Mom’s Big Bed Ch. 04

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Big Tits

Mom’s Big Bed Part Four

After I phoned in the pizza I realized I would need to jump into the shower and then get some money and a tip for the pizza from my mom. I had about 45 minutes as the pizzeria said it was a particularly busy Friday night. I went into the ground floor shower in the common bathroom and did a quick spritz and then went upstairs to my bedroom to get deodorant and find a comb to put through my hair. As I passed by Mom’s room, I heard it. She was sad and moaning again. I knew that sound because I had heard it a thousand times.

I looked in to the bedroom and saw that it was not coming from her room at all; it was in fact coming from her bathroom connected to her master bedroom. I moved down the hall and opened the hallway door that connected to her bathroom. Mom was in the tub and frigging herself senseless in the water with a bath and shower vibrator. Holy shit! Again? THAT IS WHAT I HEARD ALL THIS TIME WALKING PAST HER ROOM ALL THESE MONTHS AND YEARS? I poked my head in but she did not notice. She had her eyes on the TV set in her room! She was watching the porn movie I had stolen from her room and was rubbing one out in the water! She had just cum minutes before and was going again?

“Hi Mom!” I said.

Mom let out an “Aaaagh!” and jumped in the tub. She dropped the vibrator and it clunked on the porcelain tub bottom and buzzed against the walls of the tub before Mom had the presence of mind to shut it off. “You scared me Ian!” she said. “Oh SHIT you so fucking scared me!” she said with a smile of somebody who was just caught jilling off. “You look like you just took a quick shower. What do you need?”

“I just need the cash and tip for the pizza!” I answered.

“Oh, just get into my purse on the counter. I will be there in a minute.”

I went into my room, and grabbed some pit-stick and ran a comb through my hair and then went downstairs to the kitchen. I found the money Mom was talking about and then turned on the TV on the kitchen counter. News was on, boring stuff. I flipped through the channels — flip flip flip. Nothing. It was all surreal. I had just jerked off with my mother at the pool and gotten high with her, and then found her wrecking her girly junk again in the tub upstairs watching a porno. Now I was watching TV in the Kitchen and waiting for Friday pizza? Was this really happening?

Mom came downstairs with a towel wrapped around her head and her bathrobe on. I realized I was just standing in my speedo underwear and the pizza would come soon so I grabbed some sweatpants from a hamper in the laundry room and found a clean t-shirt from a pile of folded clothes that had not gone upstairs yet.

“Well, you look like you’re ready to receive the pizza delivery man!” mom said as she gave me a hug and gave me a sweet kiss on the lips. It was one of those kisses like she used to give me when she was dropping me off at school as a kid — not like that of a woman who had squirted chick cum all over me. It was very strange but also quite comforting. In spite of any boundary that had been crossed she was my mom and she loved me.

We went into the front den and sat on the sofa. Mom turned on the TV and I pulled up my laptop for a minute and went out online. I had a few Facebook messages from friends which I answered while mom flipped through channels. We were now just feeling a very small remnant of the buzz that we had from the smoke out at the pool.

It was getting dark when the doorbell rang and the pizza arrived. Mom was in her robe so I went to the door and paid and then we ate while watching TV. Mom had gone to the kitchen and brought back a jug of red wine and two glasses. She poured a glass for herself and then a glass for me.

“Here’s a little Vino for my big strapping man, ” she said, ” after all that exertion out by the pool I imagine you have quite an appetite and a healthy thirst!” I smiled and nodded. I then took a sip of wine and asked, “So Mom, you just beat off with me by the pool. Why did you need to do it again in the tub….. And with the porno I took from your room?”

She fumbled with a pocket on her robe and pulled out a cigarette lighter. She then looked at me and said, “Oh Ian…there is so much you don’t know about your mom. I have an enormous sex drive. I can go for hours if I have to and when I am high it is worse! The weed made me immensely horny so I needed more “release”. Plus “other things” were going through my mind. You know your cock looks remarkably like your dad’s. Oh.. and that wasn’t the movie you took that I was watching. It was something else…” She looked down at the floor while she said this like she was thinking about something. Then she looked at the TV and frowned.

