Missed Connection

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Group Sex

Jackson Pierce looked around the empty barracks knowing that this would be the last time he would be here. His deployment in Afghanistan was coming to an end and soon, he would be going back home to the United States. Jackson did not share the same bliss as the other soldiers at the camp. He didn’t have anything to go home to, no family, no friends, not even a pet. After spending the last 9 months in the desert, it almost felt like home and he was a little apprehensive about going back. He sat down on a chair and exhaled, wondering what the hell he was going to do.


To everyone else, the flight home took forever. For Jackson, however, the nearly fourteen hour flight was over and done with in two naps. After a ‘Congratulations for not dying’ speech from the Sergeant, the doors opened and one by one they exited the plane. As Jackson entered Gate 15, he heard the thunderous roar of applause and couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride that made him stand a little straighter and walk a little prouder.

After finally making it through the crowd of people that welcomed them home and bidding farewell to some of his comrades, he walked outside of the airport and flagged down a cab. He hoped he would be able to miss the tearful reunions if he left fast enough, but he failed…


Kassidy let out a sharp breath as she lowered herself on Sean’s cock. When she met his pelvis, she paused, allowing herself to adjust to the size of the cock that was buried inside of her. Sean firmly planted his hands on her hips, squeezing as she began to grind herself on his erection. He let out a groan of relief as he gladly accepted the gift this ebony goddess was bestowing on him.

Kassidy rested her dark hands on his pale chest to steady herself as she bounced. She preferred being on top, mainly because Sean was only ‘okay’ when he was given any control and she wanted more than mediocrity. Kassidy loved the way his cock felt as the tip prodded her cervix… she could almost swear that she could feel every vein that criss-crossed his thick shaft.

“Fuck, Kay,” he groaned, raising his hands to grip her perfect breasts. He loved the way she knew just how to move her hips. No one could ever make him cum like she could, no matter how many different chicks he fucked. It wasn’t that he didn’t care about Kassidy, it was just that he wasn’t the one-girl type but he knew that if she kept working him over the way she did, he might fall in love with her.

Kassidy listened to Sean’s words of encouragement as she quickened her paced. She felt his fingertips pinch her stiff nipples, sending her over the edge. She was so close and she dug her French Manicured nails into his chest as she neared her peak. “Shit, Sean! God dammit!” she squealed as her orgasm took over. Sean loved the sound of the jumble of obscenities laced with his name that left her full lips. Her tight cunt did a death clutch on his cock, rhythmically contracting, beckoning him to join her in paradise.

He lifted his pelvis, plowing himself deeper inside of her. With a final grunt, he shot his frustration into the condom and wrapped his arms tightly around her. She collapsed on japon porno top of him, panting and sweating. When their breathing calmed, Kassidy rolled off of him, taking her place beside him on the bed.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Kassidy,” he said, rolling over to face her, “you are fucking incredible.”

“You’re pretty good, yourself… Sun-Sean,” she said, laughing as he rolled his green eyes at the childish nickname. Most Friends-With- Benefits relationships did not work, but Kassidy felt that theirs was effective. They’d known each other since Middle School and he was her first kiss, first date, first fuck, and date for the Senior Prom. It seemed only logical for them to be together, but neither of them felt that ‘pull’ to be together. Sure, the physical attraction was there, but they were much better as friends.

“So, what’s on your agenda tonight?” she asked, sitting up and stretching.

“Nothing, really, there was this Asian chick that wanted to hang out…” he began, very happy that Kassidy was so cool with the way things were.

“Hmm, is she cute?” Kassidy asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Would I even talk to her if she wasn’t?” he asked, not missing a beat.

“You are so shallow, Sun-Sean… why do you still talk to me? I’m not cute,” she joked, aiming her best puppy dog face in his direction.

“1) I am not shallow, I just know what I like and 2) You are fucking gorgeous. Plus, I’ve invested too much time in your ass,” he said, leaning over to give her ass a sharp slap. He stood up and Kassidy looked over his naked body… it was to die for. It almost looked as if it could have been chiseled from stone. “Why did you wanna know anyway, Kass? Didn’t you get enough?” He asked, pulling up his boxers.

It didn’t help that Kassidy was thinking about ripping them back off and jumping him right then. “Sean, you know I could go for hours, don’t play. Anyway, I was just wondering. I’m going to pick up some ice cream and a movie,” she said, honestly.

“Of course, I know that… I’m the one that made you the little vixen you are,” he reminded her with a smirk.

“Alright, out of my dorm!” she said, laughing. She threw the rest of his clothes at him and pointed to the door.

“Aww, Kass, you’re breakin’ my heart!” he said, holding his chest dramatically. After putting his jeans and shirt on, he opened the door to leave. “Seriously, Kass, you really need to get out or something, the last day of classes was Friday… have some fun!”

Before she could even reply, he shut the door. He locked eyes with a hot Latina that winked at him on the way out. ‘I love college,’ he thought, turning around to ask for her number.


Jackson stood outside of his home. It was different, like something he remembered from a dream. He walked up the stairs onto his porch, pulling out his keys. He unlocked his door, relishing in the sound of the lock click. He had to admit, it was good to be home. After opening the door, he mustered up the courage to walk inside. It was stuffy and stale inside, not like he left it. He flipped the switch on, thankfully, they switched the electricity on when he kızlık bozma porno made the call.

