Mrs. Claus! Ch. 06

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CH. 6


I awoke about ten, kind of shocked that Mom had let me sleep this late. Even on weekends and vacations, she insisted on an early schedule. I called for her but didn’t get a reply. I put on my sweat pants and a shirt and hobbled down the hall. I thought perhaps Mom was embarrassed by her drunken escapade last night and was avoiding me.

As I neared her room I heard a buzzsaw… No, wait. That was my mother snoring to wake the dead. She never snored. I decided to let her sleep off her drunk.

After I injured my knee and foot, Mom had always insisted that I get help from one of my parents to get up and down the stairs, despite my insistence I could do it on my own. This time I had no choice but to do it myself so I butt slid down each step.

I ate leftover pizza for breakfast. When I sat down to eat it. I noticed that my portable DVD player was gone. For a second I wondered if I had taken it up to my room. No… Mom had taken my clothes and put them away but left that down here.

I had a momentary flash of panic when I remembered that I had left “A Mother’s Love” inside the DVD player. Then I shrugged it off. If Mom had borrowed the DVD player and hadn’t ejected the disc before she watched something, there might be hell to pay. If so I’d deal with it.

Two hours passed and still no Mom. My appointment was for 1:30, so I called a friend of mine for a ride. I bribed him by promising him some of the beer from the keg my mom had tapped. I made certain he knew he’d get it after he brought me back from the doctor’s. Otherwise he might just flake off and leave me there.

After my MRI’s I got some welcome news. The breaks in my foot weren’t as bad as initially thought or I was a fast healer. Probably the latter because my knee was also in better shape. The doctor said if I didn’t do something else stupid, I could get by with a wrap on my knee and a boot splint for my foot. I only had to use the crutches as needed. Yes, freedom!!

When we got to my house, there was still no sign of my Mom. My friend filled up two half-gallon milk bottles with beer. If he got stopped, he planned to claim it was apple juice. Whatever. We played Metal Gear for a couple of hours before he had to leave for a party. I fixed myself a plate of leftovers and fixed one for Mom. It felt so good to be able to walk up the stairs. True it was a little painful and I had to grip the banister but it was great!

Mom had stopped snoring and was sleeping quietly. She stirred as I approached the bed, probably smelling the food. As I had suspected, my DVD player sat on Dad’s side of the bed. Okay…

Mom lifted her head and immediately grabbed her forehead. “Oh fuck!” She yawned, “What time is it, Jimmy?”

“A little before five”

“Before five? Why so early?”

“Five at night, Mom”

“Whaat” she grabbed her phone to verify the time.”

“Crap! Why’d you let me sleep so late? We missed your appointment.” Then she blinked her eyes and took in the changes to my medical wardrobe. “You went without me.” There was an odd mixture of disappointment and pride in her tone.

“I tried to wake you but you were dead to the world. Besides, I’m perfectly capable of making my way to the doctor on my own. If I couldn’t have gotten a ride from Roy, I could’ve taken a cab.”

“So you don’t need me anymore, either,” she said, with a twitch to her eyes and nose as if she were fighting back tears.

I leaned over to where she half reclined under the covers and pulled her in for a hug. “Of course I need you. I’ll always need you, you’re my Mom!”

She hugged back with a half sob and a half laugh. Then we both became aware that she was naked under the covers. Mom dropped her arms from me to wrap the covers around her. “I appreciate you bringing me something to eat but I need to dress. Scoot,” she said with a laugh. As I was limping out the door, she called out “Baby, would you do Mommy a favor and bring her up a bottle of…. no…that bottle of Glenfarclas Scotch”

So that’s how it went for the next two days, Mom hiding in her room, working her way through Dad’s liquor cabinet, with special attention to his expensive liquors. I fixed all the meals, using up the leftovers from Christmas dinner. My portable DVD player remained in her room, I guess she was waiting for me to ask for it back. I wasn’t in any particular rush to open that can of worms.

It was late afternoon on the 29th of December when I heard a loud splash in the back yard. I hurried back to the sliding door and saw a set of footprints in the snow leading from the door to the hot tub. I limped outside into the yard and saw my Mom sitting up in the hot tub laughing her drunk ass off. She saw me and grinned and she slicked back her wet hair. “Oops, I fell. I love sitting in the hot tub surrounded by snow.” On the rim behind her was a towel and today’s liquor of choice which was an expensive whiskey.

