Monica and Tyler Ch. 01

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Female Ejaculation

This is a work of fiction. All characters are assumed to be of legal age.


Monica was sleeping deeply when her son Tyler came home. She’d been working lots of overtime and the unexpected promotion to manager had added a level of stress. She had been sleeping poorly for a while and now that she had a day off due to President’s Day, she’d tossed back a few drinks and fell into a deep slumber. When she’d stumbled into her room, she hadn’t closed the door and merely stripped before falling asleep.

Tyler was a typical nineteen-year-old nerdy boy. He wasn’t athletic or handsome, didn’t play a cool instrument or drive a sweet ride. He worked the evening shift at a fast food joint while going to school. It was his second semester at the local community college and there still wasn’t a girl in his life.

Tyler parked his car and entered through the kitchen door. He dropped off some food he’d brought home from work and started upstairs. He noticed his Mom’s door was open and the light still on. Curious, he looked in.

“Holy shit…” he said softly.

Monica lay on her left side, more or less facing the door, and totally nude. Tyler stood there staring. After an eternity, he slowly entered the room and approached the bed. There was a glass on her nightstand and it contained a few drops of an alcoholic beverage. He gazed at her body longingly before gently reaching out to touch her shoulder. Monica didn’t stir. Her flesh felt amazing and without thinking, he allowed his hand to slide down to her breast. It was soft, warm and oh so very nice. Monica was a plump, full-figured woman with large, heavy breasts. Tyler crept forward ever so gently, afraid to wake her, yet afraid to pass on this one in a million chance. He flinched and recoiled when she moaned and rolled over onto her back. But, when she didn’t wake, Tyler relaxed again. Her breathing steadied. Now both of her breasts were visible. They pancaked out to either side and looked amazing.

Monica shifted slightly, sliding her left foot up to her right knee, then started snoring softly. Tyler gasped and pulled back at first, then moved to look at her pussy. Monica was displaying her well-groomed womanhood. Tyler thought he’d never see a prettier pussy. Her mound was covered in soft reddish-brown fur, but below that, she was smooth and bare. Her labia were thick and wide, and her inner lips seemed like a flower. Reluctantly but wisely, Tyler backed off. He left the room, quietly closing her door.

Monica dreamed. She dreamed of lounging naked by the poolside with handsome young men caressing her, loving her. She didn’t want to wake but with a full bladder screaming at her she was forced to. As she sat on the toilet her head swam. She knew she’d have a hangover if she didn’t do something now and somehow her mind fixated on a bottle of Gatorade in the fridge. Still tipsy and in a fog, she staggered to the kitchen and opened the quart bottle.

“Mom? You okay?”

“Uh, just had a little too much to drink last night. I’ll be fine.” She answered.

Tyler didn’t turn on the light, the two nightlights they had were plenty. She was still naked and apparently unaware of this. He opened the fridge and got out the milk. The light played over her and he took it all in. He poured himself a glass, trying to act normal.

“Geez, I should know better…” she mumbled, “That was definitely too much booze.”

“How much did you drink?” Tyler asked.

“I think I killed an entire bottle..” she replied between sips. Monica rubbed her forehead with one hand.

“Bottle of what?” Tyler asked, wanting to keep her talking.

“One-fifty-one rum with juice.”

“Holy shit Mom, no wonder you’re drunk!”

“I am not! Just tipsy…”

“Well, I’ll have to disagree with you,” Tyler said, laughing.

“What do you know? You’re eighteen, You’ve never been drunk.”

“Maybe not, but… well, I do know a few facts I can point out in support of my argument.”

“Like what?” she shot back.

“Well for one, you don’t drink often so a whole bottle is a lot for you. Secondly, that is really strong stuff. Thirdly, the sugar in the juice gets the alcohol into your cells easier and faster. That’s science. Fourthly, your current state indicates intoxication and lastly, I must add as a simple observation, you are a very beautiful woman.”

Monica stood there puzzled. Tyler had the biggest smile on his face… why? A drop of moisture fell from the bottle and landed on her breast. As she wiped it off she realized that she was standing there naked. Her first reaction was to turn away or cover herself, then, before her slowed reactions could overcome her inertia, she saw the futility of it all. Tyler had seen everything. Why get modest now?

“Oh fuck…” she said.

“Gladly,” Tyler answered, “But only if you ask me when you’re sober.”


“You taught me, drunk consent is no consent. So ask me again when you’re sober.”

“Wait… you’d fuck me?”

“Sure!” Tyler answered. “You’re beautiful!”

