Mischief Breeds Mischief

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High summer is the time to sail the Spanish coast. She’s a beautiful boat. Forty foot sloop rigged with all the aids for sailing and navigating alone. Boat cost 4 times by the time I was done. Had some custom interior work done. Business these days is all online. I can afford the best in satellite tech. What face to face business needs doing can best be done from a small boat offshore.

Like a lot of “businessmen” I worked hard to “make my bones” when I was young. Stealing that actual reference but then again I’ve stolen before. These days I’m not likely to get my hands dirty let alone wet. I even fly the skull and crossbones from the masthead. Not being in any hurry, I anchor most nights a couple hundred meters off the beach. I use an inflatable with small gas motor as a runabout.

I am having coffee on deck one fine morning when I look ashore and see a curvy brunette walking alone. This place is way off the beaten track. I pick up my bronze spyglass and have a look at her. Bit of all right in any straight guy’s book. I know some girls who would love to do her too.

Scanning the rest of the beach showed no sign of a boyfriend or anything. Watching her made my cock swell. I get the inflatable in the water and keep the sloop between shore and my activities and launch from the seaward side.

She has disappeared around a rock out cropping and does not see my approach. I strip off my shorts and follow her footsteps. Clambering across the rocky point I peek over the last rocks to see her partway down the next beach cove. Taking off her bikini she walks forward and dives in the water. She swims for a while and emerges dripping wet, her hair slicked back. Wow! Mid 30’s maybe, one hell of a real woman.

She puts the bikini on and walks back the way she came. When she is about twenty feet from the rocks I climb nonchalantly on top of the last rock. Our eyes meet.

“Hello,” I greet her smiling, unabashed at my own nakedness, “I didn’t expect to see anyone here.”

She looks up at me surprised. “Me neither.” Her eyes look me over.

I’m tall, slim, and show some muscles. If work goes wrong it might help to be in good shape. bostancı escort bayan Harder to do as you get older. Just means you have to work at it harder. I wear my hair short and have a few tattoos. The tats are Anglo-Saxon pagan themed, I love shit like that. I’m quite well hung and my cock is swollen but not erect. She bites her bottom lip slightly.

I jump down and walk towards her, extending my hand. “Hello my name is Rom. Didn’t expect to see anyone let alone an attractive young English girl.”

She keeps dropping her eyes to my manhood then raising up to look at me. Her breast rise and fall as her breathing increases. She takes my hand, “Hi, Mischief. I never expected to meet anyone. You’re American?”

“Mischief! Cool name. No I’m Canadian,” I reply. Been in a couple good pub fights over being called an American. Openly I look her over. “It appears this is my lucky day.”

“Oh, sorry Canadian cool. And how is this your lucky day?” Mischief asks.

“Meeting an attractive young English girl on an isolated Spanish beach doesn’t happen every day,” I reply. Bought them off the streets of Manchester, loved them in Cornwall and met them in Monte Carlo casinos but never on an isolated beach in Spain. I don’t tell her that though. “What brings you out here?” I ask.

“Holidays. I wanted to get away from everything real and just do whatever I wanted,” Mischief replies, “Have you ever wanted to get away and do whatever you want?”

I laugh, “I always do what I want and always get away.”

Mischief smiles at me, “You sound like you’re a pirate or something.” Her nipples stand out hard through her top. “Should I be worried about my virtue or being taken as a slave aboard your ship?” she asks still smiling.

“It’s a boat actually, ships are much larger. Correctly it would be a pirate sloop,” I calmly say. I take a step closer. We are within arm’s length of each other. “Does the thought of being taken as a pirate’s slave appeal to you?” I ask.

“Yes, I would love to be a pirate’s slave. Would be so much better than returning to rl,” Mischief laments.

“Come, I want to show you something,” ümraniye escort I say as I take her hand and lead her up and over the rocks. Mischief’s face almost brushes my cock as I reach down to help her up. She looks at it and licks her lips before I pull her up. Standing behind her I show her my sloop.

