Mothers , Sons Ch. 2

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Big Tits

Peter avoided me for well over a week. He had even begun locking his door so I couldn’t go in his room and wake him in the morning. I knew it was wrong but I missed seeing his beautiful penis. And I was becoming a terrible person myself, I began to masturbate using one of my larger dildos… and pretending it was Pete fucking me. My pussy began getting wet when I was around him and I was getting sick with guilt.

We eventually started talking again and Pete made no mention of the day I caught him with my panties and nor did I. There was still a tension between us but I think we both wanted it to just go away. We had always been so close and now this seemed to be driving a wedge between us. My other problem was… who can you to talk to about something like this? I couldn’t discuss it with any friends or colleagues from work. O couldn’t call my daughter and tell her I was having a hard time dealing with my desire to get at her little brothers goodies.

There was my sister Tina in Florida. She was widowed and lived with her 19 year old son. We had always been close and she taught me some things about sex. In fact, she taught me how to suck cock. She gave me a few lessons on anything that was shaped like a penis and to this day I’m thankful to her because any man I’ve been with raves about the way I give head. Its been so long I wonder I’ve forgotten how? But I didn’t call Tina, figuring that I would try to resolve the problem myself. If not, we were heading out to Florida over the Thanksgiving weekend and I could talk to her about it then.

So somehow we managed to get through the next two months. I had used plenty of batteries during that time and I was having more involved fantasies concerning my son. I even allowed myself to venture out on a date with a younger man from my office but we never made it to bed. I realized that my desire for my son had become pretty dominating.

So on the Monday before Thanksgiving I picked up Lucy (my daughter) at the airport and headed home. The three of were flying to Florida Wednesday morning. I was grateful Lucy was home because the tension seemed to be lifted. My mind Escort bayan was on my daughter and we stayed up till one in the morning catching up. I was exhausted but happy at work the next day.

We all went out to dinner Tuesday night and had a great time. We decided to hit the sack early because our flight left at 7 a.m. Before bed Lucy kissed me good night and asked if she could wake up Peter in the morning. I asked her why and she blushed, “have you woke him up yet?” I told her I did.

“Then you’ve seen it?” now it was my turn to blush. “You have, haven’t you?” she knew from my silence that I had.

“Can I say something mom? promise you won’t get mad?”

“Of course not honey, what is it?” I was concerned for a moment.

“Pete has an awesome one, I mean, I’ve never seen him excited but its much bigger than any of the boys I’ve seen” I was quiet, not from being upset but from feeling some sort of relief. “I’m dying to see what he looks like when he’s aroused. It must be so big” she continued.

“It is” I said quietly. Then I went on at her insistence to describe what had happened that day and she wanted to know how big he really was. I explained that I didn’t walk up to him with a tape measure but told her that her dad had 9″ and Pete was every bit as big as his dad was. After our little chat Lucy seemed anxious to get to bed and I wondered if our discussion about her brothers penis had had the same effect on her as it did on me.

The next morning I heard Pete’s alarm clock go off three or four times while I made breakfast in the kitchen. Lucy came out before him and she had a big smile on her face. She kissed my cheek and said something like if Pete wasn’t her brother he’d be in trouble from her. Pete came out fifteen minutes later, his hair still wet from the shower. He gave me a big hug and kiss and then did the same to Lucy and said he missed having us both around together and that he knew this was going to be a great trip to Florida.

Thanksgiving was wonderful, the entire family was together and we had a very nice time. Tina looked wonderful and had managed to lose 25 Bayan escort pounds without lessening her amble bosom. While I’m a 38D, Tina is shorter than I and wears a 40DD bra. I was always jealous which is saying a lot coming from someone with a 38D.

I stayed in Tina’s room while Pete stayed with Tom and Lucy slept on the sofa bed in the living room (they had a small 2 bedroom ranch house). However, on the second night at around midnight Lucy came to our room to have girl talk. She had seen that we were still awake, Tina and I had a bottle of wine and were giggling and having a grand time. Lucy poured herself a glass of wine and sat on the bed with us.

While my daughter is not as buxom as Tina and I, she is perfectly proportioned. I knew she wore a 34C because I had bought many bras for her. She was tall like I was but thinner and she still had the ultra tight body only youth allows. She sat on the bed with us in a long t-shirt and skimpy panties, my sister and I were similarly dressed.

Our conversation turned into one that I imagine goes on at slumber parties (although when I went to slumber parties I was still too young to talk about sex). Tina told Lucy to tell us all about her hot times during her first three months away at college. As we sat there cross legged on the bed I felt myself already wet. Now that doesn’t mean when Lucy talked about a guy she had sex with I wasn’t a bit uncomfortable but I knew she wasn’t a virgin. She told me when she was 16 that she wanted to go on the pill and I let her. I got pregnant young and I didn’t want her to have the same thing happen. I was always there for her and we had several discussions about the birds and the bees and I trusted her judgement.

She complained because the lover she had now was not very interested in oral sex and that had become her activity of choice. I smiled to myself knowing that Tina and I shared the same love for oral sex. I asked her if this guy had a big one and she answered very quickly “not huge like Peter’s” and Tina’s eye brows raised. It looked like now was the time that I got to bare my soul. I was actually glad to Escort get it off my chest.

I talked for a good twenty minutes but of course I denied that I actually wanted my son to fuck me. Maybe if Lucy wasn’t in the room I would’ve been more honest with Tina. Especially when she said that she enjoyed the sight of her Tommy’s well endowed piece of equipment. Seems big cocks run in our family. After we both confessed Lucy knocked us on our butts when she said she and her three roommates were very intimate.

This got my interest since I had often fantasized about being with another woman. She said it happened while her roommate was shaving her. Shaving her? I asked stupidly. My daughter stood off the bed and pulled her panties down a bit revealing a narrow patch of black hair above her clitoris and no hair anywhere else. Tina giggled and leaned back and pulled the crotch of her panties aside and revealed her pussy, not a hair to be found anywhere. My heart skipped a beat, I had never seen a shaved vulva this close. Like me, she had rather large outer lips and a big clit. It looked good enough to eat.

I was embarrassed and was relieved that they didn’t expect me to show off my thick, black patch. I wondered if my pussy could look as good as my big sisters void of its hair. I became increasingly aroused as my daughter told me and her aunt about her roommates and their shared sexual passions. It was almost 1 a.m. before Lucy went back to the living room to go to sleep.

As Lucy closed the door Tina looked at me and said how sexy my daughter was. She asked me if I was half as turned on as she was because she said she was dripping. I felt the wetness in the crotch of my panties and said simply “well, I am pretty turned on”.

Would you mind if your big sister masturbated before she goes to sleep?” I looked at Tina surprised but at the same time a little curious since we were sharing her king sized bed.

“I may have to do the same thing” I smiled.

So that’s how we went to sleep that night. Laying side by side we fingered ourselves to orgasm. Our shoulders touched as we pleasured ourselves in the dark. My orgasm was fast and pretty intense, I never bothered putting my panties back on as I drifted off to sleep. Tina snuggled next to me and said “You should fuck Peter. Since Tommy and I started fucking I’ve never been happier…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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