Mother Naked on April Fool’s Day

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Jenifer Watkins is fifty- one years old. The five-foot eight inch, one hundred and thirty pound brunet who recently became redundant, because she could not transfer to a new location for the company that employed her for twenty years. Jenifer needs to find another job quickly, as they have one son in College and their younger son will attend the same college in the fall. Her husband has a good job, but to have one son in College without her income has put a strain on their finances. They cannot afford to send their younger son to college without another paycheck.

The mature woman enlisted the help of an employment Agency to help with her job search. Jenifer logged onto her email to find a notice for the need of a mature model, it stated, “Henry Rider Photography Studio needs an open-minded mature female model to pose for a provocative photo shoot.”

Jenifer called the Photographer, to receive more information about the job, the phone rang five times before it was answered, “Hello this is Henry. Can I help you?”

“I received an email from my employment agency that stated you’re in need of a female model. What type of session will it be?” The mature woman inquired.

“The photos will be life images of a woman that is over forty years old. If you are interested, I pay fifty dollars an hour and there will be approximately six weeks of work. We will start the shoot on April first, and go through to May fifteenth. I would like to meet with you to discuss this project.” As an afterthought he asked, “Do you have any children? I may be able to use them in the photo layout also?”

“I have two son’s aged eighteen and twenty. They could use the work. What will the pay be for them, the same amount of money per hour as you offered me?” The mature woman asked hopefully.

“Yes, I can pay that, as long as they will do as I ask. I need to hire two young men to model with you, so that will work. The question is will you be comfortable to model with your sons because of the intimate nature of the photo layout? I anticipate you will do as I ask throughout the photo shoot?” The Photographer questioned the naive mature woman.

“Yes I will do as you ask for fifty dollars an hour.” Jenifer stated, she missed the comment, “intimate nature of the photo layout.” She was fixated on the fifty dollars an hour.

“Can you meet with me tomorrow at ten AM? We will start the photo sessions on April first, if we come to an agreement. I will hire you.” The Photographer explained to the mature woman.

After Jenifer talked with the Photographer, the mature woman called her sons Tim and Tyler to ask them if they wanted to model with her and be paid fifty dollars an hour from the photographer. The young men were happy their mother called them with the news of a job that will pay well. They confirmed they would accompany their mother to the photo shoot and model with her.


The next day Jenifer awoke early, took a shower, dressed in her best mature professional outfit, a black skirt, white blouse, and black suit jacket, her undergarments were a matched set of white silk bra, and bikini cut panties, to finish her outfit she wore a pair of black heeled shoes. She arrived at the photographers’ studio at fifteen minutes to ten. She left earlier than needed from home to make sure she would be on time for the meeting.

The mature woman parked, locked her car, and walked across the street to the building with the logo of Henry Rider Studio, on the front of the structure. She walked into the reception area, to find a young man about twenty-five years old at the desk.

“Can I help you?” The young man asked.

She looked at the nameplate on the desk “Yes Eric, my name is Jenifer Watkins. I’m here to see Mr. Rider.” The mature woman stated.

The young man consulted outlook on his computer, “Ah yes, I see your name you are here to meet with Henry at ten. I will get him, please have a seat.” They young man stated as he got up and went through the door to what Jenifer guessed, was the studio.

A few minutes later a man who looked to be about thirty-five years old, about five foot five tall, with long black hair and glasses, came out of the studio area. He was someone you would not remember, if you met him in a crowd. He looked geeky to the mature woman.

The Photographer put out his hand. “Hi Mrs. Watkins, nice to meet you,” the little man said as he eyed the woman, it sent chills up her spine, she felt naked in front of him when she took his hand to shake it.

“I am contracted for abstract photos of a mature woman with sons going about a daily routine; there will be many different scenarios for the interaction. Some will be of the mature woman as a teacher. She will be clothed in some photos and others she will be dressed in intimate apparel, with a few figure study photos. I will filter the photos and I will shoot parts of your body with different color filters. Do you have any questions so far?” The Photographer asks as he finished his confusing narrative for the Escort bayan mature woman who had no idea what he just said.

