Mom! You’re Naked! Pt. 02

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Introduction: Had many interesting comments on Part 1. One being that the water pressure against a women’s clit makes no difference. I hope you find out one day it does and it is a blast.

This Chapter: We meet Abby the girl of my dreams

My family: Roberts family

Dad Jake, Anita Mom, Jean, and Kathy Sisters, and myself John.

Jake the Father is a Truck Driver, almost never home. Jean and Kathy twins are seniors at college, both trying to qualify for the Olympics Gymnastics Team. Mom teaches Strength training for good daily health. I train Body Builder on weekends, Full time when I graduate.


I’m Standing there naked in front of my gorgeous twin sisters. My cock grew again, I couldn’t move. I felt I was stuck in time.

Mom just walked to them hugged them covered herself with a towel. She was going to tossed me one, but joined my sisters laughing. She walked over and covered me.

I’m 4 yrs. younger than my sisters, they are now Seniors in College. They were home for the weekend after returning from the National Gymnastics Competition. My head cleared from the shock and I was afraid of what they would think of me now.

Mom sat down and they were still laughing and joking about the Nationals.

Mom, “Okay enough teasing tell us about how you did.”

Jean and Kathy smiled, as they pulled out Gold Medals from their shirts. Mom screamed standing and hugging them. She was crying holding the medals. I ran over and hugged them and told them congratulations. Kathy started to laugh as she felt my cock on her hip.

Mom, “John we need bigger towels.” She pointed down I was hard as a rock and the towel had fallen off.

Jean, “All those years I had no idea you were so large, all the fun we could have had. I ran to the house as they laughed.

Mom, “Good thing we live pretty secluded.”

Jean, “He has changed a lot this year, not just his manhood but height.”

Kathy, “Sorry all I noticed was the flagpole in front of him standing strong and tall.”

Mom, “Kathy you haven’t changed a bit.”

Kathy, “Mom, don’t comment on my love for him, you’re the one we watched under him.” She laughed and ran before mom could bean her. Jean laughed as they went to the house.

Mom went to get dressed, stopped by my room, and walked in.

Mom, “John please get dressed and come join us. I’ll explain to all three of you why we did what we did.”

I looked at her and hugged her. She was still naked, and I loved her breast against me. She pushed away. Kissed me.

Mom, “John let’s get going.”

I watched her walk out and went to my shower, I jumped when I walked in. Kathy was sitting on my tub. “How did you get in here?”

Kathy, “I have the key to the outside door.” “I have to shower, and I’ll see you downstairs.”

Kathy, “You’re already naked, just take your shower we can talk.”

We heard Mom’s shower go on, I turned on mine and got ready. I turn now Jean is sitting there. “I finally just laughed.”

Jean, “Little brother we’ve been away too long.”

Kathy, “I wouldn’t say he’s too long.”

Jean, “Kathy be serious for a moment.”

I started to shower and they just smiled watching me.

Jean, “How much soap does it take to wash your body?”


Jean, “When we left for our Senior Year you were maybe 6’2″. Now you look like a giant.”

Kathy, “In many ways. Does it hurt still being erect like that?”

“I usually take care of it, but you’re here.

Jean laughed, “We can wait, go ahead and take care of business.”

I looked at them, all these years we have never touched each other out of normal playing around, now I wish they were naked.

Kathy, “Here let me help you.”

“Stay away Kathy.” She pulled off you shirt, no bra under it.

Jean smiled and did the same.

“Oh shit, they are beautiful.”

Jean, “Don’t talk, stroke and look.”

I started to stroke my cock and looking at their breast, it didn’t take long as I felt the tension, then they moved close to the opening,

Jean, “John hit our breast.”

I didn’t need any more words I shot off my load hitting them hard and several shots. They laughed as they sat back down.

Jean, “Feel better now?”

“You have beautiful breast just like Mom’s.”

“Thank you.” Then I watched them scoop up my cum and taste it, they smiled as they finished scooping it up. Then they washed and put their shirts back on.

Waved at me and went downstairs.

I dressed nicely, I decided I would take them out for dinner.

I walked down and they looked at me like they never met me.

Kathy, “John how tall are you now?”

I’m 6’9″ and my chest is 50″ now.

Kathy, “Mom how can you afford to feed him?”

Mom, “That’s right I never told you. John and his friend Jim opened a training center for amateur Body Builders. John works weekends until next week. He has his first Pro Competition coming up.”

Jean and Kathy ran to me and hugged me. “You’re going to go pro, congratulations.”

Mom, “Can we talk about kızıl gaziantep escort what happened this afternoon?”

