Mother Confesses Incest to Priest

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This is a transcript of a recent chat. It has been spell checked but the text retains a certain frenzy in parts. The names have been changed to protect the naughty. Rather enjoyed the religious imagery.


Dominant Stranger Becomes Father Matthew in Jessica’s Confession.

Are you in the mood for confession tonight, church mommy. I suspect you have naughty thoughts to explore.

I have many

I know you do, naughty mommy. Describe your body.

I am 5’7″, 142, blonde, green eyes

You please me. How old are you


How many kids and how old


sons 25, 21 and 19. daughter is 23

Hmm, all adults. Do they know you have naughty thoughts

they do

we have told them

Like what

that their mom is open minded

and she plays

Have they seen you with strange cock

they have

Mmm, and has it become a family affair?

we are all open minded

I would like to ask you some very explicit questions about it and would like honest explicit answers.


What was the first time you had something sexual with one or more of your kids

not till they were adults

I understand and appreciate. Please tell me about the first time, bearing in mind that all were of age.

Hello? Which did you “encounter” first under what circumstances

I was their 18th birthday gift

Mmm, are they twins?

No, I followed it as a tradition

I have 3 sons and a daughter

A family tradition that you started or had it been in your or hubby’s family too

I initiated it for future, but I was shared on my 18th too

By your Daddy

and brothers

Had they been sexual with you before


Did you know what was going to happen on your 18th

I did not.

I am thoroughly enjoying your story by the way and hope it is arousing for you to confess it.

It is.

I have confessed it in real life too

Have you told the story often

I have to a few

I like details especially about your thoughts at the very beginning. If it was a movie, and you wanted the audience to explain how and why it happened, what would be the opening scene.

To understand I mean

I have confessed it in church also

Does that make you wet

to absolve me of my sins

I would like to take your confession with my cock rammed up your holes

oh yesss

Yes, I would use you in a way your family never has, because I would build my dominance around your story. You would confession and my punishment would be mighty.

how would you use me

What is your first name


I would pull you across my lap, naked, open, vulnerable, exposed, helpless, seeking penance, dripping like a hungry church mommy incestuous cum slut as I took your confession.

while everyone watches?

Yes, you will be the scapegoat, punished in front of your whole family like a sacramental whore

Oh yes

Hmm, were did you go little jessica mommy church slut

I am still here

Are you anglican or catholic


I love to fuck a catholic wife up her ass as I take her confession

Would that arouse you, Escort bayan jessica

that would be wonderful

Have you ever been used that way

I have been taken up my ass, but not while I am confessing

Mmm, that is what I am talking about. What are you wearing now

tank top and shorts

Describe your body

5’7″, 142, blonde, green eyes, 36DD 30 38

Mmm. Take your shorts down and stick your 38 inch ass up in the air, I want you completely exposed like the heathen sinful animal you are.

I am waiting, jessica. (Spanking your ass hard.)

right now?

family is at home

Are you on a laptop


Take it into the toilet and lock the door.

I am in my room though

so, I guess I can

Good slut wifey

let me take off my shorts

Oh, you may, my child

bare ass-ed now

Reach back an finger your anus


No, but you can start slow. Imagine my dominant authorization figure doing it to you in the confessional

index finger over my anus

Playing with your anus, getting you ready for the punishment and dirty absolution you are about to receive

Teasing it aggressively

mmm yes

Call me Father every time you message me

yes Father

(may I ask your age?)


Ok Father

(Would you like to use the name of an actual priest you know?)

(your wish)

Yes, the oldest one you know



Would you enjoy Father Mathew’s index finger authoritatively teasing your anus as he takes your confession, jessica

I would love that Father


Have you thought of that before

No Father

Have you ever had a chat like this before

No Father

(I am not catholic so you may have to guide Father Matthew’s hand so that he can violate you in the most degrading way you need for absolution, church mommy daughter slut.)

Set the scene. What day to you go to confession. What circumstances have led to you and Father Matthew as the only ones there. Describe the confessionals at your church.

Father is waiting jessica

I always go to Church on Sundays and Wednesdays

I stay late on Sundays to clean the church

Go on, fill me in on the details. When you are not typing, feel Father Matthew’s index finger probing your sins

Father is waiting jessica

and confess it to Father Mathew after everyone leaves and after I finish cleaning

What do you wear to clean

Such a shame you rushed off in such a hurry you forgot to wear underwear

the same dress that I have worn to Church

Father Matthew has been enjoying watching your fat ass as you scrub, there is a tent in his hassock

I confess to Father Nathaniel on Wednesdays

So this is Sunday

yes Father,

Talk me through it. How do you start? From now on you will speak what you say in confession out loud as you type.

yes Father


Confession or cleaning?