“I’m fat and twice your age! I’m also your mother.”

“You’re not fat. You’re full-figured. Escort bayan Lots of guys prefer mature women to inexperienced girls. Who better to teach us about making love than a woman who knows how to do it right? And yes, you are my mother. So what? I know a couple of guys who lost their virginity to their moms. It’s not as rare as you think. People just don’t talk about it.”

“Wait, what? I-I can’t keep up… You want to lose your virginity with me?”

“I can’t think of anyone better. You don’t want me to go out and screw some slut at a party and pick up an STD, right? And I want a woman to teach me who truly cares about me. But I know that you’re drunk and tomorrow you probably won’t remember any of this, I just needed to say it.” Tyler turned and walked away.

Monica was stunned. Her brain struggled with all of the information. It was finally down to two trains running on parallel tracks. One, her son wanted her to teach him how to make love. And truthfully, she did want him to learn it right, or at least not to learn it wrong. On the other was the impropriety of it all. But it did happen, she’d also heard whispers of it. But this was crazy! You don’t just make love to your own son on a whim! But here she was actually thinking about it. Seriously contemplating it. Not only that, but she had been casually standing naked in front of him. And she wanted a good fucking, It had been far too long since she’d had a lover. But… her son? Really? How could she do that? Oh, she had no doubt it would be good sex, well, maybe not at first. But he looked too much like his father, probably well hung like him too.

Damn! Why was she even thinking of this? She couldn’t fuck him. No, she could, no one would know. Okay then, she shouldn’t fuck him. Well, actually she did owe him. He’d been there for her in every other way since his father died. He’d never complained, stepped up when needed, shouldered the burdens as needed and she was so proud of him. Wait, was she actually thinking of sex as a reward? That’s nuts! But Tyler was right, he was too nerdy. Girls turned him down when he asked them out. He could go to a party and might get lucky. But that would either be a slut or a drunk. No, he wouldn’t screw a drunk. He was better than that. Hell, he’d actually said that just now hadn’t he? So it’d be a loose girl, a party girl, a slut. And a slut might have a disease or infection. That or she’d get knocked up. She took a couple of naproxen and killed the Gatorade. Monica stood there for a long time pondering everything. She even wondered why he’d left. She was still standing here naked, why hadn’t he stayed to either gawk at her or press his point? Confused, but with a slightly clearer head, she went up to his room.

Without knocking Monica entered his room and sat on his bed. She realized belatedly that Tyler was in the shower. Her mind was trying hard to process all the information into something that would allow her to make a logical decision. Instead, her mind wandered. She recalled the night she lost her virginity. She had expected something extra special and memorable, but sadly, it wasn’t special to the boy she’d been infatuated with. She’d later regretted it.

Tyler was quite aroused in the shower and tempted to jack off, but decided it would be better if he lay in bed and fantasized about his big, beautiful mom and her absolutely awesome tits. From the shower, he could see the hallway reflected in the mirror, and thus he spotted Monica going into his room. And she was still naked. Tyler rinsed off and then turned off the hot water. He stood there in the cold water spray for as long as he could stand it and his erection diminished. It didn’t go completely away, but it was manageable. He dried off and wrapped the towel around his waist and strolled into his room.

“What’s up Mom?” Tyler said feigning surprise.

“I-I’m not sure…” Monica said. “You said you knew guys who had… had… uhm, sex… with their moms?”

“Yeah,” he replied as he combed his long hair out.

“H-How do you know they weren’t just making it up?”

“Well one guy had set his phone to video and put it on his bookcase, so I saw it. The other guy showed us texts his mom sent where she said it was fun and reminded him not to tell anyone and promising more when he came home.”

Monica sat there a moment. “So naturally he did.”

“Yeah, but that’s Steve, he trusts us.”

“Wait, Steve? Steve Baker? Oh my god! Karen Baker screwed her son?”

“Shit. Yeah, listen, you gotta keep it a secret. If she knew Steve had told us, she’d kill him.”

“No shit,” Monica replied. “She’d lose her job if anyone knew.”

“Right, that’s why we told him to delete the texts and never mention it to anyone.”

“Who’s the other boy?” Monica asked.


“Who Tyler? Who is it?”

Tyler looked around uncomfortably.

“Tell me who it is and what happened.” she insisted.

Tyler looked down at his mother’s naked body. Her big, bare breasts were so temptingly close. He knew she wore a 44E cup, he’d checked her bra tags while doing laundry. Her areola were large tan ovals and her nipples Bayan escort were slightly lighter nubs. Sitting like this, her tummy hid her crotch from his view but he’d seen it earlier and longed to see it again.

