Movie Date

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He asked you to wear a skirt to your movie date. You chose your good brown one, and couldn’t help smiling at yourself in the mirror, knowing you looked hot, and that he would find you sexy. He commented on your legs, and you chatted normally until the movie started. The theater was about half full, and you were happy to see you had some privacy, as you settled into the chair.

After the first fifteen minutes, he starts to run his fingertips up and down your inner thigh. You bite your lip and smile. You spread your legs slightly, enjoying the tease. His hands slide smoothly under your skirt, and begin to run up and down the edges of your satin panties. You sigh as his fingers trace the lips your pussy through the thin material. You glance about, nervous, but the other theater goers are concentrating on the screen. Within seconds the cloth is wet and your pulse is pounding in your throat. You bite back a moan as his fingers slip under the panties, and begin to caress the soft flesh of your sex.

One of his sensitive fingers traces the damp lips, not penetrating, just gliding back and forth, teasing. You let out a shaky breath, and he barely skims your clit. Your fingers dig into the soft material of the armrests. Two fingers now, barely parting the lips of your pussy, and you no longer care about anyone else, or where you are; just you and him and your desire. His middle finger strokes your sensitive opening; sending shudders through your body.

On a sudden whim, you remove his hand, and stand up. You walk down the aisle, not looking back. Right before you leave the theater, you glance over your shoulder, and your burning gaze tells him what you want. He catches up to you outside the woman’s bathroom. Not speaking, you glance about, then duck in. Finding the rest room empty, you pull him inside, and lead him to the far stall. You walk in and lean against the wall, as he slides the lock into place. He steps up to you and you kiss, your tongues meeting. His hands grip your hips tightly. He looks in your eyes, as he drops to his knees before you. You feel dizzy as he slides your panties down your legs, and tosses them aside. They land with a wet sound than makes your whole body tighten. What he does to think.

You lean back into the wall for support as he lifts your skirt and begins to kiss your pussy. He runs his tongue up and down each lip in turn, making your legs shake. He sucks softly on your lips, and you run your fingers through his hair. He begins to make long, slow licks, molding his tongue to your sex, and you moan under your breath. The motion of the muscles in his neck and shoulders, felt under your wandering hands seem to match the growing fluttering inside you. He is just slipping his fingers into you when you hear the bathroom door open.

You turn quickly and sit on the commode, while your lover slips against escort kartal the wall next to you. You look at him, your eyes wide. He looks both amused and annoyed, and gives you a little shrug. A few stalls down you hear the woman humming to her self as she locks the door and adjusts her cloths. Yo grit your teeth in annoyance, just wanting to feel his mouth on you again. Her humming gets louder, and you notice his waist is at eye level with you. You smile, thinking to yourself whats good for me is good for him..

You reach up, and carefully open his jeans, taking pains not to make the zipper loud. You slip his cock out, already hard for you, glad he never wears underwear. You glance up at him, as you begin to run your lips along his shaft, reveling in the soft skin. His eyes watch you carefully, and his cheeks are flushed. Knowing you affect him, knowing what you hold in your hand is yours makes your desire peak, and you take his cock into your mouth. You close your eyes and just enjoy the feel of him as your tongue flicks over him. You take him as deeply as you can, then slowly pull back, and it is his turn to run his fingers through your hair, and over your cheek. You hear his breath catch, and you smile around him. Your hand slides along his wet shaft, as you kiss and suck on the head, trying not to make noise.

At last, you hear the toilet flush, and the humming woman exits the stall. You stare at each other, both thrumming with need, as she takes her time washing her hands. You wonder if you will ever get the song she is humming out of your head…

The moment the door swings shut, he pulls you from the seat, and spins you around. He bends you over at the waist, and you grab the cool metal plumbing above the commode. He hikes your skirt up, and spreads your legs wide. Grabbing your hips, he thrusts into you, filling you to his full length in a single motion. You bite down on your lip to prevent your cry of sheer pleasure from escaping. He fucks you, deep and hard and fast, pulling your hips back to meet each thrust. You can feel your juices brimming, running down your thighs as you rapidly build to your orgasm. Your last coherent thought is you hope no one else comes in, because he is not stopping for anything. You cum in a single overwhelming burst, every muscle tensing and shaking. You feel him take one final thrust, his hands gripping your hips almost painfully tight, and then he is cumming with you, his heat filling you. You relax all at once, and rest your head on the blissfully cool metal. His hands slide up and down your sides as he kisses your neck over and over. When you feel safe to move, you reluctantly come apart, and leave the bathroom. You barely remembered to retrieve your sodden panties, although you simply stuff them in your purse.

