Mom , Mary Ch. 02

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Jenny had woken up before Mary after their post-orgasm naps, and she felt overwhelmed with guilt and shame. She had never meant for things to go as far as they did. She dressed quietly and slipped out the front door, almost in tears. Not knowing where to go, she drove out to her casual boyfriend’s house. It was his day off and she knew she’d find him home. She and John were really more “fuck-buddies” than actual boyfriend-girlfriend. They dated occasionally, and it always ended in great sex, but they were both very busy with work and were both fine with the arrangement the way it was.

She pulled into his driveway and rang his doorbell, not really sure why she had gone there in the first place. He opened the door, surprised to see her.

“Jenny! I wasn’t expecting you!” he exclaimed. It occurred to her that maybe he had company—they never said they were exclusive.

“Is it okay? I mean, I should have called first,” she said quietly, suddenly feeling embarrassed.

“Of course, come in!” he said with a smile. He was wearing sweatpants and a tank top, and had been working out. He held the door open for her, and she brushed by him, feeling his muscular chest and arms as she slid past him. She really did find him very attractive, and seeing him a little sweaty only added to it.

He looked at her face and asked her point blank, “What’s wrong?” It suddenly occurred to him that maybe she was there to break up with him.

She looked at him and tried to speak, but ended up starting to cry.

He hugged her, not sure what else to do, and she hugged him back and said, “I did something terrible.”

He stepped back and faced her. “What’s the matter Jen? What happened?”

“I don’t even know what to say. God, I can’t even tell you. I don’t even know why I am came here, I am so sorry.” She turned to run but he caught her arm and pulled her back.

“Whoa! What’s wrong Jenny? What the hell happened?” He put his arm around her shoulder and walked her into his den, and they both sat on the couch next to each other, slightly facing each other. “Tell me, what happened?”

“I can’t,” she whispered.

“Of course you can,” he said. “Whatever it is, I’ll help you. Trust me”

This went kurtköy escort back and forth for a few moments, until finally she burst out crying. “It’s Mary.” She said.

“What’s wrong? Is she okay?” asked John. He was very aware of Jen’s beautiful young daughter, and tried his best not to stare at her whenever he was at Jen’s house.

“I caught her masturbating,” she whispered.

He laughed. “Oh come on! Geez, you scared me! I thought it was something big! That’s no big deal!” he exclaimed.

“That’s not it, John,” she said, and she looked intensely into his eyes. “I walked in on her, and saw her there, and I just watched her for a while. I spied on her.”

John had that image flash in his brain and felt himself get red-faced. He wanted to say something, but let Jenny keep going.

“She was there on her bed, naked, and I could see her fingers going in and out between her legs, and I could see how much she wanted to orgasm. I know she sneaks to do it and I want her to feel comfortable in our house. I made some noise and let her cover up, and then I walked in to talk to her.”

John could feel his cock twitch in his sweats, but tried to be cool. “Yeah, and?”

“I had her come to my room.” She stopped talking. “I can’t.” she said, and started crying.

“Jesus, Jen! What’s wrong with you?”

“I just wanted her to be comfortable in our house, that’s all. I showed her my vibrator. I wanted to show her how to use it so she could cum easier, and not have to feel like she was doing anything dirty.”

“Okay, so you showed her your vibe…what’s the big deal?” he asked, but his cock was now getting harder and his mouth was getting dry. Mary was stunning and he could still see her rubbing her own pussy in front of Jen.

“Well, I was just going to show her how, that’s all.” She looked up at him with her beautiful blue eyes. “It should never have happened!”

“What happened?”

“We started touching. We ended up, you know…”

“You and Mary?” his mouth was completely dry.

“Yes,” she said in a whisper. “I know—it’s so wrong. It got completely out of hand. I was just showing her how to use the vibe, and she got so—I don’t maltepe escort know…” her voice trailed off, and she felt humiliated.


