Mommy’s Panties Ch. 02

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This is the second part of my Mommy’s Panties story. This one is quite a bit longer than the first one. And if you haven’t read the first one, you may want to, so you know what’s going on.

Anyways, hope everyone enjoys. Your feedback is most welcome, and if enough people want another part, I do have ideas for a 3rd part. As for the first part, please forgive me any grammar and/or spelling mistakes. As I’m still new here, I don’t have an editor, but I do the best I can.

All characters in this story are at least 18 years of age.


Summer was ending, I had a week before my planned move. I had decided to go to college out in Los Angeles, with my mother’s encouragement of course. All I could worry about was leaving my mom, of course I knew it was great opportunity, but I loved my mom. She would be losing her son, the one person she’s always had, yet she put her own feelings aside and wanted me to go because she recognized how great the opportunity was. How could I not love her? She was willing to be alone just so I could go to a nice college. Now I’m sure most people would just say that’s what any good mother would do? But I didn’t see it like that, I saw it as so much more. After all, my mother and I weren’t your normal everyday mother and son.

Over the course of the summer I had went from being caught masturbating with my mother’s panties, to her leaving panties for me to use, then it all culminated in the two of us masturbating in front of one another while I sniffed her panties and then watching her devour my cum out of the panties when I finished. And then at her suggestion, that new escalation of events became our new ritual, seriously we did that everyday, sometimes multiple times in a day. I was an incurable panty fetishist and my mother had an insatiable appetite for my cum. All in all it had been one extremely depraved summer and I couldn’t be happier about it. But in all that time, no matter how depraved we were, we never once touched each other, we only watched each other. Then after our moment of depravity, we would go back to acting like a normal mother and son. That was until the week of my move, then things started to escalate.

It started on Monday and things escalated each day until my planned departure on Friday.


I awoke to the bright sunlight beaming through my curtains. I wiped the sleep from my eyes and checked my phone for the time, it was noon. I slowly got out of bed and made my way through the hall to my bathroom for my morning pee. After my pee I went to the kitchen, where mom had already made a pot of coffee before she left for work, so all I had to do was heat it up. I poured myself a cup and put it in the microwave for a minute to heat it up. I know coffee connoisseurs would probably shoot me for reheating coffee in a microwave, but I don’t care.

I began wandering slowly through the house as I drank my coffee. I stopped in the living room and stared at the framed photos hanging on the wall. There were only a few, they were photos of mom and me together at different points in my life, including one with mom holding me as a baby. It was evident in the photograph, that’s the happiest mom has ever been. As I looked at the photos I began to get nostalgic and was once again saddened by my upcoming departure.

I finished my coffee and put the mug in the kitchen sink. I then looked at the clock on the oven and saw that it was nearly 1 o’clock PM, I decided that I should probably take a shower before returning to my room to continue packing. I went straight to my bathroom and stripped down naked, I turned on the shower and waited for it to heat it up. I stepped under the cascade of warm water and let out a sigh of relief from the relaxing feeling of the warm water washing over my skin. As I stood under the shower I began thinking about how much I’d miss mom and inevitably my thoughts turned to our arrangement, I began to get hard from the sudden flood of the images of mom eating cum from her panties and her smile of ecstasy afterwards. I then shook the images from my head, as getting hard at this point was just torturous, not having mom there. I quickly shampooed my hair and washed my body, to get my mind off of mom.

A few minutes later, I had finished my shower and was standing in the bathroom toweling myself off. After I was sufficiently dry, I wrapped the towel around my waist and went to my room to get dressed. As I was slipping on a pair of boxers, I heard the front door open. What the fuck? I thought. I then quickly pulled on a pair of gym shorts and left my room to investigate. When I walked into the living room I was surprised to see it was none other than mom walking through the door.

“Oh hey sweetie” she greeted me.

“umm.. hey mom” I said, still surprised to see her home so early.

“I took off early from work, I took the rest of the week off too.” she said, reading my confused expression.

“Oh okay… Are you sure that’s alright? I mean, don’t hospitals?… I don’t know, need nurses?” bedava bahis I said, voicing my confusion.