“Yes I think I understand Mr. Rider.” The mature woman fibbed. She verbalized the only thing on her mind. “We will all get paid fifty dollars an hour each for the sessions; did I understand you correctly on the phone yesterday?”

“Yes that is correct. Could you write down your clothes size and your shoe size, so I can to purchase garments that I want you to wear, for the photo layout?” The Photographer stated, as he handed the mature woman a pad and pen, glad he slipped by the innocent woman the fact that she will be nude in front of her sons, and they will need to take liberties with her, in order for the group to be paid. “Could you remove your suit jacket for me and turn, so I can assess your figure?” The little man asked a little too cheerfully.

The woman did as instructed, with a smile on her face, she felt like a runway model, a feeling she has never felt before in her lifetime and likes the feeling.

The geeky photographer had a look of confusion on his face as the mature woman turned. “I don’t know if I can use you in the photo shoot. The outfit you are wearing covers too much of your body.” The photographer said cautiously.

The downhearted woman asked. “What can I do to show you what you need to see,” she turned red when she realized what the implications were of her last statement.

“If you remove your outer clothes, it would give me a better indication if I can use you in the photo shoot. I will give you a two hundred dollar modeling fee, we can go into the studio if you want to continue otherwise thank you for meeting with me.” The little man said as he smiled at the mature woman who was red with embarrassment at the thought of showing her undergarments to the geeky little man.

“You will hire my sons and I if I strip to my bra and panties?” The mature woman inquired, as she walked through the door into the studio area were there were three other men moving equipment around and props. “Where can I change?” The mature woman asked as she made up her mind to strip for the photographer. She rationalized that she wears less at the beach than she will show to the photographer.

“There is a rest room in the corner if you would like to use that?” Henry said happy he won the first conquest to get the modest woman to show more of her body.

The mature woman walked into the rest room, she took a deep breath to calm her nerves and unbuttoned her blouse as she looked at her image in the mirror, and she noted her nipples were visible through her bra. Jenifer stripped off her skirt before she lost her nerve; she put it on the chair with her blouse. The mature woman held her head high as she opened the door to go out into the studio in just her bra and panties.

Jenifer walked toward the photographer, she imitated the walk she saw the Victoria Secret Models do on the runway. She felt excited, not embarrassed, to be in her underwear in front of a photographer she just met and young men she did not know. Jenifer rationalized she did this for the good of the family. The mature woman stood in front of the photographer, as he looked her up and down, this caused moisture to escape her honey pot and her nipples to get harder.

“Could you turn for me?” the photographer asked, when she made a complete turn and faced him he said. “Thank you, you will do fine Mrs. Watkins. All models have to sign a standard contract and model release, before we start the shoot. I expect you and your sons to follow the instructions given by my assistants or me, so we can move along with the photo shoot easily.” The little man reiterated while he looked the mature woman in the eye, to let her know he was serious. He didn’t hand her two one hundred dollar bills he took out of his pocket, he placed them in the cup of her bra to her complete surprise.

“Yes I understand we will need to follow your instructions.” The mature woman stated. She continued. “The first of April our sons have no school, so that day will work out fine. We will have to work around their class schedules for the rest of the sessions.” Jenifer stated happy she can work with her sons, and did not think anything about the fact Mr. Rider will expect her to wear the clothes he supplies or that she stood in front of him presently in her underwear with two one hundred dollar bills hanging out of her bra cup.

“We will see you at eight am on the first of April Mrs. Watkins. As far as your sons’ schedule, we will work around it. What is important to remember is to follow our directions. If this photo shoot works out I will have more work for you and your sons.” The perverted little man said to the innocent mature woman giving her a slimy grin that she missed, but she felt confident they would get more work from him.

Jenifer was on cloud nine when she arrived home after the meeting. She called her husband Tom. “We got the job, our sons and I have work for six weeks, and the photographer will have more work for me.” The excited woman told her husband as she jumped up and Bayan escort down, she did not tell him how she had to strip to her underwear to secure the job and the fact that the perverted little man stuffed the money in her bra.

