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Big Tits

I was surfing on the Internet the other day when I noticed my friend Steve was also online. A few buttons pushed here and there and we were both in communication.

I promptly thanked him for a nice night we both had with his wife the other night. Randi is such a turn on anyway.

Steve said, “We decided to get away and are at the motel just goofing around and would you like to come over and play”? This perked up my interest some so I asked him what he had in mind. He said, “We have another person coming over here and Randi though it might be fun to have you over as well”.

Being with Randi the other night was pretty exciting and I could only guess what would go on if I went over there with Steve, Randi, the other guy and myself. It wasn’t too late and it was a Saturday night so I said I would be right over.

Steve and the other guy were waiting out in the parking lot waiting for me. Steve wanted to take us both up there at the same time. Dave was the other guys name as we were introduced. Steve asked us if we were ready to have some fun and Dave and I both said we were. Steve said “I have to tell you that Randi is way turned on about all of this. When I left her up there she was dancing all around the room”.

We got up there and I went straight to Randi for a hug. With a big smile, she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big kiss. She said, “I kind of missed you and I’m glad you could make it”. I could feel her breasts pushing against me and her hips grinding against my cock.

We broke this off and Steve introduced Randi to Dave. She said “It’s nice to meet you too” as she wrapped her arms around him and gave this new guy a big hug. The same breasts I had just felt pressing against my chest and pussy against my cock were now doing the same to Dave.

It’s interesting to watch the same woman who had just turned you on do the same thing to another person. I knew what he was feeling as I watched the both of them grind into each other.

I didn’t want to break this action up between them so I just said to Steve that he wasn’t joking about Randi being turned on. Steve said “you should know by now that kartal escort I don’t joke about Randi when she is in the mood”.

Dave was feeling her breasts up quite well by now. Randi was starting to moan and with her hands, started to feel Dave up as well. Dave took this as a sign of approval and started to become bolder in his actions.

The first piece of clothing to be taken off of Randi was her top. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her breasts were open now for me and Steve to watch. We had made ourselves comfortable in the chairs and were enjoying this show between them.

Randi was encouraging Dave by telling him “oh yes do that and mmmmm” over and over. Her hands had become just as bold as Dave’s were and started feeling him up between his legs as well. Randi didn’t have any underwear on either as her pants slid off and showed us her soft kitty.

Randi laid down on the bed on her back and Dave was quick to follow. Her legs opened wide for him as he said out loud “oh a shaven pussy”. It was true. It looked like she had just shaven and it was all smooth and wet. “I think that kitty is about to get soaked” I heard Steve say as Dave lowered his head to taste Randi’s lips.

As Dave started tasting, Randi’s hips moved up as she wrapped her legs around his head. “Oh yes just please don’t stop” were the words she kept saying over and over. I knew I had to get these tight pants off and stood up to loosen them.

Dave must have thought the same thing as he stood up and started undressing. Randi saw what I was doing and gave me a long “mmmmmm” sound. Before my pants were even off I moved over to the bed and held my cock out to her. Randi moved a little my way and took my cock in deep past her lips.

I had felt her sexy mouth and lips on my cock before and was reminded how skilled her tongue was as she opened her mouth wider to take me all the way. With this done, I was rewarded by watching her cheeks cave in as she sucked on my cock and felt my balls. She looked up at me and smiled as if to tell me she was enjoying this as much as I was.

Dave was naked now as he moved to the bed and started maltepe escort bayan to rub her ass, which she also enjoyed by moaning with my cock still in her mouth. This was getting to be too much for me as I told her I had to get out of these clothes. She pulled her mouth off of my cock and told me “Ok but hurry back”. As I moved off, she motioned for Dave to lay down on the bed in front of her. As she put it to him, “Just lay in front of me and get comfortable”.

Dave was of pretty good size and was turned on. When he was comfortable, Randi moved to him and took his cock all the way in. I watched her work on him, slowly at first and then building speed. Moaning as she was, we all could tell she was enjoying having a cock there in her mouth, showing off how deep she can take it in.

By now my clothes were on the chair and it wasn’t too hard to figure out where I was going to fit. Randi’s ass was just too inviting. Since I like to be in her from behind, I just stepped up to her and rubbed my cock all over between her legs. I reached down and felt her bare pussy and she was soaked, swollen and wide open. I thought to myself how way turned on she is.

Rubbing the head of my cock up and down her pussy caused Randi to open up wider as she told me “Oh yes just stick your cock in and fuck me”. That was all I needed to hear. As I pushed in, I noticed her head moving up and down faster and faster on Dave. I grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy down hard on my cock while I shoved in. We all got into a movement of fucking, sucking, pushing and pulling on each other. I’m sure it had started to turn Steve on as I noticed him by the bed, naked, also turned on and watching.

Dave suggested that we switch so I moved off. Dave laid flat and motioned for Randi to sit down on his cock. With a quick movement, she had Dave deep inside her. I moved up on the bed in front of her as she started giving Dave his fuck of the night. With a quick motion, she took me in her mouth and started giving me her own quality blow job.

It was just too shaky on the bed for me to be standing, so I moved off and watched her get it on escort pendik with Dave. Randi kept up her “oh don’t stop” words when Steve stepped up to her from behind. With Dave still inside her pussy, Steve moved up behind Randi with his KY soaked cock and buried it deep in her ass.

I had the pleasure to watch Randi’s facial expressions as Steve pushed in and started giving her the fuck she wanted. It was like she did not expect a double at the same time tonight, but a double it was and her expressions were too sexy. There is just something about what a woman shows on her face when she has two cocks in her when she likes to fuck anyway. The surprise expressions turned into pleasure as she took control and started pleasing both cocks at the same time.

They were all starting to loose control when Steve let loose inside her first. Randi was close with her release coming soon and Dave was also close. Dave wanted to stand so he stood up and she laid down on her back Dave slid his cock in her pussy and started humping her faster than before as she wrapped her legs around him. I couldn’t help but move up to her and placed my cock up to her lips and watched her suck me in.

I was about to come hard and told Randi so. Dave told us his was coming and both him and I pulled out of her. Dave moved up to her chest as I also moved my cock to her breasts and started feeling her pussy. Randi grabbed our cocks and started pumping us with her hands

That must have been exactly what we all needed as Dave and I both started to cover her breasts with our cum. Seeing and feeling fresh hot cum being splashed on her breasts sent her pussy into overdrive as she started coming. After her release, Randi then started to tongue bathe Dave and I, one at a time. With our cocks all licked and clean, she started to rub our cum all around and into her perfect breasts. With a big smile she says, “You know that fresh cum is the best man made lotion there is.” We had to agree with this as we now watched her clean her fingers one at a time.

After we all recovered, we left Randi in bed, looking sexy as ever. She told us “Lets do this again soon” as Steve walked us back outside. Dave and I thanked Steve for inviting us over as he told us Randi just loved to have friends visit. He said there may be another party soon. He said he would be in touch.

There was no doubt in my mind that Randi would need more attention.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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