Missing Each Other

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It had been four days since we last saw each other.

I had a business trip out of town and she was my good girlfriend holding down the apartment. I came home at around 4 pm and she wasn’t around. Probably shopping or working out or volunteering at local food shelter. God, I love her.

I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and made my way to our bedroom where I dropped my suitcase off. I was about to head to grab my other bag from the living room when I saw it lying in the floor.

Her lovely red panties. Not a full thong, she’s too sweet to wear those outside of our intimate time together at home. No, these are the ones she wears when she wants to get my attention by having them show just above her jeans when we’re out. God, I hate her.

I picked them off the floor. Still wet with sweat. She worked out today in them. She left them on the floor on purpose because she knew I’d be back. She’s way too much of a neat freak to have this by accident. I was instantly turned on. I took my jeans off and it was already straight forward.

You see, we don’t really have a bdsm relationship. It’s more of an understanding. I don’t cum when she’s not around. It’s not like a chastity device type thing, that’s kind of weird. It’s more of a saving myself only for her type thing.

I looked at the closet door. Our closet door. Our sexual secrets reside in there. Only her and I know about it. We never tell anyone. We never let it affect our daily lives. I’m always the man in our relationship. I comfort her, reassure her, make sure she’s secure and strong. And many times when we’re having sex, I’m pounding her, making her scream my name while I bite her neck softly. But our closet represents the times when she’s in control of our relationship.

I closed the blinds. Turned the panties inside out and pressed them to my face. I grabbed myself and jerked slowly and then furiously. And then slowly again. I couldn’t get off when she wasn’t around.

Her smell, her sweat, her taste. It was so much. I was lost. It must have been 10 minutes when I felt a light touch on my back and a breath on my neck. She caught me. She always catches me. She whispered in my ear. “How about I let you have the real thing?” I didn’t turn around when she was behind me, but I still knew she was grinning. At this point she had her right hand firmly around it. Tipobet Her left hand was resting on my shoulder. She’s a little cat. Playful, flirtatious. But she always knows what she wants.

“I need to hop in the shower and get dinner started. How about we put you inside?” That was almost enough to make me go over while she was gripping me. I turned around and kissed her. I told her I hated her. She told me she loved me. She opened the closet. The cage was resting on the floor. I got on my hands and knees and backed inside. She took off her sweat pants revealing a black pair of panties. She slipped those off too.

“Nice and warm for you. I know how much you love these silly things.” She slipped the pair into my mouth and wrapped the red panties around my face with the inner lining against my nose.

She knew I was embarrassed. I get really turned on with this but it’s shameful. She’s the only girl I would ever let do this. She looks up to me in every way. I think she even looks up to me for fulfilling her sexual fantasies like this. But it hurts my pride nonetheless.

So this is where she sets herself apart. She put her head into the still open cage door and whispered again, “I love you so much. I couldn’t sleep without you.” And that’s all I needed. We both wanted her to lead sexually tonight, and I was going to let her do whatever she wanted.

She grabbed a pillow off the bed and put it in front of me. All the while I was staring at her beautiful ass. She also grabbed a pair of handcuffs from the upper shelves of the closet and cuffed my wrists together. I was lying on my belly with hands secured behind me inside a cage with a pair of sweaty panties in my mouth and one wrapped around my head. Ecstasy at its finest.

Before locking the cage, she noticed I wanted to say something with the way I was glancing at her. She took the pair out of my mouth slightly and asked, “Yes?”

I told her what was on my mind in a tone of embarrassed shyness. “Drink all the water you want.” That’s code for let’s go all the way tonight.

Her smile was beaming. I was so hard.

She put the panties back in my mouth. She reached up and grabbed a box off the upper shelf that said “Private.” That means I can’t peek inside. I never follow any rules, but for her fantasies, I’d follow her to hell and back.

