Michelle at the Office

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The skyline of the city spread out before her. Windows shone in the bright sunshine as she looked out across the skyscrapers and office buildings.

Then the sharp tingling pain as the cane landed across her bare bottom.

“One sir” she cried as the pain started to diminish. She resisted the urge to put her hands to the pain since she knew that would entail more stokes of the cane. Again the swish of the cane as it sliced through the air. “Two sir”. She lay on the desk her short, indecently short, skirt was raised clear of her waist and left all of her charms open to view. She anticipated the next stroke and involuntarily clenched her cheeks tight.

“Three sir”. Her white blouse was open and did not stop her nipples hardening from the cold of the desk beneath her. The air swished again. “Four sir”. That familiar feeling of pleasure began to mix with the pain from the stripes across her cheeks. “Five sir” that time with an edge to her voice that spoke of a need to release some of the building urges inside her. “Six sir” and now her abuser smiled because he could hear the need in her voice and the pleasure that waited for him.

Silence broken only by the sounds of the busy office in the corridor outside the heavy oak door.

“Are you ready for the next part of the punishment?” he asked. His voce deep and absent of any hint of pleasure, almost absent, because he desired her as did many of the men that worked in the offices of his business.

“Yes sir.” She hadn’t moved and still lay there looking out of the window he hands clutching the far edge of the desk as she lay on top of the desk legs the requisite three feet apart.

A zip slid down and she heard the rustle of clothing.

Cool hands gripped her cheeks and moved them apart and the hardness touched that sensitive piece of skin between her holes. The cheeks burned and the hands did not ease any of the pain. Then more pain as the head of his cock began to press against her rosebud. More pain as the head forced its way inside. There it rested as the man kneaded her cheeks raising the welts and making her jerk with the movement. Then he began to thrust forward and the whole Sahabet shaft entered her. Rocking his hips back and forth he began his pleasure. Her hand slipped between her legs and lightly brushed her clit giving herself pleasure. His movements became quicker the pressure building inside as he enjoyed himself. The pain she was feeling began to diminish, as her own climax grew nearer.

Then he stopped and withdrew from her.

“Sir?” she asked, her voice full of need.

“No. This is your punishment. Open your mouth and take me in. Swallow all of it.” She got onto her knees her blouse opening again as her breasts came free. His cock was long and thick and smelt of her. Obediently she opened her mouth and took him in. She licked and sucked on his member feeling it swell and grow as he neared the end. Finally he came and sent heavy strands of semen deep into her mouth. She licked it all off and then moved her head back and made a show of swallowing all that was there. She knew it pleased him to see her obey his commands.

“Thank you sir”. Now with her hands clasped behind her back.

“Good. Now return to your desk and continue with your work.”

The young girl stood up and straightened her skirt although now without her panties she was a little self conscious that her skirt was too short. The other men in the office next door would enjoy the show if she had to use the copier or the fax she knew.

The door hardly made a sound as it closed behind her.

Returning to her desk she found she had new email.

The first was from the sales director asking her about the forecast sheet. It wasn’t ready. He knew that and the reason why she had been summoned to the Managing Director’s office. She wondered if the sales director would also punish her. She suppressed a shudder since the sales director whilst the same age as the Managing director (55) was not as good looking. The MD was lean and had a rugged face; the Sales director was heavily overweight and smelt of tobacco.

The other e.mail was from the office manageress who asked if she was all right. The office manageress knew the type of punishments meted out to the Sahabet Giriş girls in the office and approved of them. Provided that they did not inflict permanent injury or drew blood from being too hard with the cane. The young girl replied to the second e.mail with a short statement that everything was fine and that she deserved to be punished as she had made a mistake.

A few minutes later the office manageress came across to her and asked the young girl to come with her to her cubicle. The young girl got up and walked along behind her trying to avoid the smirks and smiles from the men in the office. Inside the cubicle the manageress bent her over the desk and lifted her skirt. The young girl didn’t object as the warm hands stroked her cheeks and rubbed a cooling lotion over the redness.

“You know for a girl of eighteen straight from college you behave very well.” The manageress said as she continued to apply the lotion. Her fingers began to enter the cleft between her cheeks and explore her rosebud. “He didn’t climax there then?” she asked.

“No miss he asked me to swallow it for him.” The girl replied, her voice rising as two fingers entered her ass.

“Hmm. Well that is his way I suppose.” The fingers withdrew and were presented to the girls’ mouth. Obediently she sucked them clean.

“Back to work then.” And with that she was dismissed. Alone this time she walked past the ten men in the office and returned to her desk.

Another email from the sales director waited for her. He wanted to know why she wasn’t finished with his sales forecast and that she should report to his office in thirty minutes with or without the report.

Half an hour later she knocked on the door and was told to come in. Inside the director sat behind his desk trying to keep the look of lust from his face. In front of the desk were three chairs each occupied by men in their forties or fifties, dressed in dark suits and white shirts. Two of the men were overweight and looked like they enjoyed food and more than a few drinks, the third was the oldest and had yellow fingers from his smoking habit.

“Michelle these are the new sales Sahabet Güncel Giriş men for the south east.” The sales director said. “They wanted the sales report that you have failed to deliver on time.”

“Sorry sir.” She said her hands clasped behind her back.

“Hmm. Sorry isn’t quite going to cut it this time is it?” he said.

“No sir.” Her hands clamped harder together in anticipation of what the director would say next.

“Michelle please prepare to be punished.”

“Yes sir” and she began to undo her blouse and open it so that her ample breasts were shown to the now smiling salesmen. Her nipples betrayed her and showed the thrill that the situation gave her. They may not have been the most attractive of men, indeed quite the reverse, but they obviously wanted her, and that was what she liked – men who wanted her. She walked over to the desk and moved her legs apart as she raised her skirt and leant over the desk.

The four men opened their trousers and pulled their dicks clear of their clothes. “Michelle we’ll not use the cane this time but please present yourself properly.” The director said.

She reached behind her and pulled her cheeks apart as the director moved forward and entered her ass. He was even bigger than the MD and it burnt a lot as he entered her dry asshole. He didn’t stop and allow her time to adjust before he was stoking her anus. Before he climaxed he withdrew and moved round to the front of the desk where she obligingly opened her mouth and let him come in her throat.

“Don’t swallow,” he ordered. Whilst he was wiping his cock on her hair another man entered her ass and the process was repeated for each of the three salesmen.

“Kneel” the director ordered.

Michelle knelt on the plush carpet, her cheeks bulging like a hamster with the seed from the four men.

“Now look at me and swallow.”

She raised her head and swallowed the combined juices from the four men.

“Good girl, it is nice to see a pretty girl obey without complaint.” said the director. “Return to work and complete that report. Oh and if you finish before five come and join us in the bar on the corner for a drink.”

Nodding she dressed and left the office. “Not bad” she thought to herself “Second week at work and already invited out for a drink with the sales team.”

Michelle finished her report and went for that drink. But that is another story.

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