Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

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Ruth knew it was wrong, but she was forty two next week, and she wanted to do something daring and secret before she was too old to pull it off. The particular thing she wanted to do was seduce her son in-law, Simon, who she knew found her attractive but because he was married to her daughter, Kate, had to satisfy himself with admiring Ruth’s well toned body. Ruth was a slim five feet six inches tall with short bobbed hair, which, when tucked behind her ears made her look much younger than her impending forty two years. She had never been one for sitting in the sun, and now reaped the benefit. Her skin was pale, but smooth and wrinkle free. She had a plan in mind for the seduction of her son in-law, but was waiting for the right moment. As luck would have it the moment arrived two days before her birthday one Saturday morning. Her daughter and husband had gone out to buy Ruth a birthday present, leaving her alone in the house with Simon for a couple of hours.

Simon stepped from the shower taking a towel from the heated rail when he heard his mother in-law call from the bedroom.

“Simon, can you give me a hand for just a second,” Ruth called.

“Just a moment, I’ve only got my boxer shorts on,” Simon called back.

“Oh don’t worry about that,” she replied, “It’ll only take a second.”

Simon walked down the corridor to his mother in-law’s bedroom. Entering he saw Ruth standing in front of a full length mirror trying to zip up the back of her dress. It was a black ,sleeveless, and very figure hugging cocktail number with a turtle neck finishing just at knee level with a small split at the back. Ruth saw Simon in the reflection of the mirror, and stopped for a long moment. He stood in the doorway his semi-naked body lean and hard, his dark hair a tousled mess fresh from the shower. Ruth had always been attracted to her son in-law, and was delighted her daughter had married him two years earlier. Now she felt her stomach tighten, and her heart beat a little faster as she admired his athletic body.

“Would you be a honey and help me do up this dress,” she asked, “I’m trying it on for the party next week.”

“No problem,” said Simon, stepping up behind Ruth.

She watched him in the mirror’s reflection as he looked down to find the small zipper. Ruth knew he would get a glimpse of the black satin basque she was wearing beneath the dress.

“It’s a shame to cover up such nice underwear, don’t you think,” Ruth said in an even tone. “Kate told me you bought her some very expensive lingerie last Christmas. Tell me, what colour did you buy for her.” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Black,” said Simon, pulling the zipper up.

Ruth continued, “This isn’t the kind of underwear I would normally wear outside the bedroom, if you get my drift, but it nips me in at the waist which helps this dress fit better.”

Simon didn’t know what to say to this remark so thought he better make his excuses and leave.

“Well if that’s all,” he said, turning to leave, “I’d better go and get dressed.”

“Oh just stay a moment longer, and tell me what you think of the whole outfit,” she said, pointing to a low wicker chair standing opposite the full length mirror. “Now, where are my shoes.” Ruth bent over, deliberately keeping her legs straight to give Simon a good look at her firm peach shaped behind. As she did the material of the dress stretched a little tighter across her buttocks, allowing Simon to see the faint outline of a clasp, confirming ,what he already suspected, that she was wearing stockings and suspenders. Ruth selected a pair of black shoes with four inch spiked heels, severely pointed toes, and a small ankle strap.

Simon could feel an erection starting so he sat in the wicker chair to hide the increasing bulge.

Ruth put on the shoes. “I wouldn’t like to walk very far in these,” she said, “but they do look very sexy, don’t you think?” pointing a foot towards Simon, and turning it side ways so he Sakarya Escort could appreciate the spiked heels.

“Very,” was all Simon could say. His prick becoming harder by the second.

Ruth was well aware of Simon’s growing erection, she was enjoying the effect she was having. “Now one more thing to complete the look,” she said crossing the room to the dressing table. From a draw Ruth took a pair of black, full length satin gloves. Pulling them on she smoothed each one up her arm and over her elbow. Now the only part of her body that was exposed was the pale skin of her upper arms, and her slim shoulders. Ruth stood in front of the mirror turning this way and that admiring the fit of her dress, smoothing it down over her flat stomach. ” Well what do you think?,” she said, turning to Simon.

Watching his mother in-law dressing in such a provocative way had given Simon an erection so hard it ached. He crossed his legs, trying to conceal it.

Ruth turned to Simon looking directly at his crotch. “I can see my outfit has had the desired effect,” she said with a small smile. Delighted that he was so aroused, Ruth pressed on.

Simon knew he’d been caught so gave up hiding his obvious arousal. He uncrossed his legs, his erection straining against his shorts.

Ruth was now standing directly in front of her son in-law who was still seated in the low wicker chair.

“Tell me,” she said, “do you ever think of me when your jerking off?”

“Who says I do jerk off,” a defiant note in his voice.