She grabbed Tipobet Giriş a doggie bowl with my name on it from the box. She also grabbed a leash and what looked like a waist band and a collar. She put the box back up and grabbed a sheet off the bed. She locked the cage door and through the sheet over the cage and closed the closet door after grabbing the toys.

Time alone in the cage with her panties leads my thoughts to only her. How much I love her. How much I enjoy kissing her between her legs. I could lick her all night.

After what felt like an hour of blissful frustration, the closet door opened and the sheet was removed. She stood in front of me with a white bathrobe and a little make-up. Her skin looked so smooth. We were both ready.

She opened the cage door and took the red panties wrapped around my face off. She then told me to open my mouth, but instead of taking the black panties out, she simply put the red ones in as well. She reached to the side of her and grabbed the collar and secured it around my neck. She fastened it to the leash.

We made eye contact. We knew it was going to be a memorable night. She uncuffed my hands and walked me out of the closet while I was on all fours. She led me to the bathroom with the leash in one hand and the handcuffs her other.

In the bathroom she tied my leash to the towel rack. She reached into the bathtub and grabbed the doggie bowl. It was filled. She had me drop from hands to my elbows. It was painful as my elbows and knees were on the tiles and the leash gave me barely enough slack such that my neck was in pain. She then handcuffed my wrists together and took the panties out.

She gently slid the bowl in front of my face. “I’m going to finger myself on the bed. After I get off, I’m coming back here. If the bowl isn’t empty, your mouth will function as a urinal for the rest of the night.” A little competition never hurt anyone. Plus, we both know I wouldn’t mind losing.

She left the bathroom and I started licking furiously. It was bitter but delicious. I was hearing screams from the bedroom, so I knew I needed to sip faster.

Right as I had reached the halfway point in the bowl I heard a really loud scream. Damn, she was horny. She strolled in a minute later still breathing fast with a slight grin and a half empty bowel of water in her Tipobet Güncel Giriş hand. She knew I didn’t stand a chance. And she was going to keep drinking to rub it in.

“Well, it was a fair chance. How about you finish up and I’ll go eat an orange?” I was happy I could finish what I started.

She came back and uncuffed me and took the leash off the towel rack. She led me to the living room, where she sat on our couch, leaning back like she was relaxing. I was kneeling in front of her when she untied her bathrobe. She had no panties on, but had the waist band contraption tightly around her. She knew I was puzzled.

“So I love when you lick me, but sometimes I get tired of using my hands to keep your mouth pressed against me. This will make sure your tongue can stay as deep as we both want it to.” She’s so hot.

She took my leash and shuffled it under her waist band. She pulled on the leash hard while shifting her hips off the couch with her pussy against my mouth. Her legs wrapped tightly against my neck. She took hair clips out of her hair and secured the leash to the waist band. My neck and face were immobile. My lips were half inside pussy lips. I just need to need to open my mouth to give her pleasure.

And I stuck my tongue out and licked everywhere. And she screamed. And this went on for 3 orgasms while she rubbed her clit. Then she needed to use the restroom.

So she untied the contraption and lead me back to the bathroom, where she laid me on the bathtub floor and she sat on my face. We stayed in this position for an hour. It was a mixture of her peeing and her cumming. I swear at one point it was both at the same time.

She brought me back to the bed and unleashed me. She also took her waist band off. She kissed me and said we need to try one more thing. We both knew what it was.

She laid on her side while I kissed down her back. I licked slowly down her crack until I found what we were looking for. I licked around it for a bit. It was warm and inviting. She knew I was hesitant. So she reached around, grabbed the back of my head, and pushed forward. I tongue fucked her to another orgasm.

Afterward, she laid me on my back and rode me until we came at the same time. We both laughed like little kids. What were we doing? Why did we do things that seem so gross after we’re done? Either way, we both had a blast.

She cuddled up against me as the little spoon. As always. She took my arm and wrapped it around her to be warm. She was so happy. I was happy she was the love of my life.

I couldn’t wait until her next fantasy gets the best of us again.

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