Moira and Ray

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Ray was going home after a couple of years away from home. His mother had sent for him, telling him that she had some important news for him.

She met him at the front door and greeted him with a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. When they had settled down in the Lounge room, Mom opened up to him.

“Ray, I have discovered that your father has been playing around and has been unfaithful to me. I am going to divorce him. I have already told him to leave the house.”

This was a shock to Ray. He knew that his father wasn’t the best of husbands and often neglected his mother. He would go out with the boys two or three times a week, without letting her know. But to think of him being unfaithful was something else.

He stood and moved over to sit beside his Mom and took her in his arms and comforted her as she cried.

“Don’t worry about anything Mom, I will look after you. You know that you have always been my girl.”

“Oh Ray, I knew I made the right decision to call you home.”

Ray dragged her to her feet and told her to go put on something special.

“I am going to start by taking you out to Dinner. Is there anywhere special you would like to go?”

“Oh darling, no, anywhere you chose will be great.”

So Mom went up and changed into a Lilac trouser suit with a very pale mauve blouse beneath. She wore a two-inch court shoe and stockings. Mom (Moira) was about five foot seven, with dark brown hair, bright blue eyes and a very curvy figure. Her hair was cut in a pixie style, which suited her small face. In other areas she had a bust-line of about 36D — and a rear end like pear. In all a very delectable piece of ass.

Ray himself was a tall guy of about five foot eleven; he had dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He was a solid build without any fat, all muscles. He was already dressed in a business suit.

Moira came down the stairs and Ray was there to meet her.

“You look lovely Mom,” he complimented her.

“Thank you darling,” she replied with a smile on her face.

“I have already booked the Restaurant and a taxi, so that we can leave now that you are ready.”

The taxi took them to the Italian restaurant, which was not far from Moira’s home. The Maitre de’ showed them to the table. It was a booth sitting in the back of the room where they could have a private conversation without being bothered by anyone.

They both ordered a Prawn cocktail for Entrée, Moira had a Spaghetti Marinara and Ray ordered a Lasagne and salad. They both put off ordering dessert until later. Ray ordered a bottle of Californian Red Wine and they settled down to a wonderful meal.

While they were having dinner, Ray told Moira she wasn’t to think or talk about the situation at home. That this was her night.

They spoke about Ray’s adventures over the past two years and what his work entailed. Moira also told him about her new hobbies and her charity work kadıköy escort with the Doctors without Borders.

They both declined desserts and had a Coffee and Brandy to finish the meal.

After Ray had settled the bill and ordered a cab to take them home, they went to walk out of the restaurant, when he spied his father sitting with a blonde girl. His father acknowledged him but Ray just ignored him, and continued walking out of the room, shielding his mother from his father’s sight.

They went home and Moira turned to him with tears in her eyes.

“Ray, thank you for ignoring that man. And thank you for a wonderful evening. I have enjoyed it so much. I really needed to get out again.”

They had a nightcap and both went up to bed.

The next morning Ray came downstairs and found his Mom in the kitchen. She was sitting having a cup of coffee. He kissed her on the neck as he walked past, and got himself a cup of coffee.

“Well Mom, what do you want to do today? Anything special?”

“No baby, I would just like to spend the day at home with you, if that is alright with you.”

“That will be okay with me, Mom. Though from now on, I am going to call you Moira. You are too good looking to be my Mom, he laughingly stated. In fact, I am going to say you’re my girlfriend from now on. Hahaha”

“Why thank you, kind sir. I don’t feel like your Mom when you are around.”

Ray went down to the shop and picked up some Videos for them to watch. He also picked up a couple of porno videos to watch, once Mom had gone to bed.

They sat around the house most of the day, except for taking a walk just before dinner and getting some fresh air. The area was a regular walk of Moira’s and she pointed out a number of landmarks that stood out. Ray hadn’t been on this walk for a many years and was glad to catch up with all the news and views of his hometown.

When they arrived home, Ray went upstairs to have a shower and change for dinner. In the meantime, Moira was preparing a favourite meal that they both loved. Pot-roast and vegetables followed by Lemon Meringue Pie with cream. They both enjoyed the meal, and after cleaning up the dishes, both settled to watch another videos. Moira lasted about two hours and then told Ray that she was ready for bed. Ray kissed her goodnight and held her tight.

“I will watch another movie and then I will be up to bed too.”

Once she had gone upstairs and Ray heard her finish in the toilet and her bedroom door close, he immediately put in one of the pornos to watch. He settled back on the sofa and undid his zipper and while watching the movie, he handled himself and became very horny.

He was so involved in watching, he didn’t hear Moira come down the stairs. She stopped at the bottom of the stairs and gazed at the scene before her. Here was her son, wanking his cock whilst watching a kaynarca escort porn film.

And what a cock it was. She could see at least seven inches, plus what was in his hand. She coughed and disturbed him. Ray turned swiftly and covered himself. “I’m sorry Mom, I thought you were in bed,” he said humbly.

