Mother-in-law’s Discovery

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This is a rather long story, but I think well-worth taking the time to read. You’re never too old to discover your new inner desires!

Finally, after all these years


I’m Jack, and this story starts many years ago, first having met my mother in law when she was about 50 years old, and who is now in her mid-seventies. It was soon after I met my wife, Carol, when she introduced me to her family. Her father was a rough, animal type of character—not someone you wanted to mess with, ever, but that’s another story in itself.

Carol’s mother, Maryann, had a cold personality—the “in charge” type with piercing blue eyes, short blond hair, quite attractive and a tough attitude. And a really nice little body; I was immediately attracted to her. I came to find out over the years that she was catty, childish and spoiled, even mean in many ways. To me, this seemed to be all the more reason to have her, and to dominate her. It made her a challenge.

We maintained a nice relationship over the years, and at some point, it became a little flirty, she being the one to initiate the flirting. And over time, she actually came on to me on a number of occasions. I avoided pursuing these advances because, as I said, my father in law was crazy dangerous. I was very careful how I acted around her when he was around.

The first time she made an advance, was at one of her large holiday parties, I recall walking into the kitchen. She was there alone preparing snacks, as I walked in, she turned to me with a rather fat salami in her hand, which she was slicing, raised her eye brows and smiled at me, holding it sexily in her hand showing it to me. I smiled back and let the moment go, not believing what just happened. Oh, I knew what she was doing, but couldn’t really act on it with a house full of people, including my wife.

The second time came and was a bit more overt. My wife and I arrived early on a Christmas morning to have breakfast together with her parents, and then as tradition has it, they would begin to prepare the food for the holiday dinner. My father in law was out of the house having gone to get cigarettes for himself and a paper, and my wife was off in another part of the house wrapping some gifts. Maryann had on a robe, and offered me coffee; breakfast was not ready yet. I said sure and sat in my usual seat at one end of the table. She brought the coffee, a cup for herself as well. Having just showered, she smelled fresh and just great. She sat to my right side and turned to face me. As she did, she adjusted the tie on her robe, but loosened it. Her robe slowly opened a bit at the waist, revealing her milky-white thighs and legs, and a skimpy pair of red panties. Her legs were beautiful. Not long like a model, but nicely shaped and delicious looking. Her soft inner thighs pressed up against her red panties were making me crazy—I always enjoyed getting my lips and tongue on inner thighs. She looked down at her legs, but did nothing to cover up, then just looked up and stared at me. I was looking at her legs and then looked back at her. For a moment, we were both just lost in this moment–her exposing her legs and panties, me almost drooling, enjoying the view. She stayed that way smiling and making casual conversation for a while as I continued to glance down at the view, and only turning towards the table and covering up when we heard my wife coming down the hall. God, how I wanted to eat her right there and then, and she knew it.

The third one I recall vividly. It was an outdoor party, and we were at a buffet, on line next to each other. She took a small sandwich, but then decided she didn’t want it, and put it back. I said to her, “Hey, don’t put it back. You touched it, you have to eat it.” With that, she turned to me, her face sexily smiling. I never knew it was coming– as she smiled at me, she ran her hand across my jeans, right across my cock and said “And how about that?” So now, without a doubt, I knew what this woman wanted (as if I wasn’t sure before!). At the very least, she seemed to want to suck my cock.

Fast-forward about 25 years. A lot happened, and things sure changed. My family and her family became estranged due to the antics of her parents, and a family of very hostile people, so we had no contact with them for well over 20 years. My father in law passed away during that time, and the hell that was him was finally gone. Maryann was now about 75, and not so in-charge anymore. Having lost most everything due to poor or no financial planning, she was living in a simple apartment, had a boyfriend for a couple of years during that time, and was mostly alone. Finally, my wife reached out to Maryann, and they began talking again. And now and then, she will spend a couple of nights here and there at our house. Not often–my wife cannot tolerate her for too long, and I can’t blame her; her mother was a bitch over the years.

