Millville Ch. 25: Leonardo da Vinci

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Chapter 25


Author’s note: If you have read chapters 23 and 24 you’re probably curious to see inside The da Vinci Room. I suggest that before reading this chapter you look up “The Vitruvian Man” in “Wikipedia”. That will enhance your understanding of what’s to come.


Bob opened the door and, pulling Julia by the leash, entered The da Vinci Room. Suzie and I followed close behind. The room looked totally different from the way it was for the Gala. The only thing that was the same was the stage in the middle of the room. It had been built just for the Gala but I guess they decided to keep it. It was a raised stage with a ceiling, from which people could perform acts on someone below.

The room was dimly lit, but there were spotlights on the stage and along the side walls they shone on ten St. Andrew’s crosses.

I said, “Boy. This is sure different than I remember.”

Bob replied, “I thought you’d be surprised. Of course, just not having all the chairs set up makes the room look much bigger. Let’s check the action.”

We followed Bob to the stage where, to our surprise, Angie was in charge. This time she had a girl spread-eagled with chains from the ceiling and the floor. Naked except for very high-heeled shoes, her body appeared to have been worked over quite a bit already by Angie. Her back and ass were dark pink, probably from flogging and paddling. Angie was using a short whip on her front, from her breasts down to her knees. That entire area, including her pubic area, was striped with dozens of whip marks. She was screaming but it was muffled because she had a ball gag in her mouth.

“Master, may I speak?” Suzie asked me.


Angie was whipping a man in the other room when we were there earlier. Where do you suppose he is?”

“I don’t know.” I turned to Bob and asked him. “Where do think Angie’s male sub is?”

Bob looked around the room. “There he is, on one of the crosses. She left him there for storage while she’s working over her girl sub. She put his back to the cross. I imagine that since she’s already whipped his back at the post she’ll be working on his front later. I feel sorry for him. Angie has a reputation for being brutal with cocks and balls.”

I looked up and down the sides of the room where all the spot-lit St. Andrew’s crosses were. Six of the ten crosses were in use.

Suddenly, Bob said, “Oh, my God. Look who just came in.”

We all turned to the door through which we had entered and there was my new acquaintance Josh. He had two naked girls in tow, leading them to the crosses. One I remembered seeing in the stocks just before we came into The da Vinci Room. He was leading her by a leash attached to her collar. The other was the one from the cage. She was walking backward, being led by the inflating tube attached to her butt plug. Wearing high heels and walking backward made her movement precarious. She tried to look over her shoulder to keep her bearings.

“Leave it to Josh,” Bob said. “He always comes up with some unique idea.”

I said, “Unique is right. You might also add devious, cruel, dangerous.”

“He’s a pretty careful guy. He knows what he’s doing.”

“If you say so. Now, when do we get to the ‘da Vinci’ part?”

“Right now, Tom. Let me go over and turn on some more lights. I purposely had them turned off before we came in since nobody was using that area.”

Bob went to the wall where some light controls were and turned a few knobs. We looked to the back wall of the room where several more spot lights had just come on.

“Wow! Look at that,” I exclaimed.

Suzie, who had been pretty good at keeping her eyes down with a few exceptions when there were new things to see, looked up and yelled out, “Da Vinci!”

“It sure is,” I yelled in surprise. “God damn, Bob. That’s great. No wonder they named the room that.”

“Now, before we go over and take a closer look I want to fill you in on a little art history. So you’ll better understand and appreciate what you see there. Unless you both already know all about it.”

I answered for both Suzie and me, “No, we don’t.”

“Alright then. Here goes.

“Marcus Vitruvius was a Roman architect in the first century BC. He kept records and wrote books about the art of structures, which included a sense of proportion. This led him to an understanding of the proportions of the human body also. He thus defined his ‘Vitruvian Man’, a human body with ideal proportions. He considered the navel to be the exact center of a circle that touches the ends of all the extremities.

“Fifteen centuries later Leonardo da Vinci made the now famous drawing of the human body inscribed in a circle and a square as described in the writings of Marcus Vitruvius.”

Bob paused to let us digest all that he had said. “So, that’s the gist of the story behind what you’ve been looking at on the back wall. Wait ‘til you see what it can be used for. It was one of our members who came up with the idea for Sahabet this. He’s a graphic designer and one day told the board that he could make a reproduction of the drawing any size. Including life size. Then he told them what he envisioned could be done with it.

