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The story is seen through the eyes of a lady who had suffered years of mental and physical abuse and was now to be sexually re-awakened.

* * * * *

With my husband out of my life for good I decided to abstain from men for a while. My painful tormented loveless marriage was over and it was difficult to accept that not all men were wife-beaters. I had not had proper sex in five years (let alone made love) and I had become to associate the act with violence and abuse and froze at the thought of another man touching me. Sure I masturbated often – the need in me was as strong as it ever was before he suppressed it with his cruelty but I could not go the extra mile to become intimate again with a man. That was until I decided to get away from it all for a two week break in Africa.

I had always wanted to go on Safari, and now at the age of thirty-nine, I was free and affluent enough to do what I wanted for virtually the first time in my life. The opportunity arose and I grabbed it – I was determined not to be a weak useless woman – if I wanted something I was going to get it. I chose a two centre holiday – the first week in the African bush – under canvas (!), the second in a luxury beach hut on a virtually deserted resort on the Indian Ocean. The safari was fabulous, and even the lack of all mod cons couldn’t detract from the magnificence of the animals on show in their natural habitat. However at the end of the week of waking before dawn and endless creepy crawlies I was ready for my week’s relaxation in luxury.

The resort boasted a small but palatial complex of a dozen beach huts, a hotel of approximately twenty rooms, a bar, a restaurant, miles of white sand and the beautiful blue ocean. The food was fantastic, the staff friendly and helpful, persistently so, and the other guests were mainly there for the same reason I was – relaxing solitude, either as couples or singles. A young couple in the hut next to mine were on their honeymoon, they were friendly and polite……when they actually surfaced of a day, because by night all they wanted to do was fuck. What was I saying, night had nothing to do with it, all they wanted to do was fuck. Their first morning on the beach, when they thought I was reading, I caught her with her hand down his speedos wanking him to a fine erection, before they went for a dip in the sea where they cuddled in deeper water and he obviously impaled her there then. I amused myself in imagining she would wear his prick away to a stub, but they were in love and there was nothing wrong in their lust for each other.

In fact I looked forward to bed time – I used to quite get off on hearing their sighs and her build to a screaming climax before he would moan in ecstasy as his orgasm flooded from him. The third night I watched them leave the bar and giving them ample time to get down to it, I wandered past their hut much nearer to their bedroom than was necessary. Sure enough, by the noises, they were already getting to grips with each other and I was nervously overjoyed to see that they hadn’t completely closed the shutters to afford me quite a view of their antics. I watched with a gorgeous sexy tingle in my pussy as I found them in the classic 69 position, with her on top. They tongued and sucked noisily at each others sex and I’m not ashamed to say I lifted my short skirt in the darkness and frigged myself through my thin panties. It was delightful to watch as she stopped what she was doing to him and began whimpering and moaning louder and louder while pushing her pussy harder onto his features. He assisted her face fucking by holding onto her hips and arse to enable him to bring her off with a loud groan before she slumped onto him.

He allowed her a few seconds ataşehir escort bayan to come back to earth before he stroked her back as a signal for her to get onto all fours. She duly obliged and I could clearly see his not overly large but certainly rock hard cock plunge into her up to the hilt causing her to grunt at each inward stroke. I could also hear her verbally encourage him to “Fuck her brains out” and also saw her reach between her legs to tickle his balls as he pistoned in and out. Suddenly she pulled away from him, span round and said “I want you to cum in my mouth”. She then grabbed his cock and wanked him while going down and taking the bell end between her lips. He held her head quite tenderly as he suddenly jerked, involuntarily grunted and then obviously ejaculated. She lovingly swallowed his outpouring and then finally kissed him passionately as she knelt upright to cuddle him.

My cunt was on fire and I slipped away to my hut to relieve my desire wondering whether they fancied a threesome. My brain was swamped with visions of his erect prick Oh not just fingers this night though – I needed something more, something to stretch my pussy so that I could imagine being fucked. I quickly grabbed a banana, pulled down my panties, laid down and easily pushed it all the way “home” such was the deluge of my natural lubrication. If anyone could see me now, masturbating with a banana, they would have thought I was mad. Frankly I didn’t care – I was lost in lust and franticly fucked myself while caressing my clitty with my free hand. I convulsed several times and moaned out loud as I exploded to a glorious climax. As my pounding heart gradually slowed I withdrew my yellow “lover” and placed it back in the bowl, before retiring for the night. As I drifted off I realised that this young couple were reviving long suppressed memories of how beautiful sex was when I took lovers as a younger woman with no commitment but to the gratification that it provided.