Jean, “Mom, Kathy and I know Dad isn’t home to have sex with you, if he ever does, We hear you at night crying after he would say nasty things to you. We never understood why. You run that clinic and you look hot standing there this morning all sweaty.”

Mom, “Thank you, smart ass.” She explained how I slipped into the tub, and she just couldn’t help but touch my body. And how things progressed from there.

Kathy, “I understand, I was watching him shower, I almost jumped in with him.”

“Can I take you all out for dinner, your choice?”

Jean, “Chinese! We haven’t eaten real food in weeks.”

Everyone agreed and off we went. Kathy sat with me in the front of my truck, Mom and Jean in the back.

Jean, “Nice truck John.”

“I couldn’t find anything I fit in.” Kathy reached over and held my hand.

We all just listened to them talking about the competition for the ride it was fun hearing their excitement. We arrived and I helped them all down from my truck,

Mom smiled at me. “Thank you, kind sir.”

“Kathy was holding my arm, we were the closet of the three of us, she has always been clingy to me, and I loved it.

Mom, “John you ready for the looks?”

“Who is going to look at me, with you three with me?”

When we entered, the place went quiet as I ducked to get in.

All three laughed as we went to the hostess. I paid for our meals and paid for a fifth because of my size. The young girl said I didn’t have to.

Kathy, “Yes he does, he is eating all of your food.”

We all went to a large table and waitresses took our drink orders and gave us plates.

Mom, “Could you bring us few more for us ladies.”

The girl looked at me, I smiled and stood up. She backed up and went for plates.

Mom, “John you are cruel sometimes.” I smiled and kissed her forehead.

I love their Bourbon Chicken and start to fill my plate.

Kathy, “I could ask them to bring you a full pan?”

“Could you?” I sat down with four plates of food and started with wings.

Kathy was laughing. When a guy walked over and asked who the chicken was for. I laughed as Kathy pointed at me.

“Sir, pan very hot.”

“Thank you.”

Everyone laughed at me, “I will get even with you Kathy.”

I was done before all of them, even the pan. The girls came and took my plates and filled my water. Leaving me the pitcher.

I went up to get more wings, the guy was standing there.

“May I get you something sir.”

“You can call me John; I’m looking for those delicious wings.”

“I’ll check be right to you.” A few minutes later he came out with another pan, this one with wings.


“Kathy, I haven’t left the table, I’m just finishing my rice.”

I looked at Jean and she was being to quiet. She looked at me and burst out laughing. “You two are terrible.

I ate the wings and I was done. “Let’s go dancing at Pierre’s.”

That sounds like fun. We got up, Mom turned to the people who served us. She handed them a hundred and thanked them. They all bowed.

We headed out and people walking in stopped, held the door for the girls, then they saw me, and froze.

“I wonder what they would do if a basketball player came in, or Shaq, they are the real giants.”

Kathy, “John name one person other than you over 6’1″ in this town.”

I laughed, “No one I guess.”

We entered the pub, and it was nice to come here. They knew us all.

Pierre saw us and ran to greet us. He took Mom’s hand and kissed it.

“How is the prettiest Red Head in the world?”

She gave Pierre a kiss on his cheek, “You flirt.”

“Of course, how do you think I stay in business.”

Then he saw my sisters, he grabbed their hands and ran to the dance floor stopping the music.

“Everyone get off the floor and go spend money. Everyone listen to Pierre; Do you know who these two gorgeous single ladies are?”

“They are my friends, my heroes. If you didn’t watch them on TV this weekend you have to pay double for drinks.” Everyone laughed.

“Stand to your feet everyone, we are honored to have with us Jean and Kathy Roberts from this very town, they won the Gold medals in Gymnastics at Nationals.

They are working their up to the Olympics. Everyone clapped.

Jean and Kathy kissed him as Mom snapped a picture.

“Time to celebrate the next round is on me, then I get you drunk and you spend your money. Thank you everyone.”

He again took their hands and walked to the bar.

“Jean and Kathy see that space right in the middle?”


“That’s where your picture will go, you have made me so proud. Your drinks are free forever. John yours are still triple.”

I laughed and picked him up in a bear hug.

“Put me down you Jolly Green Giant. Where are my bouncers help me” The three guys came over and had Mom take a picture.

Pierre, “Anita, what have you been feeding this monster.”

I gaziantep kızıl escort bayan put him down and laughed as he led us to our table

“This is for my greatest guest,

“Arnold sat here,” he pulled a chair out for my mother.

“Lou sat here.” pulled out a chair for Jean.