Myself, I was always attracted to older women, and that only grew over time. Most of the porn I look at is mature ladies, amateurs, doing really hot, nasty stuff. And any women I spent time with were older, and a couple were as kinky as I was, which was a pleasure. And I love ass. Anything Ankara bayan escort to do with it—mine and theirs. I love to lick, finger and fuck ass, and I love the same being done to me. I can get extremely kinky. Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t want anything to do with me physically, at all—she has totally shut-down. And even though I’m in very nice shape and fairly attractive, I still work long hours and have little time to go out looking. I have to get lucky and stumble upon someone—easier said than done. So of course, now my mind is wandering to my mother in law, Maryann, and her ass. Still a nice little figure, even at her age, and now no crazy husband to fear. I know she was a tease (and believe she was serious), and I couldn’t help but wonder if her thoughts were still as hot as they used to be towards me. And now that she was visiting now and then, I made it a point to try and find out—how “wonderfully wrong” of me. If she still had any fire at all, this could prove to be fun.

Maryann was staying over for a weekend during the summer. My wife brought her over on a Friday afternoon, and after I got home from work Maryann and I sat on the deck sharing a bottle of red wine as my wife prepared dinner. I had always joked around with her, being vaguely flirty at times and saying very funny, but irreverent and shocking things. Now, I decided to be much more forward with her. We had both had a couple of glasses of wine, so my words came out easily. She had on a pair of jeans with sandals and a yellow t shirt. She looked trim and pretty damn good for someone in their mid-seventies.

We were laughing and chatting when I made one of my irreverent comments and asked her if she put her clothes away in the spare bedroom yet, including her panties. She giggled and said “I sure did!”. And the conversation went from there…

Are they little or big, old-lady bloomers?

They’re small!

Really? How small are they? Are they sexy?

Of course!

Well, I want to see them!

OK, I’ll show you when we go inside!

This conversation went quickly, and we were laughing the entire time. She was loving the flirty attention, and I was getting her comfortable with me being more forward; she was enjoying every minute of it. Sure enough, after dinner, I happened to walk by the spare bedroom, and she called out to me, held up a pair of small, pastel-striped panties and said “Hey Jack, you see, these are small, right?”

Wow! They’re pretty hot for an old bag!

Hey stop that, I’m not so old. You’re getting up there too buddy!

You’ll always be older, but I have to admit, you still look great. And it’s good to see you again.

She walked over and kissed me on the cheek and whispered. “You don’t mean that.” I immediately whispered back, “Oh, yes I do.” As I whispered back I placed my right hand on her waist and gave it a little squeeze. I could swear she leaned into it.

My wife came by soon after and asked what we were yapping about, and I said, “Just making sure the old lady has her clothes put away.” She’s all set in here.”

The next day, Saturday, was beautiful out as well and in the morning my wife took Maryann out shopping. That afternoon, I was lying out on the deck, getting some sun when they arrived home. Once again, we had some wine, but this time my wife was with us, so I didn’t have a chance to steer the conversation the way I wanted. But that evening, we moved a bit further on—actually a lot further on.

My wife was inside cleaning up from dinner, then on the computer for a bit, then in the shower. This left Maryann and I alone to chat for a good 45 minutes. I thought now might be a good time to steer the conversation to a new place. We were talking about getting some sun and I told her I wished I could sunbath nude on our deck, and that I missed not having the nude beach to go to—they shut it down to nude sunbathing. She continued…

You did that? You like being nude with all those people around?

Of course. It’s a wonderful feeling being nude. I love it.

“I would do that!” She continued.

Really? That’s great. You enjoy being nude?

Yes, in fact, I sleep naked. It’s something I told that guy I was seeing for a while when we first met. We didn’t do anything–he had no interest in sex for whatever reason, but I had to tell him so he wouldn’t be too shocked about it.

Wow, that’s great. Shit, I would love someone to sleep nude with me!

Being naked is a great feeling of freedom, she said.

Then I continued…

Well, I think that’s great. I love being naked, and spend time around the house naked whenever I can. You know Carol wants no part of me sexually, and doesn’t like anyone seeing her naked at all, even me—she really has some problems, you know. So she doesn’t like it if I spend time naked when she’s around—she thinks everything is “disgusting.” We’re just roommates, really, which is very difficult for me.

This was the most I had ever confided in her, ever. And she was quite surprised hearing this.

She continued…

It’s too bad about this, It’s just no good. It must be very hard for you to deal with.

