Miss Longcross Pt. 01

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His mother’s friend has something she’d like Alan to take care of, and it’s not just her lawn.

This is the start of a story I wrote long before my first submission to Literotica. Though Miss Longcross and Alan aren’t related, I’ve posted this in the Incest/Taboo category for reasons that will become obvious.

And to those who have emailed with suggestions for stories; I thank you, but right now I have a backlog of my own stories to edit and rewrite. If you do have an idea, why not write it yourself? It’s what started me off, and there’s the bonus you get your characters to do exactly as you wish.

As ever, all sex acts, be they described herein or otherwise alluded to, took place when the participants were over the age of eighteen.

Your comments are welcome. Enjoy.

Susan put down the magazine she was reading and answered the phone. “Hello?”

“Hi Sue, it’s Janice. Would you ask Alan if he’d like to mow and edge my lawns this weekend?”

“Sure, but your lawns are always immaculate. What’s happened to your regular guy?”

“I’ve been paying a small fortune to that outfit based at the garden centre, but then I figured my friend’s son might be looking to earn some extra money before setting off for college.”

“If he agrees, I’ll get him to do ours at the same time.”

“Oh, then forget I asked,” replied Janice. “I don’t want to wear the poor boy out.”

Susan suppressed a laugh. “Adding our postage stamp lawn won’t do that, and doing yours will keep him out of my hair for a few hours.”

“Alan’s not giving you trouble, is he?”

“No, but some ‘alone time’ would be welcome. He’s spending the summer getting ready for college and is never out for long enough for me to relax, if you know what I mean.”

“You’d like enough time to sneak a man in to relieve your itch?”

“If I had a man I could go to his place, but all I’ve got are my fingers and maybe some memories, and I don’t get time to even do that.”

Janice grinned down the phone. “I still Jill myself off to that time you and I made out.”

“Oh, God, don’t remind me. We nearly got caught by Alan. Five minutes earlier and we would have.”

“I could pop over for some mutual fun while he’s busy in my garden.”

“No!” cried Susan. “Once was risky enough, not that I didn’t enjoy your hand up my skirt and inside my panties.”

“I’m getting wet just remembering,” Janice revealed. “So wet, I’ll have to frig myself silly just as soon as I put down the phone.”

“Gawd, don’t say things like that. Alan is in the next room and I’m already feeling damp. Any wetter and he might pick up the smell of my pussy.”

“Then I’ll say goodbye,” said Janice. “Tell Alan, early in the morning is best for me. That way you won’t have to get dressed before you let your fingers loose.”

“Thanks, Janice. I’ll tell Alan now.”

Susan put down the phone and clenched her thighs against the throb in her cunt. At first she’d been surprised when Janice, who was new to the village, had struck up a friendship. Not only was the woman some ten years her junior, but the value of the cottage and the car she drove revealed her to be far more wealthy than them, Susan having raised Alan on a shoestring after his asshole of a father had vanished from their life the moment he found out she was pregnant.

It was only when she and Miss Longcross had shared a few drinks after last year’s summer fete, and Janice had offered to see the tipsy Susan home, did she discover the woman wanted to be more than a friend.

Having arrived at her humble home, Susan had invited Janice in for a coffee with no thought there might be more. But the drink had weakened her barriers and she didn’t resist when Janice pulled her into a hug and planted a kiss on her lips.

Though not a lesbian, Susan had done some experimenting during her college years and responded in kind, only calling a halt after Janice had finger fucked her right there in the kitchen.

It was the unexpected return of Alan, who they’d both thought was busy with his then girlfriend, which caused Susan to resolve not to repeat what had happened with Miss Longcross.

For her part, Janice, who liked both men and women, preferred to retain their friendship rather than continue her pursuit. Though she did, like today, remind Susan of that one time every once in a while.

Despite getting wet at the memory, Susan shook off any thought of going there again but that didn’t solve her problem. It was no good, she’d have to find someone who could take care of her needs without it impacting her son. Maybe at the end of the summer, after he’d gone off to college.

Come Saturday morning, Susan rose early and tapped on Alan’s bedroom door. “Don’t forget you promised to do our lawn as well as Miss Longcross’s.”

“I haven’t forgotten,” her son replied from downstairs. “But I told Miss Longcross I’d be there by eight-thirty and it’s almost that now, so I’ll see you later.”

With that, she heard her son slip bursa escort out through the front door.