“Ray, I don’t mind seeing you doing that. You are a man, after all. All men have to relieve themselves.”

Moira came around the sofa to sit beside him.

“Let me do that for you, darling. I haven’t seen a man’s cock for quite a while.”

“But Mom……. .”

“No Ray, I want to do this. I love you, and you are my son. There is nothing that I love more than to see a man wank, or to wank him off myself. I love to watch a man cum. So just lie back and relax and let Mommy do all the work.”

So Ray did so. He lay back in the corner of the sofa and Moira took him into her hands. After rubbing him up and down a number of times, she slid along the sofa and bent down and let her tongue roll around the head of his cock. Then started to suck and lick him. She slipped down onto the carpet on her knees and continued to lave his balls and cock. Taking his balls right into her mouth, sucking and running her tongue around them.

Ray pushed her away. “Moira, I can’t take this any more. Do you want me to reciprocate and eat your pussy. Please, can I take you upstairs to your bedroom and take you to bed.”

Moira looked up at him and nodded her head. Ray stood up and zipped himself up and pulled her to her feet. He then took her in his arms and proceeded to climb the stairs.

“You feel so wonderful in my arms, Moira.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm.” Was all the answer.

He placed her on the bed and quickly disrobed until he was naked. Then he proceeded to disrobe her. She only had on a negligee so it didn’t take too long. She put her arms up and pulled him down so that he was above her.

“Wait, I have other things to do, and you will have to be patient.”

Ray knelt between her legs, making sure that they were open wide. He bent his head and using his tongue, began to lick upwards from the tips of her toes to her inner thighs. He repeated this on both legs but didn’t go near her love hole. He licked her labial lips and avoided the centre of her hot, wet sheath, causing her to tremble and writhe. After about 15 minutes of glorious torture, his tongue made contact with her clit. He lifted the hood from the nub of flesh lying there, and Moira sighed loudly.

Ray kept his tongue working rapidly on the area and eventually he could feel the run of fluid on his chin from her orgasm. Moira screamed out his name and flooded his mouth.

“Ray, I have never had a feeling like that, ever. Even your father couldn’t bring me to such an epic orgasm.”

“I am so glad that I could relieve your frustrations, my darling. But we haven’t finished kartal escort yet.”

He rolled onto his back and lifted her over himself. He placed her directly above his cock and slipped her down and over it. He felt his sword slide into her velvet sheath and rest. He looked into her eyes and said, “I am now going to fuck you, my love. Tell me when you’ve had enough.”

He lifted and lowered her until she got into the rhythm and then Moira took over. She continued to rub her pussy up and down onto his rigid pole and also rubbed her breasts across his chest. He played with her nipples and occasionally sucked and nibbled on them. All this while Moira was fucking him, like there was no tomorrow. He couldn’t take it any longer and told her that he was ready to cum…… .

“So am I, my darling, so am I.”

They both erupted and came together. The volume of fluid drained out of her pussy and his cock and puddled onto the sheet,

As they lay in bed in post-coital bliss, Ray thought to himself. I’m loving the feel of my Mom’s sweat soaked body laying on top of mine, her tits mashed against my chest, her knees up past my hips, her shaved pussy lips, slick with our combined juices are spilt on my half hard cock.

Sliding his hands up and down her back, alternately circling her ass and shoulders, he placing little kisses along her neck and jaw, after awhile he start talking to her, asking her,

“Are you my girl?” To which I received a throaty “mmmmmm,”

He ask, “Are you my woman?” and receive another throaty “mmmmm.”

Then he asked, ” Are you my mother?” “mmmmmmmmm,”

“Are you my lover.”? Another, “mmmmmmmmm.”

Then he said, “You are quite the multi-tasker aren’t you?”

That elicits a sensual chuckle. After nibbling a bit on her earlobe I then ask,

“Do you think that one day I could add ‘wife’ to your already impressive resume?”

At that Moira lifted her head, looked deeply into his eyes before a big smile crossed her face and she lowered her lips to his, engaging us in a deep soulful kiss. Felt like a yes to me.

Once our kiss broke, Ray’s hands cupped her ass and he started moving her bottom up and down, sliding her pussy the length of his cock until he was again hard as a rock. He pulled her up so her pussy was past his cock-head. Moira then slid her hand between us, reaching for his cock and positioned his cock-head into her opening and slowly pushed down until he was fully sheathed. Then they started a slow languid fuck, their bodies moving in rhythm…… .

After about half and hour of enjoying a slow progression of rhythm and constant kissing, Ray speeded up his movements. Moira reciprocated with more movement from her hips and legs. She met his every move as he plunged into her hot sheath, building to a crescendo of love and fruition. They both erupted simultaneously, and the flow was like lava from a volcano.

From that day on, Moira and Ray have been together. They had enough money to enable them to move house and relocate to a country where nobody would know that we were Mother and son, and accept the fact that Ray liked his women in the older category. They have now lived together for six years and couldn’t be a happier couple.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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