After the movie (what little you remember..mostly you basked in afterglow, maltepe escort and cuddled with him) you walk to the car. He opens the door for you and you lean in and kiss him. It is a sweet, long kiss, with the stirrings of the passion you shared earlier. You spend most of the drive home daydreaming about making love tonight, and playing over your encounter in the bathroom. You gradually realize that you are taking an unusually long time to get home, and the road is not familiar to you.

“Where are we boo”, you ask, puzzled.

“I was just looking for a private place to park. I was thinking about fucking you on the hood of the car…” he replies.

“Ah…” is all you can manage as he parks, and gets out.

He opens the door for you and you take a quick look around. There is a house in the distance, dark save for a single outside light. The stars are bright above you as he takes you in his arms again, and kisses you. You are already wet from your day dreams, and you follow him willingly as he takes your hand and guides you to the front of his car. He boosts you up, and you lay back on the warm metal, gazing at the starts. He kisses your ankles, your calves, your thighs. You grip the edges of the hood tightly, and sigh in anticipation. After what seems like forever his mouth finds your swollen clit, sucking and licking. You cry out to the stars, and think this..all so right..

His tongue slips inside you, and you moan, glad to be able to cut loose. His hands run up your body, under your shirt, squeezing your breasts. You wish that you had taken off your bra before you got on the hood. He pulls back, and slips his fingers into you, finding all your most sensitive spots. You try to keep from crying out too loudly as you cum again and again. Unlike your single explosive orgasm in the theater, you now just keep having explosion after explosion, one following each other as waves strike the shore, each building on the one before it. The metal beneath you is soon slick with your juices, and you grip the hood tighter to keep from sliding.

He steps back, and slips his jeans over his hips. Stepping between your legs, he grasps your ankles and easily slides you down the hood to meet him. Watching your face, he takes his cock in his hand, and begins to slide it over your soaked pussy. He rubs the head over your clit, then slides down and almost slips inside, only to pull away and run his hardness over your lips again. You are soon gasping, pleading to have him inside you.

“Do you want me, angel? Like this”, as he nearly slips inside you again.

” Yes..Yes now.” you gasp.

“You want me to fuck you…”

“Please baby..fuck me..”.

As soon as the word leave your mouth, he slides inside you. You don’t hold back your cry of joy at feeling him fill you. He scoops your legs up and puts them pendik escort bayan over his shoulders, and takes you with slow measured thrusts. You watch the stars blur as you cum harder and deeper, as you always do when he is inside you. In time you feel his thrusts get faster, more urgent, and you call his name into the night, urging him on. He is normally so quiet, but now he calls your name over and over as he explodes inside you. Your entire body reacts, and you lie there shivering with pleasure. At long last he helps you off the hood, and into the car.

“Your car is going to smell like us having sex now”, you say.

“Good. I can’t imagine a better scent.”

You just smile, and notice a light on in the house in the distance.

Once you get home, you excuse yourself to shower. He tries to follow, but you insist that he stay in the bedroom. You want to wash the sweat and slick juices from your body, and try to get hold of your feelings. You can’t think of him without your body responding. And you find that less scary and more fulfilling every day.

Still thinking you step out of the shower, and peek out the door. He is lying on the bed, eyes close..waiting. You feel both the throbbing heat between your thighs..and emotions flooding your heart. You walk to him, naked and still damp from the shower. He starts to rise, and you push him back to the bed. You reach down, and pull his shirt off, tossing it aside. Climbing on top of him, you rub your wet body over his skin, feeling him harden beneath you. You straddle his hips, and run your fingernails down his bare chest, and he gasps for you. You work your hips over him, teasing his hard cock through his jeans, before dropping down and running your nipples across his chest, making you both shiver. You kiss him then, slipping your tongue into his mouth, enjoying his hands running down your flesh, over your nipples, cupping your breasts.

You slide off him, and undo his jeans, peeling them from his body. His cock stands hard and ready for you, and you mount him again. You rub your pussy over the length of him, sliding up and down. You know he can feel how wet you are for him, and you lay across him, whispering in his ear, “You caused this..all for you”. Your clit runs up and down his slick shaft, causing you to dig your nails into his shoulders and cry out.

In a sudden heat, you reach down and hold him, sliding him inside of you. You freeze as he enters you, every muscle in your body tightening, and he gasps beneath you. You start to rock your hips slowly, leaning back, as he runs his hands over you. You hear your own voice, moaning and talking, but are unaware of your words. Your focus is on the fire that is building as you move faster, arching your back then falling forward onto him. He thrusts upward, meeting you, and you kiss him as you cum together. You both cry out into each others mouths, your juices mingling, nails digging into one another. You collapse, spent, and he pulls you close, kissing you softly over and over. You drift to sleep with the taste of his lips, the scent of your sex, and the heat of his body, in his arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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