“That’s great my wife and kids are models. I will probably have to make an appointment to see you guys?” Her husband stated, as he laughed happy she has work.


April First Jenifer with her sons Tyler and Tim awoke early; they went through their morning ritual and were ready to leave for the Studio at six thirty. This is to give Jenifer and her sons’ time to get breakfast at a diner before going to the studio.

On the way out the door, the mature woman’s husband gave her a kiss and said. “Have a good day; I want to see the pictures taken of you and the boys.”

By seven fifteen, they finished breakfast, Jenifer and her two sons’ were on their way to the studio, they arrived at seven forty-five. Tyler went to the studio door and found it locked, so he came back to the car. They waited for someone to unlock the door. It was five minutes later; two young men went to the front door and unlocked it. Jenifer locked the car when they exited; she and her sons crossed the street and went into the studio waiting room.

One of the young men came out, he was the same young man she met when she came to the studio the first time, “hi my name is Eric I will be your make-up man, I am also in charge of your wardrobe. I will give you the clothes to wear for each portion of the shoot.” The young man explained to the amateur models as he handed each a fifty-page contract. “I want your initials on each page and signature on the last page; I will witness your signatures.” He said with authority as he put his notary seal punch on the desk.

The three amateur models initialed each page and signed the contracts, without reading them. Eric distracted the first time models, as he explained what to anticipate throughout the photo shoot and to give them a sense of urgency to complete the contract signatures he stated. “We need to get all the paperwork signed before Henry gets in.”

“How about my sons will they need to change their clothes?” The trusting woman asked after she finished with her signature on the contract.

“No they will be props, you are to be the main focus of this photo shoot Mrs. Watkins.” Eric stated with a sly smile.

Three young men came into the reception area they looked like body builders. They introduced themselves as Jake, Mark, and Steve. They explained their duties concerning the lighting, props and setting up the sets.

Henry came in the door like a blockbuster. “Let’s go to makeup Mrs. Watkins time is money.” He looked at the two young men with Jenifer he stated. “Hi I’m Henry the photographer what are your names?”

They answered “Tyler and Tim,” shaking the photographer’s hand.

“Mrs. Watkins can I call you Jenifer or Jenny?” Henry asked.

“I prefer Jenifer if you don’t mind. Can I call you Henry?” The mature woman asked.

“Sure we are all friends here Jenifer, now let’s go into make-up, so we can get started.”

The make-up area was in a corner, but could be seen from anywhere in the studio. The three young men were busy with the props and the set; Eric was busy with the camera and lights.

“Tyler and Tim, go with your mother you will need make-up also.” Henry told the young men. “Jenifer, remove everything but your bra and panties for now. Eric will be right with you.” The photographer addressed the mature woman.

“I can’t do that my kids are right here next to me.” The panic-stricken woman stated.

“Did you sign the contract?” Henry asked in a rude voice. “You can leave I will find someone else to do the series. Oh by the way where should I send my bill?” Henry bluffed in an arrogant tone.

“What bill?” The confused, fearful woman asked.

“Didn’t you read the contract you signed? I will pay the three of you thirty-six thousand dollars to model for me, but if you refuse to comply with my requests as to the poses I get three times what I would pay you for your service, which equals One Hundred and Two Thousand Dollars, so unless you want to compensate me that amount of money, you better start to do as I ask?” The little man said to the mature woman with scorn, to let her know who is boss.

As everyone can see, the First of April can cause some people embarrassment and humiliation.

Her sons’ started for the little man, but stopped when Mark and Steve started to walk toward them as they asked. “Is there a problem here Henry?”

“I have no problem. How about you Tim and Tyler is there a problem?” Henry asked with an insolent chuckle.

“Tim and Tyler come over here, we will make Thirty-Six thousand Dollars that will pay for most of your Community College tuition next year, just don’t tell your friends about this adventure we will have.” The mature woman said, as she knows she made a mistake to take this job. She started to Escort remove her outer garments in front of her sons, and the other members of the crew, as she tried to curtail her embarrassment for the sake of her sons. She handed the garments to her two sons. “Can you fold these for me, so they won’t get wrinkled when I put them back on after makeup?” The mature mother asked her sons. She smiled at the looks she received from her offspring’s and to alleviate their stress.

