Mommie and Her Lance Ch. 03

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(With a nod to Tacocarnitas for the inspiration. A number of my readers have requested an “incest story’. Here it is.)

“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o ) ( o )

“How was your day, Lance?” she inquired as he entered the living room where she had been watching TV.

“I suppose it was okay,” he replied.

“Well, sit here and tell me all about it!” she urged, moving a little to the side to allow him next to her. She smiled up at him as he approached.

As she almost always did, she took care to arch her back and draw his attention to her mammothly oversized chest. She loved his predictable reaction. His already hard cock grew even harder and longer as he looked at her. She was wearing one of her new thin sweaters, stretched to its limits over her projecting melons. Gaps occurred between the buttons as the sweater attempted to contain her vastness. He could make out the line of her bra and the bulges of breast flesh that surged up and over the bra’s edge. Several months ago Mommie had started to dress demurely while still allowing Lance to get an idea of just how amazing her body was. Now she dressed to show off her body! She chose clothing that showed off her incredible curves, especially her cartoonishly oversized twin titties!

Her hips were rocking slowly back and forth as she watched her Lance walk across the living room. Slipping onto the couch next to his amazingly built Mommie he grinned up into her face.

“You look really pretty this afternoon,” he told her.

“Why, thank you honey!” she was still rocking her hips, sliding back and forth on the cushions. It made her look like she was riding a horse. Or a big dick. Her breasts shook and quivered in front of her. She wasn’t even aware of how she was teasing, how she was showing off her amazing figure to her Lance.

Using both hands she reached up and swept her long hair behind her. This allowed him an unobstructed view of her chest. Taking her time, she smiled down at Lance while taking a large breath and pushing her insanely large tits toward him. She loved to watch as he took in how hot and sexy she was. He loved to watch her giant tits in her slutty little outfits. And she loved to watch as his appreciation grew and grew!

“Now, honey, tell me about your day” she said as she leaned closer to him. Her hands rested on his thigh, her arms pushing her amazing mounds into even great prominence. She didn’t think about it. It was just a habit now. She always showed off for her Lance.

“Well, the School Psychologist called me into her office. I think she was putting the moves on me, Mommie!” He seemed a little upset to Mommie.

“She did what, now? Tell me what she did. Why do you think she was putting ‘the moves’ on you, honey?”

“Well, she took off her jacket, then she came around the desk and stood right in front of me. She was kind of showing off, you know? Pushing her little titties out at me?”

“What did she do, darling?” She stood up. “Did she arch her back? Like this?” Her amazing tits surged forward as she demonstrated.

“Yeah. But it didn’t look quite like that when she did it. She had on a sweater but her boobs aren’t nearly as sexy and as big as yours are, Mommie.”

“Well, is that all she did? That’s not so unusual, honey.”

“Well, she was touching herself and stuff. You know, kind of pushing her tits up? Yeah, like that!” Mommie was running her hands over her amazing breasts. Pushing her hands together, she forced her tits to surge upward. More and more of her breasts were exposed as she continued to watch Lance’s reaction to her manipulation of her quivering boobs. “And then she tried to grab my hands and make me touch her tits? I think she wanted me to feel her up and, like that.” He looked down at his lap. “And then she told me that she wanted to help me take care of this.” He gestured at his hard on. “She said it was a huge thing.”

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with her eyesight, is there? You have an immense cock, honey! A lot of women like big dicks, you know!” she chuckled. “But not many will have seen one as big as this one,” she was sitting next to him now and using both hands to fondle his giant hard on thru his pants.

“What did you do, honey? What did you do when she tried to touch you here?”

“I told her I wanted to go home.”

“You told her you wanted to go HOME? Honey, you had a woman eager to have you feel her breasts and probably do so much more and you wanted to go home? Oh, honey, no!”

“Why not Mommie? You are prettier than she is. You are so amazing! And have such large sexy tits. You are so sexy. She’s not nearly as sexy as you are!”

“Well, that’s nice of you to say!” She caressed his cheek. “But you should get experience with other women, you know!”

“But Mommie…”

“Now, no buts, honey. You and I have become pretty well acclimated over the past few months and I’ve enjoyed every bonus veren siteler minute of getting acclimated. But I think it would be good for you to become acclimated with other women, too. I’m not going to be around forever, you know.” She grinned at him.