“Frank Zane sat here.” pulled out a chair for Kathy.

He walked away leaving me standing. Two of the bouncers brought out a large lounge chair with Pierre sitting in it.

There was clapping from everyone, as Pierre jumped out of the chair.

“John, Pierre sat here.” I laughed at him as he walked around.

A beautiful woman came toward us, and Kathy kicked me. “John wake up.”

She was tall, long black hair, nice breast, brown skin.

“I’m Abby I just started here. I hear you are special guest of Pierre’s.”

“Mom, “Not really just good friends.”

Abby, “May I take your drink orders.”

Kathy, “Keg of Budweiser for John please and a Pina Colada for me.” We all laughed when she looked at Kathy.

Abby, “A Keg?”

“I Draft is good for now.

“Mom, “Don’t listen to her, she is the mouth of the family. I’ll have a light beer.”

Jean,” Same for me please.”

Abby, “Thank you everyone.”

Kathy got up and went to her.

“Abby I’m sorry, I love teasing my little brother, I haven’t seen him in a while so he is in for a rough night. I think he liked you, if your single and like him, give him your number. He would never ask. Mom was right I am the troublemaker in the family.”

Could you ask Pierre to make john his special?”

Abby, “Thank you, Kathy. I think you and I will get along great.”

Kathy sat down with a large smile.

“Mom, “What did you say to that young girl?”

Kathy, “She is the same age as Jean and I and I asked her for her phone number if she likes John. I told her he said she’s hot.”

“You did not.” I blushed and then laughed.

Mom and Jean laughed. Our drinks came and Abby smiled at Kathy. On her napkin was a phone number and name.

We all laughed at the size of drink John got, it was a pitcher Pierre was behind the bar laughing. “Kathy, you’re a trouble maker.”

I stood up looked to Pierre. I drank the whole Pitcher. He laughed as he took a bill from the bar tender who bet I couldn’t drink the whole thing.

“Ok Mom dance with me, when I return?” Few minutes later I asked mom for her hand. She stood up and off to the floor we went.

The DJ, “Ladies Big John is on the floor protect those feet.”

Mom and I did a few songs and she needed the ladies room. Jean took over while Kathy was dancing with Pierre.

Next dance I held on to Jean. Pierre thanked Kathy and a young man asked permission to do a dance with her, they dance several songs.

Mom was asked by a guy and she walked out and they danced a fast one and a slow one, he was such a gentleman. He thanked her and the DJ took a break.

Kathy needed to use the bathroom, Abby refilled our drinks and brought me a draft.

I heard a table fall and a scream, Abby yelled “John Kathy” She was pointing and people moved fast watching me coming, bouncers right behind me. This big fat guy was pushing his friends away.

“I told the bitch to dance and she is going to dance.” He never saw me or my fist hit him. I shattered his face as the bouncers stood between us.

“Sir please forgive him, he is too drunk, we tried to control him but he was to strong for us, please don’t hit him again.”

I looked at them, “Get him to the hospital and tell him he ever touches my sister again I’ll bury his body.”

Abby was holding Kathy as Mom and Jean came to her, Kathy went to Mom. I looked at Abby and hugged her, “Thank you.”

She enjoyed the hug but was shaking. I took off my jacket and put it on her. One of the bouncers thanked me and took Abby to the back. I picked up Kathy and we headed out. Pierre ran behind us, “I am so sorry everyone, so very sorry.”

I put Kathy in the back with Mom. I turned to Pierre.

“You have been our friend for years; you have no reason to worry about us being upset at you. Take care of your waitress, she was shook up.”

He hugged me and thanked me. He closed the place and asked Abby if she was ok, did she need a doctor or hospital?”

Abby, “Maybe a ride home, I don’t think I can drive.”

Gus took her home and Jimmy took her car. They returned and cleaned the club up. Next day he gave his staff a bonus.

We got home and I carried Kathy to her room, Mom and Jean asked me to strip her.

Kathy said nothing as I undressed her, Mom and Jean washed her and put a new gown on her. Jean laid with her. Mom asked me if I would make her a cup of tea, Jean said no thanks.

I came up with the tea, and mom thanked me. “Can I help with anything else?”

You should sleep for your morning workout coming soon, we will care for her. She isn’t hurt just in shock.”

I went to my room stripped showered, laid in bed, and rolled to my side. I sat there furious that someone hurt Kathy, but sleep finally gaziantep kızıl escort took me. I dreamt of the guy grabbing Kathy. I jumped up and screamed her name. Jean ran in and held me.

“John she is ok, we had a nice talk and she went to sleep.”

