Mike’s Meat Ch. 02

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For the next couple weeks I watched Mike, my straight bodybuilding housemate, walk around my house in his underwear. On the days Mike did his leg routine at the gym he would come back to the estate and pose for me like we had agreed to. This was one of the conditions for him to live here rent free. I got to feel his gorgeous legs at the end of each posing session. I was careful not to make the same mistake of touching his legs too near his crotch. The first time I got too close he pushed me away and told me to stay away from his dick.

One night I came home from a long day’s hard work to find Mike sitting on my white sofa in his obligatory white jockey shorts. His beefy upper body was leaning back on some of the cushions and his legs were draped across the seat of the sofa. His right hand was lazily caressing the bulge in his underwear. He seemed to be deep in thought. As soon as he saw me, he sat up straight and put his feet on the floor. I went over to the sofa and sat down. “Mike, its okay for you to kick your feet up on the sofa. You keep yourself clean like we agreed to. Go ahead put them back up,” as I patted the cushions of the sofa. Mike leaned back on the cushions again and brought one foot up on the sofa leaving the other on the floor.

That left me with a great view of his crotch. The nylon-cotton mixed fabric fit very close to the contours of his package. I could see the outline of each of his sizable balls and the thickness of his cock. Although he wasn’t hard, the head was thick. I tried not to stare but would look whenever I got the chance. I had butterflies in my stomach and a stirring in my pants. Damn he was hot!

“Mike, how are you doing? You look a little down,” I asked looking into his deep blue eyes.

“I’m fine. I’m still pretty pissed that I came in fourth in the Mr. Tampa Competition,” he said.

“Do you mind me giving you a little constructive criticism without you getting upset?”

“No, go ahead,” he said.

“This is just my opinion, but, if that competition was based just on legs, you would be the winner. Your quadriceps are absolutely unbelievable. Clearly you had the best quads in the competition. Without a doubt, your legs were the best! The one thing I noticed about the guys that scored higher than you though, their arms were fucking huge! Don’t get me wrong, your arms are beautiful Mike but maybe your arms need a little attention.”

Mike sits forward and strikes a double bicep pose displaying his massive arms. “What’s wrong with these guns?” he asks.

My cock got harder. “Nothing Mike, your arms are amazing! They are just not as amazing Ankara escort as the three guys who beat you.”

“Fuck you!” Mike responds.

“Let me show you what I mean.” This is going better than I thought it would, I think to myself. “I’ll be right back.” I go over to the desk and come back with a measuring tape. “Humor me Mike. Come on over to the mirror and let me measure how big your arms are.” Mike gets up and walks over in front of the mirror. Nothing gets me harder than having some straight muscle guy posing in front of a mirror and admiring his own sculpted body. This time I’m right next to him. I feel like a voyeur.

Both of us are looking at his reflection in the mirror. “Mike, you really are an amazing man. Look at your chest. It’s massive. You need to love your body more. You are perfect.” “If you knew how other people see you and want to touch you and worship every part of your body, it would make you more confident when posing on stage.” “You need to forget that anyone is in the audience and pose like its just you there. Pose for yourself. Love yourself. Worship yourself,” I tell him sincerely.

“Move closer to the mirror, take a real good look at what a turn on you are to everyone who sees you.” Mike moves within a couple inches of the mirror. “Pretend I’m not here. Admire yourself.” Mike makes a double bicep pose while admiring his muscles. He takes an appraising look at his form and his smooth skin. I can see his blue eyes smoldering. Then Mike surprises the hell out of me! He leans slowly in and starts to kiss himself in the mirror. My cock is rock hard. Mike sticks his tongue out and starts French kissing the Mirror. “That it Mike,” I say softly. “Love yourself. You deserve it.”

Then Mike looks at his right bicep and while watching himself in the mirror, he begins kissing his bulging arm muscle. I see his tongue snake out and begin coating that magnificent arm with saliva. I’m standing inches away. I decide its now or never. I lean in and begin licking the other side of his bicep. I glance down at Mike’s jockeys and I see his fat cock pushing against the fabric. We are both licking the same arm at the same time. I lick where he has been licking, savoring the taste of his spit, loving the smoothness of his skin. He is getting off on both of us worshiping his arms.

Then Mike turns his attention to his left arm, kissing and licking it. I move down to his right triceps and I lick every inch of his hard muscle. I move farther up his arm until I am licking Mike’s deep armpit. My tongue is everywhere enjoying his slightly salty taste. My face is buried his armpit and I hear Ankara escort bayan Mike say, “Go ahead Chris, worship me you cocksucker. Worship every inch of my armpit.” Fuck he didn’t have to tell me twice. Watching us both in the mirror as we both lick and kiss his body gets me so turned on. It’s like I am having a wet dream. “Move to my back Chris, show me how much you love my back.” I move around to Mike’s back and run my hand over his muscular lats and down to his ass. My tongue is leaving wet trails all along his back.