It is. Escort bayan Ankara It’s not easy on me at all. Early every morning, before I go out to the gym, I spend that time naked, doing what I have to do around the house. I love it. It’s all I have now. Like this morning, I was naked in the kitchen getting stuff ready for breakfast before I left for the gym. Did you hear me in there?

No I didn’t. I can’t believe you were walking around the house naked just this morning! What if I got up?!

So now I’ve really got her thinking. I’m amazed she likes to be naked, but really not that surprised—she was always a hot lady. And she seemed surprised how I think the same way about being nude. Now I didn’t care what I said to her—this was only going to get better, and hotter. So I just came out with it…

You know, I would hope I wouldn’t offend you. It’s a good thing you were sleeping! Then again, I’m in nice shape, and you might like the show!

Oh stop it. Behave!

I can’t behave, never could.

I know you can’t! I used to be like that too, a long time ago.

I know you were. I think I know all about you.

With that, she just stared at me for a moment and I continued…

I’ll bet you’re still like that.

No, I’m not. Who would be interested? I’m old lady–old and wrinkled. No one wants to see that!

How do you know that? I think you look great. I would bet you look great! How do you know what people would like to see, what they’re into? You should not assume no one wants to see you. I sure as hell wouldn’t mind! I would spend time nude with you anytime!

Oh, God. Stop it. You don’t know what you’re saying. Don’t even talk like that!

I know exactly what I’m saying. I would love to see your body. Besides, being naked is about feeling free and comfortable with yourself, that’s all. You just said so!

I know, but you’re my son in law!

Yes, I am, but you didn’t seem to care about that all those years ago, did you?

She was silent, and continued to stare, I think realizing where this was going…

Stop it now. Don’t even go there!

Well, if you’re interested, I’ll be nude around the house tomorrow morning. I’m up well before 5, but don’t leave for the gym until at least 6:30. That’s just my routine. Son in law or not, you might enjoy it. Then you’ll see what I think you’ve wanted to see for years.

With that, my wife was wandering around the house again, and I left the conversation at that. I said what I wanted to say, and it all progressed faster than I thought it would! She was still staring at me, I think considering the offer. The seed had been planted in her head!

The following Sunday morning, I woke up around my usual time. I cleaned up, shaved, and also shaved my cock, balls and ass, as I usually do on weekends and once during the week. I’ve always loved being completely shaved, always found it to be very exciting. I left the bathroom with only a pair of flip-flops on and began my usual morning chores; getting the coffee pot ready for later, putting things away, just little things. I’ve always found this relaxing, and as I said, it allows me to spend time naked around the house. This is also something I find to be a turn-on. I gave some thought to Maryann possibly getting up and coming out of the bedroom, but quickly forgot about it as some time passed.

Then, after about 10 minutes, when I was ready to leave the kitchen and go downstairs to the office and get on my computer, I heard what I could not believe. The spare bedroom door opening. Sure enough, she was up and coming out of her room. I was immediately a bit nervous, and stood at the kitchen sink, looking out the window into the yard, and filling a glass of water. Over a few seconds, I was trying to collect my thoughts, and I heard footsteps and then the bathroom door. She had gone right into the bathroom. I heard the sink running, then the shower. She was in there for what seemed like an eternity, but was really only about 10 or 15 minutes before I heard the bathroom door again. I continued doing little things around the kitchen and other rooms. And then it happened.

All the years of fantasizing about her and wondering if something like this would ever happen, happened almost exactly as I had pictured it. My heart was beating like crazy, and I was already getting semi-erect when I felt her presence in the kitchen. I was still looking out the window, completely naked, with my ass facing her. I heard her sudden breath of surprise, and I turned, and happily said “Well, good morning!” She was staring at all of me, semi-erect, and completely nude. She was wearing a robe, tied in the front and I couldn’t help but wonder if she was wearing anything under it. She stared and I could see utter amazement on her face. I do have a beautiful cock and balls, and they were in full view and clean-shaven. Her mouth was a bit open in surprise and she seemed to be unable to speak. She swallowed, and I tried to continue a nonchalant conversation with her…

Did you sleep well?

Um, yes, sort of. I can’t believe you are actually nude, and could care less that I’m standing here.

I told Bayan escort Ankara you I would be, and how I enjoy this. Did you think I was kidding? Oh, and do you like what you see?

Stop it. My God, Jack. I’m just not sure what to say, or if I should even be here in the room, or even look at you! This is just wrong.