I laid down and Jean laid with me. She was in a t-shirt and nothing else.

She pulled me into her, and I wrapped my arm around her. She laid there quietly worried about Kathy and I. Then she felt my cock grow, she reached behind and held it. She smiled as I cupped her breast. We both went to sleep.

When my alarm went off, I pulled away from Jean but her ass was sticking right at me. I kissed her butt cheek.

Jean, “You know if you go lower there is a better place to kiss.”

I looked at her bald pussy and kissed her.

Jean “Thank you, that felt good.”

“Jean thank you for coming in and keeping me company.”

I went to my gym and started my work out, all I could see was that guys face, I was pushing myself, way too hard. My family tried to slow me down, but I told them to leave, even my mother.

There was a knock on the front door, Mom answered, it was Abby checking up on Kathy.

Kathy, “Abby thank you, so much for your support last night. I feel like we’ve been friends for ever. We have a problem though; John will not let us near him. Maybe you can talk to him and calm him. He is working out loudly and to hard. We are worried he will hurt himself.”

Kathy led her down to my gym, Abby covered her mouth, “He is mad, and so huge,

I thought he was big dressed.” Kathy laughed

Kathy, “Thank you, we are close just in case.”

Abby walked to me and sat on my stomach I was doing the bench and lifting to much more weight than I should have been.

“I told all of you to stay away now get off me, I’m working out.”

Abby, “No you’re acting like a 9th grader.”

I opened my eyes with fire, but when I saw here face, I cooled down fast. “Abby.”

“I stopped by to check up on the two of you, Kathy is doing fine and eating, you – you’re down here acting like a junior high pussy.”

Kathy covered her mouth walked slowly up to tell Mom.

Kathy, “Abby is tearing him apart, calling him a pussy for acting like a 9th grader.”

Mom, “We shouldn’t leave her alone.”

Jean, “I think we should, I think she may be that balance he needs.”

I broke down, and she held me to her chest. We sat there for some time. When I looked up her shirt was soaked from my tears and sweat and was now see through. “I’m sorry Abby.”

“Don’t be, you feel better?”

“I care so much about my family, and to see that man reach for Kathy calling her a bitch I lost my cool.”

“Mom was at the door making sure Abby was ok, she walked away smiling. “She is good. He is crying on her shoulder.”

“Well, you broke his jaw, his nose and he lost many teeth. But he was arrested because he was wanted for sexual assault against other women. When he gets out of the hospital he goes to trial, I brought you letters from several women thanking you because now their cases will be heard. The guy is going to jail.”

I kissed her and she smiled. Then I opened the letters, each of them had pictures of the girls naked, with a nice letter.

“Did you know about the pictures?”

“No, not at all.” We continued to read and I noticed her nipples getting larger. I read the last one, and I had tears in my eyes knowing what that animal did to these girls. I put the pictures and the letters back together so I could respond.

“Are you keeping the pictures?”

“No, I would be afraid they would fall into the wrong hands, I’ll burn them after I write back to them all tonight”

“May I ask you a question, why did your nipples get so large looking at the pictures?” She looked down and blushed.

“I just thought they were gorgeous women, writing to this hunk of a man. Kind of turned me on.”

“I turn you on?”

“Yes, the idea of being held by you and having sex, would turn on any woman. But for me, it’s other reason’s. I watched how you protected your sister then cared for her, that is a trait every woman wants in a man.”

“Is that why you haven’t covered up your breast, so I would be interested?”

“Maybe. I’m not sure. I think I just cared about you first. I know I didn’t put on a bra today in hopes you would see how big they are.”

Well, breast are nice in any size, but for you, those are perfect.”

She pulled off her shirt, “Could you tell me what you think about them without words?”

I smiled as I lifted her to my lap. I hugged her and kissed her deep. Then I held them. Never breaking our kiss. She became more intense as her nipples rubbed across my chest. I then lifted her so I could suck on them. They were nice and round like a rollup chocolate, very dark, her skin had a tint of darkness to it, maybe Puerto Rican or Indian. She had soft puffy lips, not like those fake ones, they were perfect size. I heard her moaning and then she looked me in the eyes,

“I’m going to cum. Is that, ok?”

“I look forward to it.” I pulled on her nipples with my lips and licked them. She took a deep breath and fell back away from me her body shook and she was smiling. Then she pulled me into her, her nipples hard as rocks.

“Now I’m cold.” I stood up with her, picked up a clean t-shirt and she laughed putting it on. “John, that was fun. I hope we can go all the way, but I heard you have a large penis and I am afraid it will not fit.”

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