“She touched me while I was showing her, and then I just couldn’t stop. She was sucking my tits—oh gawd, John! My daughter was sucking my tits!” She put her face in her hands. John quickly adjusted his cock while she wasn’t looking.

“Well…” he stammered, trying to think of something to say. “So she sucked on your tits…not the most terrible thing of the century…”

“John, it made me cum so hard! It’s so wrong! I started cumming and she was sucking them so hard. She left hickies for God sakes!”

“No….really?” he said. “Show me.”

She unbuttoned her shirt and pulled her bra to the side a bit. Sure enough, her beautiful 36D tits were covered with purple mouth marks. John’s cock hardened a bit more. He knew from his own time in bed with Jenny that she loved having her tits sucked hard when she was close to coming.

“I see. And then what?”

“She ate me. My daughter ate, John. And I came so fucking hard I was on another planet. And then I ate her.” She looked at John, looking so ashamed. “She’s a squirter, John. I ate her pussy and it was so fucking good, and she squirted all over my face.” Jen’s hands were shaking. “I don’t what came over me. I can’t look at her now. I feel like a monster!” She started crying again and John pulled her close. Her hand touched his lap by accident and she felt his cock, hard as a rock. She looked up, somewhat shocked.

“John! You’re hard! I’m trying to talk to you about something horrible that I did and you are getting turned on!” She looked angry. “This isn’t some fucking fantasy—I just had sex with my own daughter!”

“I’m sorry baby…it’s just…well—look, I bet you’re turned on too. Your tits are hard as rocks,” he said, reaching for her nipples standing through her shirt. He squeezed them gently.

“Oh, God. John, don’t…”

He stood up and dropped his sweats, his big hard cock now in her face. “I’m sorry baby…I know it’s wrong, but fuck, you made me hard as a rock. Mary is fucking gorgeous. Who could say no to her? Suck my cock baby…I mutlukent escort need to cum so bad now.”

Mary looked up at him and understand how bad he needed to come. She could feel his need, just like her own, starting to come back. She reached out and wrapped her warm hand around his hard shaft, and slowly started to stroke him up and down.

“Like this, John?” she said, listening to his groan. A drop of precum was already dribbling out of the tip. She leaned forward and took his cock into her mouth, slurping it loud with a mouthful of spit. She jerked him off slow and steady as she licked and sucked his cock. When he leaned down and squeezed her tits, she moaned.

“Get out of those clothes right now, Jenny,” he said as he pulled her top off. “I want to see the tits that Mary was sucking on…”

Hearing that made her so wet again. She pulled off her blouse with his help and unsnapped her bra, throwing it across the den. She stood and they both pulled her jeans off. “I’m fucking soaked again, John…oh Gawwwd…..I am so bad…”

John pushed her back down on the couch and shoved his cock back into her mouth. He grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth faster. “You ate your lil girl’s pussy,” he moaned, and shot a huge load into her mouth. “Ohhhhhhh…” he groaned and shot a huge load so hard she was choking and swallowing to keep up.

After he came down her throat, he dropped to his knees and pushed her legs wide. “I want to eat that cunt that Mary ate!” he said loudly, and buried his face in her cunt. His fingers pushed up into her wet cunt and pumped her as he licked her hard and fast, the way she liked it, and within seconds, she was grabbing her own nipples and pulling.

“Oh God, John! I’m gonna’ come!”

“Yeah…like when your daughter ate your cunt, you naughty mommy!” He shoved a finger into her ass as he said that, and that put her over the edge. She started coming so hard she was screaming. He continued to pump her asshole and cunt with his fingers as he sucked and licked her gushing cunt. By the time she was finished coming all over his face, he was hard again, and buried his cock in her pussy, pounding her as hard as he could. They fucked for a long time, until they both came again, this time together.

When they finished, Jen looked up at her lover. “I’m so bad, John. What am I going to do?”

“We are going to go home and talk to Mary,” he said with an evil grin as he pulled out of her wet cunt and let his cum run out of her gaping snatch down her asshole…

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