Alone at last, Susan returned to her room. She laid flat on the bed, pulled her cotton nightdress above her hips, yanked her damp panties to one side, and plunged a finger deep into her sodden gash. Getting fresh with Janice that one time had been all well and good, but even though it had been years since she’d felt one inside her, nothing beat a throbbing cock. To placate her hunger she added more fingers and upped the tempo, the knuckles of her hand preventing deeper penetration.

As Alan jogged the half mile to the cottage, he recalled that day at the beach the previous summer. He’d been in the sea for a swim and was sunning himself dry when the hourglass figure of a woman came walking along the sand. She was wearing a white one piece costume cut high at the leg with a big floppy hat on her head. It was only when she smiled at him from under the brim did he realise it was Miss Longcross. She’d paused for a minute or so to exchange pleasantries before moving on. As she walked away, Alan had rolled over onto his stomach to both observe her from the back and hide his growing erection. Ever since that day he’d mentally referred to her as, ‘Miss Long-legs’.

“Sorry, Alan, I overslept,” Miss Longcross apologised. She had answered the door wearing a salmon pink robe tied tight around her matching nightdress. Both were diaphanous compared to the buttoned up nightgowns and towelling robes his mother wore, though the double layer prevented him from seeing more of what the clinging fabric barely concealed.

Alan tried not to stare. “No problem, Miss Longcross. If you’d just tell me where the mower is, I’ll get on with the cutting.”

“Would you like a coffee first?” she asked.

“Um, no thanks. Best I get started,” he declined as the thought of being inside the cottage with Miss Longcross in her night attire drew blood into his cock.

Miss Longcross smiled at him. “There’s no rush on the lawns and I’d like the company. I’m by myself for most of the time, so it would be nice to share a moment with someone.”

Alan was at a loss. He was too polite to say no but his cock was already half engorged. Much longer seeing Miss Long-legs dressed as she was and he’d get a full blown erection that might refuse to go down. Miss Longcross would be sure to notice, and that could get him into trouble with his mother, who, for some reason, was already on edge.

“I’ll take your silence as a yes,” Miss Longcross concluded.

Without further ado, she turned and swayed her way to the kitchen. Alan, his eyes locked on her ass, felt compelled to follow. Once inside, he slipped into a seat at the small table and pushed down on his swelling cock in a vain attempt to quell the flow of blood.

“Now, Alan. Have you had a decent breakfast?” Miss Longcross asked as she poured the coffee.

“Just some toast.”

“Hardly enough for a growing boy, let alone one who’s going to be working hard on my behalf. I’ll make us both a nice breakfast, it won’t take me long.”

“Okay, Miss, um, Longcross,” he accepted in the hope his cock would have time to soften before the breakfast was over.

With the coffee in hand, Miss Longcross turned and gave him a warm smile.”You’re eighteen now, Alan. I think you could call me Janice, at least when it’s just you and me.”

When she bent to place the coffee in front of him she held the pose long enough for his eyes to take a good look at her braless breasts as they swayed beneath the lightweight coverings.

“Thanks, er, Janice,” he gulped.

As Janice straightened and turned, another smile crossed her lips. While Alan had got a good look at her tits she’d eyed the lump in his jeans. Despite the twelve year age gap, she knew young Alan was turned on by the sight of her still very fit body covered by just a few thin layers. All she hoped was that he’d still be interested when she took things further. Something she’d wanted to do for a while now.

In making the breakfast, Janice created more opportunities for Alan to look her over, like keeping her ass high while rummaging in the fridge and making sure her tits swayed whenever she turned. From the tortured expression that grew on his face, it was having the desired effect.

Janice placed the plated food in front of him. “Dig in. And when you’ve finished, you can get started on the lawns.”

Having sat opposite, and well aware her nipples could be seen through the nightgown, Janice loosened the robe so it hung to the sides. To give Alan the freedom to look as much as he wanted, she cast her eyes to her food and kept them there. When, a few minutes later, she did glance up, Janice caught Alan’s eyes as they shot down to his untouched plate, confirming where they’d been all along.

“Something wrong with the food?” asked Janice.

Alan’s gaze remained glued to his plate. “Um, sorry, no, Miss Longcross, it’s fine.”

“Then eat up.”

Too bursa escort bayan scared to lift his head, Alan still pictured the vision he thought was unintended and attacked the breakfast. It allowed Janice to slip one hand below the table and caress her swollen pussy lips through the nightgown. The fact it made her nipples grow even harder went unnoticed by her friend’s son, whom she intended to fuck.