“Mommie! Don’t talk like that! I love you and I don’t want to give you up! NO one is as sexy hot as my Mommie!”

“Well, dear, that’s sweet! But you have to get familiar with other girls, you know. And besides, you are going to have a hard time finding another woman like me!” She shimmied her tits in front of him to emphasize her meaning. “I’m sure if you gave them a chance that there are a lot of girls that would like to be with a cute guy like you. Particularly a guy that’s as well-endowed as you are.” Her hands were still moulding his pants to the outline of his enormous cock as she spoke.

“Now, did anything else happen today?”

“No Mommie, nothing else happened.”

“Well, then. You should have a lot of that yummy cum packed into your balls! I suppose I’m going to have to help you with that. Do you want me to help you spew it over my tits? Into my mouth? Or would you just like to fuck until you can’t hold it any longer and then jack it off all over me?” Her smile was dirty as she listed the options. And her tongue licked out to wet her lips as she watched Lance consider his choices.

Over the next few hours they did all of those things. And lots of other things. Mommie found it amazing how Lance was able to cum and cum. Time after time he spewed his jism across her monster boobs, into her eager swallowing mouth and throat or watched as she jacked him off. He truly was a cum factory she thought.

The next morning Mommie called the school and made an appointment to speak with the School Psychologist that afternoon.

And so, at three thirty Mommie was waiting for her Lance to arrive at the School Psychologist’s Office. While she waited she couldn’t help but notice how attractive the receptionist was. The young woman was apparently a Senior Volunteer, acting as receptionist. Just as Mommie was considering asking her name her Lance entered the office.

“Julie, I have another appointment with the Psychologist,” he announced as he approached the desk.

“Yes, Lance. I know. Your Mom is here,” she indicated the seated woman.

“Hi, Mommie,” His look changed from anticipation to disappointment when he saw that Mommie was bundled into her old bulky coat. Nothing to see here, but he wondered what she might have on underneath.

“The Doctor can see you now,” Jill indicated the now glowing green light on her intercom.

Rising, Mommie clasped Lance’s hand in hers as they entered the office. “Remember what we talked about,” she whispered in Lance’s ear. “We want her to like you. And I want you to have fun with her if that’s what she wants to do, honey.”

Lance squeezed her hand in reply.

“I’m so glad you could see us so promptly,” Mommie said, gazing at the Psychologist. “Lance told me about his unacceptable behavior yesterday. And I want to set things right.” She slid out of her coat as she was speaking.

Turning toward the sofa Mommie hung her coat on the coat rack. Moving as she did gave the School Psychologist plenty of time to see how she had changed. The Mommie from several months ago was clearly gone. In her place was a breastacular vision revealed by a low cut, skin tight, knitted tube dress that ended inches above her knees. Her feet were in stiletto heels which made her long legs even longer and did amazing things for her rump.

Mommies shoulders were uninterrupted by bra straps, and the upper mounds of her immeasurable tits could be seen rising and falling with each breath taken. The Psychologist was unable to tell how those incredible mounds of flesh could be held up, be put on display the way that they were. Did she use tape? Was there some sort of support bra under that skin tight dress? The SP couldn’t take her eyes off her visitor. This was not the dowdy woman she had expected to see. This was the epitome of sexy, of slutty, really. Showing off boobs so big that they exceeded anything the SP had ever heard of! Her skin tight dress outlined her amazing figure to perfection. Her giant boobs in contrast to her slender hips and the waistline of a teenager? Where had all this come from she wondered?

“Following your advice, Lance and I have become much more acclimated than before. We know that there is still a lot of work to be done, but we are working every day and night to improve our, um, our relations.” Mommie looked to the School Psychologist for approval.

“And the way that Lance reacted to you yesterday, I thought, was a step back! He should become acclimated to other women as well as myself!”

Noticing where the School Psychologist was now looking, Mommie turned to see that Lance had grown an immense bulge in his slacks. ‘He really can’t help himself,’ Mommie thought to herself. ‘He really bahis likes my giant titties!’ she smiled proudly to herself.

