Montana to L.A. Ch. 04

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Janelle and Kelsey had arrived home early. Looking around, they noticed Jordan had been home but was nowhere to be seen. They went upstairs, Kelsey to her room and Janelle to hers. When Janelle walked in she heard moans emanating from the bathroom. Figuring it was Jordan and Emma, she waited until the girls had finished before walking in on them. Just as she was about to greet them Kelsey arrived in Janelle’s room. Janelle placed a finger to her own lips advising Kelsey to remain quiet. She then tiptoed in just as the girls were catching their breath on the shower floor.

Janelle startled the girls when she smirked, “Well, hello ladies.”

“Janelle!” they exclaimed in unison.

Jordan spoke first, “We were taking a shower and well.”

“I can see that. You both look so clean and fresh. Why don’t you finish your shower, get dressed then tell us about your ‘date’.”

“Yeah, I want to hear all about your horseback ride,” Kelsey giggled.

The girls fumbled around on the floor managing to stand, both beet red from being caught in such a compromising position. Janelle didn’t mind, she enjoyed gazing at their trim delectable bodies wishing she could join them. But with Kelsey there and the promise she’d made earlier she didn’t dare say anything.

“Would you like to stay for dinner, Emma? I don’t know what we’re having yet.”

“If it’s no problem. I’m sure whatever you make will be delicious. I just have my dirty riding clothes to put back on though.”

“I’m sure we can find something for you sweetheart. I really want to hear how the date went. So, finish up and we’ll see you two lovebirds downstairs.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Jordan and Emma replied in unison.

Janelle and Kelsey exited the bathroom leaving the two lovers to actually shower. Jordan opened the shower valve in silence as Emma snuggled against her softly kissing her shoulder. The stream was cold at first causing Jordan to jump back a bit which almost caused a domino effect of them tumbling to the hard tile floor. Emma was a bit quicker on her feet, stepping back just as the water hit her lover.

They managed to soap each other off, wash their hair and rinse off without any more lovemaking. They dried off then scooted to Jordan’s room where she found things for Emma to wear for dinner. Shorts and tee shirts were the preferred attire. Since Jordan and Emma were a ‘couple’ they decided to be a bit more modest around Janelle and Kelsey.

Bounding downstairs, they giggled their way to the kitchen where Janelle was supervising Kelsey in dinner prep. They had changed clothes from their formal business attire to shorts and bikini tops.

Dinner had been prepped by Janelle’s chef as usual and Kelsey was reading the directions to combine the contents of the various tupperware containers at the proper time. The food prep stopped when the girls entered the kitchen. All focus was on them patiently awaiting the horse story. After getting a couple of sparkling waters from the fridge they looked at Janelle and Kelsey.

“What?” Jordan asked as Emma slipped next to her, arm around her waist.

“What do you mean, what? We want to hear how the ride went, silly. It must have been good since you two looked like you were having fun in the shower,” Janelle offered.

“Oh, Janelle. Jordan saved my life!” Emma beamed, kissing her lover on the cheek.

“What?!?!” Kelsey replied, leaning back against the counter, her hands covered in bits of chopped veggies.

Jordan acted as if it were an everyday occurrence, shrugging off her heroine status. Backing up to lean against the fridge she began the tale. All eyes were fixated as she told her version of their ride. She omitted the lovemaking part, instead she described walking around the reservoir leading the horses. Emma remained silent glad Jordan fabricated part of their story. With their tale completed, Janelle smiled as she nodded her head. Kelsey shook hers in disbelief of her sister’s deed.

“I’m glad you’re both are alright. That does sound very scary.” Janelle opened her arms to hug each of the lovers.

Kelsey gave them a look as she washed her hands, “Now are you two lovers or what?”

Jordan sighed and shook her head. Emma looked at her wondering what she was going to say.

Jordan returned Emma’s look, “Kels, yes, we are lovers and more than that I think.”

Emma confirmed Jordan’s statement, “We are Kelsey. I’ve never met anyone like your sister. I want to have a relationship even though you guys are moving back home. I’ll find a way to visit Jordan as often as I can until she knows what she wants. Which I hope is living here. But, I’m willing to travel until then.”

Kelsey’s expression turned to one of amazement, “That could get expensive. Have you ever been to Montana?”

