Mom in a Strange Land

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Readers, this is a mom and son cuckolding story. That means that the central idea of the story is a hot MILF getting banged by guys to her son’s humiliation. These kinds of stories don’t have happy endings, and the son never fucks the mom. It’s not incest, it’s much closer to humiliation cuckolding. If you don’t like stories like that, don’t read this! If you do, please rate and comment. As always, my messages are open to readers who want to chat.


Gerry was visiting Lovakistan with his young mother Trisha. Gerry had just graduated high school, and since he wasn’t accepted to any colleges, his mom decided to help his bruised feelings by taking him on a backpacking trip in a foreign land. Unfortunately, neither the lackluster Gerry nor his single-mom Trisha had enough money to take them to a beautiful city like Dubai or Paris, so they were stuck in more obscure exotic countries like Lovakistan.

When the plane landed, both Gerry and his mom felt a strong wave of culture shock. All the women there were covered in dark robes from head to toe, with barely a slit for the eyes. The website Trisha had researched had said that foreigners were not expected to obey all the local customs, but as they walked through the terminal they realized there were only locals there.

Gerry looked at his mom and felt the rough scrape of embarrassment. His buxom mom was dressed in a v-neck t-shirt with prominent cleavage. Next to the local women, her tits were attracting a lot of attention.

Gerry’s mom was very dedicated to fitness and spent a lot of time at the gym. This gave her a very slim physique that hid her age very well. Guys who saw her with her son often assumed they were brother and sister. They never said boyfriend and girlfriend, only because Gerry was so obviously unfit to date someone as hot as his busty slim mother.

They loaded their bags into a dingy car that took them through the city to their hostel.

“You Americans?” asked the cabbie in thick accented English.

“Yes,” Trisha answered.

“I see,” he said, “What brings you here?”

“Vacation,” she said.

The cabbie laughed.

“Vacation? Only dumb Americans would choose a shithole like this for vacation.”

They rode in silence for the rest of the ride.

Their hostel was a dirty two -story building. The cabbie practically threw their bags onto the street.

“You Americans,” he said hastily, “Dumb Americans choose worst part of town for rooming.” And he sped away.

They carried their bags up the stairs and towards the bedroom. They opened the door and found another surprise waiting for them.

In the room were not two beds, but ten beds crammed so closely together you would be practically sleeping on top of each other.

Two shirtless men reclined in the corner beds. They were smoking cigarettes and reading newspapers, but looked up at the pair of Americans when they walked in.

“No women,” one shouted in broken English, “You must leave now.”

“No women?” Trisha asked worriedly, “But the website said-“

“Fuck website,” he responded, “This is men’s only dorm.”

“Except for the whores,” the other said, smarmily, “We allow whores to come in. Are you a whore?”

Trisha was at a loss for words.

Gerry and Trisha marched down the stairs and went to the manager’s office. He was a pudgy balding man smoking a cigar behind a large desk.

“Sir,” Trisha began, “Are there any other rooms for us to stay in? Two men upstairs were very rude to us.”

The hostel bureaucrat laughed at her face.

“Other rooms? This is not the royal palace. There is the room, and the room I sleep in.”

“Well is there any way we can stay in that room?”

The man looked at Trisha’s exposed body with his leering eyes.

“You want to stay with me? I would not keep a big breasted whore like you from my bed.”

Trisha’s body squirmed in discomfort as the manager ogled her chest.

“Come lean a little closer,” he implored with wet lips. Trisha’s face tightened in fear as she vaulted her chest over the desk towards the man.

“Mmm, yes, very nice,” he said, peeking his eyes down the neck of her shirt. He lifted her breasts with his grubby hands, appreciating their weight.

“Your mother is classic American whore,” he said to Gerry, juggling her tits in his hands, “Great American tits.”

Smug and satisfied, he reclined back in his seat and told them they could stay.

Disgusted and defeated, Trisha and Gerry climbed back up the stairs and set their bags on the two beds in the opposite corners.

“American whore returns,” said the smarmy man, “How nice for us.”

Gerry and his mom left and went sightseeing, checking out the ancient historical sites the city hosted.

Late that night, they returned to the hostel to find the room empty. Pleased, they each undressed carefully and took the two beds in the farthest corners.

Gerry’s mom didn’t bother wearing too much to bed. She had on a thin white shirt that covered her tits but showed off her tan Escort Bayan midriff. She did a few crunches in her bed to stay in shape before turning off the lights.