“They got enough nurses. So I told my boss that there’s no way I’m spending my son’s last week at home working. She understood, since she has a college aged kid herself, and gave me the rest of the week off. The other nurses are covering my rounds.” mom said, walking over and embracing me in a hug.

As she hugged me tightly, I felt her giant breasts press up against my shirtless torso. My cock began to harden almost immediately, mom must’ve felt it press against her thigh, because she suddenly broke our embrace. I looked at her and couldn’t help but notice even through her bra and thin nursing scrubs, that her nipples were hard.

“uh oh… looks like someone’s a little excited” she said, looking down at the tent in the front of my shorts and biting her lip.

No longer feeling nervous about such things in front of mom. I just nodded and stared at her, with lust in my eyes. Mom then grabbed my hand and led me to the couch where she sat down. She then motioned for me to sit on the floor in front of her, I was a bit thrown by this, but I did it anyways.

“Now sweetie, before I give you my panties, there’s something I’m gonna need from you first.” she said.

“Sure mom, anything.” I said, desperate just to get a whiff of her panties.

“Good, now honey I’ve been on my feet all day, they’re tired and sore. I want you to rub them, then you can have as much panty time as you’d like.” she said.

“Okay mom.” I said, not even worrying about how sweaty her feet were sure to be.

I took her feet in my lap and removed both of her nursing shoes. I could feel how hot and sweaty her feet were through her socks, but I didn’t care. I then removed both of her socks and was met with a strong odor that caused my nostrils to flare. I then took moment to look at her barefeet, I had never spent much time looking at her feet and was surprised to find that even mom’s feet were sexy. They had lighter tan than the rest of her body, her soles were a bit wrinkled but smooth overall. Her arches were deep and her toes were long but not too long, she wore a deep red polish on her toenails.

I took her right foot in my hands and began firmly kneading my thumbs into her sole. Mom let out a sigh of relief and moaned as I worked my thumbs through her arch and up to the balls of her foot. I delighted in how soft and smooth her foot was, in fact I had even surprisingly began to like the odor. I felt my cock jump each time I inhaled the scent. I continued my firm footrub as mom sank back in the couch and moaned.

“mmm.. that feels so good honey… use your mouth…” she said between moans.

“What?” I uttered, surprised by her request and not sure if I’d heard her correctly.

“Use your mouth sweetie. I want you to kiss them and lick them and suck on my toes. Please baby.” she said.

Still a bit thrown by her request, I lifter her right foot closer to my face and got a big whiff of her sweaty foot odor. I then planted a kiss on the balls of her foot, and then another. I began trailing down through her arch with kisses.

“oooh that’s it baby, now lick it” she said.

I then dragged my tongue along the sole of her foot, I couldn’t describe the taste even if I tried, but in that instant, I was hooked. I ran my tongue over her heel, through her arch and up to the balls of her foot. I then began licking in between each of her toes, before wrapping my lips around her big toe. I started sucking on her big toe and mom’s moans got even louder. When I finished with her big toe I sucked on her other toes as well. I was rock hard and couldn’t get enough of her delicious sweaty foot.

“mmm that’s good baby, do you like mommy’s sweaty feet?” she said, biting her lip.

“Yes mommy, I love your sweaty feet” I said, completely overcome with lust.

“Good baby, now do the other one.” she said.

I grabbed her left foot and gave it the same treatment as her right. By the time I was finished her feet were dripping with my saliva and I was in love with her feet, the taste, the smell, all of it.

“oh my god, that was excellent baby, mommy hasn’t had her feet worshipped in ages” she said.

“Can I worship your feet again soon mommy?” I asked.

“Of course darling.. now then as I promised you before.” mom then pulled down her pants and took off her panties and held them out to me.

I quickly stood up and grabbed the panties from her hand, they were practically soaking wet and the scent was stronger than ever. In seconds I had my shorts and boxers around my ankles and my nose buried in mom’s panties as she sat back on the couch fingering her pussy. Mom stared intently, masturbating, whilst I stood in front her inhaling the strong musky odor of her pussy soaked panties with my hand furiously stroking my rock hard cock. Mom moaned loudly as she massaged her clit. The only sounds in that house were the wet sounds of mom playing with her dripping pussy, casino siteleri her accompanying moans, and the sound of me deeply inhaling the scent emanating from her panties.