Tell me about the moment you stop cleaning and move to the confessional, but you have been feeling father’s eyes on you, his hard, powerful priestly eyes

yes Father Mathew always observes me as I clean Bayan escort and talks to me

He wants to ram his priestly up your hungry incestuous sinful mommy daughter asshole, jessica

after I finish cleaning, I rub off my sweat with the towel that I have brought

I am almost licking my lips at your sweat

and ask Father Mathew that I need to confess my sins

For the first time you notice an erection, the size of a horse

(staring at his erection) Father, may I

Out loud, bitch

(And what does Father say)

we walk towards Sacrament

Father usually tells me yes my child and walks with me to the Sacrament of Penance

I reach down and cup your fat ass, taking the towel from you and pushing it to my lips, inhaling it. It is muffled but it almost sounds like, “Yes get your fat ass over to the sacrament of penance, bitch.)

Yes Father, I have sinned again,

I need to be absolved of my sins

Where exactly are we now, what does it look like, is there a booth

yes it is a booth with doors on either side and there is a veil where I face Father Mathew and kneel to confess

Today Father slips into one side of the booth with you. Today you must confess closer to God my child

(we sometimes take off the veil for cleaning too)

(but most people prefer to have the veil to confess)

But today were are both in the same booth. As you kneel I kneel behind you and you feel Father’s massive horse cock through his cassock nestling between the cheeks of your fat incestuous ass, jessica

yes Father

(The next time you confess to Father Matthew you will imagine his cock pressing up behind you as you confess through the veil as if he is in to places at once like the holy spirit.)

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. My last confession was last week and these are my sins

(And you will wear no underwear that day.) Go on my child (I tweak your nipple.)

(yes Father I will)

(Your goal will be to get him hard.) What do you confess my child

Out loud as you type

(he would not be behind me)

(he will always be facing me)

(Yes, that is what you imagine as you face him he is also behind you. You speak into his hear and feel his cock against your pantie-less ass.)

(As you think of our chat.)

My sins are, Father, I have slept with 5 other men outside of my marriage, since I confessed last week

Father is waiting to hear your sins, jessica

(sure Father, I would)

“What holes did they enter, my child?”

(I am saying it out loud)

You please me

Go on

They entered in all of my holes, Father

Say them each out loud and a hail mary for each

In my pussy, Father. Hail Mary. In my Anus, Father, Hail Mary. In my mouth, Father, Hail Mary

I lift up Father Matthew’s robe and your church dress and you feel his holy horse cock pressed between your cheeks and throbbing anus) Go on my child, (I grunt)

I am sorry for all my sins with all my heart. In choosing to do wrong and failing good, I have sinned against you.

God, have mercy.

I reach out and rip the front of your dress down and maul your tits. Tell Father all, bitch Escort mommy slut I growl into your ear

I have let all these men take me whenever and wherever they want Father.

Even straight after Church

Bullshit, says Father unexpectedly. You have been spreading your cunt and asshole for your own family you whore of Babylon

yes Father, as I confessed last week, I have been spreading my legs for my whole family

Father takes his big holy cock, long thick and veined like stained glass, big ecclesiastical head dripping with sacramental precum, big hairy balls hanging halfway down my thigh like bowling balls, and I nudge the head up against your anus about to enter the doors of Sodom

arghhh, yes Father.

I pull back on your hair, grunt, lean forward and the big holy head pops into your dirty hole

Forgive me Father, for all my sins

Confess daughter of Babylon, I growl as I begin to push forward widening your asshole

I have let all my sons take me Father. I have bedded with all of them since they turned adults

I have been their personal whore Father

Say each one’s name out loud and the filthiest thing you have done with each as I begin to ram deeper into your dirty mommy hole, jessica

Father is waiting for your confession as he fucks your ass as you kneel in the confessional and he makes you a priest whore jessica

Mike, the eldest son has fucked me hard for 7 years now Father and has knocked me up twice Father

Fucking reaming your dirty hole as the confessional fills with your barnyard aroma. Confess all

Whore bitch mommy slut I growl into your ear as I ream you

Pete, my second son has fucked me for the past 3 years and shares me with his friends Father

Do they fuck your ass as I am doing now jessica

Andrew, my last son has been fucking me for past 2 years and he likes it when I suck his anus Father

As HARD as this I say and the pounding now is like the vengeance of heaven as I pull your hair, slap your ass and stretch your cow teats

yes Father , they do fuck my ass


yes Father, bless me


Father, please bless me and absolve me of my sins by cumming deep in my dirty and filthy asshole


Oh yes Father, Thank you. Thank you for your blessings

Clean Father’s holy sceptre

I turn back to clean it well

And now I turn to let you clean me thoroughly as you have serviced andrew

yes Father

Five days now until you clean the church on Sunday with this naughty script playing in your head and no panties

yes Father, I will do that

I am here

You please me. And how did you enjoy our game of confession

I am so wet

Transfer your juices to your mouth and slurp it up

yes Father

Do you often get this wet in chat, my child

not this much Father

When I spoke to her again:

This if Father Matthew, did you follow the penance I gave you, my child?

oh yes Father I did

Tell Father

(But she had to go. We have not yet concluded our conversation.)

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