The still silence was stifling, Jackson dropped his bags by the door, locking it behind him. He walked into the hallway and turned on the air conditioner and the television. Noise was good. Before long, he entered his bathroom to take a shower. Looking in the mirror, he removed his clothing. His thick, muscular body was adorned with a tattoo of his dog tags that circled his neck and rested in the center of his chest and a few battle scars.

After letting out the first sigh of relief since he’d been home, he stepped into the shower. He felt 9 months of desert sand and grime being finally washed away completely and he relished in the feeling of being thoroughly clean. Stepping out of the shower, he dried himself. After putting on clean clothes, he went into the kitchen, forgetting there was no food.

‘Shit,’ he thought as he stared into the empty refrigerator. ‘I really need to go grocery shopping,’ he mentally concluded as his stomach rumbled impatiently.


“Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream,” Kassidy whispered as she hurried down a frozen food aisle. She already had her DVD in hand, now all she was missing was her ice cream. Sean was going to a party and had asked her to come along but she declined, knowing what would come of that as it had many times before: They would go to the party together and it would end with Sean going upstairs to fuck some girl (leaving her downstairs to drink) or him telling her that he was going to ‘get outta here’ with a girl and he hoped she didn’t mind. In all honesty, she didn’t mind, he was her friend and that was just how he was.

That, however, was not how she wanted to spend her first Saturday after the end of the semester. What she desired more than anything was to sit back and have a little R&R, possibly even have Sean come back over to work out those extra kinks. But for now, it was her, Channing Tatum, and a pint of Buttered Pecan ice cream.


She walked by so fast, Jackson thought she was a figment of his imagination. He raised his head and looked behind him. Sure enough, there she was: a tall, curvy woman with brown skin and a beautiful, shoulder length mess of curly brown hair. She was wearing a long, thin, multi-colored dress that cling to her curves perfectly, the sight alone reminded Jackson that it had been nearly a year since he’d had sex last.

He used to hate living so close to a college campus and had even entertained the thought of selling his house to get away from the noise, but seeing her almost made all the sleepless nights worth it… almost.

He shook his head, reminding himself that she was just a baby and went about his business.

While in line, he looked across the way and saw her again. This time he was able to see the front of her… the dress she was wearing barely contained the full, yet perky breasts within it. Two beaded straps left the center of her cleavage to tie around her neck. He was mesmerized when his gaze finally made it to her face, it was accented with smooth, brown skin, light brown, köylü porno cat-like eyes, a cute, button nose, and full, kissable lips. Her bottom lip had a stud earring shining from the right side. She was rather young, but he couldn’t deny that he wanted her.

‘Jesus,’ he thought as he watched her self-checkout. She nibbled her bottom lip thoughtfully as she ran her items over the scanner. Her breasts swayed slowly as she vigorously swiped her ice cream, obviously the ice on the container interfered with the swipe, causing her to have to do it multiple times. After paying his cashier, he grabbed his cart, just in time for him to see her looking at him and smiling. He returned her smile, eliciting a wink from her… he had to get out of there.


Kassidy knew he was there the whole time. She saw how he watched her out of the corner of her eye, hell, she even heard his swallow of discomfort when the stupid scanner wouldn’t scan her ice cream. Kassidy thought he was a very attractive man… he had broad shoulders and biceps that were large enough to make the hem of his t-shirt dig into the skin, light brown (or dirty blond) hair that was in a military cut, and deep blue eyes.

He was older, though not too old, her guess was late twenties, possibly early thirties and she definitely didn’t miss the way he checked her out. If he didn’t show interest first, the was no way that she would have smiled at him and winked the way she had. Something about him was borderline intimidating and it drew her to him like a moth to a bug zapper.

When she left the store, she saw him putting his groceries into the back of his black F-150. His muscles flexed as he loaded the box of beer from his cart, causing waves of heat to wash over her. When he saw her leave the store, he fought the urge to go speak to her… What would he say? There was no reason to speak. He put his cart away and got into his truck, what’s another lost opportunity?


Kassidy sat in silence as she watched Step Up and shoveled ice cream into her mouth. This was what she needed… a little ‘Me’ time. Even with Sir Gorgeousness plastered on her screen, she couldn’t help but let her mind wander back to the handsome man at the grocery store. She hoped he would say something to her when she walked past him to get to her car and to her disappointment, he didn’t. Obviously, he thought better of it and hopped into his truck and drove away. What did she expect anyway?

At the conclusion of the movie, she still couldn’t get him out of her mind. She had an idea and it was definitely a longshot, but she decided to do it anyway…

She went to Craigslist.com and with a shaky hand clicked Missed Connections. After convincing herself not to back out, she began to type her post:

I walked past you in the store earlier tonight. I was in such a hurry to get ice cream that you had to double take to check me out. When you thought I wasn’t looking, you allowed your eyes to look me over. At checkout, we made eye contact again. You watched my every move as I used the self-checkout. When you prepared to leave, I smiled winked at you and you returned the smile. I wanted you to say something to me when you finished loading up your groceries but you never did. I can’t get you out of my head. If you are still interested and this is you, send me an e-mail with ‘Mystery Guy’ in the title and tell me what kind of vehicle you drive so I can be sure it’s you.


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