Emma responded, “No, but you guys had never been to L.A. before. I’d love to see your ranch and meet your dad.”

Janelle added, “Speaking of your father, he called and wanted to know when exactly you two would be home. bursa escort bayan I told him we’d discuss it tonight but it shouldn’t be more than a couple of weeks.”

Both girls pouted giving Janelle their sad puppy eyes. Emma clasped onto Jordan not wanting her to go anywhere.

Janelle shook her head, “Don’t give me that look. I’m not going to upset your father. He’s been through enough. You both miss home so don’t tell me you don’t want to go back. You can always come back here any time you want.”

Jordan sighed, “Yes, I do miss home. I’m torn now; home won’t really feel like home without mom.”

Kelsey’s demeanor turned from her usual happy self to one of melancholy. Leaning back against the counter she pondered Jordan’s words. Then as if on cue she and Jordan burst into tears recalling their mother along with the thoughts of her gone and out of their lives.

Emma loosened her grip of Jordan as the sisters began to cry. Janelle opened her arms beckoning her loves. The girls, including Emma embraced Janelle whimpering as they did. For a few tear filled minutes they huddled like that in the middle of the kitchen. Janelle soothing Jordan and Kelsey as best she could with Emma helping. After they returned from their moment of mourning, Janelle released her embrace and they went back to their normal chit chat.

The phone rang and Janelle went to answer it. Emma and Jordan helped Kelsey finish putting dinner together, answering Kelsey’s questions about their date without giving out many more details. Janelle returned telling the girls it was just a friend calling when they asked who it was.

With dinner prepared, they all sat outside under the gazebo talking more about their plans for the next couple of weeks. It was during this talk Janelle asked if there were anything the girls hadn’t done that they’d like to do before heading home. They each had different thoughts but the common one was a professional baseball game. It just happened that the Dodgers were in town over the girls’ final two weeks. Janelle knew a few people with season tickets so she would ask if any were available before she went looking on her own. Emma knew a few also so whoever could find the best seats first would arrange for the tickets.

After dinner Kelsey found the Dodger’s schedule on the internet and she along with Jordan picked a date along with several others they’d like to attend. Now it was up to Emma and Janelle to come through with tickets.

After dinner the foursome sat around the pool. Kelsey and Janelle slipped out of their clothes and swam for a bit while Emma and Jordan talked. Their attention diverted each time Kelsey or Janelle laughed. Their playful antics splashing and teasing looked like fun. Eventually Jordan and Emma joined in the fun. They had a few rounds of ‘Marco Polo’ which was delightful to Janelle; she had an excuse to bump into her darlings and occasionally Emma.

It was beginning to get late so after swimming Janelle suggested Emma stay the night. Emma politely declined, it had been a long day and she need to get up early the next morning. She texted for a ride with an online service as Jordan escorted her upstairs to get her things. They discussed plans to get together more in Jordan’s final weeks at Janelle’s. When her ride showed up they kissed good bye, each wishing the day could last forever.

Janelle and Kelsey said their good byes leaving the two lovers alone. They headed upstairs preferring to shower in Janelle’s room. After Emma left Jordan joined them.

Janelle was soaping Kelsey’s back when Jordan entered the shower, “Hello sweetheart, how are you feeling?”

Jordan ducked her head under the water, “Oh, okay I guess. I really do like Emma but at the same time I’m afraid the long distance thing won’t work.”

Janelle stopped soaping Kelsey, “Emma has the resources to visit you as often as she wants. It’s scheduling it between her shoots which can be anywhere in the world, my love. Give it time, sweetheart.”

Kelsey bumped Jordan out from the shower stream so she could rinse off. Jordan gave her a look and then shrugged it off. She offered her back for Janelle to soap off which Janelle gladly obliged. Janelle enjoyed her time with the girls. They had started taking showers together just after Janelle’s seduction. They found they could relax and talk as easily there as anywhere with Janelle. The older woman refrained from any sexual advances as per her word. The girls trusted her and she didn’t want to lose that trust.

Kelsey gurgled under the shower head, “You could always move back here you know.”

Janelle agreed, “Yes, you both are always welcome here, your father also. I don’t want this to be a one-time thing for you both.”

Jordan having finished being soaped down by Janelle returned the gentle bump to Kelsey knocking her from the water. “I know. I like it here and I like home. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens when we get back.”