“The board didn’t have to think about it very long before giving him the go ahead. He told them that besides himself, they would need a mechanical engineer and an electrician to design it and a mechanic and wood worker to construct it. The board told him that they had all of those among the membership, some of whom already had done work on the building.

“The rest is history and here it is. Beautiful, isn’t it?”

I answered, “It sure is. Funny, I’ve seen pictures of the drawing a hundred times, but never realized the significance of it. I appreciate it much more now.”

Bob motioned us to go closer to see the details, some of which were not in da Vinci’s drawing.

“Notice how on each side of his torso and each limb are many what’s called ‘footman loops’. These are to run straps through in order to secure the person onto the frame. As you can see they’re about the same color as the background so you can hardly see them. We made the man 5’ 10” tall, figuring that was about an average height, counting males and females. The board that the drawing is mounted on is cut 4” outside the circle and there’s 2” clearance at the bottom of the wheel above the floor. So, you see, a pretty tall dude could be strapped up there.”

“Sounds like you guys thought of everything,” I said. “Besides looking super classy up there, what’s it good for?”

“I’m glad you asked. The answer is plenty. Want to see?”

“Does the Pope poop in the woods? Of course I want to see. So does Suzie, I mean my bitch here. Don’t you, bitch?”

“Yes Master. I’m very curious.”

Bob stepped over to Suzie and whispered something to her.

She looked at me and said,” The gentleman ordered me to do something to you. Am I allowed to follow his orders, Sir?”

“That’s good, bitch, that you asked me. That ‘gentleman’ as you referred to him has no business telling you to do anything. He knows that you are mine and answer only to me. What did he tell you to do?”

“Master, he told me to undress you.”

“Oh he did, did he? And why do you suppose he told you to undress me? You’re already undressed and so is his bitch. Why not her for whatever it is he plans on doing?”

“Well, Sir, I was thinking that he probably wants to place someone on the da Vinci wheel up there, and it is most definitely a male.”

“Let me talk to him,” I said and I walked over to Bob. “What’s going on with you, Bob? You know you’re not supposed to order Suzie around. That’s my prerogative. And what do you want me naked for?”

In a soft voice that only I could hear he said, “I thought that would be a good test for Suzie to see if she would obey someone other than her master. She passed with flying colors. I need you naked so I can show you how this wheel works. It looks silly when we put a female body up there. Most people are familiar with this drawing even though they don’t know the background to it, and they all know it’s a male up there. I’d do it, but I have to man the controls out here. Be a sport, Tom. Show us your bod. Oh. Before you do, please instruct your bitch to obey all my commands while you’re up there. OK? Don’t look at me that way, Tom. Just do it. Trust me.”

“Alright. But this better be good.” Begrudgingly I told Julie and then I took off all my clothes until all I had on was my purple wrist cuff. Bob walked up to me carrying a short pole. He placed it on the floor between my feet and pressed it against my abdomen.

“This measures the distance to your navel and tells how high a platform you need to stand on so your navel will be even with the one on the Vitruvian Man. Step up here.”

I walked up to the wheel. Bob placed a small platform on the floor and told me to stand on it with my back to the wheel. He adjusted my body so that I was right in front of the body in the drawing. “Perfect,” he said. Your belly button is almost exactly lined up with the one in the drawing.” Turning to Julie, he said, “Now bitch, bring up all those straps hanging on the wall and come help me. You stand on that side and I’ll stay over here.”

The straps that he asked for were of varying lengths, and about an inch wide. They were made of a flexible clear plastic. One end of each one had a buckle like you would find on a man’s belt.

“OK, Tom,” Bob said. “Just stand where you are with your feet together and put your arms straight out to the sides.” He put one of the straps through a loop just below my armpit and handed it to Julie who was standing on the other side of me. She put it through the matching loop on her side and then handed it back to Bob who fastened it in the buckle at the other end of the strap. He pulled it taut before fastening it in the buckle.

