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It’s amazing how some moments in life are so forgettable and others will remain with you forever. This day will be full of those moments, though I didn’t know it yet. I’m standing in the bar, sipping my drink and flipping through the Sunday paper, trying to look relaxed, but inside I am anything but. My heart is pounding, my hands are a little shaky and every nerve ending in my body is on red-alert, waiting to feel that touch.

My sisters and I had spent the day together, but they each had parental duties that sent them in different directions. I was stuck for a ride and not ready to do the family scene yet. An old friend of mine from school lived close by so I took a drink for courage and called him. I was both delighted and terrified when he said he’d by to get me in just a few minutes. We had an attraction to each other that was so incredible, so dangerous that it got me all stoked up just knowing he would be near me soon. He knows me so well, from our talks on the phone and our occasional naughty chat online. We’ve shared dozens of fantasies, hundreds of ideas of what it would be like to be intimate together, things I have never told anyone else. We are both in a committed relationship with someone else and we rarely ever see each other in person, so that’s all it ever is – just talk.

So here I am, standing, waiting for him to come get me. The place is full of men, watching football and it’s loud and smoky in there. I’m trying to be casual, trying not to look at the door every 10 seconds. Every tiny hair on my body is like radar, waiting for his touch. Then I feel it – that strong hand on my lower back. I melt as I turn around to say Hello, his strong arms going around me, circling me into a warm deep hug. He looks so damn good. I remind myself again that we are just friends but can’t ignore that my pulse has become a whole lot stronger since he wrapped himself around me.

Out to his car we go, talking small talk and üsküdar escort trying to ignore how turned on I am. He asks about my plans and I reveal that I have none until 6, several hours from now, when I have to meet up with my sister once again. He offers to show me his house, something I’ve always talked about doing but never dared to. I’m praying his roommate is home, so I won’t have to find the strength to keep my hands off of him. We pull into the drive and find our way into the house. No roommate. After taking my coat and offering a drink, he gives me the grand tour. Room to room we wander, ending finally upstairs in his bedroom. This is not good. I’m barely fighting it off now, the urge to throw him on the bed and savage him is strong. His room is dim, the shades pulled against the afternoon sky.

To this day, I still don’t know who made the first move or if we both made it at the same time, but the next thing I know, we’re pressed so close together, kissing deeply. I’m shocked and thrilled to find myself in his arms, our tongues dueling, mouths pressed into each other. It’s surreal, this dim room on a Sunday afternoon, our bodies tight together. I can feel his arousal, straining and throbbing against my thigh and it only makes me hotter. My panties are hot and damp, my love center tingling and aching with want. We side step to the bed and fall onto it, laughing and touching and kissing.

He stops to sit up and remove his shirt. Any thought I was having of stopping this has now completely left my head. He is so beautiful, so sexy. His strong arms lower his bare chest to me and we kiss, more urgently now. Passion takes us both to a different world. Clothes are being torn away and now we are naked and entwined, skin-to-skin, so very sensual. Fingers and strong hands explore every inch of my body, nails lightly grazing, feather-soft touches taking my breath away, yenibosna escort all the while kissing my face, neck, ears. I feel his hardness on my thigh and reach for it, wrapping my hand around it and feeling it’s heat. His soft moan sets my pussy on fire and I press myself up into him.

And he stops! He just gets up and walks away. I’m shocked and ready to protest when I see his smile and the look on his face. He reaches into his closet for something and comes right back to me. Now I’m smiling too. He’s holding a vibrator! It’s something I told him I had always wanted to try and now it seems I get my chance. I take it from him, sharing a smile as I lay back and turn it on.

He sits, just watching, as I let it wander to my hot box, loving the feeling of his eyes on me while I do this. It’s such a turn on to play with myself this way, knowing he is watching. Without warning, his warm lips encircle my nipple, hot tongue flicking over it and causing me to gasp. Little nibbles on one, while his hand rolls the other between his finger and thumb. I can feel my orgasm building as his mouth and tongue wander, to my neck, my breasts, my belly. I bury the vibrator deep into my hot hole as his fingers meet my clit, rubbing, driving me to the climax I can’t fight anymore. I cry out from the intensity of it and my body shudders.

I’m barely over my peak when he pulls me to my knees. He is behind me now, his strong hairy chest against my back, his hard shaft pressing into my bottom. Now I see why – in front of us, across the room, is a mirror. It sits atop a dresser and is angled down to the bed. We are right there, looking back at ourselves. His hands play across my body as I watch them in the reflection.

This is so much more erotic than before, watching his hands and feeling them too. I continue to slide my toy in and out of my love box, while his fingers tease zeytinburnu escort and pinch my nipples. His hot mouth kissing my neck, his hardness against me, his hands sliding down to my pleasure center and I can see it all in the mirror. I take his hand and place it on the vibe – I want him to do it. He happily agrees, fucking me with the vibrator while we watch. My own fingers find my breasts and rub over them, as I grind my ass back into his hot length. My orgasm rocks me, muscles quivering and he is relentless with his torture, not stopping at all.

And I can’t take it anymore and I have to stop him. Enough with the vibrator, there’s something else I want. My pussy is soaked, so wet from cumming twice and his hard cock is right there. He slides just the tip in and I almost want to cum again, but not yet. I bend just so slightly, rubbing my backside against him and he understands. Slowly, his wet tip finds my bum and slides in just a bit. I gasp as he moans, pushing slowly into my tight ass. Gently, slowly, slipping all the way in. My eyes are riveted to his in the mirror. His hips start to move, just a little, a slight rhythm, slow like a dance we’re doing together, never breaking the stare we share. He takes my hand and slides it to my pussy, and I rub my clit while my ass holds tight to his cock.

My fingers tease my love button as he slides in and out in an unhurried fashion that is driving me insane. My breath is coming faster now, and he picks up his stroke, plunging in a little harder now. I throw my head back onto his shoulder, getting swept away by the sensation of having him inside me back there. I am stunned back to reality by a stinging slap on my backside – he spanked my ass hard! I came right then, no warning, just a shocking orgasm like none I’d ever had before. He spanked me again and again, hard, my cries mixing with his as he came deep inside me and we watched in the mirror.

We fell back onto the bed, panting and shaking and satisfied. I knew I would have to go soon, that we would have to go back to reality and leave this dim afternoon haven. The mirror image of that day will stay with me forever. Strangely surreal but so clearly etched in my memory, something I pull out and look at when I am alone. And it always, always brings a secret smile to my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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