Mom Swap

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Kora was visiting her friend Vanessa on a hot humid day when Vanessa’s nineteen-year-old son, Logan and her twenty-year-old son, Nicky came in throwing water balloons at each other. Well, they missed and hit there moms instead. Their clothes were soaked through. Vanessa’s white silk top was all wet and probably ruined. Her small, perky breasts were clearly visible as well as her hard, brown nipples, as she wasn’t wearing a bra. Vanessa is of Spanish heritage and has beautiful brown, flawless skin, small tits and a nice ass.

“Nicky, what the hell?” Kora yelled.

Vanessa let out a gasp. Then looked down to see her perky boobs on display for everyone to see.

Both Logan and Nicky were just staring at her tits.

“Like what you see boys?” Vanessa asked, thrusting out her chest.

Logan quickly looked away from his mother’s tits and looked at Kora’s chest. Her shirt was also wet and she too wasn’t wearing a bra, but her black shirt wasn’t as clear as Vanessa’s was. But her nipples were hard as well and those you could see.

Vanessa ran and got some towels and they made the boys wipe up the wet hardwood floor.

“I think a punishment is called for,” Vanessa says.

“I agree,” Kora says.

“How about if I spank your son and you spank mine?” Vanessa suggested.

“Wait, hold on,” Logan says.

“Mom, no,” Nicky pleaded.

“Yes, definitely,” Kora agreed.

“Okay boys, drop ’em and get across our laps,” Vanessa said.

“Dude, what are you doing?” Nicky asked when Logan started taking off his pants.

“Dude, let’s just get this over with. Then we can go play games where no one will get wet,” Logan said.

Both Logan and Nicky dropped their pants and got on our laps.

I can’t believe what’s happening right now, Vanessa thought. I was just visiting my friend Kora when all of a sudden, my shirt is soaked through and everyone was staring at my visible boobs. Now I’ve got her son on my lap and she has mine on his and we’re spanking their bare butts. I can feel Nicky’s cock getting harder each time my hand comes down on his ass. This might be a good visit after all.

Logan’s cock is hard against my leg as I continue to rain down my smacks on his ass. And I think I feel some precum leaking out of the tip too. I wonder if I could lick it off his cock before Vanessa sees me? Kora thinks.

“Your son’s ass is pretty red,” Vanessa says.

“Your son’s is pretty red too,” Kora adds. “I guess that’s enough of that. For now.”

“Cool. Dude let’s got play some games,” Logan says.

“Oh, your punishment isn’t eryaman arkadan veren escort quite over yet,” Vanessa says.

“What?” Nicky says.

“Not only did you get the floor all wet, you got us wet as well,” Kora says. You need to dry us off too.”

The boys know their moms are serious, so they each grab a towel and start to dry them off, while not making eye contact with them They also avoid their breasts.

“The whole front of me is wet. Dry everything,” Vanessa says.

Nicky starts rubbing the towel across her perky boobs, while Logan does the same to Kora’s.

“Fuck it. This top is ruined anyway,” Vanessa say’s and takes off her shirt.

“Mom!” Logan say’s, but stares at her tits and his cock twitches.

Kora take off her top as well. “This towel’s not doing a good job. Why don’t you boys use your tongues and lick the water off of us,” she says.

The towels are forgotten and Kora can feel Logan’s tongue on her big breasts. she looks over and sees that her son is now sucking on one tit while pinching the nipple of the other one, while Vanessa is stroking his cock. Kora reaches down to stroke Logan’s cock as well. Two can play that game.

“Looks like both our sons are enjoying being punished,” Vanessa says looking over at us.

“Yeah. Although I’m not sure if it’s from our breasts or the spanking?” Kora reply’s, giving Logan another smack.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m wet in another area and I could use some help there as well?” Vanessa says.

“Where else are you wet?” Logan asks.

“Lay down on the floor, close your eyes and we’ll show you,” Kora says. “Take off your shirts too,” she adds.

The boys do as they’re told, while Vanessa and Kora remove the rest of their clothes.

While the boys have their eyes closed, they each go to their respective sons and sit on their faces.

“Oh my God Vanessa, I can’t believe how well your son eats pussy,” Kora says.

“Your sons not too bad either,” Vanessa agrees and they both stifle a laugh. Then they lean down and take their sons cocks into their mouths. Nicky has a short but thick cock, while Logan’s is long and thin.

Before things get too carried away, they switched. Both moms kneel before the boys. Vanessa in front of Nicky and Kora in front of Logan. They both start sucking their cocks and balls.

“Holly shit, dude you mom really knows how to suck cock,” Logan says.

“Ugh, you’re mom’s really good too,” Nicky answers.

After awhile of sucking their cocks, they make the boys sit on the sincan escort couch and climb on board. they sit facing them so they can suck on their tits.

Logan reaches down and starts grabbing Kora’s ass. Pulling her into him. Then suddenly he starts smacking it. she groans a few times.

“Who likes getting spanked now?” Logan asks, swatting her ass again.

