Mike and Debbie Meet… Finally 02

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PLEASE make sure you read part one of this series, or you won’t know how it all started…

Disclaimer: The following story IS about real people, the events are also real, although they may have been altered slightly. Both parties agreed to the posting of this series of stories. The names in this series, may or may not have been changed.


Being rather hungry from the trip, I asked that we go and find some dinner before we head to the hotel. We wound up having a rather nice little meal in one of the chain restaurants. By the end of the meal, I was ready for dessert, Debbie. After letting her know my intentions, we were off for the hotel.

With Debbie behind the wheel, it wasn’t long before I found myself in our hotel room that she had gotten us for the trip. Walking into the room, I put my bags down in the corner of the room and moved toward her. It’s crazy, she looked so damn good, it was impossible to keep my hands off of her. Before she even knew what hit her, she was lying on the bed, naked again; my lips pressed to hers, my hands roaming all over her temple Sinop Escort of a body. My birthday goddess completely at my disposal.

I slid my hand down between her legs and worked my finger inside her wet welcoming lips, the whole time my thumb working against her clit. She starts to press herself upward against my hand to get me deeper inside her glorious body. My lips are now sucking on her luscious neck and she giggles when I tickle her with my tongue. Taking the hint, I moved down and found one of her tits and be sucking and licking her nipples, while still working on her pussy down below. Withdrawing my finger from with in, I hear a groan come from her lips until I slip a second one inside her and the pair start to continue the work the first one had already started. Her moans of pleasure the only sounds in the room.

Feeling her pressing against my hand, and feeling how wet and turned on she was, I pulled my fingers from her warm hole and moved on top of her. “Yes Michael, fuck me now!” the urgency in her voice apparent once again. Before I knew it Sinop Escort Bayan she was reaching for my rod and pointing it toward her dripping wet pussy, and pulling me in. As I felt her warmth surround my cock, I pushed in until I bottomed out, nibbling her neck all the way down. Once completely inside, I moved my head above hers, and looked into her eyes as I moved down and again had to kiss this wonderful little woman below me.

Moving up and down inside Debbie is like knowing you are where you are supposed to be, like knowing that destiny has been fulfilled.

I slowly moved inside of her now, slowly picking up my pace as she urged me on. Then the only sounds in the room being her moans and my heavy breathing. Suddenly, “Oh YESSS, Michael… Yeah, just like that… Harder…” All of this was beginning to get to be too much, and it was getting more difficult to hold back. Then her body started to quiver and she said,”Hold it right there!”, as her orgasm took over her. When she started to come back under control I started back at it again. This Escort Sinop time, I was going at her with more urgency, doing my best to make sure that she was enjoying this as much as I was.

While still stroking into and out of this beautiful little woman, I moved my hand up and grabbed her breast with my right hand and found her nipple and squeezed it between my thumb and fore finger, rolling it over and around. This was received with another moan of pleasure coming from her lips, music to my ears. This further pushing me to my own climax. Just knowing that I can make her feel this way, knowing that I can give to her this pleasure, makes everything in my world better.

The end is now approaching, I feel my balls tighten between my legs and start pounding into Debbie with more force and speed. When I feel her body begin to shake it’s over, and I again unload my balls into this incredible woman, at the same time, with my shaft slammed deep inside her, she has a final climax of her own.

We lie there holding each other for awhile, trying to catch our breath, glowing in the moment.

Tomorrow is going to be my birthday, and I chose to spend the day with this wonderful woman, that I had never met until now… I had no idea what was in store for me, but was certainly looking forward to finding out…

To be continued… perhaps, hehehe

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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