“Thank you, that was very good,” said Alan once he’d finished.

“My pleasure,” replied Janice.

She pulled the robe back over her breasts and got to her feet. When she reached across the table for Alan’s empty plate, the robe fell open, allowing her barely covered tits to swing forward, mere inches from his face.

Blushing, Alan tried but failed to look away.

“You look flushed,” Janice observed, still holding the pose, “Are you not well?”

“Um, it’s just a bit warm in here, I think,” he replied, not looking up from where her nipples were tantalisingly close to being on display.

Janice raised a hand to his brow and pushed back his hair. “You feel hot. I think you’d better lie down. Should I call your mother?”

“No, no, I’ll be fine,” dismissed Alan, certain his mother would come rushing over to find Miss Longcross dressed for bed and her son with the hardest erection he’d ever experienced.

“All the same, I can’t take any chances,” said Janice, taking Alan by the hand.

He let her lead him from the kitchen, but baulked when they reached the stairs.

“Where are we going?” he gulped.

Janice gave him an apologetic smile. “My couch isn’t suitable for a tall lad like you, so you’ll have to lay down on my bed.”

“D-Don’t you have a spare bed?”

“Whatever for? I live alone and this cottage is small, so a spare bed would be a waste of space.”

“Oh. Okay,” accepted Alan, who then tried to pass by to go upstairs on his own.

“I’ll show you just where,” said Janice, taking to the steep flight while still holding his hand. It meant Alan had to follow so close his nose was almost buried in her ass. At the top of the stairs, Janice led him into her bedroom. Though the bed had been made, it was littered with the variety of sexy outfits she’d tried on before Alan’s arrival, many of which had gotten discarded for being far more revealing than the ones she chose.

“Sorry about the mess,” Janice apologised. “Just give me a moment to tidy up.”

Alan watched in a daze as Miss Longcross held each garment in front of her just long enough for him to picture it on her body before putting it away to move on to the next.

With several outfits still to go, Alan let out a groan. Janice looked over, then followed his eyes to the bed. The sheer camisole she’d just lifted had uncovered a pair of white lace crotchless panties. She bent and scooped them up.

“I’m sorry, Alan. You weren’t meant to see those,” – not yet, anyway.

After she’d gathered the remaining items and put them away, Alan stayed glued to the spot as all the images, both witnessed and imagined, burned themselves into his memory.

“It’s clear now, so you can lie down,” Miss Longcross encouraged, patting the bed.

Almost trance like, Alan obeyed. He lay flat on his back and covered his crotch to conceal the steel bar that had formed in his jeans, which he feared might never subside.

“That’s better, but let’s make you more comfortable,” said Janice.

She climbed onto the bed and started to undo his work shirt. As she moved down his chest, button by button, she kept her forearm parallel with his body. When her elbow pushed between his hands, Alan had to drop them to his side and could only stare at the ceiling in fear of discovery.

When Janice reached the last button, her forearm brushed over his covered erection but gave no sign of being aware. That was until she undid his belt and took hold of the button on his jeans.

“Whoa!” cried Alan, grabbing her hands.

“I can’t stop now,” Miss Longcross explained. “That lump in your pants is the cause of your problem, and I intend to take care of it.”

To clarify what she meant, Janice gave his cock a squeeze. How Alan never came on the spot, he didn’t know.

“Do you mean, we’re going to…?” he asked, unable to say the word.

“Fuck? Oh, yes, my Dear, we’re going to fuck, and plenty more besides.”

“But my mother.”

“What about your mother?” Janice asked.

“You’re her friend, aren’t you?”

“Not a close one, though we did spend some time together last year, but that wasn’t for long. Besides, she doesn’t have to know. I’m sure you don’t tell your mother everything you do with your girlfriend.”

“I don’t suppose I would, if I had a girlfriend.”

“How does having a woman friend sound?”

“Y-you mean you?”

“Yes. Not that I want us to be a couple, but I intend what we’re about to do to be repeated quite often. Would you like that?”

Before he could answer, Janice opened his jeans, pulled free his cock and plunged escort bursa her lips over the purple head.

“Fuck!” exclaimed Alan through gritted teeth as his balls erupted his cum into her mouth.