Gerry and his mom were awoken late that night when the bright lights of the room blared on.

Nine big shirtless local men entered the room, chattering in a foreign language. They were boisterous and loud, and instinctively Trisha sat up in bed to see what was going on.

“American whore!” shouted one familiar man, “You did not leave after all.”

The gang of men sat down on the bed right beside her.

“She’s got a great body,” one of them said, “And very clear skin.”

“Hey man, are you sharing her? How much for her?”

“What? She’s not for sale,” Gerry said, disgusted.

“Come on,” one said, and fished out some bills from his pocket. “Just let me use the mouth of this American whore.”

“She’s not a whore,” Gerry cried defensively, “She’s my mother!”

The man looked puzzled, and muttered the word aloud.

“Mother,” he said, followed by the translated word when he realized what it meant.

“Oh mother! Haha, American boy is whore’s son!”

With that, they all burst into laughter. All respect they had for Gerry was lost when they learned this was not his whore, but his own beloved mom.

One of them said something in their language, and they all laughed. The conversation slipped away from Gerry and his mom as the men settled in on their beds.

“One bed too few,” one of them finally said, counting the guests in the room.

“Don’t worry,” one said, sitting down on the comforter next to Gerry’s mom, “I’ll sleep with her.”

He slipped his legs underneath the covers and crept his body up against Trisha’s.

“Excuse me,” Gerry cried as the man began to nuzzle his mother’s neck, “Please!”

“Alight, alright,” he said, and stood up from the bed, “It was joke.”

Two of the strangers took a bed and they turned off the lights. Gerry and his mom fell back to their sleep.

The next morning, Trisha woke up before the group and snuck out to get breakfast for her and her sleeping son. Once she left, the sun rose and shone brightly through the window, waking up the crowd.

Everyone awoke and began chattering in the language Gerry didn’t speak. They marched away to the showers, and Gerry joined them.

Arriving there, Gerry learned that the washroom provided no privacy. The toilets, showers, and sinks all stood in one perfectly open room, everyone exposed together.

The men took no worries shedding off their clothes and tossing them away. Their lanky dark skinned bodies looked different to Gerry, who was pudgy from his McDonalds diet and lack of exercise. They also had hairy dark cocks that swung prominently between their legs.

No one seemed ashamed of their cocks or their nudity. Why should they be? thought Gerry, who tried not to stare. Their hairy, uncircumcised dicks were all long and distinctive, unlikely Gerry’s own meager package. They unabashedly scratched and stroked their cocks, cleaning them with soap and squeezing out drops of piss into the toilet.

“You faggot?” asked one of the men to Gerry, catching him staring. The man had clearly the most impressive package, a long thick cock that was spewing murky piss into the toilet.

He grinned confidently at the American, who shied away from the conformation.

“Come here, faggot American, and drink some of this.” He sprayed more piss into the porcelain bowl.

He laughed as Gerry hid away, disgusted.

When the men were washed, they dressed and filed out of the building. A couple minutes later, Gerry’s mom returned with bread and coffee.

Gerry and his mom took a walk through one of the most crowded parts of the city. Since they had seen most of the sights yesterday, today they were more aimless.

As they walked through the busy market place, many men were staring at Trisha. She seemed more interested in the culture and wares people were selling, but Gerry noticed everything. The men pointing and staring. The whispered curses under their breath. Men who walked by her brushed up against her tits and ass, grabbing them unasked. Gerry even noticed a salesman sitting quietly behind his counter, stroking his cock enthusiastically as he stared at the American whore passing by.

After a while, Gerry noticed one man was following them. He was alone, and Gerry didn’t know what to do.

“Hey Americans,” he called in rough English. Trisha turned around with a smile to greet him, and Gerry cursed himself for not running away.

“I have a great deal on a tour site, very ancient, very famous. One American dollar each, yes?”

Trisha seemed delighted to accept the man’s offer, even as Gerry got an uneasy feeling in his stomach.

The man led the Americans towards a corner of the marketplace, and down some adobe steps smelling of stale water.

Inside, it looked like a normal basement to Gerry, but their would-be tour guide began to explain that this was an ancient Bayan Escort prayer zone from many centuries ago.

“Wow,” Trisha exclaimed, and pointed to another set of stairs, “It goes deeper?”