After a few minutes of furious stroking I felt my orgasm build up to the boiling point, I quickly removed the panties from my face and covered the head of my cock with them. I began shooting ropes of hot sticky cum into the crotch of mom’s panties. Before I even had a second to come down, mom snatched the panties from my cock and immediately began licking and sucking my cum out of them, all while she massaged her clit with her free hand. Soon enough her body visibly tensed up and with a big sigh and minor convulsions I knew that she too had climaxed.

I stood there naked in front of mom just staring at her for a couple of minutes. I couldn’t even speak, the sight before me was just too beautiful, the woman I adore cleaning my cum from her panties, with her pussy exposed to me, in the aftermath of her orgasm.

“That was wonderful honey, thank you.” mom finally broke the silence.

All I could do was nod. Mom then stood up from the couch and kissed my forehead before speaking again.

“I’m gonna go shower sweetie.” she said, before leaving the room.

A moment later I pulled up my shorts and left the room, heading to my bedroom. I collapsed on my bed and laid there thinking about what had just happened, like I always did. But this time it was different, she had told me to worship her feet, it was very sensual, something I was not used to. More than that, it was the first time mom had let me touch her during one of our sessions, and it obviously made her more horny than all the previous sessions.

The rest of the day went by pretty normally. Mom and I were back to acting like a normal mother and son. We didn’t utter a single word of what we did. We just acted like it had never happened. She and I both knew that something had changed during today’s session, but we didn’t show it. All through out the rest of the day and night, it really was like it had never happened.


I woke up around noon on Tuesday morning, excited that for once I’d get to spend the whole day with mom. It was the first time in a long time that she’d managed to get some time off. I quickly got out of bed and pulled on a pair of shorts. I then made my way to the kitchen where mom in her bathrobe was already cooking some breakfast.

“Good morning honey. Breakfast will be done in a few.. coffee’s on the counter.” mom greeted me when I walked in the kitchen.

“Good morning mom.” I said, giving her a quick hug from behind as she cooked, mom in return turned around and kissed my forehead.

“Go ahead and get us some plates out.” she said, returning to her cooking.

I made myself a cup of coffee, then got two plates out of the cabinet and set them on the table. As I was sitting down, mom came over with a pan and served us eggs and bacon. She then sat down and we began eating, making the usual smalltalk that comes with a meal. I ate relatively fast and finished before mom, I took my plate to the sink then sat back down at the table to drink my coffee as mom continued eating.

“So honey, any plans today?” mom asked.

“No, not really.. gotta get some more packing done.” I said.

“oh, well before you get into that, do you think you could mow the lawn? The grass is getting a bit long.” she said.

“Of course mom, not a problem.” I said, happy to help mom with anything.

“Great, thanks sweetie.” she said with a smile.

When mom finished eating, I drank the rest of my coffee then went to my room. I put on a pair of shoes and grabbed my sunglasses, I didn’t bother putting on a shirt as I was sure to get pretty hot outside mowing the lawn. I then left my room and made my way out back to get the lawn mower from the shed. As I mowed the lawn I couldn’t help notice mom watching me through the kitchen window. Think I even saw her lick her lips a couple of times, as I pushed the mower past the window, and the sweat began to run down my shirtless torso. It was easy to tell that mom was checking me out, and even as I mowed the lawn I could feel a slight stirring in my loins just from the thought of her checking me out.

A couple of hours later I had finished mowing the law and put the mower back in the shed. Exhausted from pushing the mower around, went back inside to rest. When I walked in the back door mom was standing there waiting for me. I noticed that she had changed out of her bathrobe into something much sexier. She wore a little white tank top that barely concealed her massive double-D breasts and a pair of pink short shorts that fit snugly on her big shapely ass. Upon seeing her the stirring in my loins returned and I was soon pitching a sizable tent in my shorts. And mom noticed too, as her eyes immediately darted down to my crotch.

“Thanks for mowing the lawn sweetie, now if you’ll join me in the livingroom, I’d like to give you your reward.” she said with a sly bahis siteleri grin and a wink.

She needn’t say anymore, I followed her to the livingroom where she took a seat on the couch.

“Go ahead and sit down sweetie, I know you must be tired.” she said, patting the couch next to her.

