Mother and Daughter Ch. 02

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It was a week after that rainy evening. Vandana had gone to the Mall to shop. There she saw the twins, Karan and Rahul walking towards the parking lot. She wanted to meet them for another session.

She followed them through the winding traffic. Lost them in the traffic signal. She decided to visit her mother Maheshwari. As she neared her mother’s house, she the twin’s two wheeler parked near the gate.

A smile of anticipation creased her lips. She involuntarily licked her lips. She quietly opened the gates, walked around and entered through the screen door to give them a surprise.

She stopped and slid behind the curtains. Her mom and the boys were undressing in the front room. So fast…she was intrigued. Then she saw her mother lead them towards her shower.

Confident that they were alone, she did not shut the bedroom door. Three of them crowded below the shower. They huddled together under the cool shower. The boy’s were all over Maheshwari. Vandana controlled her desire to join them. She felt her juices running down. Saliva dripped down from her open mouth.

Just by looking at them rubbing each other, she felt her boobs swell, nipples going taut. She started fingering herself. Her own smell so overwhelming.

With her eyes glazed she looked at her mother sandwiched between the virile boys. Karan held her close kissing her, while Rahul had his nose buried between her buns Escort bayan at the back. Karan’s cock rubbing her between her thighs was kissing Rahul’s chin. Both held Maheshwari in a tight grip.

After a while Maheshwari loosened herself from the boy’s and stepped out. They dried each other. Karan and Rahul flanked Maheshwari to the bed. She just crawled on to the bed and lay spread with her legs open.

Vandana wondered, even at this age her mom looked so voluptuous and beautiful.

Rahul turned her on her stomach and started rubbing his thick cock up and down her ass crack. She spread her legs wide. Her hole was so small compared to his cock. She reached across to her bedside table and took her cream and gave him.

Karan took the cream in his palm and applied it on his brother’s cock and put the cream nozzle in her hole and spurted it. Now Rahul pulled Maheshwari by her hips and her bottom jutted out.

Rahul placed his thick cock on the blob of cream covering her hole and gently pushed. Slowly his cock slid in. Maheshwari tightly held the pillow, her teeth clenched. Steadily Rahul’s cock slipped in. In a short while his whole cock was inside her. She relaxed and smiled.

Karan slid below her took her nipples to suck. It was the most erotic sight happening in slow motion. Vandana stood silent. It was something very very beautiful the way everything was happening.

Rahul Bayan escort was still with his eyes closed, hands holding her hips, cock deep inside her ass hole.

Maheshwari started to move forward and backward. The cream had made it smooth and slippery. The sensation was too much to Rahul, the way her anal muscles held him tight. He started humping her in a frenzy.

Maheshwari was telling him to go slowly and enjoy. But he couldn’t control. He just humped her and pulled her back to himself. He buckled shooting his liquid inside her. He slumped on her. She slid back prone on her stomach.

Karan waited patiently. Maheshwari a stickler for cleanliness, pushed away Rahul and walked to the shower to get cleaned. Rahul was exhausted. The lady was too much even for a young virile stud. She came back smiling. Got on to the bed and took Karan’s cock to her mouth. Few sucks after she asked Karan to mount her.

He just plunged inside her. She hugged him and asked him to lie down quiet on her. Gently she pulled up his lips to her mouth and sucked him. She wouldn’t allow him to move.

She started sucking on his cock using her vaginal muscles as if milking a cow. This set his balls to erupt. Karan couldn’t control , he came pouring his jism. Both boys sat on each side of her looking at her in awe and surprise. She pulled their heads down to suck her nipples. Both had a roaring Escort erection.

Karan sat on her stomach and slid his cock holding her big breasts together. He started humping. His cock touched her chin every time he came forward. Rahul sat by her side and fed his cock. She just loved to look at it and lick it. It was very, very erotic and vandana was exhausted having peaked so many times.

Both boys came to her open mouth and emptied their juice. She eagerly swallowed and licked them clean.

The boy’s were satisfied to their tiredness. They hugged from both sides licking her body. She was content. That which she missed so much, she was able to get it now.

Vandana waited

The boy’s hesitantly asked Maheshwari whether they could bring their dad. He was in his fifties. She didn’t answer. They continued that after their mother passed away he was a loner. Few times they had seen him masturbating looking at his mobile. She replied that she needed to talk to her daughter first.

The boy’s wanted vandana also for the next meeting. She agreed immediately. But she wouldn’t answer about their dad.

After the boy’s left vandana entered from the front door. Maheshwari sat beside her narrated the incidents coherently. Vandana was happy for her mom.

Vandana asked her mom about the boy’s request for their dad. She said that vandana would be ideal for the elderly gentleman. Maheshwari then explained that an elderly man would be more patient and would indulge in more foreplay than youngsters. Now Vandana wanted that to happen immediately.

Her mom assured her that the boy’s would come back for more.

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