“There isn’t anything on,” she said…”go upstairs and get my bag of weed and fetch that porn movie from your room. Oh and get the bong from under the sink in my bathroom.” I did as she asked. I went upstairs and got the bong from the bathroom. bahis siteleri I then fetched the bag of weed but instead of just grabbing the porn from my room, I also grabbed the one she had been watching. Nagging curiosity was getting to me. I pulled it from the DVD player and found the case for it. I then read the title — “Swinger Diaries, Volume 37. Six hours of SWINGING FUN.” On the back of the cover were a bunch of naked everyday people smiling for the camera. It did not dawn on me to be anything other than a garden variety fuck tape until in the back row I saw the face of my dad! Mom was in the front row with her hand on some dude’s dick and the woman next to her was tweaking Mom’s tit! Ok, another shock hit me.

I took both DVDs, the pot, and the bong downstairs knowing there would be something to talk about. Mom saw me and exclaimed, “Oh good, you got the weed. Hand me that and the bong.” I handed them to her and then popped the DVD from my room into the entertainment system. Mom lit the bong and then dialed the lights down low. The first movie came on. It started with a dude and two chicks on a beach. The girls were sixty-nining each other when the guy comes up and starts nailing them doggystyle and then after then minutes he popped on their faces. I remembered it from before. It was cool. Mom, took a big hit off the bong and passed it to me. I took a hit.

“This is a lovely three-way son.” She said. “I always find that beach beautiful. I love sex on a beach. Your father used to love it too.” She opened her robe and spread her knees. Her eyes were on the trio on the screen. Her hand went down between her legs and she began that familiar motion I had seen before only much more slowly and gently. Her other hand poked me in the ribs and tugged at the waist-band of my sweatpants.

“Hey You! Mr. Bong Hogger!” she said pretending to nag, then with her voice dropping off to a whisper in the dark with the porn flickering from the screen on her face and body, “You are watching a porn. Get out of those clothes and pass that bong back here!” She then snorted at her own joke. I took another hit and passed it back to her and took off my top and sweatpants and sat naked next to her. She slipped completely out of the robe and then sat on it rubbing her pussy with the towel around her head.

“Did you ever you ever fuck a girl doggystyle like that girl is getting from the guy on the beach son?” she asked. My cock was already in my hand and I was stroking with the same gentle pace mom was using on her pussy.

“No mom. I haven’t fucked a girl yet.” I answered.

“Have you had them do other things to you son?”

“Yeah,” I answered. I noticed her legs were wider and she was stroking my foot with her foot.

“What?” she asked.

I nodded to the screen and answered, “That!” On the screen the other girl was now blowing and jerking the guy’s cock. A few seconds later he came on the faces and open mouths of both chicks and the blew bubbles in his cum and kissed it off each other’s faces before swallowing it.

“Oh I see.” She responded. “So you have only had blowjobs and handjobs. Did you finger the girls?”

“A few times. Mostly at the movies. Once in the parking lot at a dance and once on a bus coming back from a field trip.”

“Naughty boy!” she chided but her foot continued to stroke mine and now her knee was rubbing mine. I loved it.

I fast forwarded to an anal scene where two twin sisters were doing ass to mouth with a guy. He turned out to be their younger stepbrother and their parents were away from home. The girls went from eating each other to blowing him to taking his dick in their assholes before sucking him and repeating the process. It was hot but a little stupid. In spite of the lack of intellectual value I like this scene and my mom noticed.

“That one gets you turned on too. Have you ever done a girl in the butt-hole?”


“But it looks hot to you huh?” she said.

” Uh huh! ” I answered rubbing my boner — aware of her foot on my foot and her knee rubbing away on mine as she fingered herself. “Mom,… have you ever taken it in the butthole?”

“HAH! Knew you would ask!” she snorted. “Yes. I developed an affinity for it when I started having sex because you couldn’t get pregnant and because it feels so doggone nasty and forbidden. I even did like those girls and sucked the dicks clean after they had been back there.” She smirked at me a little as she said this while pointing down between her legs at the approximate location of her asshole.

“So what else turns you on about this son?”

“Uhn,” I thought as I stroked myself, “the two girls are sisters, they keep eating each other and they are having sex with their stepbrother.”

Mom chuckled, “I know….it’s nice and filthy and deliciously horny. It always was….” Her voice trailed off like that when she said that like she was remembering. Then she took another hit and passed it to me. I canlı bahis siteleri took a hit and passed it back.