“I know that Lance finds you attractive. You’ve got such a cute little figure,” Mommie stated. The School Psychologist had never thought of her sexy, stacked, Triple D cup, 42-25-36 figure as cute. Or little. But in comparison to Mommie’s unimaginable pulchritude she wasn’t going to argue. The School Psychologist was unable to take her eyes off the swelling protuberance in Lance’s pants.

The School Psychologist had had lots of sexual encounters. Men her own age, older men and more than a few of her young charges had enjoyed the pleasure of her sexual prowess. Yesterday, before he left the office she had seen Lance spring a hard on so big that she had decided that she had imagined it. ??Now, in front of her and his Mommie, Lance was growing another boner. And it was getting even bigger as she watched! Growing bigger and bigger, it was larger than yesterday. It was larger than anyone she had ever seen. They had to be playing a trick on her.

“I don’t know what you are trying to pull here, Mrs. Halbert. But I’m not falling for it,” declared the School Psychologist. “This has to be some sort of trick.” she gestured to the confused young man standing in front of her desk.

“He’s amazing, isn’t he?” Mommie responded proudly. She drew Lance around the desk to stand in front of the School Psychologist.

Standing next to her son Mommie pushed her vast breast against his side while smiling down at the School Psychologist. Her hand traced the arc of Lance’s immense penis as it throbbed under his denim pants. Both women could see how it was twitching and throbbing.

“I’m so proud of my Lance,” Mommie purred as she undid his belt. “Go ahead, honey, show her! I know she’s going to like it as much as I do.”

Encouraged by his Mommie, Lance reached into his pants and pulled out his dick. Not yet fully hard, it hung in front of the School Psychologist. Over 12 inches in length and larger than Mommie could reach around with one hand it swayed hypnotically before the unbelieving eyes of the School Psychologist.

“Jesus Christ,” the School Psychologist blurted out. “That’s not possible! It’s not humanly possible for a dick to be that long. That thick!” Her tongue licked her suddenly dry lips. She tried to imagine what it would be like to have a cock that big trying to fuck her. Her imagination failed. There was no way!

Without thinking she pushed herself back away from the desk and the fleshy appendage that was slowly hardening even more as Mommie kept on stroking it while pressing herself against Lance. As she stared, wide eyed, Lance reached his ultimate immensity.

Now well over a foot long the School Psychologist had no true idea how big he was. But he was so much bigger than anyone else she had met, heard of or seen in all the pornos she had watched! Peter North and John Holmes were pikers in comparison.

“That’s not possible,” she repeated. “No woman could handle that, that, that monster!”

“Oh, come now! Lance and I manage several times a day! And it’s wonderful! I’ll show you!”

Kneeling in front of her son, she pulled him around to face her. Standing in profile to the on looker, Lance’s size was even more impressive. Smiling over at the School Psychologist Mommie stroked him several times.

“I’m so glad that you suggested that Lance and I should acclimate to each other. It’s been so much fun,” she exclaimed. “I love his big dick. And he loves everything that I have to offer.” She shimmied her torso in emphasis. “Now watch!”

Grafting her mouth to the tip of his dick she began an energetic hand job. Sloppy wet sounds filled the office as she licked and sucked. Her hands ran up and down his shaft as she worked. In a very short time Lance was panting and groaning, encouraging his Mommie to suck his big dick. As she worked her immense boobs jostled and surged under her skin tight dress. Reaching out so far in front of her, they bounced off his legs while she sucked and licked his cock.

Swanning her neck she took inch after inch into her mouth and then, with an effort, managed to force several inched down her throat. As the School Psychologist watched in disbelief she could see Mommies throat distend as the massive shaft was forced deeper and deeper into her gullet.

She couldn’t take it all. She had never been able to take it all. But she loved trying! Slowly she pulled him out of her throat and mouth.

Gazing up into his eyes she smiled, “I want you to cum for me Lance, I want to show her how much you blow all over me!” Her hands were moving faster and faster now. She reapplied her mouth to the gigantic penis that was rock hard and throbbing in her hands.

“I’m gonna cum, Mommie, you’re making me cum!” he moaned before he arched his back and began to shoot off all over his kneeling Mommie.

Spurt after spurt shot out of his dick head and landed everywhere. deneme bonusu Some landed on her laughing, giggling face. Some landed on the carpet behind her. Some landed on the exposed skin of her upper chest. More landed on the tightly clad breasts that were bouncing in response to her continued ministrations to his cock. And the rest she slurped up as she pulled his shaft back into her mouth.