In the morning I awoke to a knock on the door…..

“Who is it?” I asked.

“Michael, Ma’am – I have fresh fruit for you today.”

It was the young man who supplied the huts with fruit, coffee, fresh towels and other items.

“Hold on,” I said and threw on a long T-shirt which just about covered my modesty, before letting him in.

“Good morning ma’am,” he said brightl.y “How are you today?”

“Fine thank you, Michael,” I said turning away to return to the bedroom. He was a friendly chap, always smiling and genuinely pleased to help. He sang to himself as he replaced the fruit, I watched him through the half open door. He was only about eighteen, slightly built, his bright white smile a complete contrast to his ebony skin. As usual he wore only a pair of baggy shorts and I wondered what he thought of Westerners. He then came to the door and disturbed my daydream.

“Does the beautiful ma’am wish to keep her toy?” he asked holding the “used” banana to his nose, “the lovely white lady smell beautiful.” He continued sniffing it with his eyes closed as if to block all other senses from detracting from his perceived enjoyment.

I was mortified – I could feel myself blushing with embarrassment ….

He then stared right at me and still smiling said, “I see my lovely lady last night – sad to see alone, beautiful lady no need to be alone. Michael make jig-a-jig make you cum pretty good. Michael plenty experienced, last long, long time, many, many white ladies take big cock. Make you cum pretty good.”

With that he dropped his shorts to reveal a flaccid but enormous penis, his hand grasped the base of it to lift and point it at me as if to show it off further. “See, big cock please many ladies.”

“Get escort kadıköy out!” I shouted more in embarrassment than anger.

“I come tonight – no-one see we make jig-a-jig, you cum pretty good.”

“OUT!” I screamed and he went.

God I could’ve died, as I had spied on the honeymoon couple so I too had been spied upon. I tried to dismiss it but the vision of that wonderful cock kept coming back to me, as did his words – make jig-a-jig – make cum pretty good, oh and again that beautiful long black penis. Even through my unease at being seen last night I masturbated again imagining it stretching my pussy wide and nudging at the gateway to my womb, but this time I did it with the blinds tightly shut.

I spent the rest of the day on the beach – just soaking up the sun and reading. My mind would not let the mental picture of his prick go and I got as horny as hell. It didn’t help that the honeymooners were back in the ocean “cuddling” again, and my reading matter consisted of a Jackie Collins novel where everyone graphically humped everyone else.

As the sun cooled I returned to my hut to shower and dress for dinner. I dismissed thoughts of Michael and his “many white ladies” – for god’s sake he was little more than a boy – a boy perhaps but with a horse’s cock. With all the recent sexy events I really did fancy a proper fuck now.. I had been denied for too long by a brute and denied myself through fear of repeat. However this holiday offered only one realistic target – a bit of a bore from France who up to now hadn’t shown too much interest in me. But I needed a loving human touch and he would have to do. I donned my sexy black fishnet stockings matching garter belt and high legged black panties, no bra, white T-shirt and short pink cotton skirt. I felt damn sexy and really good about myself in fact I hadn’t been this confident for years.

Well the best laid plans of mice and men were cast to the four winds as my womanly wiles were rejected by my target who preferred a clandestine liaison with one of the “in your face” homosexual entertainers. I watched the honeymooners “retire” early again and amused myself by again wondering if they fancied a threesome. I finished my drink, went home to my hut and I resigned myself to another night of finger fucking to the sounds of Billy and Joanne making out.