Kelsey giggled bumping Jordan bursa anal yapan escort again playfully, “Makes sense to me. You might meet some big ol’ cowboy and fall in love, sis.”

They were facing Janelle talking, Jordan took the hint bumping Kelsey back to the delight of Janelle who stood there holding the washcloth full of body gel, watching as the girls bumped each other back and forth.

“Oh, I don’t know. He’d have to be something after being here. It’s possible but unlikely my dear sister.”


“Stranger things have happened sister dear.”


Each sentence was punctuated with a bump. Not a hard one but a fun one. The girls eventually got into a rhythm with Janelle providing the bass timed in conjunction with each bump. Janelle sat on the shower bench watching her girls dance and bump to some imaginary tune in their heads. It wasn’t a sexually enticing dance but a fun, let it all loose kind of one. When they had finished Janelle applauded, rising up and hugging them both.

“Oh, that was fun girls. You two are so sweet. I don’t know what I’m going to do around here when you’re gone.”

Kelsey snuggled up to Janelle, her arms around the older woman’s waist, “We’ll come back. I promise.”

Jordan snuggled also, not quite as tightly as Kelsey. “Yes, we’ll be back. How could we leave you and not come back? You could come visit us you know.”

“Oh, I will. You two have a very special place in my heart and you know it. I love you both as much as I loved your mother. Maybe twice as much since there are two of you,” she grinned.

Kelsey looked up at Janelle batting her lashes, “Can I sleep with you tonight?”

Janelle was taken aback, “What?”

Kelsey explained, “I did enjoy that night. I know you said you would never do that again. But it’s my choice. Jordan has Emma. I want you. If it’s alright with you and Jordan. That’s why I’m asking now. I don’t want to sneak into your bed or cause a bunch of drama. I’m almost nineteen and I get urges too you know. We don’t have to have sex. I mean I liked sharing the bed with you. I felt comfortable”

Janelle looked at both of them, “If it’s okay with Jordan. I’ve kept my word and I don’t want anything to come between the three of us. Sleeping is perfectly fine, sweetness. That I don’t have any qualms about. “

Jordan thought about it for a few moments, “I don’t mind. Kels is right, I have Emma. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a bit jealous but if you two want to sleep together it’s fine with me. If you make love that’s okay too. I love you both.”

By this time they had all rinsed off and were ready to get out. Janelle was pleased with the outcome of their talk. She didn’t mind sharing her bed with either or both of them. Sex or no sex. She loved having them near her. They dried off making idle chit chat as they did. When finished, Jordan she went to her room, slipped on her panties then slid under the sheets reminiscing about her day. She smiled thinking of Emma and how things had worked out. She managed to keep the sad thoughts at bay, slowly falling asleep with a smile on her face.

Kelsey went to her room, donned her panties then headed back to Janelle’s bed, slipping in next to her ‘mentor’. Janelle kissed her young lover’s lips good night then snuggled against her; delighted that that she was in her bed. Lovemaking would happen but not tonight. It had been a long day and sleep was the priority.

The next day both Janelle and Emma called anyone they could think of that might have Dodger tickets. Emma won the race, a photographer friend had four lower box seats he couldn’t use because she was going on a shoot. Emma promised to pose for her in exchange for the favor. She accepted, looking forward to capturing the ginger beauty in a new set she had constructed. Emma called Janelle first so she didn’t have to look any further then called Jordan. The game was the following Friday night. The Dodgers were playing their rivals, the San Francisco Giants who were leading the division by five games. They decided to meet early for dinner then off to Chavez Ravine.

The game was supposed to start at 7:05. The norm in L.A. used to be arrive late and leave early but the girls had never been to a professional ballgame so they arrived a bit too early. They bought programs, walked around some, and located their seats just past the third base dugout in the second row. They sat and looked around the stadium, amazed at how small the field actually was. Kelsey thumbed through the program looking at all the players’ names and stats. She stopped at one name and thought for a moment.

She looked over at Jordan, “Hey, didn’t you go to high school with a guy named Donny Arcata?”

Jordan looked over at her little sister, “Yeah, he played baseball and was pretty good, why?”

She giggled, “I think he’s playing shortstop for the Dodgers.”


“Look at your program.”