Given all the teasing she’d done, Janice wasn’t taken by surprise and gulped down his seed with the knowledge it would be easy to get him hard again and how much longer he’d last.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” cried Alan when Janice pulled her mouth from his far from softened dick.

“I enjoyed that, so don’t ever apologise for cumming in a woman’s mouth,” she admonished, stroking his rod back to life. “Have you ever tasted your cum?”

Alan blushed again. “Um, yes, but only off my fingers.”

“Then you won’t mind if I kiss you.”

When Janice planted her open lips against his and pushed her cum covered tongue into his mouth, he sucked on it with more fervour than any man she had ever known.

With her free hand, Miss Longcross found one of Alan’s and lifted it to her breasts. Even through the nightgown they felt warm and welcoming, and, as their tongues continued to duel, he began to fondle and squeeze her tits with both hands.

As much as Janice was enjoying his touch, her pussy was on fire and screamed for attention. She pulled back from the kiss to get up on her knees, shrugged off the robe, hitched up her nightdress, straddled the young man’s head and planted her bare cunt on his face.”

“Umph,” he exclaimed as though gagged, which he kind of was.

“Use those lips and tongue to good effect,” she encouraged. “You’ll know when I’ve had my fill.”

Though not a virgin, Alan had never eaten pussy but was keen to learn. Taking Janice’s reactions as guidance he soon had her bouncing like crazy, especially when he sucked on her clit or ran his tongue through her slit. Suddenly she stiffened, let out a gutteral groan and started to shake.

Janice took hold of the headboard to keep herself in place while she face-fucked her way through a powerful orgasm, flooding her friend’s son’s face with the wave of warm juices which poured from her cunt.

“Enough!” – at least for now, Janice exclaimed, rolling off to the side and freeing Alan to draw lungfuls of air into his oxygen deprived body.

Miss Longcross, still panting herself, found his cock with her hand. It was back to full hardness.

“Get naked and fuck me,” she demanded.

“Are you sure?” he asked, aware how girls often needed time to calm down after being finger fucked.

“Just do it,” she pleaded. “I need that cock of yours inside me.”

Alan got up to strip, but had to stop and stare at Miss Longcross’s voluptuous body, which was so lewdly exposed.

“Like what you see?” Janice asked. She spread her legs wide, caressed her hairless cunt and twisted a nipple through the nightdress.

Alan’s response was to get naked in record time. He climbed between her legs and lined up the head of his cock with her opening.

“Um, what about protection?” he asked.

“I’m good, if you are?” she replied.

Given she wasn’t some naive teenager who didn’t understand the risks, he plunged in.

“Fuck,” hissed Alan as he bottomed out in one stroke. Miss Longcross may not be as tight as either of the girls he’d fucked, but the heat from her pussy burning into his manhood was awesome.

Janice encouraged Alan to move and soon his hips were a blur as he hammered her hard into the bed. In response she bucked back and pulled on his ass to get him deeper inside her. They orgasmed together, either his first spurt or her first spasm being the trigger. Neither knew and neither cared, as they shuddered in mutual release. Spent, Alan collapsed on top of Miss Longcross.

Though reluctant to break contact with his body, Janice rolled him off to the side, where he drifted off from the sheer euphoria of their coupling.

When Alan came around, it was to the sound of running water. He got up from the bed and dragged his body into the ensuite to find Janice already showered and wrapped in a bathrobe.

“Jump in, the water’s still hot,” she informed him.

“But I’ll get all sweaty from cutting the lawns. Wouldn’t it be better to shower afterwards?”

“It would be better if you went home smelling of honest sweat. If you don’t shower now, you’ll get the smell of our fucking all over your clothes and we can’t have your mother finding out what else you did for me.”

Alan could see the sense of her arguement. As he passed by to step under the water, Janice gave him a quick kiss, then left. When he got down, fully dressed, so was Miss Longcross. It was as if he’d just arrived.

“I’d better get those lawns cut,” said Alan, unsure of what else he should say.

“Good idea. You’ll find everything you need in the shed.”

Astounded by the everydayness in which he now found himself, Alan set off to take care of the original reason for being here. An hour into the work, Miss Longcross brought out cool lemonade and made him take a break.

“I know I more than enjoyed myself earlier, did you?” she asked.

“The best sex ever,” he gushed. “Not that I’m that experienced.”

“And you are unlikely to find my level of expertise in a younger woman,” she replied.

“I imagine not. Could we do it again?”

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