I reckoned without Michael…

Moments after I had locked up and started to strip for bed there came a tap at the door, I knew who it was immediately. Thoughts flooded my brain, correction, one thought flooded my brain – his cock, his long cock, his long black cock, his many white ladies, his jig-a-jig, his make cum pretty good long black cock. I pulled on my long black housecoat and opened the door to be greeted by his bright white knowing grin, I said nothing but stepped aside to allow him in. He turned to face me and held my hands. His beautiful smiling eyes met mine,

“Beautiful white lady not need banana tonight – Michael shower then make lady cum pretty good you see. Come pretty lady wash Michael’s man cock, then we make jig-a-jig ’til you beg to stop.”

He dropped his shorts on the way to the bathroom, stepped out of them and into the shower and without words started to wash away the exertions of his day as I was barely able to take my eyes from his gorgeous love muscle. I pulled down my soaking panties in anticipation.

“Pretty lady wash Michael’s man cock, yes?”

Oh yes! – I took the soap from him and getting to my knees lathered plenty of soap around his prick and balls. I lovingly cleaned every square inch of his genital area, occasionally allowing my hands and fingers to stray over his arse cheeks and between them to caress his anus. bostancı escort God, but I wanted to see this weapon angry and so concentrated solely on his length. I was delighted to see how quickly it responded, and although not fully erect yet was easily eight inches long.

I rinsed him off and just had to take him in my mouth – this cock was the first one I had willingly taken onto my tongue in five years – I just wanted to devour it.

I spent ages licking up and down the whole length rolling my tongue around the knob end, wanking him and sucking on it hoping to make him flood my mouth with his seed. I stroked his seemingly full balls and again caressed his anus.

“White lady give good cock-sucking, but need jig-a-jig yes?”

“Oh yes!”

He sat on the edge of the bath and throwing off my house coat I straddled him standing up and lowered myself onto his fabulous missile. Even after his shower I was wetter than he was and he grinned as he looked up at me, occasionally teasing my nipples with his tongue. I was a wanton slut impaling my soaking vagina onto his cock. Suddenly and with strength that belied his thin frame he stood and lifted me up still joined and we fell onto the bed. He was on top of me now and in complete control.

“I fuck you good now my beautiful white lady, feel my cock stretch you, I make you cum real good.”

I crushed him towards me wrapping my stocking clad legs around his hairless arse as if to lock him in place forever. I was grunting like a stuck pig as he thrust his meat in and out of me varying the speed and rhythm.

“Oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fill me up Michael,” I could scarcely believe I was actually talking dirty, “Make me cum real good!”

He was driving me into an absolute frenzy – I clawed at his back and arse to get even more of him inside me and then I climaxed, amidst a gorgeous spasm of sheer pleasure I climaxed, and I’m sure I ejaculated feeling the hot liquid running from me. He continued to pump away at me though, planting kisses on my face and neck and slowing his rhythm slightly bending to flick his lizard like tongue across my stiff nipples.

He built up speed again and I barely came down from one orgasm before starting that wonderful path to another. This was no boy – he was literally a fucking superman. I heard screams from me that seemed like they belonged to someone else, my head floated, stupidly I thought of a line in a song about the rainfall on another planet and I knew exactly what she meant, and I came again. I needed him to complete the coup-de-gras, I needed the searing white heat of his semen inside me to complete my renaissance……

“Come Michael, give me your seed, please fill my womb up with it all!” I urged between my joyous moans.

He increased the pace of his wonderful stabbing, then slowed lifted himself up slightly to stare me directly in the eyes…

“Take my hot cum lady” he purred as one final full length injection caused the most fantastic rifling spurts of his love juice to pour into me, burning the hot honey walls of my pussy. I held him tightly, and reached as far down his back as I could to stroke his balls as if to make him give me the last few drops. My cunt throbbed in unison with his pulsating muscle, I squeezed him with it as if to keep him there forever, but he was not done with me just yet.

Disappointingly, he slowly withdrew and then kissed and tongued his way down my body to the centre of my well-fucked being. He began to lap at my saturated crotch and after a couple of minutes came back to kiss my mouth and flood it with his recycled sperm. I ground myself against his groin at this wonderful act and resolved to take his juice first hand next time. Meanwhile his re-awakened snake like prick nudged urgently against my pussy lips and yet again we were off on the heavenly ride to nowhere. Over the next three days he restored my faith in men and my desire for sex – my return to England would see a female on the hunt for cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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