“How bad do you want to know?” he asked as he reached out with one hand to lightly touch her breast. It felt warm and her skin was so soft…

Monica closed her eyes and fought the urge to stop him. There, she’d taken another step across the line from appropriate behavior, further into decadence. She allowed him to caress her breast and was surprised at how much she enjoyed it. She still struggled within her mind, yet her body seemed to be on autopilot. She was turning more to face him and lifted the other breast.

“You don’t remember nursing, but I breastfed you from these titties. Even when I should have weaned you, I dragged it out. I loved it so. God, Tyler, this is so wrong, but I want to feel your mouth on them again…”

Tyler bent forward and she lifted the breast to meet him. He kissed her breast and then started to suck. Monica gasped.

“Oh yes, Baby. Suck Mommy’s titty.” she cooed as she ran her hand over his head.

Tyler was thrilled. This was what he’d dreamed of since childhood. Maybe he did have some foggy memory of nursing from her tits. He knew better than to interrupt her revery. Her breast was surprisingly heavy. He squeezed it gently and was rewarded by a soft moan.

“Oh Baby, that feels so good.”

Monica was still telling herself that she wouldn’t go all the way, she wouldn’t fuck him. She’d just let him have her tits, then they’d stop. But her body had other plans and as he switched to the other breast she moaned again. Damn, it felt so good! She’d been without a lover for too damn long. Her hand moved of its own accord and she felt his knee, then slowly slid her hand up under his towel to his thigh. Her mind screamed to stop, but her fingers explored and touched his cock. His stiffening, warm, and desperately needed cock. She toyed with the tip and felt a drop or two of moisture. She spread it around his glans with her fingertip and smiled as it twitched. She pressed the tip into her palm and closed her fingers and thumb. He seemed huge and hard. She stroked slowly up to the tip and back down.

Tyler stopped sucking her tits and looked her levelly in the eyes. She tilted her head slightly to one side and he leaned in and kissed her lips. They were big, soft and thrilling. They broke the kiss after a moment and stared into each other’s eyes. No words were spoken, but each understood what the other couldn’t say. His towel fell to the floor.

Monica leaned back on his bed slowly, still holding his cock. She spread her legs and as Tyler moved onto her, she guided that rigid member to her pussy. She used the other hand to spread her lips and found her pussy wet with desire and anticipation.

Tyler pressed forward and pushed his cock into her. He was surprised at how warm and wet her pussy felt as he slid in. He stroked in and out slowly, each time going a little deeper as her wetness spread. But his body couldn’t handle the excitement and he quickly came. His cock pumped huge spurts of cum deep into her.

“Oh god!” Monica gasped. “Oh my god, that feels so good! Oh Baby, relax, we’re not stopping just because you came. I’m gonna go to hell for this but Mommy’s gonna fuck you over and over again. All damn night.”

Her words thrilled Tyler and despite his orgasm, he remained quite firm. He began to stroke again, in and out, nice and slow. She lifted her breasts and he buried his face in her ample cleavage, kissing her soft, warm flesh. His hips rocked as he thrust in and out and Monica couldn’t help but sigh. He was such a handsome boy, and so well endowed. His cock felt huge and filled her. Each thrust made more of his previous load ooze out. She felt it running down her ass, wetting the bed and her excitement grew. She’d always loved the mess, the smell and the sounds of sex. Her pussy made wet, squishy sounds as they fucked and, combined with the sounds of their labored breathing and soft moans, it was like erotic music to her ears. She dropped her breasts and put both hands on his head, guiding his mouth to hers. They kissed passionately and she slipped her tongue into his mouth.

Tyler’s hips began to pump faster and faster. He could hardly believe his good luck. Not only was he no longer a virgin, but he was fucking his beautiful, sexy mom. She had given herself willingly to him and it felt better than he had ever imagined it could. Like most boys, he’d always been aroused and fascinated by titties. And his mom had always been number one on his list. Partly because of her proximity, and partly because of their size, but mainly because of her casual attitude regarding her big tits. He had grown up with them, seen them displayed in various bras, swimsuits, sleepwear, and tops his whole life. She’d never gone topless in front of him but he had been hugged thousands of times. Squished into those massive, soft, fleshy pillows and held there. On a few occasions, for longer than was probably appropriate. And he’d held on too. Escort A couple of times, his face had been smushed into her cleavage. She’d never acted embarrassed, had always treated it as normal behavior and he’d loved every single time. Now he was achieving his dream, gazing at them, watching them bounce and jiggle, kissing, sucking, squeezing, and caressing them.