Next he did the same with another strap just above my navel and one more Sahabet Giriş over my pubic area. He made sure they were all cinched as tight as they would go. For sure I wasn’t going anywhere. Then he pulled my right leg to the side. I imagined that he was placing it right over the leg in the drawing. He and Julie then placed three smaller straps over that leg, one at the groin level, one just above the knee and one over the ankle. They pulled these tight also, forcing my leg against the wheel.

“Not too tight, is it, Tom?” Bob asked. “It needs to be tight but we don’t want to cut off the circulation. Don’t need gangrene, right?”

“Damn sure we don’t,” I answered. “But it’s OK. Not too tight.”

Turning to Julie, Bob said, “Let’s do the arms now.”

With several straps in their hands they started fastening my arms to the wheel. “Let’s do it with the arms in the upper position,” Bob told Julie.

They stretched my arms to the side and raised them slightly so they covered the upper position of the arms in the drawing, and then attached three straps to each arm. One at the upper arm, one at the elbow and one at the wrist, all pulled tight.

“Last but not least, the other leg.”

I wasn’t keen about the whole situation, being naked and staked out on the wheel for all to see. As tightly as my body was strapped, though, the thought of having my left leg raised off the platform freaked me out. I was sure that I would fall to the ground somehow. “You sure this thing will hold me?” I asked Bob, trying not to show my fear.

“Trust me, Tom. You’re not going to fall off. This thing’s been used dozens and dozens of times and nobody’s fallen off yet.”

He and Julie lifted the leg into place and strapped it down. Sure enough, I didn’t fall off. Didn’t even slip a little. That’s how well I was strapped down.

“Actually,” Bob said to me. “We put some Crazy Glue on the wheel before you got up there just to make sure.”

I figured that he was kidding, but I was so apprehensive about the whole experience that I didn’t appreciate his humor.

Leading Julie by the leash Bob stepped back to where Suzie had been watching the proceedings. He dropped the leash and told Julie to press the button on the wall that would call the dungeon master over. “Look at you, Tom. You match up perfectly with the Vitruvian Man. Perfect proportions.” He backed away several yards and the two girls backed up with him. “From back here you can hardly see the straps. You can almost imagine that you are the Vitruvian Man.

“Ah. Here comes the dungeon master. Hi, George. Look what we have up there. Bring the camera?”

“Hi, Bob. Yep. Right here. Did you explain to your guest the camera rule?”

“No I didn’t, at least not this part.” Turning to me, Bob said loudly enough for me to hear up on the wheel, “This is the only exception to our rule about photography at The Club. We do this just because it’s so well-known and people come from far and wide to experience it. Only the dungeon master can take the pictures, and they’re Polaroid so there are no negatives. The pictures are given only to the one on the wheel. He can do whatever he chooses with them.

“So, he’ll take a few pictures of you up there and give them all to you before we leave later. OK?”

Overwhelmed by everything, I said simply, “Yes.”

George said to Bob, “First, take off his wrist band. It really doesn’t look authentic in that scenario.” By now a small crowd of people had gathered to watch. You could tell by their chatter that they were all impressed by the sight of Tom as the Vitruvian Man.

George, the dungeon master for the night, took a couple of pictures from where the spectators were standing and then moved closer to me and took some close-ups. I imagined that he filled the frame of the photos with the entire wheel. I had to admit, I was glad there would be pictures so I could see how I looked.

George then said to Bob, “OK, Bob, turn ‘er on.”

I had no idea what he meant. I figured we were through and they would undo the straps to let me go. Wrong! Bob went to the wall again and turned a dial. Immediately I felt motion. My head moved slowly to my left side and my feet moved to my right. It didn’t take me long to realize that the wheel was turning.

In about 15 seconds my body was parallel to the floor and still I kept turning. After another 15 seconds I was completely upside down and the wheel stopped. The sensation was unlike any I had ever felt. The straps held me tightly in place. At least I didn’t fear falling off. I did feel like the blood was draining to my head, though. I looked toward the people who were watching all this happen. Of course, they all looked upside down to me.

I heard George say, “Ok. Let me get a couple pictures like this.” I heard a couple clicks of the camera, separated by the time it takes for the Polaroid camera to print each picture. Then, George said, “All right, you can start it turning again. I have to go patrol the Club now. Call me back if you Sahabet Güncel Giriş want more pictures.”