“Yes it does, and there are many artifacts worth seeing below. But it is a sacred space, and I’m afraid there are conditions before you can enter.”

Trisha nodded and asked him to explain.

“Mom, I don’t have a good feeling about this,” Gerry tried to warn her.

“Hush,” she called to him, “This is a unique cultural opportunity and we should see it.”

“Mom, I don’t know.”

“Please ignore my ignorant son,” she said to the tour man, dismissing Gerry with a wave of her hand, “What conditions are there to enter?”

“There are many,” he said, “And if you commit to descend and do not follow them, it is of great offense to the gods and they will curse you deeply.”

“A curse?” she asked, seemingly genuinely afraid.

“Yes, but if you obey you will be blessed with their love.”

“Okay, she said, grabbing Gerry by the arm, “We commit to descend.”

“Excellent,” said the man, and grabbed the waistband of his pants. “First, you must completely disrobe.”

“Disrobe?” Gerry’s mom hesitated, but remembered her commitment just a moment before. “Well, I guess.”

The tour guide’s lusty eyes watched as the busty mom grabbed her shirt by the hem and lifted it up over her head. Her perky tan breasts shook in her bra. She reached for her shorts and unbuttoned the clasp, shimmying as she peeled them off her thick hips and bottom.

“You have a beautiful figure,” complimented the man, practically drooling. Turning to Gerry, “you should be proud of your mother.”

“Oh thank you,” Trisha said, blushing.

“You as well,” he said to Gerry. Gerry clumsily disrobed, his pale flabby body hunched over in the corner. He stood awkwardly in his boxer shorts.

“I’m afraid those must go as well,” the tour guide said, pointing to their undergarments.

Without a word, Gerry’s mom unclasped her bra and let it falls from her round perky bosom. Her nipples stood proudly at attention, a startling pink on her deeply tan flesh.

Slipping her legs cleanly, she shed her panties as well. Her shaved, pert vulva glistened in the glow of the torch light.

Gerry, on the other hand, shed his boxers sheepishly. Instinctively, he covered his genitals with his hand.

“Honey relax,” Trisha said, touching his shoulder lightly with her delicate fingers, “This is a religious experience.”

Gerry slowly uncovered himself. By this time, the tour guide had shed his clothes as well, and he stood proudly nude before the mother and son. Like the men in the shower, he had a hairy uncircumcised cock, which he wagged slightly as if by habit. The massive thing stuck to the side of his leg with sweat.

Gerry revealed his genitals to the room. His white dick and balls were shriveled and small, hidden behind rolls of fat. Next to his mother’s radiant body, he looked like a different species of animal.

Trisha looked at the sunken body of her son, and her eyes bulged when her gaze drew to the impressive cock of their tour guide. She had never given any thought to something like her son’s genitals, but now that she saw his dick for the first time, her heart sank. The poor thing was sort of pathetic, especially compared to the kinds of cocks Trisha liked to enjoy. She realized that if she were dating a man with a dick like her son’s she would try to find a way to break up with him! Poor kid.

“Shall we go down?” she finally said, “I’m excited to see what’s below.”

“I’m afraid not yet,” grinned the tour guide, “We are not yet finished.”

He reached into a cupboard and pulled out a jar filled with what looked like thick wax.

“The gods ask that we be properly adorned before their presence.” He reached into the jar and scooped a handful of the substance, which he began to smear over his body.

The coating left his skin shining in the light, and he handed the jar to Gerry.

“Please coat yourself,” he commanded, “And I will help your mother.”

Without permission, the man began to rub the wax all over Trisha’s skin. He massaged her flesh with his bare hands, delicately squeezing her breasts, thighs, and ass as he made her skin sparkle like a precious metal.

Gerry plastered himself with the gross wax, and he felt he looked like some sort of sewer rat fresh from filthy water.

Meanwhile, Gerry’s mother began to glow like a goddess. Her wet skin, taut muscles, and gorgeous figure glowed under the beautiful wax.

“This is beautiful,” she said, admiring her shining tits and ass, “Can I buy some to bring home with me?”

“No, you cannot,” he said, “It’s made here on premises using special ingredients that are illegal outside this country.”

“Illegal? For what reason?”

“They are made from poached rhino horn,” he explained, “Highly illegal activity, but the strongest aphrodisiac known to man.”

“Aphrodisiac?” she asked, and Escort her eyes began to simmer shut, “Oh I think I feel it.”