I sat down on the couch next to mom and she began taking off her shorts and panties. She handed me her panties and I wasted no time in burying my face in them. I then took a break from sniffing her panties to pull down my own shorts and boxers, freeing my now rock hard member. I buried my nose back in the panties, inhaling their odor and when I went to grasp my cock, mom stopped me. I took the panties from my face and looked at her confused.

“I know you’re tired, so let me take care of this for you.” mom said, licking her lips and staring at my cock.

Mom then surprised me by wrapping her soft fingers around my shaft. Her soft warm hand felt so good on my cock, and not knowing what else to do, I just went back to sniffing her panties Mom then began stroking my cock slowly, moving her hand up and down as I breathed in the scent of her panties. I couldn’t help but let out a moan and mom then began to increase the pace of her stroking.

“Do you like mommy’s hand on your cock, baby?” mom whispered as she stroked my cock faster and faster.

“Yes, mommy. Your hand feels so good on my cock.” I said, from behind her panties.

“Yeah? And do you like smelling mommy’s panties?” she asked as she continued her stroking.

“Yes, mommy. Your panties smell so good.” I said, taking another big whiff of the panties covering my face.

It wasn’t long before I began to feel an orgasm coming on, mom just continued her stroking.

“Oh god..mommy I’m gonna cum..” I said, breathing hard.

“That’s good baby, cum for mommy.. mommy wants her baby boy’s cum..” mom said, now jerking my cock with reckless abandon.

Upon hearing those words my body tensed up and in response mom grasped my cock harder. With a loud grunt I began shooting my load, most of it landing on my stomach and chest. I took the panties from my face and laid back with my eyes closed, letting the orgasm run its course as mom continued milking my cock of every last drop. As shocking as the handjob itself was, what mom did next surprised me even more.

As I came down from my orgasm I sat there frozen in shock as mom began licking my cum from torso. If I hadn’t just cum, I surely would’ve gotten another erection just from the feeling of my mother’s tongue on my stomach and chest.

“mmm… that was great honey.. now go shower up, I’ve got some errands to run in town, so I’ll be back in a couple of hours” mom then stood up, kissed my forehead and left the room.

I was still sitting on the couch, naked, still in shock when mom left the house. After a few more minutes I went and took a shower like mom said. After my shower I laid in my bed thinking through what had happened. I had no idea what the hell was going on. The day before mom had me licking and kissing her feet, which was already quite intimate and sexual. And then today mom had given me a handjob out of the blue, not only that, but after I finished she licked the cum off of my shirtless torso. I was so confused, I mean way back when mom and I first started our little ritual, she had clearly stated that we couldn’t touch each other during our sessions. And now, mom had taken things further. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it, I most certainly did enjoy it, but I was still confused about it.

I stayed in my room until mom got home. We spent most of the rest of the day watching TV in the livingroom. The whole time I couldn’t get the handjob out of my head and I wanted nothing more than to talk to mom about it, but decided not to. And what infuriated me was that mom just acted as though nothing had happened. Through out the whole evening and through supper mom continued to act like a her usual self, it had begun to annoy me, because I couldn’t act normal. Things had changed for me after that handjob, I wanted mom more than ever and I wanted her show some sign of wanting me as well. Even as I laid in my bed later that night trying to fall asleep, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I began to fear that maybe mom didn’t want me, maybe it really was just about her needs and she wasn’t sexually attracted to me.


I had actually been up since the night before until like 7 in the morning. My mind was just too crazy after what had happened with mom, the handjob and all that. So I stayed up until like 7 in the morning packing my things since I couldn’t sleep. After that all-nighter I had actually finished packing almost everything, so there wasn’t much else left to do before Friday.

I didn’t wake up until around 3 in the afternoon, I rubbed the sleep from eyes and got out of bed. I went straight to the bathroom in the hall for a piss, then made my way to the kitchen. After reheating a cup of coffee, I walked into the livingroom where mom was sat on the couch with her laptop browsing the net. When mom noticed me, she quickly closed the laptop, looked up at me and smiled. That was strange, I thought. What could she have been looking at that she didn’t want me to see? Porn maybe? I tried not to focus on it too much.

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