Moving In

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The room is quiet. It’s a hot afternoon in your new house and you stop, relishing the breeze that blows in through an open window, pausing in your task of unpacking. Empty boxes surround you, stacked three high, a maze of cardboard that I navigate as I slip in behind you.

You let out a soft, pleasant moan as my hands find your shoulders and I begin to knead, working out the kinks and tension. Your head tilts to the side as you enjoy the relaxing massage, your simple ponytail slipping out of the way, exposing the gentle curve of your neck.

I can’t resist.

You feel my breath, warm against your skin, teasing you, my lips a moment behind. I softly kiss your neck, the exposed part of your shoulder, moving up toward your ear. You feel my hand brushing your hair out of the way as I kiss you, my lips leaving only long enough to whisper how much I want you… how long I’ve wanted you… how beautiful you are. You feel me press against you from behind, my cock hard against your ass and I moan, a little louder than I intended as you push back against me. I kiss your neck again, the passion growing, my hands cupping your breasts, one moving lower to slip inside your shorts. I moan again as I feel how wet you are and my fingertip assumes a gentle rhythm on your clit. You gasp as my finger slips lower, dipping into your wetness only to find your clit once more. My lips brush your ear as I whisper to you how much I want you. I begin to describe every fantasy I’ve ever had about us, telling you everything I’ve ever dreamt of us doing. Your hips begin to move against my hand as I tell you how much I want to lick you, how much I want to be inside you. You cry out as you cum, my finger keeping the pace until you begin to come down and then I slow the way I caress you, lessening the pressure until my fingertip is just a whisper, promising more.

You turn and we embrace, kissing each other deeply, your hands feeling my hard cock through my pants. I feel my zipper come down and I gasp in pleasure as you pull me out of my boxer-briefs, as your fingers wrap around my hard Sakarya Escort shaft, pumping my cock through your closed fingers. You start to slip to your knees, but I stop you, pulling your lips back to mine, kissing you deeply as we fondle each other.

I direct you to a chair, lowering you into it, my lips never leaving yours, never breaking our kiss. My hands remove your shorts, your panties and I step away, pulling off my shirt. I slip my hands through your knees, your legs warm against my naked back and you moan as I blow warm air across your clit. You moan at the sensation and I find you with my tongue, gently licking you with just the tip, slowly enticing your clit. My licks slowly grow firmer, licking you up and down, stopping only to suck your clit into my mouth, teasing it with the tip of my tongue as my lips expose you completely. My finger slowly slips inside you, keeping time with my tongue, gently moving to caress the inside top-part of your pussy, as if my finger was beckoning you to “come here.” You moan, moving against me and I match your rhythm, letting you set the pace as the pleasure builds and builds until you cry out. I let you ride my tongue, licking you until you begin to shiver with pleasure, and then I slow it down, becoming more gentle as I ease you back across that line.

Our eyes meet as I pull away, both of us filled with passion, both smiling. You reach for my cock as I move forward to kiss you and we both stop, moaning as I slip inside you with one long, slow thrust. You smile as my back arches in pleasure, as my eyes find yours again.

“You feel amazing,” I whisper.

My thrusts are long and excruiatingly slow, savoring the way you feel, the way we move together. I thrust deep, slowly filling you, the tip of my cock gently nudging the bottom of your pussy, only to pull back again until only the head of my cock is inside you. You pull off your shirt and I kiss your neck, my back arching so I can reach your breast, sucking each nipple in turn into my mouth, teasing it with my tongue. Suddenly I thrust Sakarya Escort Bayan hard and deep, only to pull out slowly again and resume the pace. Every few strokes I surprise you, the slow, tender rhythm making way for a passionate thrust. Slowly, the pace begins to increase as we’re overcome with our desire for each other. I raise to my knees, taking each of your legs in one of my arms, pulling you to the edge of the chair, raising your hips as we increase the pace. Each thrust is so deep. I’m harder than I ever remember being and you are so wet. I’m thrusting harder, faster… and I smile with a strangely innocent joy as you wrap your legs around me and pull me deep inside you as you cum once more.

I slip out and you roll over, moving to your knees and leaning into the chair. I moan, loudly, as I slip inside you once more. It’s all I can do to keep from coming. I want you so badly. So my thrusts are slow, deep and gentle, my hands tenderly caressing your back… your hips… your ass… Slowly we begin to pick up speed, my hands holding onto your hips, my balls brushing your clit as I thrust inside you. I’m losing control. I want you so badly. I slow again, the thrusts deep and slow as I lean forward, my tongue teasing the line of your spine, licking your back. My hands slip under you and gently squeeze your fingers.

“I have wanted you for so long,” I whisper. “You can’t imagine how many times I’ve fantasized about you, how many times I’ve stroked my hard cock, thinking of you. You’re even more beautiful than I imagined. You feel so good. I’ve wanted you for so long.”

As I talk to you, I begin to pick up the pace, regaining control of my orgasm once more. My thrusts become more insistant, more powerful, until you call out, coming, loudly, your back arching as you thrust back against me.

I ease you to the floor, turning you over, slipping inside you again before the last waves of pleasure have completely faded. I lay you on your side, kneeling between your legs, holding your upper leg in my arm. You moan as I slide Escort Sakarya deep inside you, filling your pussy with my cock even more this way. You can feel my balls brushing against your lower leg. I’m gasping, moaning softly with every thrust. And then you call out and cum once more.

I release your leg and you roll onto your back, my hard cock still inside of you. The breeze from the open window picks up and we revel at the caress of the wind on our naked bodies. We make love, gently, tenderly. There’s no hurry, our lips finding each other’s body. I kiss you, soft and deep. My lips explore your neck… your shoulders… your breasts… all the time, my hard cock slowly slips in and out of your wet pussy until your cum once more.

We lay there for a long time, just holding each other and I roll onto my back, taking you with me. My cock is still inside you, slowly softening as we cuddle, your head nestled between my shoulder and chest, my fingertips softly tracing patterns on your naked back.

You look up at me, a mischevious gleam in your eyes.

“It’s your turn,” you smile.

You kiss your way slowly down my chest, my stomach, loving the way that I moan, that my body trembles and writhes. You take my hard cock in your mouth, swirling your tongue around the head, slowly moving it between your lips as you stroke my shaft. You can taste the precum… you know how close you’ve brought me… but you take your time, pulling my out of your mouth to lick the shaft… to tease the head of my cock with your tongue… I’m moaning constantly, almost completely out of control and you know from the look in your eyes, from the way that I moan that no one has ever made me feel the way you do. You take me in your mouth once more, finding a rhythm, feeling me build. You look up to see me watching you… you hear me tell you how incredibly sexy you look, how much I want you… how long I’ve wanted you. I warn you that I’m building… you hear my breath quicken… my trembling increasing… and I cry out… cumming… my entire body moving to the pulsing of my cock… at last my orgasm begins to fade and you continue to suck me…softly… gently… until I’m soft. You slip up my body and I kiss you, deeply and passionately, moved beyond the ability to speak.

“You’re amazing,” I whisper. “Thank you.”

And this is only the beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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