Mommy’s Boy Ch. 04

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Donna Jarvis and her horny sexy stud of a son Joe had spent just about the best day yet since becoming incestuous lovers five years earlier. Their special relationship plus the sex had always been sensational but that wet Sunday it had seemed even more stupendous than ever.

In the morning, Donna had watched Joe playing football and had been delighted and proud that he had scored the winning goal five minutes before the end, not to mention the thrill she had had watching her son’s magnificent buttocks working their way round the pitch in a tightly accentuating pair of skimpy silky-blue shorts that matched his shirt. Donna knew nothing about the game itself but of one thing she was sure, it was a bloody sexy game since Joe, who always looked fabulous in sports kit (as he did in anything else though these days they spent more time together naked), had been surrounded by lots of other hunky young men who either were aware, or blithely oblivious, to the effect their physical attributes were having on her.

Unlike Joe, of course, who after five years as his own mother’s lover, was now used to Donna’s ass fetish and only too aware that the sight of his firm footballing shorts-clad bum was giving her so much excitement. Notwithstanding the other gorgeous players, Joe’s bum was and is the best, of course, since Donna was, after all, his mother and therefore really only had eyes for him but she had to admit that some of his fellow footballers were darned fucking good-looking and sexy.

Then, when Donna and Joe had got home, just as the first of a miserable November rain was starting to fall, they had got down to business immediately, no messing about, it was straight in,lock the doors and then strip off and get on with it. Joe loved licking his mother’s pussy and had treated it to another one of his fabulous tongue lashings while Donna had returned the compliment with the latest of her hot motherly blowjobs, working Joe up into such a frenzy that he had been unable to hold back and had shot a quality load of his rich hot sperm all over Donna’s face.

Donna loved being facialised and had been transplanted to a higher level as she’d felt the hot jets of her son’s copious spunk raining down over her nose, mouth and chin before starting to dribble down her neck and onto her tits. It wasn’t the first time she’d been plastered by her son’s outpourings and it wouldn’t be the last; however, it may have been just her fancy, but Joe had seemed to produce more than ever from the depths of his pendulous balls, enough the best professional male porn actors green with envy.

“Oh, so much again, my love,” Donna had said, as Joe looked down at his mother’s sperm-strewn face, proud to have once again given her such a big load. Donna’s face and tits were covered in so much of her son’s jizz that she looked and felt a complete and utter mess, having once again thoroughly enjoyed being spunked over.

“Don’t wash it off yet, mom,” Joe had said, “you look great.”

“I feel great,” Donna had replied as she licked her lips, “it’s the perfect way for a horny son to show his love for his slut of a mother.”

“You said it, mom,” Joe had laughed. “We’re both a couple of fucking sluts and don’t it feel fab? Who cares if we’re perverts, it beats being fucking normal and boring.”

“You can say that again,” said Donna who, since succumbing to Joe’s seduction, was now completely embroiled in a world of hot forbidden sex and now could not envisage ever changing the way things were now. She and Joe didn’t just love each other in the usual mother and son way but as lovers too and what society’s take on incest was, was of no interest to them whatsoever. They were consenting adults and that, to them, was all that mattered.

Donna and Joe’s appetite for sex was insatiable, they couldn’t get enough and would probably suck and fuck all week if Joe hadn’t had to go into the city every weekday where he was now a fully-fledged accountant, having passed his exams bonus veren siteler a year earlier, something else Donna was inordinately proud of. She had once thought he would make a fabulous professional porn actor, not to mention a professional footballer, but Joe seemed happy enough as an accountant and as he often said to his mother, why would would he want to do porn, having sex with other people just for the sake of satisfying the voyeurs of this world, when all his sexual needs were taken care of by Donna, the only person in his life he loved and cared about?

Joe had fucked his mother in both her ass and cunt later that afternoon and had cum his second load of the day in the latter while Donna had enjoyed an almost simultaneous string of orgasms. They had been so overwhelmed by their love of hardcore taboo sex that they hadn’t noticed that, outside, night had fallen and that they had been fucking in the dark for an hour or more.

“Oh dear,” Donna had said, when they were coming down from the dizzy heights of their respective orgasms, “I think we ought to throw a little light on the subject, don’t you?”

Joe had found his way in the dark to the other side of the room and, finding the light switch, turned it on. The lounge was momentarily flooded in a lake of bright light that made their eyes blink before he quickly turned the switch until it was casting a dim sensuous glow over the naked and spent mother and son bodies.

“That better, mom?” Joe said, coming back to the sofa and kissing Donna on the lips.