“Oh, come on,” Ruth chided “all men do from time to time. So what’s the answer. Do you ever think of me when your jerking off?”

“Well if I didn’t, I certainly will now,” he said with a small smile.

Ruth smiled back. “I feel rather responsible for your current discomfort. I think it only fair I should do something to help you,” she said in a rather formal way, but with the smile still playing on her lips.

“What did you have in mind,” said Simon.

“Some people,” said Ruth, “get undressed for sex. I,on the other hand like to dress for sex. As you can see I’m dressed, and let me tell you, I’m as horny as hell.” Without another word Ruth knelt in front of her son in-law, gently parting his knees. With a gloved hand she released the aching member. Pulling back the foreskin she revealed the purple glistening head of his turgid cock. Ruth lowered her head, parted her lips, engulfing his prick in the warm silky wetness of her mouth. Holding his rock hard prick in both hands she slowly began to suck and roll her tongue around its bulbous head. Simon lay back in the chair watching his mother in-law bring him to climax. Ruth, breathing only through her nose, never once parted her lips or allowed his cock to slip from her mouth. She could feel his prick twitch as Simon neared his orgasm. He tried to hold back but Ruth was doing too good a job. Suddenly he felt himself explode into her mouth. Ruth didn’t miss a beat, she sucked harder and faster, swallowing once, twice, and finally a third time, Simon’s hips lifted off the chair in an attempt to fuck his mother in-law’s mouth. Spent, he collapsed back into the chair. Ruth finally released his cock in one long loving suck.. Simon leaned forward cupping Ruth’s face in his hands, kissing her for the first time, their tongues entwined. He could taste his own salty cum on her lips.

“Unzip my dress,” Ruth whispered.

Simon reached behind her and pulled down the zipper. Ruth stood up and took a pace backwards. With a small shrug of her shoulders the dress fell silently to the floor, and she stepped deftly out.

“Stunning,” was all Simon could say.

Ruth stood before her son in-law in the black satin basque he had glimpsed earlier. But now Simon could see it in all its splendour. Its integral quarter cup bra allowed her erect nipples to be clearly seen, tailored to highlight Ruth’s small waist it flared out slightly at her hips. Attached to Sakarya Escort Bayan the bottom were suspenders, holding up a pair of perfectly fitted black stockings. The high heel shoes, and long satin gloves completed a look.

“No panties?” Simon asked in mock surprise.

Ruth smiled, “Now you know my little secret.” Framed by her stocking tops and suspenders was her beautifully smooth, clean shaven, pussy.

“Do you like what you see,” she asked parting her legs slightly. Ruth could smell her own musky aroma drifting up from her engorged cunt. She desperately wanted to run a satin covered finger between its swollen lips, but resisted.

“Stunning,” repeated Simon.

“Now,” said Ruth in a stern voice, “I think you owe me a favour.”

“I think I do,” agreed Simon sitting forward in the low chair.

Ruth stood directly in front of her son in-law, her smooth hairless mound level with his head. Simon reached behind her and ran his open palms up the back of Ruth’s stockinged thighs until they rested on the firm bare flesh of her arse. Ruth closed her eyes in anticipation. Simon pulled her hungry cunt towards him and kissed it as if he were kissing her mouth.

“Oh God,” Ruth let out with a long sigh.

Simon ran his tongue between her wet pussy lips until he found her swollen clit. He began to lick and suck her to orgasm.

“Oh yeees,” she said, “that feels so good.”

Simon was relentless. Ruth could feel her climax building, a small knot in the pit of her stomach. She opened her eyes. Behind the chair, hanging on the wall, was another mirror. Ruth looked at herself, her neck flushed pink with arousal, her nipples hard with lust, watching herself caress her own breasts while Simon continued to eat her pussy. She took a nipple between thumb and finger squeezing until the pleasure was almost painful. Looking behind her reflection Ruth could see the full length mirror on the other side of the room. In this she could see herself from behind. Simon’s strong hands cupping her firm round buttocks. The blackness of her basque and stockings contrasting with her milky white skin, her spike heeled shoes making her legs look impossibly long. Ruth continued to look at herself from this unique angle, caressing her breasts, pinching her nipples, her climax rising. The knot in her stomach was tighter, her pussy hot with desire, Simon lapped furiously at her clit. She pinched her nipples harder. Ruth was close now, Simon could hear her moaning , he felt a small shiver from Ruth as if her legs were about to give way. Releasing her aching nipples she took hold of Simon’s head and pushed his mouth hard against her ravenous cunt. If, at that moment, her husband and daughter had walked into the room Ruth could not have stopped herself. The need for sexual gratification was irresistible. Her orgasm erupted deep inside, a shock wave of pure pleasure engulfing her rigid body. Simon felt Ruth legs begin to fold, she sank to her knees, and lay her head in his lap. Simon stroked Ruth’s hair while she recovered. After a few moments she looked up.