“Yes dear?”

“I saw on your computer you have been watching a lot of incest porn?”

“Naughty boy again!”…..she said pretending to be shocked. “Go on.”

“Well…so you like it? I mean, you don’t think it is weird? I mean, I am turned on by jerking with you and I am turned on by that scene with the sisters and everything..”

“Son, it is perfectly fine to have a little harmless kink in the back of your mind, ” she said as her foot now went up and down my calf, ” it is wonderfully forbidden and it is spicy out of the ordinary things to fantasize about so long as nobody gets hurt or impregnated!” She chuckled at this for a moment and then added, “Maybe you should look at those sites with me together and we can talk about them sometime?” I nodded and continued to jerk myself.

“What about the girl on girl stuff mom?…..You like chicks?”

She chuckled again, “Silly, I love cock as much as any other red blooded woman but I have to admit, my first experiences were with girls my age back when I was eighteen. It was fun — and it still is. I get turned on by women I see and I would not hesitate to take one to bed. …….Shock you?”

“No Mom, actually it is not anything bad at all for me. It’s really hot.”

“Good, glad you approve! I hate being judged while I watch porn with my son and rub my clit! ” she chuckled again. “Are you getting hot son?”


“Because of the porn or because I am masturbating with you again?”

“A little of both.”

“Ian …any time you need to masturbate, don’t hide it. Just whip out your junk and do it. You don’t need to hide it from me and it is a nice thing to be able to do this with you. You can enjoy seeing me and I can take you in with my eyes while we beat off. It’s so wonderfully nasty and sweet. You have your father’s beautiful body and cock. Again …just ….don’t …blab.”

“I know Mom.”

“It’s a wonderful thing,” she said as she fapped herself. “And it’s something that even your father and I did together sweetheart.” She was stoned. I could tell, and I was getting there too.

“I know.” I replied.

“Your father and I did a lot of things honey that were really enjoyable,” she said, “but we learned we had to be discreet in some circles.”

“You mean like in that other video?”

“What other video?” she said, her mind a little cloudy from the pot and the self-inflicted horniness of our masturbation.

“Just this one.” I said as I got up with my big wobbly boner flopping all over the place like an indecisive weather vane. I swapped out the DVDs and hit play on the swinger movie.

Mom’s jaw hit the ground for the third time that day, and then she collected herself and smiled. She adjusted herself in the cushion of the couch to get more comfortable and looked at me like she had been caught at something but didn’t care. She stopped masturbating and beckoned with her finger.

“Come over here and l will tell you about it.”

I walked over and sat down and she finished off her wine and poured herself another glass. She then took a sip and then hit the bong again. She was “fortifying” herself for what she was about to say. She handed me the bong and I took a hit and finished my wine as she gulped down the whole second glass of hers. Then she picked up the bottle and swigged the vino cowboy style with the end up before passing it to me. I did the same and handed it back and she placed it on the floor. She took the bong and set it down and turned to face me. Both her hands reached up and cupped my face as she looked into my eyes.

“Ian, I love you so I don’t want to shock you but I do want to be truthful.”

I felt a little uneasy but I was also curious. “Go ahead Mom. It’s ok!”

“Your father and I loved each other and were very much in love with each other right up to the day he died.” I nodded.

“We had a wonderful love life,” she continued, ” NO, …..we had a magnificent sex life. We were very healthy horny people and swinging with others was part of that! Watching each other swinging with others was part of that and joining in with people we had sex with was part of that.” I looked up onto the screen and saw the movie had started. It showed Mom and another woman stroking each other’s pussies by a pool and an older man was rubbing mom’s nipple and wanking himself. Mom turned her head in the shot and opened her mouth and sucked his cock while the woman went down between Mom’s legs and started eating her. In the background I recognized my Dad but much younger than when I saw him last, and skinnier. He was in his prime — and he was between the legs of an older woman who was a little on the chubby side and in her fifties I would guess. He was fucking her with reckless abandon.

“Your father and I used to go to swing parties and even swing vacations. This güvenilir bahis movie was shot at ‘Swingstock’ several years ago and we had to sign several legal waivers to get its release. When it came out we bought the DVD to remember that day! It was really horny. What you don’t see in this movie is the massive orgy fuck that happened afterwards in a big yellow tent off to one side of the campground. It’s a shame because the sex was even better in there!”