“Lovely, sweetheart. Listen to that rain!”

The rain had been falling almost non-stop now for several hours, helping to make the room cosier as they wrapped themselves into each other’s arms to sleep off the first round of the afternoon’s sex. It was still falling when they woke up an hour or so later, both of them now feeling extremely hungry …


Donna went into the kitchen to rustle up something for them to eat and, when it was ready, they sat naked round the dining room table as, ever since their first day as lovers five years earlier, they had lived as nudists even when not engaged in carnal activity. It felt absolutely wonderful and extremely liberating to spend all their time together in true naturist style without the encumbrance of clothes and with no feelings of shame nor guilt, as indeed they had no such feelings whenever they made love.

“We were all born naked, mom,” Joe had once said to her, “and there really isn’t anything to be ashamed about at all. We all know that women have cunts and men cocks while asses are common to everyone.”

Indeed, once Donna had got used to being naked most of the time, which had not taken her long, she agreed wholeheartedly with Joe’s remarks and was now completely comfortable in sharing her nudity with her son all the time, not just during their lovemaking. From secretly admiring his ass in his clothes five years ago, before Joe’s perfectly timed seduction of her, she now enjoyed being able to freely admire not just his extremely sexy backside but every single bit of him, from his head to his toes as, she was aware, Joe did admiring her. It felt wonderful to know that their bodies were openly on display to two sets of very appreciative eyes.

Donna always did the mundane things like housework in the nude, too, with the naked Joe helping her, the only times when clothes were worn being when they had to go out, like when she was watching Joe play football or when he was off to work, looking just as incredibly smart and handsome in his business suit as he did his soccer kit, or when she needed to go into town to do some shopping. She sometimes visited the sex shop too which is where she had bought her first strap-on for Joe’s nineteenth birthday present, four years ago now, when she had first turned the tables and fucked the beautiful ass of her own son that she had wanted to get her hands on, amongst other things, for so long. Since bahis that momentous day in their special relationship, Donna had built up quite a collection of strap-ons, dildos and butt plugs.

She still laughed when she thought back to the first day she had visited the shop and had hesitated before going in. Now, as a regular customer, she just marched blithely in, had become quite friendly with the people who ran the shop, and didn’t give a damn about some of the looks she got from passers by as she went in or out. Donna would never see these people again, after a few seconds or so, so what the hell did it matter what they thought of her?

“This has been a fabulous day, sweetheart,” said Donna as they were cleaning the dishes, Donna washing and Joe drying, “the best yet.”

“It sure has, mom,” said Joe, “I enjoyed you watching me playing football this morning. Never mind that you like seeing my bum in my shorts, I hope you enjoyed my ability.”

“I did, darling,” Donna said. “but you know I don’t really understand the rules. But I could see you are an ace player and I’m very proud of you.”

Joe finished drying the dishes and put the tea towel down on the draining board. There was no time like the present and he moved in behind Donna and wrapped his arms around her waste and nuzzled his head into the back of her neck, just as he had done on that first day when he was seducing her all those years ago, the only difference then being that they were both dressed whereas now they were completely and utterly naked.

“And I’m proud of you, mom,” Joe said as his hands snaked round to her chest and he began to fondle her voluptuous tits, kneading them in his hands like they were dough, “you are the most beautiful lady in the world and no son could wish for a more perfect nor loving mother.”

“Oh, Joe, really!” giggled Donna, seeming to remember that he had said something similar when he’d seduced her and hardly liking to show how pleased she was. Behind her, she could feel his prick hardening again and pushing up against her ass and she responded accordingly by turning round and folding Joe into her arms, the pair losing themselves in a deep and meaningful kiss, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths as they always did when they snogged …


“Stay there, sweetheart,” said Donna, a bit later as the rain showed signs of petering out at last, “I’ll call you when I’m ready.”

“Where you going, mom?” asked Joe, a puzzled look on his beautiful face.

“Ah, ah, ah,” replied Donna, patting the side of her nose, “impatience isn’t a virtue.”

Before Joe could say anymore, Donna swept from the room and he heard her clamping up the stairs. He had a good idea of what his mother was up to and his mouth drooled at the prospect of some more hot sex before the day was over, notwithstanding that they’d been fucking and sucking like mad ever since they’d got back from the football game.

Ten minutes or so later, Joe heard Donna calling to him from the landing at the top of the stairs. “You can come up now, sweetheart,” she said, disappearing back into the bedroom.

