“Oh, yes,” I said, “we’re pretty informal. They’re a little over dressed because you were expected.”

“I thought we were progressive on the Riviera. I can see I have things to learn.” We laughed together. Nick added, “I shall enjoy my visit here very much.” Bev came up behind Nick and kissed him after rubbing her breasts across his tongue.

After breakfast some of us went swimming. We were sitting around the patio when the doorbell rang. I went and answered the door. As I opened it, Chris leapt into my arms and smothered me with kisses. Mel had come partway into the living room to see who it was, she came and joined us, also kissing Chris and welcoming her. Then Lynn and Karen joined the fray.

Chris said, “I can see I’m terribly over dressed.” She had on cutoffs and a t-shirt and flip-flops. She peeled the t-shirt over her head and we hugged and kissed again. I held her tightly and led her out to the patio and introduced her to Bev and Nick. Our close relationship was obvious. For that matter, it was plain that Mel and I had a close relationship too.

After we’d sat for a while talking about her trip and where she’d stopped in her drive down, the women went off to help Chris unload her car. She’d accepted my invitation to stay with us for a while. She was moving into the guest room that fortunately had a large closet. She still hadn’t told me what she was planning to do or what her job arrangement was. She said she had just a couple of more details to work out and that’s all. I allowed her, her privacy on the issue.

Nick and I sat and watched the scantily clad women disappear. He said to me, “You have a special relationship with all the women? Yes?”

“Yes, Nick I do. I love each of them dearly.”

“You sleep with each of them? Yes?” He asked again.

“Yes. That is the level of love we have.”

Nick was very thoughtful for a long time and I let the silence pass. I figured out where he was going and I couldn’t see how to duck his next question.

“Beverly has this relation with you as well?”

“In the past, yes,” I answered. “She told us about you and how she is devoted to you.”

“So you don’t … how you say, cheat?”

“No, Nick. We don’t cheat on each other. We are very open and honest with each other. We have a lot of trust. This, for us, is what love is all about. We give each other the freedom to build relationships with other people; we are the richer for it when they bring them to us or bring what they’ve learned to our relationships. We grow and evolve that way.”

He nodded and thought about that for a long time. We watched a white heron come and stand along the seawall for a long time.

Karen came out of the house, still topless, and put her hands on Nick’s shoulders and told us, “You guys have to stay here. Mel is going to model her wedding dress for us. No peeking.” I thought that strange because I had helped Mel pick out the dress, along with Karen and Lynn of course, but I nodded my acquiescence to her request. So did Nick.

Nick finally said, “Thank you for being honest we me as well. I now know I can always trust you to share such intimate information with me.”

I told Nick, “I love Bev. It would hurt me a great deal if what I told you resulted in anything other than a closer relationship between the two Escort of you. I know it would hurt Bev as well — all of us that love her.”

Nick leaned forward into my personal space, “Jim,” he said, “please do not worry. I love this woman more each day. What you told me allows me to know the depth of her love for me. I can see what she is giving up to be with me. I see how the other women respond to you. You engender love. Just being with you I am learning a small bit how to do this. Thank you my friend.” He reached in and squeezed my shoulder in friendship.


Three Days Before Mel’s Wedding

Chris and I slept together the night she arrived and the night after that. She got me really cranked up both nights and I guess I returned the favor. Mel came and joined us on Wednesday after most of our sexual antics were through and we were again grounded in each other’s love. We slept together, our naked bodies entwined together.

The next morning Chris went with me to the beach for my meditation session. She was skilled at meditation and made her own time and place in the serene surroundings of the early morning mist on the beach.

After we’d both finished our quiet times, I took Chris into the dunes and we spread out a blanket and made love again. I didn’t cum but I brought her to several lovely orgasms and this was pleasure enough for me. We slipped on our swimsuits and walked the beach after our interlude, stopping often to kiss passionately as our words of love and caring became inadequate to convey all the emotions and feelings we were trying to impart.

About lunchtime, Chris rode up to the airport with me and we picked up Mel’s other two housemates from Ohio State — Holly and Sarah. Holly was now about twenty-five; she was retaining her robust cheerleader body. She was now working on her doctorate in biology and was specializing in nanotechnology from a biological perspective. Sarah was about twenty-three and a pint-sized redhead; I often called her my ‘firecracker’ a term she’d come to love having me call her. Sarah was working for Lockheed in Marietta, Georgia, helping to design a new fleet of fuel-efficient corporate aircraft.

We drove the women to the Holiday Inn on Lido Beach where they were staying for the wedding. We helped them move their luggage to their room. Then suddenly, somehow, we were all naked and I was getting a magnificent blowjob from Holly and Sarah while Chris looked on with lecherous fascination; I looked at her to be sure she was all right with what was happening. She saw my look of concern and said, “I had you the last two nights and this morning. They get you this afternoon. We’ll have a lot of time later, even after the wedding. Make them happy. Make each other happy. Love each other. I’ll join in — don’t worry.” She sounded genuine and was even encouraging.

Soon I had Holly impaled on my cock. I noted that Chris had moved in and was eating Sarah’s pussy; both women were moaning. As Holly and I fucked she reminded me that barely a year before I had taken her virginity on a momentous night for her. I was glad it had been a tender and loving group experience that Holly had shared intimately with Mel, Robbie, Chris and Sarah at the time. Then Holly popped off about five orgasms in a row, her last one was a mind blower. She froze and stopped me from pumping further into her body. “Oh God, if you do any more I’ll just die. Wait a few minutes. Go do Sarah for a while — or Chris. I’m fine for now.” She shuddered as she pulled off my erection.

Chris and Sarah separated. Sarah moved beside me and we kissed passionately as she milked my cock with one of her smooth hands. “Come fuck me,” she said. She lay down and I sank my erect rod into her in one smooth motion. Chris moved behind Holly and cradled her exhausted body into her own, smoothing Holly’s supple breasts.

Sarah and I went at it with great intensity. At one point I was over her with her legs over my shoulders, thrusting into her with every bit of energy I had. We were both looking into each other’s eyes with an interesting mix of passion, lust, tenderness and love. We whispered things to each other as we fucked: “I love you. I’ve missed you. No one makes me feel this way. Oh fuck me. Bring me off. Give me all your cum. Cum for me. Can I make my firecracker pop. Fill me. I’m near. I’m getting very near.”

Finally, I could feel Sarah’s cuntal muscles swell and grab at my sensitive and swollen penis, urging me to make my deposits of semen into her vagina. She was cuming … and then so was I. The waves of pleasure swept over me – her. Our eyes were still locked on each other as we watched each other’s orgasms. My cum swept through my body and into hers, flooding her with everything I had at that moment. She pulled me down and we mashed our mouths together in a passionate kiss.

We lay together still coupled and rolled so we faced Holly and Chris. They were both voyeurs, watching our pleasures and now our afterglows. Holly applauded, “THAT was quite a show. If you’d been doing that to me I would have died. I’m so worked up over seeing you that I’m overly sensitive. You know you gave me about five or six climaxes, but give me a few more minutes and I’ll be ready to go a little further.”

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