“Did you make any money off this?”

“No, nothing to write home about. Just a couple hundred bucks and we got to do what we liked to do anyway – which was to make love and make love with LOTS of other people!”

I nodded. My erection which had subsided was now returning.

“How did you and Dad get into this?”

“Well,” she said, “let’s go upstairs to bed early and I will tell you there. I want to snuggle and cuddle with you. Why don’t you shut off the TV? The porno can wait. We can finish it tomorrow.” We got up shut off the TV. Going to bed at this early hour felt weird but my boner was throbbing in anticipation. Nobody was kidding each other what was going on — we were just coyly pretending this would be a motherly snuggle. Mom emptied the bong contents into the fireplace and then took the wine up the stairs, her bare ass beckoning to me as I followed.

She walked into the bathroom and brushed her teeth and took the towel off her head and set it on a towel bar to dry.” I went to the toilet and tried to piss. It took a moment for my erection to go down enough to do so but soon I was able to make water. It was then I felt the hands. Mom had stepped behind me and was rubbing my naked back while I peed. She then ran her hands down to my butt cheeks and finally hugged me from behind and moved my hands away from my dong as she took over.It was that moment when her hands touched my penis in a fashion that some people would be able to call — “crossing a line.” Her hands felt magnificent on my dick. At the same time it was motherly and re-assuring and soothing enough that I could still make water.

“Mind if I steer?” she said. “You know I used to hold it for you when you had to pee pee. You remember?”

“Sure Mom, but I am eighteen and that wasn’t after booze, pot, and pornos!” I reminded.

“Or …masturbation!” she added and she gave my dick a playful stroke with one hand and she cupped my balls with the other hand. We were definitely over the line. This was now incest! I didn’t care, and she didn’t. She kissed me in the middle of my shoulders and playfully licked the back of my neck as I finished peeing. Then she gave my penis a couple of good shakes to get the drops off. First three shakes, then another three shakes, and then about ten of what I would call …..STROKES. Luxurious lusty wonderful STROKES! Her other hand squeezed and kneaded my testicles.

“Ok son. You had your pee. Now it is Mommy’s turn! ” She moved me to one side and sat down on the commode and then allowed me a full view of the show with her legs apart. A stream of hot piss shot out of her pussy’s pee-hole into the bowl and she looked at me and licked her lips and then pouted.

“Do you like Mommy’s show sonny?” she said in her Betty Boop voice.

“Yes Mom!” I said. Even if I had lied and said no my dick would have betrayed me. It was dripping pre-cum and throbbing like a caged beast and she could see that plainly.

“Oops,” she said in the Betty Boop voice, “some naughty boy has a drippy willy with a runny nose!” She smiled and winked and looked up at me.

“I guess son I should catch some of that before it drips down and stains the floor.” – she said as she opened her mouth and leaned forward while she positioned me with both hands directly in front of her. She stuck out her tongue and let the drops of pre cum land on it before taking it back into her mouth and closing her eyes as she savored the taste. Then she opened her eyes and winked at me and stuck her tongue out again and brought it up under the bottom of my dick’s mushroom head!

That is my first sensation and recollection of what oral sex feels like and it was powerful. The tongue of a woman on your cock is enormously enjoyable and to have it be that of your mom is symbolic, erotic, and forbidden in a tremendous way that makes for awesome storytelling — but only with the right crowd I guess. Moms tongue licked the underside of my cock and brought — NO MAKE IT SCRAPED -another batch of pre-cum into her greedy mouth. She had another surprise for me. She had put in her tongue stud ( she used to take it out for when she was at work) but now she was using that for added stimulation! My boner throbbed hard and puffy. Mom seized my butt-cheeks with both hands and made an “O” with her mouth and gulped my eight inches into her mouth!

When it comes to oral sex, my mom is ravenous. She began slurping my penis like it was an enormous sexual version of a goopy French Dip sandwich. There was lots of slurping sounds and saliva ….all of which had a powerful effect of a newcomer like me. I tossed my head back and my mouth fell slack. My hands instinctively ran through her hair and then grabbed the back of her head and moved her back and forth to a rhythm and intensity conducive to me getting my rocks off!

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