When Joe got there, everything was as he had expected. Donna had laid out her strap-ons in a row on her dressing table – or as Joe laughingly called it, her undressing table – and Joe smiled as he realised he was now going to be on the receiving end of several hardcore fuckings from his mother.

“Wow, mom!” he exclaimed, “are these pricks all for me?”

“All for you, baby,” said Donna, now well into her stride and feeling like an altogether different person to the one of five years earlier when she had been so reluctant to first set out on an incestuous relationship with her son. “Which one d’you fancy?”

Joe went over to the dressing table and selected one that was jet black and modelled on a famous porn star. He knelt down and took the plastic knobhead into his mouth, sucking hard and then, after letting it slip out his mouth, deneme bonusu handed it to Donna.

“How about this one?” he said.

“Sure, sweetheart,” Donna replied, “if that’s your choice.”

“You gonna fuck my ass, mom?” Joe asked.

“I certainly am, sweetheart,” Donna went on, “I’ve been wanting to fuck it all day, ever since you turned me on showing it off in your football shorts.”

“You really are kinky, mom,” replied Joe, giggling, “but I want you to fuck me with this butt plug up your ass,” he went on, selecting one from the table and holding it up in his hand.

“Of course, darling,” replied Donna, “d’you want to put it in for me?”

Donna in her haste didn’t wait for Joe to reply, she quickly leaned over the side of the bed and spread her cheeks with her hands as she’d seen Joe exposing his asshole to her so many times in the past. He moved over quickly and deftly inserted the butt plug into Donna’s rosy red asshole, his mother gasping as the plastic toy invaded her anus.

“Gee, mom,” said Joe, now extremely horny again, his cock once again fully erect, “like I said, you are so fucking kinky. When I think back to that day I …”

“Yes,” Donna cut in quickly, interrupting him, “five years ago was five years ago and now is now and that is all that matters. Get on the bed, sweetheart, and stick your ass in the air and spread those lovely cheeks of yours.”

Joe did as he was bid; having taken the upper hand all day it was nice to be on the receiving end now of Donna ordering him about. He didn’t hesitate as he climbed onto the bed and got into the requisite position on his knees, sticking his ass in Donna’s direction and reaching round with his hands to clasp his delightfully smooth and hairless buttocks, just as Donna had done to her ass a few moments earlier. Donna felt her mouth drool; her son’s bum was just as delicious to behold in its undraped state as it was accentuated by his shorts.

“Good boy,” said Donna, as Joe spread his cheeks with his hands and began fully exposing his asshole to his mother. Long thin lines started to form on the walls of his ass, erotically so, while his hole became a gaping entrance to his backdoor love box.

“You’ve got such a cute asshole, sweetheart,” Donna said, “I can’t wait to fuck it.”

“I can’t wait neither, mom,” Joe said, glancing over his shoulder as he spread his buns wider. “The ass is as big a sex organ as your cunt and my cock and I really need a good fucking. Hurry up, mom, don’t keep me waiting.”

“I’m going to rim you first,” Donna said, “does my little boy want his mommy’s tongue up his asshole?”

“Yes please, mom,” replied Joe, “lick your son’s tight ass.”

Donna dropped to her knees behind her son’s spread cheeks, keeping her own ass cheeks clamped together so as not to dislodge the butt plug, and whistled as her eyes took in the fabulous pornographic-style view as Joe started to work his ass muscles, winking his hole in and out, twitching with anticipation. Donna let her eyes linger on Joe’s displayed asshole for a few more moments, then she quickly opened her mouth, sent out her tongue and moved in for the rim job, licking and kissing every inch of Joe’s hot sweaty fuck hole.

“Oh yeah, mom,” Joe gasped as Donna’s tongue sent all kinds of tickling sensations coursing through his bottom, “lick that ass.”

Donna worked her tongue round and round until Joe’s asshole was thoroughly lubricated. Then she walked over to her dressing table, took out a tube of KY from the drawer and began to smear a liberal helping onto her fingers which she then rubbed into Joe’s ass for good measure. Two minutes later, Donna had the strap-on well and truly fixed round her middle, the butt plug still firmly inserted in her ass. Joe managed to stretch an arm across to the table and grab a dildo which he put in his mouth and started to suck hard on the fake prick as Donna moved in for the kill. “Here it comes, baby,” she said, and Joe almost choked on the dildo as he felt the strap-on nudge his asshole, “let me see you take it all.”

Then, without further ado, the horny sex-mad mother slid her plastic torpedo deep into her equally sexed-up son’s tight greasy canal …


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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