“Thank you,” she whispered, “that was wonderful.” Ruth put a lazy arm around Simon’s neck, pulling him to her, they kissed passionately.

“How wonderful?” Simon asked with a smile.

“The best,” Ruth smiled back, “the very best.”

“In that case I’d better quit while I’m ahead, and, before the others return,” he said.

Ruth gave Simon a wicked grin. “Oh, I think we’ve still got some time.” She didn’t think they would be back, just yet, but the idea that they might excited her. Ruth stood, crossed to the dressing table and picked up a tube of lubricating gel. She squeezed a generous amount onto a gloved finger and returned to Simon. Ruth held up the gel covered finger for Simon to see. Then, very slowly, she squatted, reached behind her back, working the slick digit into her anal passage. Parting her thighs so her son in-law got a good view she looked Escort Sakarya up at him for a reaction.

Simon was speechless , but very turned on by the sight of Ruth balancing on her high heels, fingering her anus.

“Have you ever fucked a woman in the arse, Simon,” she asked.

“No,” was his one word reply.

Ruth, while massaging the lubricating gel into her back passage, clenched her anal muscles, imagining Simon’s hard cock deep inside her bowels. With her free hand she pinched her nipples to erection. “Would you like to fuck my arse,” she said in a low voice.

Simon took hold of his stiff member, slowly stroking it, inches from Ruth’s face. “What do you think,” he smiled.

She took her son in-law by the hand, leading him to the bed. Ruth threw back the duvet, revealing crisp white sheets. Kneeling on its edge, she lent forward, supporting herself on outstretched arms, presenting her rear, Ruth arched her back , exposing the small brown star of her anus. The lower part of her legs hung off the bed, allowing Simon the opportunity of fucking his mother in-law’s butt while still standing. Simon positioned himself between her stockinged legs, her suspenders drawn taught across her firm round buttocks. Ruth looked over her shoulder.

“Please, put that piece of hard meat in my arse,” she pleaded.

Simon placed the tip of his erect cock against the puckered entrance of Ruth’s anus. Holding it steady, he pushed it through the outer ring. Ruth concentrated on keeping her anal muscles relaxed. Simon drew back his prick and pushed again, this time going in a little deeper. He repeated this until the entire length of his cock was buried inside his mother in-law’s arse.

“Oh, that feels so big,” said Ruth, waiting for her anal passage to relax, accepting the rude intrusion of her bowels. The small amount of pain she was enduring was more than made up for by the exquisite feeling of fullness she had, impaled on his steel hard cock.

Simon had never felt his prick held so tightly. He pulled it out to the very tip before plunging back inside. Ruth was ready now, she began to push back against each of Simon’s oncoming thrusts.

“Oh yees,” she said, “harder, fuck me harder,” gritting her teeth, Ruth pushed violently back.

Simon reached forward, taking a fist full of Ruth’s hair, he yanked it back.. Ruth let out a yell, but kept pushing, ever more urgently, back onto his prick.

“I want you to come in my arse,” she said through gritted teeth, her hair still held by Simon.

He pumped harder, slamming into her behind. He felt his own climax rising. Ruth’s breathing had become a series of grunts, animal lust driving her onto her own orgasm.

“Oh shit,” she cried out, her anal muscles clamping down onto Simon’s ejaculating cock.

Simon grunted as he shot his load into Ruth’s bowel.

Ruth slowly pushed back and forth onto Simon’s prick, his cum oozing from her arse and running down her thighs onto her stockings.

“You really know how to please a woman. My daughter is very lucky,” she said.

“I’ve never been so hard for so long,” Simon admitted. “It takes two to make a good fuck.”

Exhausted by their efforts, they sank into the bed, Simon’s softening member still inside Ruth’s anus.

“You are the most amazing woman I’ve ever met,” he whispered into her ear.

“I can be,” Ruth replied, contented.

“Will I ever see you like this again,” he asked.

“I don’t want to ruin your marriage to my daughter,” Ruth said ,”But if we can keep this to ourselves then why not. Maybe I’ll wear white next time.”

“White, that sounds nice,” said Simon, warming to the prospect.

“Yes,” she said, “I can still fit into my wedding dress.” “Pardon?,” he said, surprised.

“Well,” Ruth said with a smile, “How do you like the idea of lifting my long white wedding gown, and putting that gorgeous cock of yours into my shaven pussy, while I wrap my stocking clad legs around your waist.”

“I’m getting hard at the very thought,” Simon admitted.

“You better go and take another shower,” Ruth said, sitting up. “I’ll see what I can arrange.”

Simon kissed Ruth one last time and made his way back to the bathroom for his second shower of the day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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