“Indeed,” he said, “Me as well.”

He pointed to his groin, where his glistening cock was standing at full attention. The man confidently waved his shining erection at the two, which looked like a baseball bat in its size and thickness.

Gerry glanced down at his own crotch in horror. His pecker too was hard. The couple of inches were pulsing with blood and rock solid, like a milk white crayon.

“Oh,” moaned his mother sensually. All three of them glanced down at her crotch, which was visibly flooding with juices. Thick viscous precum dripped from her lips and onto the dirt floor below.

The tour guide licked his lips, and Gerry felt embarrassed and repulsed.

“Let us descend,” he called, swinging his hips and cock around towards the steps. From within the basement, the three descended deeper into the ground below.

The stairs seemed to continue forever. Gerry saw the light from the top start to fade into darkness as they crept down, completely nude. Soon, there was nothing to see as they fell into darkness. Only then did the stairs end, and they stepped onto solid ground.

The room was lit with candles. It took a moment for Gerry’s eyes to adjust to the light, but by the time he could see, it was already too late.

He was thrust into one of two steel bar cages in the basement. On the other side of the room, his slippery mother was stuffed into the other. The cages locked shut.

“Stupid Americans,” the man said, digging through the pockets of their discarded clothes and taking their wallets and phones.

“You fuckers think you can come to this country and that we won’t try to rob the shit out of you?”

Gerry struggled to adjust to the light. What was becoming visible to him was the tour guide’s massive cock, hard and standing before him like a light house’s beacon. He looked over to his caged mom, who looked scared and trembling. Between the candlelight and the oils, his mom’s glowing tits seemed to defy gravity.

“You’re lucky that this mother is such a fine woman,” he said to the pair, “Because otherwise, I’d sell you to the political agents who love stranded Americans.”

He laughed and waved his shining brown dick.

“Instead, I’m going to keep you and have my way.”

He inserted his hard dick between the bars of Trisha’s cage. The tour guide’s grinning figure held his cock in his hand and waved it before Gerry’s mother. The tip of the cock was brown and large. In what seemed unusual to Gerry, the cock was dripping a continuous viscous flow of pre-cum. It was not in a single emission, but in a steady flow of thick moving seepage. The shaft crept inches closer towards his mother, dripping the fluids onto the floor in a sticky puddle.

Gerry watched as his mom’s gaze settled into a blind, blank stare. Her body was glistening with oil, but her thighs were also sticky with her sexual juices. Her cunt throbbed and pulsed visibly.

She dragged her hand along her thighs and landed in her center. She began to massage herself privately, unaware of the room around her. Gerry wondered if she could even intellectually understand what was going on, given the intense dosage of the cream smeared all over her.

Gerry’s thoughts were quickly disintegrating too, however. The deep darkness of the room and the visceral urgency of his penis made the rest of the world melt away. As his mother stroked her clit in deep circles, Gerry’s jaw fell in fear.

“Come on little slut,” he said, “Take it.”

Gerry’s mom opened her perfect mouth and got closer to the tour guide’s dick. She approached it with deep hunger in her eyes, hoping to engulf it completely inside her.

“What a slut indeed,” the tour guide said, and withdrew his cock from the cage before Trisha could suck it.

He reached the cage door and unlocked it. Trisha stirred from where she had crouched on the floor and crawled towards the cock like a prowling lioness.

“Come, we will make love,” the man said, leading her towards a second room with a trail of his pre-cum. Gerry watched in horror as his mom sniffed towards the penis like a wild beast. Then, the loud slam shut of the second room’s door closing.

Gerry was horrified thinking about what the tour guide was doing to his mom in the second room. But, to his surprise, the effects of the rhino horn were affecting him as well. He couldn’t help but focus on the throbbing hardon between his legs. His little pecker was so slippery and hard. He wanted so badly to reach down and stroke it. It was already so slippery…

He thought about all the gorgeous women he had known in his life. His high school crush, and her perfect tan thighs in the school uniform skirt. The models in the magazine he kept under his mattress, spread eagle on the beach, with eyes screaming for him to succumb.

But his mind’s eye could not ignore the other room, where his mom was slippery and naked, being stuffed with a foreign con-man’s hard brown dick. It made him want to vomit.

His throbbing cock called to him. He pinched his shaft with two fingers and felt a wave of intense euphoria rise through his body. Holy shit, he thought, This is the best feeling I have ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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