Miss Rednails , Her BFF…

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Miss Rednails & Her BFF…

Bryan noticed the deep, resonant, “clunk” of his car door as he closed it. He’d heard it a 1000 times, but, now, it echoed in his mind – like the peeling of a bell. Everything in his world changed when his Dad passed away the previous year. The two of them had worked on this car for months – making everything perfect.

And, now, his Mom too was gone. To him, it seemed like she had given up living and just wanted to be with the love of her life. He envied their relationship and wondered if he’d ever love a girl like that.

He placed his hand on the soft black fabric top of the 1998 BMW 325i convertible coupe he and his Dad had grown to cherish. Dad told him that a car was a lot like a woman; i.e., “take care of them, give them what they want, help them understand what they need, and always – always! – let them know how much they’re loved.”

Then, he would admonish Bryan by saying, “Don’t tell your mom any of this, but be subtle about how you express your affection and devotion. Leave little notes, pat her lovingly on her rump when she least expects it.., hold her – not just when you think she needs it. Take care of her and she’ll take care of you.”

Bryan smiled. His Dad was a wise man. He missed him and (big SIGH!) now his mom as well.

He had to steady himself and give himself a moment to clear the tears in his eyes. He just wasn’t himself and, now, he knew that he would never be the same again.

Basically, as he viewed it, his life had turned into a tossed salad and, then, fate had come along and spilled it all over the ground. The tsunami of emotions that had recently washed over him had carried away almost everything that was left. Only the ‘heavy residue’ of the bare bones of his existence remained. The two people he loved most in his life were gone.

Worse yet, long before the passing of his parents, the girlfriend that he thought he would marry and love forever had turned out to be a total stranger. (He tried to smile a bit as he realized, once again, that their attraction had been purely physical, but, damn, it was good while it lasted!)

So, here he was petting “Grace” – the Sivas Escort name he and his Dad had given the 325i. (“Grace” was his father’s Mom and she was quite a lady!) No longer welling with tears, Bryan carefully walked across the street to the upscale ‘bistro’ he’d frequented so often – starting in his teen years. He’d taken many dates there for dinner and was never disappointed – during the meal or afterwards! (Yeah, he thought, as he entered the restaurant, I DO love the ladies and they love me right back!)

He’d ordered takeout from his office and was picking it up on his way home. The late afternoon golden light outside bathed the restaurant’s interior in a soft glow that, with the fragrant aroma of the food, comforted Bryan’s soul.

As usual, the owner’s daughter greeted him sweetly. He’d watched her grow into a gorgeous woman and, now, it was hard (yeah, hard) for him not to take his eyes off her. With her short, pixie-cut, dark hair, dimpled cheeks, olive complexion, luscious smile, and buxom looks, she got to him. And she knew it. Still, at some point, he always recalled the sweet, innocent, 12-year old girl she had once been.

So, while polite, he continued to avoid her subtle advances. (Back in the good old days, when his Mom was herself, he’d even discussed this with her and she agreed that it was wise to avoid ‘any future entanglements’ with ‘the bistro girl.’)

He missed his parents and the advice that they’d always gave him. Tears almost began to well up in his eyes again when he noticed a movement through the blur. It was accentuated by hush like that of a hummingbird’s wings – but it came right out of the main corridor to eternity!

Bryan glanced over to a nearby table and observed an incredibly gorgeous young lady. She was gesturing something to the equally-stunning small-framed blonde girl sitting across from her.

Then, with an overwhelming awareness of that oh-too-familiar sweet agony of lustful ‘syrup’ permeating the blood in his veins, he noticed the first girl’s hand as she waved it about trying to make a point.

He moved to the far end of the counter to wait for his takeout. The new location was a much-better vantage Sivas Escort Bayan point. It was almost right next to the table in which these two stunning girls were so lusciously, and firmly, ensconced.

He could now observe that the one waving her hand about had the most-remarkable moist alabaster skin – highlighted by the deep auburn glow of her hair. The small blonde – obviously her bff – noticed him staring and smiled back at him. Then, she leaned over and must have told “Miss Alabaster” that there was a guy staring at them.

Bryan was always smartly – but conservative – dressed. Black polished shoes, dark pleated pants, usually complemented by a crisp, pinpoint oxford, shirt – light blue or crisp white. It was how he rolled ’cause that’s what his Dad told him attracted the ladies. (Smart man!)

He quickly looked away from the girls in a weak effort to feign innocence – or stupidity or whatever – but it was too late. The die was cast. All that remained was to pull it out of the sand – so to speak!

Bryan glanced back and the girl with the moist radiant skin and auburn hair had curled her index finger into a ‘cum hither’ gesture motioning him over to their table. He realized that, with just that one simple movement, he was now totally and hopelessly aroused. Nothing quite like this had ever happened to him before. He had always been able to control “Mr. Happy” – as his most-recent g/f loved to call “it!”

But, now, for the first time, “Mr. Happy” displayed – literally and figuratively – an independent spirit. Apparently, “Mr. Happy” had become fully cognizant of what he liked and he wanted it – now!

And, as Bryan grew to accept, it was her fingernails that “punched his lights out” just before “striking his head with a thunderbolt” of unbridled, and seemingly unquenchable, lust! He couldn’t help but observe that her nails were a luscious deep dark red color. They were slightly long and agonizingly pointed. Deep inside, he knew that this girl possessed magic right at the tips of her fingers!

He could hardly walk – let alone breathe – but, he managed to make it to the chair they’d pulled out for him. And, once again, just before Escort Sivas he rather stiffly (ahem!) sat down, the blonde giggled and leaned over to whisper something to Ms. Rednails. Based on how the two girls looked at each other, it must have been something to do with the sudden and demonstrative appearance of “Mr. Happy.”

Bryan smiled knowing that his cock – or rather the length and girth of it – had, through sheer omnipresence and omnipotence, become a calling card for these two girls.

He took a deep breath and smiled at both of them. He introduced himself and gently, but firmly, shook each of their hands. He felt the energy, the passion, the heat, in each of their grips. He couldn’t help but wonder how those hands would feel on his body, stroking and caressing him all over, front and back.

But, Bryan also quickly surmised that thoughts like this were only pandering to “Mr. Happy” and his lurid libido. So, with a steely resolve, Bryan deflected “Mr. Happy’s” prurient projections, and simply asked the girls how long they’d known each other.

They giggled and smiled ‘wantonly’ (yeah, he thought, ‘wantonly’) and said they were were schoolgirl friends. And, once again, “Mr. Happy” interrupted his train of thought by “pushing” images of schoolgirls in cute little uniforms and knee-high socks into Bryan’s welcoming brain.

Although not exactly a champion of conversational multitasking, Bryan was a smart guy. And, despite having a psyché altered recent life-shattering events, he still maintained the rigor of self-discipline. He managed to once again place “Mr. Happy” on the back-burner – for awhile.

But, as he continued to ‘banter’ with these two luscious females, it entered his consciousness that fate was transitioning him into the man he was meant to be. A more perfect man, a better man – more in tune with his emotions and able to express his feelings unabashedly – particularly to those of the fairer sex!

He listened intently as Miss Rednails detailed recent events in her life. Than, oh-so-gently, she placed her hand on top of his. Now, the ‘old Bryan’ might not have fully grasped the intent of this, but, now, her touch was at once electric, suggestive, inviting and encouraging. The blonde noticed the contact and she likewise began to caress his other hand with her soft fingertips.

Again, the die was cast and “Mr. Happy” was totally immersed, firmly ensconced, and simply luxuriating in all of it!

… to be continued!

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