“God, Mom, you have the most incredible tits!” he said between kisses. “I’ve always wanted to do this, I’ve dreamed of this, but never thought it would actually happen.”

“Awww… that’s sweet.” Monica purred back. “Truth be told, I’ve been tempted on a few occasions to ‘accidentally’ flash you. Just for fun. I thought about it and always chickened out.”

“Oh god…” Tyler mumbled.

“You have such a nice, big cock baby. It feels so good. Take your time, don’t rush it. I want to cherish this moment.”

“I’ve always thought you were beautiful, Mom, and fantasized about making loving to you, but never, ever dreamed it would really happen. Now I can hardly believe it’s true, that I’m not dreaming…” He thrust in deeply and held it there, straining to make his cock swell. Monica gasped. “But it’s really, really happening. I’m really doing it. I’m…”

“Fucking your own mother?” Monica said, raising an eyebrow.

Tyler frowned. “No.,” he said. “I’m making love to the most wonderful, sexy woman I know.” and he kissed her again.

Monica began to rock her hips as he held his rigid cock deep inside her pussy. Their tongues wrestled and their arms encircled each other. Slowly they made love, not rushing, but each striving to savor the experience, to soak it up while it lasted. Monica’s thick thighs stroked Tyler’s body and her hands explored his back, waist, and hips. Tyler kissed her mouth, cheeks, and neck, causing her to moan in delight.

She marveled at his patience. She’d expected him to frantically hump until he came. But he was not. He was thrusting in and out quite slowly, pausing deep inside and used his mouth and hands to include her whole body. He was indeed making love to her, not just fucking her. And she cried. Tears flowed as she discovered her own desire to please him. She cried with joy that freed her heart and lifted her, buoyed her. She felt her orgasm burst like a failing dam, flooding her with an unexpected rush of ecstasy. She pressed her open mouth to his neck and screamed. She screamed as she’d never screamed before. And she came like she’d never cum before. It was the most exhilarating climax of her life. Wave after wave of orgasm flowed outward from her pelvis. It reached her fingers, toes, and scalp, and she held on tightly as fireworks burst behind her clenched eyelids.

Tyler knew she was cumming and her pussy spasmed and clenched his cock tightly. He struggled to thrust a few more times and then his own climax exploded. He grunted and groaned as he spurted his load into her.

Monica felt his cock filling her with his warm cum. Spurt after spurt, he kept cumming. She was amazed both at how much cum he gave her, and how good it felt. Never in her past had she felt this much pleasure from a lover cumming in her. But then, maybe she’d never had this much invested in a lover. Or maybe it really was the size of the load and her pussy filled by his big cock. Bigger than any lover she’d had before. Whatever it was, she was overjoyed by the sensations. As Tyler relaxed and collapsed onto her, she held him tightly and basked in the afterglow of the best orgasm of her life, hell, the best sex of her life.

She knew it was wrong, that she’d crossed the line. But it was too good to ignore her desire to do it again, and again. To feel this happiness and ecstasy, to share it with him. She wouldn’t be his whore, but she wouldn’t deny him when he needed her, just as she knew he wouldn’t deny her. They would explore this taboo experience together, as equals. She realized that she now understood why the other mothers had also violated this cultural taboo. Well, if their experiences were anything like hers that is. She wondered if it could be…

As Tyler’s cock shrank, Monica could feel his huge load of cum starting to seep out. Sadly, her bladder was also screaming for relief. Tyler rolled off, and as his dick slipped from her pussy, Monica tried to clench her vagina as she got up. She failed, and the cum seeped from her pussy and began to run down her inner thigh. She saw herself in the mirror on his dresser and froze. She took in the sight and for the first time saw herself as he might have.

She was 5’7″ and plump. She had a thick waist and a tummy, but her tits and hips were large enough to balance that out. She had nice curves. Her breasts were big and sagged, but were nicely shaped, bottom-heavy with her nipples and areola carried high and on the front of her tits, not drooping towards the ground. Her hair was a mess but a warm chestnut color and nicely complemented her hazel eyes. Her skin was fair and freckled where the sun reached. She had a nice but light bush on her mons venus that faded to peach fuzz on her labia which she shaved. She saw that her hips, though large, were not too big, still quite firm and had a rather nice shape as well. Her legs were thick but nicely shaped from her thighs down to her calves. She couldn’t help but smile. She was still sexy. Full figured, yes. Plump, maybe. But definitely still sexy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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