“Will do. Thanks, George,” Bob said. Immediately I felt the wheel start turning again. It was hard to keep my orientation while the wheel kept turning. Soon I was right side up again but I kept rotating. I saw Bob talking to Suzie who then walked toward me. Upside down…right side up…upside down again. She stood right in front of me, not two feet away. Her head was moving up and down and to the sides, following whatever part of me she was focusing on.

Finally I felt her hands touching me. My face when I was upright, then my arms and, when I was upside down, my legs. After a couple more revolutions she zeroed in on my genitalia. Caressing, then squeezing. Being that they were only inches from the exact center of my body and the wheel, she didn’t have to move her hands much to keep up with them. She squeezed my balls harder and harder until I let out some audible moans. When I did she slapped my cock. Then I let out a yelp.

“Try not to embarrass yourself, or me, by wimping out. That couldn’t have hurt that much. Don’t spoil my fun. And everyone watching out there is having such fun watching you spin around.”

I was getting used to the slow rotation of my body and started concentrating more on what Suzie was doing to it. After some more light slaps to my cock and balls she moved to my nipples. Now she had to move herself around to keep up with their movement. First she slapped them some which hurt a little, but then she started pinching and pulling. I couldn’t help but start groaning then.

“Oh, that’s right,” she said. “Your nipples are sensitive aren’t they? Ah, but your cock is enjoying it evidently.”

I could feel my cock becoming erect without any help from me. In fact I was willing it to stay soft, but to no avail. I could hear the audience “oohing and aahing”. How embarrassing, I thought.

Suzie said, “I wonder what Leonardo and Mr. Vitruvius would think if they could see their drawing now.”

Suzie stepped back and let me turn a few more revolutions completely exposed. When the wheel finally stopped turning I was once again in the original upright position. Bob came up to me and said, “Kind of fun, wasn’t it, Tom?”

“I don’t know fun. Certainly different though. Now can I get down from here?”

“Not quite. There’s more this machine can do.” Bob reached into his pocket and pulled out another clear plastic strap and placed it over my forehead, passing it through the loops on either side of my head and fastening it with the buckle. Stepping away he said, “Now you’re ready for part two.” Then he walked back to the wall where the controls were.

The back of my head was now pressed firmly against the wheel. One of my last remaining body parts that I could move was held fast in position. Only my hands and feet had any motion possible. What more can this wheel of Leonardo da Vinci do? I soon learned the answer to my question.

The wheel to which I was tightly strapped started moving, but not in the circular direction I had gotten used to. After a few seconds I realized that my body was moving to a reclining position. Before I could get my bearings I was lying flat, staring at the high ceiling of The da Vinci Room. I heard someone in the group of onlookers yell out, “Look at that!” Somebody else yelled, “Yeh. What happened to his boner?”

That made me realize that my erection was completely deflated. The psychological trauma I was going through more than offset any sexual stimulation I had been receiving. I was no sooner used to my now reclining position than the ceiling started spinning. No, it was me that was spinning. Slowly the wheel began rotating again. After a turn or two I saw Suzie standing next to the wheel and then, after another half turn, Julie appeared also.

As I rotated like an LP on a turntable both girls had their hands all over me…whatever parts they could reach as I slowly spun by them. Just as I was thinking that being attached to the Vitruvian Man wasn’t so bad, Suzie and Julie picked up floggers and started to work on me. At first they were gentle, but slowly increased the intensity until I hurt enough to start yelling “ouch” after each strike. The location kept changing as I continued on my circular journey. I saw some bright flashes and realized that George was back taking more Polaroids.

Once again I saw Bob going back to the controls on the wall and the contraption that held me captive stopped. I waited for it to move me to the vertical so I could get off. But instead the wheel started turning sideways until it stopped at 180º from its previous orientation. And I, strapped to the wheel as I was, looked down to the floor, hanging from what was now the underside of the wheel. What next?

First the wheel started rising upward. I watched as the floor receded from me. Next the wheel started rotating again. Suzie appeared under me this time and I realized why the wheel was raised. To allow someone to stand under it. Now Suzie was standing directly under my navel…the center point of my body and of the wheel. From there she had total access to the middle of my anatomy. She moved a little off center and started moving around with me, taking tiny steps to keep pace with me.

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