“Dude, are you spanking my mom? Nicky asks.

“Yes, and she loves it. Try it. Spank my mom’s ass,” Logan says.

Nicky looks her in the eyes and she nods yes. He starts spanking her. “Yes,” she says. “Again,” she tells him. He spanks her for a while. Then he reaches back and slips his finger in her ass.

“Hey, Kora your son has his finger in my ass,” Vanessa says.

Not to be outdone, Nicky slips his finger inside Vanessa.

They tell the boys to get up, then Kora lays down and Vanessa lays on top of her in a sixty-nine.

“Come on boys, you’re still going to fuck us,” Vanessa says.

The boys come over and start to fuck Vanessa and Kora.

“Good job, Nicky, Kora tells her son. I guess this isn’t your first time?”

“Mom!” Nicky says, clearly embarrassed. She laughed and decided to embarrass him some more.

“I didn’t realize your cock was so big.”

“Thanks Mom, now can you not talk about my cock?”

“Sure. Sorry son, Kora says.

“Logan your cock is nice and big too,” Vanessa says.

“Come on Mom,” Logan says.

“Maybe later. Right now, you’re fucking Kora,” Vanessa says and both women laugh.

“Do you mind if I lick your balls, Nicky? Kora asks and without waiting for an answer starts to lick her son’s balls.

Nicky, totally surprised pulls all the way out of Vanessa and his cock hits his mother’s mouth.

“Oohh, even better,” Kora says and starts sucking her own son’s cock.

“Mom what are you? Oh my God!” Nicky says.

Logans cock slipped out of Kora and Vanessa is sucking on it now too.

“Mom,” Logan says. “Oh wow! Don’t stop.”

They spent a few minutes between fucking and having their own mom’s suck on their cocks.

“Okay, time to fuck us from behind,” Vanessa says.

“But first you have to eat our asses,” Kora says.

Both women kneel on the couch and Loga gets behind Kora and Nicky is behind Vanessa and they start to lick their ass and pussy.

After licking her ass for a while, Nicky slips his fingers into Vanessa’s pussy, bringing her to orgasm.

When Logan sees what he is doing, he does the same to Kora.

“Okay boys, switch,” Vanessa said. “Logan get over here gölbaşı çıtır escort and lick Momma’s asshole.”

“Same for you, Nicky,” Kora says.

The boys don’t even question it. They’re both so hard and horny they’d do anything their moms told them.

“God, Mom, I love your fat ass,” Nicky says.

“Fat ass huh?” Kora says.

“Oh shit, sorry Mom. I didn’t mean it like that.”

“It’s okay. I like my fat ass too. Now reach under here and grab Momma’s fat tits too.”

“Logan, do you wish my ass was fat like Kora’s?” Vanessa asks.

“Mom you’re perfect just the way you are,” Logan says.

“Good answer,” Vanessa says. “Now stand up and slid your hard cock in your mom’s tight cunt.”

“You too Nicky,” Kora says.

Oh my God,” Vanessa thinks. Logan is so much bigger and thicker than his father. Plus, he’s so enthusiastic. I can’t believe a water balloon fight led to me fucking my own son.

Holly shit, Kora thinks. Nicky is a world class fucker. His cock is so much bigger and better than his dad’s.

I can’t believe I’m fucking my own mother, Nicky thinks. After fucking my best friend’s mom. What a day. Her pussy is like a vice grip. It’s so wet and tight. She’s moaning now. I’m actually making my own mother moan while I’m fucking her. Oh shit, I think I’m gonna come.

“Mom, I’m gonna come,” Nicky warns his mother.

“Okay, shoot it in me,” Kora says.

“What?” Nicky asks.

“Shoot that load inside my pussy,” Kora says, while moaning.

Nicky starts to shoot his load inside her, which triggers Kora’s own orgasm. When he’s done, Nicky pulls out and collapses on the floor, breathing hard.

“Mom, I’m ready to come too,” Logan says.

“Hang on Logan. Pull out first,” Vanessa says. Then she furiously rubs her clit and has a huge squirting orgasm.

“Mom, what the fuck?” Logan asks.

“Wow, Vanessa, I didn’t know you could do that,” Kora says.

“I’ll show you how,” Kora says. “Now get over here and finish fucking me, Logan.

Logan slides his cock back into his mother’s pussy. She’s even more wet after her orgasm. He can feel her pussy gripping his cock like a fist.

“Oh, shit Mom, I’m gonna come,” Nicky says.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Vanessa screams, until her son shoots his load inside her.

Immediately Kora and Vanessa get back in a sixty-nine position and eat each other out. Then, after they licked the cum out of each other, they kissed, sharing their son’s come with each other.

“So, boys. Whose wet games did you enjoy more, yours or ours?” Vanessa asks.

“Yours,” Logan and Nicky said together.

“Maybe well invite some friends over next time. I wonder if you boys would like to be tied down naked and ticked by some of the other women in the neighborhood,” Kora says.

Both boys’ cocks started to get hard at the thought of that. Both women laugh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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