Mom’s Divorce Ch. 02

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Big Balls

It was around nine pm. I was on my bed nude. I had my small night light on. Looking up, there was my naked mother on top of me. It all started when I got a call from my Mom. She and my Dad were getting divorced. She wanted me to come home as soon as possible. Once I got home I ended up comforting my mother. We began to have sex together. That was then and now summer break was almost over. We were going at it as hard and often as possible.

“Give me your hard cock Nick,” my mother pleaded with me.

My Mom was on top and she was sliding up and down my thick rod. My Mom’s tits were dangling down in front of my face but I had my hands on both of her ass cheeks. I met her thrusts with my own. For a woman in her mid-forties my Mom had a tight pussy. She was gripping me hard with her muscles and I pushed into her until our pubic mounds touched.

It was a hot summer night and we were both sweating. I could see beads of perspiration on my Mom’s body. I loved feeding every inch of my dick inside my Mom’s belly. She would tell me that I was longer and thicker than my Dad. I know I shouldn’t listen to such things but it got me excited. I was a better lover than my father according to Mom. I love taking my Mom in different positions. I told my Mom to pull off.

I had her get on all fours and I got in behind her. I guided my prick to her damp hole and I shoved back inside her. God, did my Mom let out a scream. I leaned over her back and my hands found her big tits. I started to squeeze each one as I was pumping my cock into my Mom’s pussy. I love when I hear illegal bahis skin slapping against skin. Mom would push back against me and I would thrust hard into her belly.

I forgot to tell you that some time ago my Mom told me she wanted to have a baby by me. I realize how crazy it all sounds. My Mom got off the birth control pills some time ago. I was now working to give my mother her wish. From the beginning I never used a rubber. My Mom said she love the feel of my bare cock as it rubbed against her pussy walls. I never was much for wearing a rubber skin. It didn’t feel right to me.

“Please Nick, I need your cum in me soon,” my mother said to me.

I always seemed to have a thick load to give to my mother each time we fucked. I was driving my shaft all the way into my Mom’s tummy. I loved stirring my pecker around and hitting my Mom’s pussy walls. Mom said it made her crazy when I did that. I would also stop and just hold my cock in place. For some reason my Mom’s pussy went into these convulsions.

“You’re driving me crazy with your cock, Nick!”

That was the whole point to me. I wanted to make my Mom insane for my dick. I pinched my Mom’s nipples as I fed her my cock. I knew I was getting so close. A few more strokes and I let out this loud grunt. I unloaded a huge stream of my cum into my Mom’s belly. Mom cried out as we stopped for a moment. We managed to have our orgasms together. That was always an intense time. I blew more of my seed inside my mother. I held on as my Mom’s body shook.

I didn’t casino siteleri stop fucking my Mom. I pushed into her hard and then withdrew my cock. I kept doing this as my mother clamped down hard onto my rod. This was going to be one of the last times I would be making love to my mother. School time was fast approaching. I must have shot five or six good wads of my cream into my mother. Once I felt like I was empty I held my spent cock in place.

Mom used her muscles to get ever last drop from my rod. I hate when I have to pull out but my cock was fast losing its hardness. I slid out of my Mom and my cock made that plopping noise. When I backed off I watched as my sticky cum came dripping out of my mother’s hole. There is nothing like seeing your cum dripping down your mother’s pussy lips and falling to the bed.

I thought we might be finished but I was wrong. My Mom told me to get onto my back once more. She climbed over top of me and lowered her face to my spent cock. She took hold of the base of my prick and she wrapped her lips around me. My cock was so sensitive right then. Mom was bobbing up and down my dick with her mouth. I looked on as she sucked me and then used her tongue to lick the remaining love juices from my meat.

“I want you to remember this time,” Mom told me.

I didn’t think I could ever forget any of the times I had my cock buried inside my Mom. After my Mom thoroughly cleaned me off, my Mom snuggled in close to me.

“I really wish you wouldn’t go back to school right now,” she said.

We poker siteleri had had this conversation before. I wanted to finish up and get my degree, while my mother wanted me to stay and be her permanent lover. I told I had to go back and there was no use in talking about it anymore. We fell asleep in each others arms that night. A few more days passed and it was time to head back to school. That morning before I got on the bus I took my mother one final time.

Mom was on her back and I lifted both of her legs up. I pushed them back to her chest. I aimed my dick at her wet opening and I slid into my mother’s greedy hole. I stretched my legs out and pounded my mother hard that morning. She was making all these sex noises as I gave her a final good fucking. I lowered my face and found each of her big nipples. I sucked and bit down on each one. That really sent my Mom off.

I ground my cock into my Mom’s passage. I could feel her pussy walls grasping my erect cock as if she was never going to feel me inside her ever again. I did end up giving my Mom more baby seed.

“Please Nick, impregnate my tummy.”

My Mom desperately wanted to be seeded by my thick cock. I shot hot ropes of cum as far back into her belly as I could. Mom milked it all from my cock that morning. When we finished my Mom started to cry.

“What am I going to do without you being here, Nick?”

I hated when my mother did that. It made me feel guilty. I got cleaned up and dressed and then my Mom drove me to the bus terminal. As we sat in the car my Mom kissed me hard on the mouth. I almost told her I would stay but I quickly got my bags and ran into the station. I am not sure why I feel this way but I think I might have impregnated my Mom these last few days I spent at home. I am sure I will be the first one to know if it ends up happening.

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