Morning Love

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He could feel her rubbing herself against his thigh like a cat and he knew that if a woman could purr she would be. He didn’t open his eyes, pretending to still be asleep. He just lay there waiting for what he knew would be coming next. Her hand moved down from where it lay on his chest further under the sheets until it rested at the top of his groin. Her hand paused there for only a matter of seconds before it swept to his cock and he drew in a breath as he felt her hand grasp it. She murmured in his ear, “I’m horny Ryan. Take me.”

He opened his eyes then as if his wife had just given him permission to. He turned his head and looked into her face and saw the desire for sex all over it. He turned on to his side and kissed her tenderly on the lips and she returned it with some force. He smiled in the kissing and returned the force as his hands swept down her back and then back up it, feeling the gentle ridges of her spine.

His hands swept into her hair and he tangled his fingers into and then softly pulled her head back so he could kiss her neck. He heard her moan and gave her skin a little nibble before moving on. Her back ached as she rolled on to it and she felt his lips round her hardening nipples, brown against the paleness of the rest of her white breasts. His tongue teased one as with the other hand he gave the other a gentle squeeze with the tips of kartal escort two of his fingers.

He swapped round as her fingers tried to find a grip on his back. She mumbled, “More, please.”

“We have nothing else to do so we can take our time, can we not?” But even he was trying to restrain himself especially as she pushed him over so she could give him some attention. She smiled down at him with her eyes full of lust and the smile one of conspiracy. He returned it and she just caught a glimpse of it before she went to circle her tongue round one of his own nipples. He closed his eyes and a sigh of bliss escaped his lips. Steadily she moved down his chest giving soft kisses on the way down until she reached his half erect penis from earlier. She ran her hand down it and teasing she asked, “Do you want more?”

He nodded and attempted to speak, “Yes.” But it came out as a hoarse whisper.

She smiled and bent to run her tongue up the length of his manhood. Reaching the top she ran the tip of her tongue around the edge and over the small ridge that was the most sensitive. He gasped and made fists of his hands.

A hand ran over his balls and gave them a loving squeeze before slipping to the edge of his anus where she rubbed at it at the same time as her tongue ran over his cock. She felt his cock jump from the attention of her tongue maltepe escort bayan and she let out a giggle. He looked to her and asked, “What was that for?”

“Nothing, just remembering.”

“Come here…” He pulled her gently up his body so she once again towered over him and ran his hand down her back and down her buttocks to crept pass them to her wet opening, her flower as she liked to teasingly call it when she had been a virgin.

He found her small peak that was her clit and began to rub at it. She closed her eyes and moaned as he stirred her nerves and hormones up. He reached up and kissed her moaning lips as he rubbed harder and then let a finger slip inside her. She moaned again and clung to him as shivers went through her. He withdrew the finger and she moaned in complaint but then a sigh of happiness came rapidly after as he put two fingers in. He murmured, “You are certainly horny this morning and so sexy and so…” He didn’t finish as she pushed her lips hard against his. Releasing his lips she moaned, “The other as well… the other.”

With a finger he drew some of her cum up to her anus, the hole she only let touch with a finger. With what he thought was enough lubricate he slipped a finger in at the same time as the other. She moaned aloud as she felt herself feeling full. He remarked, “You do like that don’t you?”

She escort pendik nodded with a smile of pleasure.

He drew them in and out for a few moments and then returned to her vagina. His cock was demanding to get in and feel the tightness of her. He felt her running the lips of her opening up and down his cock and he had to restrain himself. With a teasing smile she asked, “Do you want me like I want you?”

“Oh God, yes.”

With a hand she soft guided it into her wet warm opening and let it enter her until he was completely engulfed by her narrow bodily tunnel. He moaned, “Never had children. I love this tightness.”

She only smiled as she rose up and down, feeling him inside her and causing her to have an orgasm that he never knew about, one that left her feeling complete from the fact he was the prefect length for her. As she lay so close to him he took a nipple in his mouth and softly tugged at it making her moan again as with the other lay on her hip, guiding her to go a little faster.

In one swift movement he turned her over, her legs wrapping themselves round his knees as he turned her on to her back with his cock only half coming out. He growled as he felt frustration rising in him. He wanted to come; she was making him so horny and hot. With her feet resting hard against his buttocks he thrust deep into her repeatedly with her only moaning from the pleasure of it. His breathing became heavier as he pounded his balls against her and then he felt him come deep inside her and dropped to lie on her. She hugged him tight and kissed him softly in his hair while a smile of peace lay on her face…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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