“Oh, that tastes so good,” she moaned. Looking up at Lance, Mommie seemed oblivious to the other person in the room. “I need more, Lance. I don’t want you to stop now. Can I get you hard, honey?”

“Well, maybe,” he teased her. They both knew how easily she could bring him back to life.

“I’m going to try, Lance.” She shimmied her shoulders as she spoke, drawing his attention to the beyond gigantic melons hanging so firmly in front of her.

Smiling up at him she licked her lips to bring in any more of his jism that she had missed. As she did so she slowly pushed the top of her dress down and down to expose more of her Herculean hooters.

Mommie gasped in excitement as the top’s elastic snapped over her erect nipples. Grinning up at the excited look on his face she took a few moments to pull the elastic up and down across her nipples, forcing her nipples to grow larger and harder.

When she finally pushed her dress completely off her breasts the School Psychologist could not suppress her gasp. Mrs. Halbert had, by far, the largest tits that she had ever seen. Could these two be some to the “Hyper Sexual Beings” that she had read about in the Journals to which she subscribed? The question drifted away as she watched, spellbound. Mrs Halbert enfolded Lance’s gigantic cock into her mighty cleavage. To the SP’s shock it completely disappeared. There was no trace of the largest dick she had ever imagined as it was swallowed by tits that made her Triple D’s seem inadequate in size.

Still smirking up at her son, Mommie pushed and pulled her gigantic tits. Mashing him between her boobs she worked him to complete stiffness in record time. Smiling happily up at him she slowly rose to stand over him. Her huge tits were just at the height for him to suckle lustily while she pulled him closer to her using his dick as a handle.

Keeping her hold on him she slid back onto the desk and pulled him forward. Without taking her eyes off him she pulled his prick into her. Sighing in contentment she sprawled back on her elbows and wrapped her long legs around his waist.

“Don’t wait, Lance, don’t wait! I’m so fucking hot for you! I want you to fuck me until you splash you cum all over my huge titties!”

“You got it, Mommie,” was his response as he began to try to push his shaft into her.

“Oh, fuck, that’s tight?” they said in unison.

“So, big, Lance! So thick, so long! I want it all, honey. Don’t make me wait!” Her voice was dripping with lust. Her pussy, too, was dripping. The desk blotter would have to be replaced after this!

Neither of the couple were paying any attention to the onlooker. Their attention was focused on the high energy fucking that they were taking part in. They never noticed when the School Psychologist’s hand delved under her clothes and began to finger herself. This was some of the hottest sex she had ever seen. The size of his dick was almost a match to Mommies tits! They were matching each other, stroke for stroke, pushing each other higher and higher.

Mommies boobs shook and shimmied as they fucked. Her upper torso completely covered by the rocking tits that were so immense! Her hands were plucking and pulling on whichever erect nipple Lance was not nipping and sucking. Her legs were wrapped about him as she thrust her hips up at the laboring young man.

Their gasping breath filled the room as they worked.

“Harder, Lance, harder! Make me cum! You’re so good! So hard, so big, I love your giant cock. Make me taste it in my throat!”

He was almost doing that, he felt. She was absorbing every inch he could push into her. Her pussy was squeezing and throbbing around his dick. If she had not already pulled a load from him he would have come much sooner. But he knew what she liked. She liked to be fucked to the point where she was on the verge of unconsciousness. And he was determined to do that.

All at once, in the middle of a stroke she began to shiver and shake. Her orgasm rolled over her in a massive, endless wave. One after another, the waves of ecstasy peaked and crested. One after another she felt her pussy convulse in orgasm after orgasm.

With a roar of fulfillment Lance pulled himself free of her clutching cunt and jacked himself off with both hands. Seconds passed as he spewed a load much larger than his earlier one. When he was done Mommie was a mess. Her hair, her smiling face, her gigantic tits, even the desk, was streaked with lines of cum. The last of his immense load dripped onto her stomach as he forced the last of it from his dick.

Smiling up at her lover, Mommie pulled him to her and gave him a scorching kiss.

“You are the best. You are the best!” she murmured. “Now let’s get dressed and go home where we can really let loose. It’s a good thing these walls are soundproofed.” She giggled at the thought.

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