In unison bursa rus escort the other three opened their programs to the roster and there he was. His bright blue eyes, perfect white teeth accentuated by a huge grin stood out from the rest of the line-up.

“Wow, he’s in contention for rookie of the year!” Emma exclaimed.

Janelle looked on the field then casually commented, “He’s number thirty-five and if I’m not mistaken, he’s batting right now.”

As if their heads were on a puppeteer’s string they all looked up from their programs to home plate. As they did the sharp crack of the wooden bat hitting a ball sounded. They watched as the small orb sailed out over center field landing in the bleachers some 400 feet from home plate.

They watched Donny the entire time he took batting practice in awe with how well he hit the ball. When he had finished he walked over to the dugout. The girls’ seats were next to the dining area just past the dugout. Kelsey got up and waved to the ballplayer asking if he went to Skyview high school. He got an odd look on his face then slowly a hint of recognition when he saw Jordan.

They all stood as he walked over, a broad smile on his face.

“It’s Jordan, right? I remember you. You went to prom with Billy Castleton.”

Jordan blushed, surprised he remembered her. But, with a high school of just over fifteen hundred students it would be hard not to recognize anyone after almost five years.

“Yes, I’m surprised you remembered me. This is my sister Kelsey, my aunt Janelle, and my girlfriend Emma.”

“Nice to meet you ladies; I can’t stay and chat. Here let me get you all something real quick.”

He trotted over to the dugout grabbed a few baseballs, gripping them in his hands he returned, “You have a sharpie? I’ll sign these for you.”

Janelle reached into her purse, fumbled around for a few moments then produced a red one. She handed it to him which caused him to drop a couple of the balls. As he was picking them up a few other team members saw him talking to four beautiful women so they wandered over to see if they could help their teammate. The autograph session lasted for about ten minutes as more fans gathered to take advantage of the situation. All four ladies received autographed balls and some flirtations from the players.

The boys were eventually called back in by one of the coaches to get their final game preparations done. Donny told them it was nice to meet them lingering on Kelsey a bit longer than Jordan. They returned to their seats admiring the gifts they had received.

Janelle was the first to speak, “We should have done this earlier in the season. Did you see how he looked at Kels?”

That made Kelsey blush. Both Emma and Jordan chimed in adding to her embarrassment. They teased her for a little more then letting it drop as the Dodgers took the field. Donny briefly looked over at them as he took his position at shortstop. They tossed around the infield ball as the pitcher made his final warm up throws. The crowd stood for the playing of the national anthem. Donny managed to look over at the ladies briefly and Janelle thought she saw Kelsey smile back at him out of the corner of her eye.

Kelsey tried to be stealthy but Janelle could see her gazing at Donny. He seemed to look over and linger on them while the song was playing more than he probably would have had they not been there. Janelle made a mental note to find out who his agent was to see if she could set something up between Kelsey and Donny.

Despite the lack of time remaining in their visit, she thought she could at least find out more about the boy that seemed to catch Kelsey’s eye.

The game was fairly entertaining due to both pitchers and the bull pens having an off night. The final score was ten to eight with the Giants winning the opener of the three game series. The girls sampled the “Dodger dogs” and some of the vendor food that was available. Not the healthiest fair but it was their first major league ball game and Janelle wanted it to be memorable.

On the way home Jordan and Emma were snuggling in the back seat, whispering to each other and giggling. Janelle conversed with Kelsey about the game going over the various plays and the night overall. Since it was Friday night Emma was staying over much to the delight of Jordan. They arrived home around eleven o’clock said their good nights, pairing off to the respective bedrooms.

As they were getting ready for bed Janelle asked Kelsey what she thought about Donny. She wasn’t teasing her young lover but was curious if she should follow through on her thoughts to find out more about him.

Managing to speak coherently while brushing her teeth, Janelle began her inquiry, “Kels, baby, what did you think of Donny?”

She pondered for a moment, “He is cute and he can play baseball I guess. He was popular back in high school from what I remember. I didn’t actually know him.”

Janelle thought for a second then, “Would you like to talk with him more?”

Kelsey replied, “I’m sure he has lots of women wanting him. He’s good looking, makes a lot of money and is probably a really nice guy. Besides, he has baseball to keep him busy. I’m sure he doesn’t have time to bother with some girl from his old high school. Even if he was interested in me.”

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