Midnight Ecstasy

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The feeling of my rock hard cock pressed tightly between her panty clad, firm ass cheeks was pure heaven. At my age it had become difficult to get a full and satisfying hard on, but tonight it was all systems go. I unashamedly ground my stiffy as far into those ass cheeks as I could, she squirmed a little in her sleep. I never knew if she was wakening up because I was annoying her, or if she had decided that she was horny.

My luck was in tonight, she whispered,

“Do you need to grind that thing into my butt?”

But to lessen the impact of what she said, she wriggled her ass so that my hard dick slipped another inch into her sweet ass embrace. She then did that ass clench trick that always turned me on so much. She had muscles in her I did not even know existed, and when she clenched, then released, she had a firmer grip than most men’s handshakes.

“MMMM…just do that a few times more babe and you’ll have some wet panties.”

“How do you know if they might be wet already big boy?”

Her soft whispers were sexy. I snaked my hand down her soft tummy to her doorway to heaven. She was right, her silken panties were already wet from her arousal. I traced the outline of her lips and lightly circled her clit. She let out a soft moan and opened her legs a little bit to allow easier access. Slipping fingers under the elastic of her panties, I luxuriated in the soft silky pubic hair, before gently pushing my second finger knuckle deep into her very wet vagina. She moaned a bit louder, and then rolled onto her back. All pretense of sleep now gone, she stretched open her legs to allow me complete access. I didn’t try to remove her silky panties since we both enjoyed the texture of them as they became damper and damper. My engorged cock was no longer being milked by her gorgeous ass, but she compensated by grasping it firmly in her left hand and gently stroking me in time to my ministrations to her cunt. Her moans were getting louder now as she became escort ataşehir more and more turned on. I had three fingers inside her. I knew she wanted tongue, and I loved providing it.

Reluctantly releasing my dick from her gentle grasp, I squirmed around to position myself between her legs. It was time for the panties to go once I had given them a good suck and licked her clit a few times through their sodden material. I gently pulled them over her hips and she obliged by raising both of her superbly long legs into the air, allowing me to ease her panties up and over her toes. Throwing them on the floor, I grasped both of her feet while they were still in the air and gently massaged them and then I gave her toes a quick suck. When I released her feet, intending to work my way back down to her pussy, she gently brought her feet down and hooked them behind my back pulling my dick hard against her pussy lips. My rock hard cock nudged against her soft labia. She moaned and squirmed down the bed, lodging the first inch of my cock insider her fantastically soft cunt. She moaned. I wanted to lick her, I needed to lick her, but the delicious feeling of my dick inside of her was irresistible.

I pivoted up from squatting on my legs, and gently forced my hard dick inch by inch into her love canal. She let out a low animal moan as she felt my dick slowly force open her tight, well lubricated passage. Finally I was in her as far as either of us could go. I felt the head of my cock push against her cervix. Her legs were completely wound around my back pinning my body as tightly as possible against hers. We both started a slow rocking as we moved together, rising up that sublime slope towards orgasm. She was gifted. She could milk a cock inside of her using only her vaginal muscles. She was using all of her gifts tonight. After just a few minutes my balls were churning. I knew she needed more, she never came in less than twenty minutes. I had to escape her phenomenal kadıköy escort bayan cunt if I wanted to last longer, for both of our sakes. I grasped both of her naked breasts roughly, the way she enjoyed it. Pinching both nipples, I leaned down and softly licked the silken hair next to her ear as I softly moaned,

“I wanna lick your clit, baby, I’ m gonna come too soon doing this.”

She moaned her disappointment, but released her legs that were pinning me against her, and I quickly dragged my over excited dick out of her wet cunt.

It audibly popped as it exited her tight pussy.

I slid down her body till my tongue found her drenched pussy, licking all around her lips, I gradually worked my way up to her clit. Sometimes when she was really horny, her clit stood out like a tiny erect penis. She was really turned on now, her clit standing proud. I loved it when she was this turned on. I ran my tongue around the base of her erection, firmly, engorging it even more. Then I gently enclosed her tiny dick in my eager lips. Gently sucking at first, but gradually increasing the vacuum, I stroked up and down the length of her fully erect clitoris. I teased her little piss opening with my tongue forcing my tongue into that tiny pee opening, she groaned her approval. Releasing the now intense vacuum for a moment, causing a rush of blood into her clit I rapidly tongued her as the momentary increase in blood flow caused her synapse to fire like nothing else. Once again I pushed my three fingers forcefully into her cunt. My middle knuckle protruding just enough to hit her ‘g’ spot.

My favorite move as I went back to sucking on her clit was to use my free pinky finger to gently probe her tight little asshole. If she was really turned on, like right now, she would press her ass against my tiny intruder and sigh as it slid past her tight sphincter.

By now she was getting rough. Humping my face, pumping my hand in and out of her pussy and ass. escort bostancı I could feel the clenching of her ass sphincter first as she orgasmed. She just kept humping as she came in one long drawn out orgasm. A little flood of pussy juice filled my mouth as her muscles released. Finally she was exhausted, her pulsating pussy and ass had finally ceased their undulations.

Now it was my turn. My balls felt like they had been ready to empty themselves for twenty minutes. I clambered up until my cock was positioned at the entrance of her pussy once more. I kept it there, cruelly using my hand to rub it over and around her too sensitive clit. I dipped it into her wet, and by now, loose cunt. Enjoying the soft squishy feeling. She suddenly surprised me by grabbing my cock in her hand, brushing mine aside. Pushing with some force, she wiggled it around the entrance to her pussy. I was enjoying that sight and sensation when she suddenly took my breath away. In one sudden, glorious move, she twisted my dick downward, pressed it against her ass hole and hunkered down. My dick was forced into her tight ass. Her sphincter was impossibly tight, but my hard dick penetrated with some force. She moaned in ecstasy and started to slowly squirm around and down the bed. Easing my cock slowly up her anal canal. It felt like heaven. I could not believe how tight and hot it felt. I suddenly lost it and grabbing her hips I forced my entire length up her ass. She gasped but wriggled some more to ensure my entire length was inside her.

Losing my senses I started to pound into her, after only half a dozen strokes I blasted my cum into her ass and she groaned as she felt it squirt deep inside her.

I finally rammed my dick as far up her ass as I could as the last spurt left me exhausted.

A few minutes later my soft dick plopped out of her.

She whispered one more thing,

“HMMM, that was good sweety, maybe now I can get some sleep.”

Rolling over, I knew she was smiling that impish smile. My cock once more nestled against her glorious ass, and just before we both drifted off, she wriggled it one more time, letting me know that it was OK to waken her up the next time I thought we might both enjoy a midnight rendezvous.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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