“Oh, my god. I didn’t even notice your boat. I didn’t see you,” Mischief exclaims.

“But I saw you,” I tell her and put my hands on Mischief’s hips as I pull her towards me.

Mischief trembles but does not attempt to move away. “You said… you told me that you never expected to meet me,” she says sounding a little scared.

“I lied,” I tell her, “I saw you, I wanted you and I followed you.” My hands move to caress her body, sliding them down to caress the tops of her thighs. One hand lingers on her abdomen, the other moves up to cup a breast. I pull Mischief harder against me. My cock is huge and hard between her buttocks. “I wanted you and now I am going to have you,” I inform her. My hand slips down her bottoms. I move it slowly over her cunt. I can feel her wetness. “Take off your top,” I command.

Obediently Mischief reaches behind her to undo her bikini top. I squeeze her tit and lean over her shoulder to look down her body. My hand moves back and forth, fingers almost penetrating with my palm roughly rubbing her clit.

“Oh…oh…mm,” Mischief moans and moves her body against mine. Her hand reaches behind to grasp my cock. She jacks my cock as I her rub her cunt. I pinch her nipple hard. My other hand is soaked with her juices. The crotch of her bikini shows a big wet stain. She is a juicy one.

Releasing her tit I bend Mischief over and hold her by the back of the neck. Taking my hand off her pussy, I pull her bottoms down, put my cock against her wet fuckhole and slide it in.

“Oh,” Mischief moans.

I give her a reach around and rub her clit as I give her a good hard standing fuck. Moving my hand from the back of her neck, I grip a fistful of hair and pull back hard.

“Oh my god, Oh god, oh yes. Fuck me, fuck me. Oh please, make me cum, please,” Mischief begs. She trembles and escort kartal goes weak in the knees.

I fuck the entrance of her cunt and frig her clit hard. My cock swells and erupts inside Mischief. My cock slips out and spurts against her cunt lips then I penetrate her again spewing more cum inside her. Mischief comes on my cock as I frig her clit, pull her hair and fuck her wet slut cunt. Her juices mix with my come to make her cunt sloppy and dripping. It runs down her thighs.

Mischief slowly sinks to down and squats with her legs spread. She looks down at her sloppy sperm covered cunt and reaches down with her hand. She uses her hand to wipe her cunt, licking her hand clean. Turning her head she takes my equally sloppy cock and sucks it clean. I pull her to her feet and kiss her hard, my hands in her hair and on her ass. She responds with her tongue, returning the kiss passionately. The wind, the sun and sprays of surf play over us.

I break the kiss and look at her. “Ready to go?” I ask.

“Go? Go where?” Mischief replies looking puzzled.

“To my sloop. To begin your life as a slave. As my slave,” I answer, “To be used by me, to be put to work as a useful boat’s slave. To travel with me around the world. I will take you to exotic places and display you on my arm as a trophy at the finest hotels and casinos. You will “entertain” my guests. Male or female. To be punished when you displease me. And to be rewarded when you please me.”

Mischief looks in to my eyes. She thinks of what she would miss in RL. She thinks of living her deepest fantasies as a basis for living her life. She thinks of the abandoning of her will to another. To live a life free from want and decision. She steps back. Looks down the beach the way we first came, then at my boat and turns to me. She kneels before me.

“Yes, I am ready. I will be your slave. There is nothing in RL for me. I hate it. It bores me,” she looks up at me, “I could never be bored with you. I could only be content and at peace. Please, I want to be your boat’s useful slave.” Mischief lowers her gaze.

Not saying a word I take her by the arm and pull her to my inflatable. She submits to being roughly pulled along. She submits as I take some rope from the boat and bind her hands behind her back. I toss her in the inflatable and push off from shore. Mischief keeps her eyes on me the whole time as I take her off the beach to her new life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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