“Okay Chris, slide down my underwear. Let me see how you worship my ass.” Fuck! I must be dreaming! Immediately I slide down his shorts. Mike steps out of them without taking his eyes off of himself in the mirror. I reach up and feel the hard muscles of Mike’s butt and focus my tongue on the top of his crack. “Lower Chris,” he demands. I spread his ass cheeks so I can get my tongue into the hairless crack. I see his pink hole. I couldn’t believe I was looking at Mike so intimately, so intensely, so hungrily. I slowly lick around the hole and then I quickly spear the center with my tongue. I hear Mike gasp! I start flicking my tongue over the beautiful orifice trying to push my tongue in as deep as possible.

I feel Mike push his ass out to better accommodate my mouth. I look around his beautiful ass into the mirror and I see Mike making out with himself in the mirror. I almost cum!

Mike tells me to lick his nuts and I turn over onto my butt and lean my head back between his legs. “Worship my balls you cocksucker,” he says. I suck one of his nuts in my mouth and I hear Mike say, “put them both in your mouth.” I finally succeed in getting both large nuts in my mouth and begin twirling my tongue around each of the sperm filled orbs. “Worship me fucker,” Mike says as he continues to French kiss himself in the mirror.

Mike pulls his tasty balls out of my mouth and moves backward a bit, and now I am looking up at his fat cock. It was rock hard! The veins were crisscrossing across his skin like a road map. His foreskin had pulled off the head of his dick. The head was helmet shaped and was a deep shiny purple. The skin was so tight that it was pulling his pee slit open. There was one pre-cum drop leaking from his dick. I was waiting for it to drop so I could catch it in my mouth. I could tell he was ready to blow a load.

Without taking his face away from the mirror, Mike pulled me up by my hair so the back of my head was against the mirror. His fucking huge pole was pointing straight at my face. Mike says, “Here you go you faggot cocksucker.” Mike reaches down with Escort Ankara his right hand and grabs his cock. I see he can hardly get his hand around his fat tube of meat. “You want my muscle cum, Chris? You want to taste my muscle sperm?”

“Mike you are a muscle God. Please, I need your muscle load,” I beg.

“Fuck you faggot,” he growled. “Open your whore mouth!” I open my mouth as wide as I can; stretching so far that it hurts my jaw. I look up at Mike and he is making out with his beautiful reflection. Mike jacks his cock a couple of times. I watch the foreskin slide over the head of his dick and pull back taught on his shaft. Pre-cum is now dripping from his cock. Then Mike’s legs begin to shake and he thrust his hips forward forcing his fucking huge cock into my mouth and I hear him yell, “Fuck, I’m cumming!”

The hot cum erupts into my mouth and I quickly begin to swallow, but before I can get it down another large spurt of cum pushes against the back of my throat. I try to swallow as fast as I can, but his sperm builds up in my mouth as Mike pumps his fat cock in and out of my mouth. I begin to gag, but Mike doesn’t stop his assault on my jam-packed mouth. Each time, he pushes harder against the back of my mouth until the head of his dick pops through and expands my throat. He pushes one last time and I feel his cock give it’s last jerk of his climax, while a rope of cum slides down my throat.

Cum is overflowing out of my mouth down my chin and neck. His thick cock keeps me from getting any air. I start to panic and Mike slowly pulls his engorged cock out of my mouth, leaving a void in my throat and a wonderful taste of Mike’s load.

Mike kneels down so that I am framed by his big thighs. He takes his left hand and puts it around my neck holding my head in place. With his other hand he gathers all the sperm that spilled from my mouth and rubs it all over my face.

Mike leans over and whispers in my ear, “Hey faggot, you like that worship session?” I expect $500 on the kitchen counter when I come back downstairs, or that’s the last time I’ll let you get so close to me. It will be the last and only time you will ever get my muscle sperm. You understand me?” I nod my head. I understand.

Mike stands up and gathers his clothes and heads upstairs while I sit there against the mirror. I look down and realize, I never got my pants off. I never even got a chance to touch my cock. But, I don’t know how my times I came during the worship session but the whole front of my pants were soaking wet with sperm. It looked like I spilled a cup of half and half all over the front of my pants.

I got up and walked into the kitchen. I took out my wallet and counted out five, one hundred dollar bills and set them on the counter.I wonder how much its going to cost to get Mike to fuck me? I’m sure he will let me know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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