“Wow mom, you’re well preserved for your age.” Tyler stated before he thought better of his comment. “I mean you’re very pretty.” The young man restated embarrassed he said what he thought of his mother.

Tim and their mother laughed at Tyler as he backpedaled to try to retract the last statement about their mother.

“You think mommy is sexy Tyler?” The mature woman asked as she stood with her hands on her hips facing her two sons to display her intimate garments to them.

“Mom that isn’t what I meant.” Tyler stated frustrated he could not explain his thoughts properly as flustered as he was to see his mother in her underwear in front of them and all of the strangers in the studio.

“Oh I’m not sexy then Tyler?” The mature woman teased her son with a hurt look on her face.

“Mom you’re a MILF is that what you want to hear?” Tyler said loud enough so most of the people around heard his comment, which embarrassed the young man. He got an agreeable nod and a chuckle from those that heard him.

“Tyler, you would like to do your mommy?” She smiled at her son. “Thanks, I needed that.” His mother said as she laughed uncontrollably, thus it relieved the stress the models felt.

Jenifer hopes she will not have to expose more of her body to her sons before this photo shoot is complete. The innocent woman does not think Henry will be so thoughtless as to have the mature mother nude in front of her sons.

The makeup man started to prepare Jenifer for her photo shoot; it took him about forty-five minutes. Eric made up the two young men in about fifteen minutes total.

“Jenifer I would like you to put on this lingerie.” Eric stated as he gave the mature woman a black garment that went to her knee.

The mature woman put the lingerie over her bra and panties, the transparent black negligee highlighted her bra and panties.

“Are the models ready to start the session yet?” Henry asked as he impatiently came into the studio.

“Yes they are.” Eric stated.

The Photographer looked at the mature mother’s outfit he shook his head. “That will never do, I can see your undergarments, so they have to be removed.” He stated with conviction.

All the men on set smiled, Jenifer’s two sons tried to hide their excitement, and Jenifer freaked out.

“I will be all but nude in front of everyone even my sons. Do you have another outfit or a body stocking I can wear under the outfit that will have the same effect?” The mature woman pleaded with the photographer.

“I’m sorry I didn’t think to get a body stocking.” He lied and looked contrite. “The only other outfit I would be satisfied with is your birthday suit,” They Photographer stated, as he mocked the mature woman’s modesty.

Jenifer looked cross at her two sons, she was angry. “Turn around you two, so I can remove my bra and panties.” She growled at her two sons, who are innocent of any misconduct, she was frustrated with this session.

The mature woman removed her bra and put it with her clothes, she skinned down her panties, tried to step out of them, but fell; stunned she laid spread-eagled on the floor with her woman bits on show, as her two sons hurried to her to make sure she was not injured.

The first of April struck the mature woman again; she was now nude in front of her kids and the crew.

“Well so much for modesty.” The mature woman said as her sons helped her up after they got an eye full of their mother’s femininity.

“Are we done with the preparations, can we start the photo shoot?” The Photograph asked impatiently. “It is ten o’clock and I haven’t taken one photo yet.” He advised all present. “Go to the living room set please.” He directed the models

The two sons and their mother went to the set and waited for further instructions.

“A son on each side and put your arms around your mother. Good.” The photographer stated and there was a flash. “Mother turn right son on right turn to mother, Son on left turn to mother and get real close. All look at me, Good.” There was a flash. “Mother, turn with your back to camera, sons on each side raise your mother’s gown to her waist.

“Hold on a minute, I don’t have any panties on I will be nude to the waist, I didn’t sign on for anything like this.” The angry woman stated.

“I explained it to you when we first met. You did not listen to me, the only thing you had on your mind is the fifty dollars an hour. I told you that you would be an instructor for you children. You did not ask me what that meant, so I thought you realized you would be nude for most of the photo shoot. This photo documentary will record a mother who gives instructions to her sons about the female form and pleasure.” The photographer stated annoyed with the older woman and to make her understand that she will be nude in front of her sons before today’s photo session is done.

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