I think you wanted this to happen. You woke up for this, didn’t you?

I must admit, I was very curious. And now, I’m also amazed and almost shocked. Oh, God Jack!


First of all, you’re my son in law, and also, I really never saw a man completely shaved. I had seen it in some photos long ago, but never in person. No man I ever knew did that!

Do you like it? I love being shaved—you’re able to feel everything so much better, and there is no hair to get in the way of anything. I’m surprised a hot lady like you has never had a shaved man before.

Stop calling me hot.

But you were, and still are!

Just stop Jack. This cannot go on. I have to get out of this room and back to bed. This is so wrong, just so wrong!

But you’re here, looking at all of me, and I think you like it. You got up just to see me. I know you did—you never get up this early otherwise.

Well, you do have a nice body. She said quietly.

I figured I could get as brave as I wanted now that she got up, seemed to be staying here and was not running away…

Is that it? You just like my body? I see you keep looking down. Do you like what you see? I know years ago you were interested in it. How about now?

She barely mumbled…

Yes, so I do like it. But this is just wrong. Let’s just stop this.

I put my hand out towards her…

Come here and give me a good morning kiss.

Stop it, Jack. This is not right. I’m not coming near you. This is already bad enough.

No, really, come on. Give me a hug. I think you’ve been waiting for this a long time,

and so have I. And you started it, a long time ago.

I walked towards her and I could see her eyes still staring at my manhood, which was now getting more and more erect. She slowly put her hand out, and I took it in mine and slowly drew her close to me. I gently put my arms around her and drew her close, pressing myself into her. She moaned softly and just held me as I pressed my now-hard cock into her, just above her cunt, on her robe. I pushed a couple of times against her with my cock and she breathed a bit heavier and did not pull away. I pulled my face away to look at her, then kissed her firmly on the lips as I held her close. I then moved from her lips to her neck, placing gentle kisses on it, and she moaned softly again. She seemed unable to move, maybe scared to move, and she just held me. I was getting more and more in charge of this situation.

I whispered softly to her. “We should go down to the TV room. It’s a bit safer than the middle of the kitchen.” She said nothing, and just held my hand. She walked down the stairs first and I followed, turning a lamp on next to the couch. The room was dimly lit. I drew her close to me again and kissed her deeply, my tongue working on her lips and mouth. She opened her mouth a bit and returned the kiss. It was long and deep, and she moaned a couple of times as I kissed more and more passionately. Her kissing was getting more and more passionate, too, and her hands were gently stroking my back. Suddenly, she backed off a bit…

Jack, please. This is terribly wrong. What the hell are we doing? Go put some clothes on and lets please just stop this. I can’t…

I kissed her again as she was speaking, and she moaned once again.

You can’t what? I think you’re loving this. I know I am. We’ve waited a long time. I wanted to at least kiss you. And I’m not going to put any clothes on, so why don’t you lose that robe so I’m not the only one that’s nude?

No, no, I can’t, I just can’t. I won’t. You look so good, and I’m old. I just would be too embarrassed.

We’ll, I think you’re wrong, but OK, then Haw about I just open up the front of it a bit. Will you let me do that? Don’t take it off, we’ll just open the front. I want to feel you next to me.

I dropped my hands and gently untied her robe. She did not resist at all she kept her hands up around my shoulders as I let the front fall open. Finally, I saw her. I looked down where the robe opened slowly to see some of her small but very nice tits, stomach, a small tuft of light blonde and gray hair above her cunt, and down to see the front of her thighs. Those wonderful thighs I saw many years ago, right in front of me. Yes, she was a bit wrinkled, but for her age, she was just fine. She was the mature woman I had always wanted, and I was excited beyond belief. She smelled clean, having just taken a shower, and I drew her close, my cock now rubbing against her warm, bare body. She let out a long moan as I put my hands into the robe around her waist and pulled her to me. I continued to rub myself up against her as she softly moaned and started to slowly move along with me. My hands made their way down her waist, then around and gently up her back a few times, then down until I had two handfuls of her soft ass cheeks. This is what I had always wanted—her ass. I actually had my mother in law’s ass in my hands, and I was amazed that his was happening. I softly spoke to her after a few minutes of just running my hands over her ass and waist…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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