“Why don’t you join me? It’s görükle escort bayan close enough to New Year’s. You can have a drinkie!”

Well, I was freezing my ass off and didn’t want to leave her alone too long while I went to get shorts. So I stepped back into the house and took off my sweats, sweatshirt, and boot cast. I slowly limped barefoot through the cold ass snow and slipped into the wonderfully warm water. I sat next to my Mom who raised her glass to me and snuggled up to me.

She leaned back and rested her head on my shoulder. With her wet hair slicked I could more easily see the gray strands scattered through the darkness. Days of steady drinking had made her face flushed and puffy. The small scattering of crow’s feet and laugh lines about her mouth had deepened slightly. I also saw other signs of aging, I hadn’t noticed before. Her jowl and cheeks were fleshier than they had been even a few weeks back.

Mom was no longer the sexy teenage girl of the pictures Grandma had shown me. She was a sexy and beautiful mature woman. In fact, I thought she was even sexier and more beautiful. However, it wasn’t her maturity that made her sexier but because I loved her. The woman was my Mom, the girl in the photos was someone I never met. I found Mom’s mature beauty much more arousing than the beauty of her youth because of the emotional connection I shared with her.

To keep my mind off of the lush, sensuous body pressing against mine I decided to finally confront my mother.

“So Mom what’re gonna do when you finish off all of Dad’s liquor.”

Mom sighed and gave me a sad little smile. “I haven’t decided yet, son.”

“You know, instead of getting blind stinking drunk you could, I dunno, talk to me about what’s going on.”

“I can’t talk to you about this stuff, Jimmy. It’s…”

“Grown-up stuff? I asked sarcastically. “As you should know by now, I am grown up.” Mom flushed. “Besides what’s going on with you also affects me.”

She sighed and took a pull from the bottle of whiskey. “Okay… Okay.. I guess you’re right.” She suddenly grinned, a twinkle lit her eyes. “Let’s make a game of it to take the sting out. Truth for Truth. I would play Truth or Dare but drunk as I am I might get carried away.” She gave me a wicked grin and an exaggerated wink.

After another pull on the bottle, she said, “So you ashk a question and and I tell you the truth and you tell me thruth and I ask you a queshion. After each answer, you drink. You get three refusals. After every refusal, you take two drinks. So you sure you wanna play!”

“Okay, I’ll go first. What happened in the Bahamas? Why did you come back so soon? Why didn’t Dad come back with you.”

“That’s more than one question. Pick one.”

“What happened in the Bahama’s?”

“Well, we didn’t tell you all the details. Actually, I didn’t know all the details. So umm well… ” Mom realized she was rambling and shook away the fog. “When I started talking about a second honeymoon your Dad kept putting me off because of the cost and our schedules. When I brought it up, he got perturbed. But then in October out the blue, he said okay, let’s go to the Bahamas for our second honeymoon during Christmas week. After we were all booked and plans were made, he told me that our second honeymoon was piggybacked onto a corporate retreat and that I was his plus one.

“Well, that hurt me like hell. He didn’t arrange this trip for us nor did he pay for it, except for my flight. Come to think of it, that came from our joint account. I thought to myself, Okay, Annie make this work. Between corporate events, you and Doug’ll be able to spend a lot of time together.

“However less than an hour after we got to the Bahamas and checked in to the room, Doug got a call for a meeting. I finished unpacking while he was gone. When he got back to the room your Dad had some bad news. He had gotten some bad information prior to our departure, the only corporate function that plus ones could attend was the New Year’s Eve party, everything else was employees only. He tried to put a spin on it by telling me that there was lots for me to do there while he was tied up at corporate functions.”

“So you just left him there?

Mom handed me the bottle of whiskey. “That’s another question. And it’s my turn”

I’d never drunk unmixed hard liquor before, especially straight whiskey. It burned and I coughed. A lot.

Mom ran her finger along my arm, “Okay Jimmy now tell me the real reason you jipaurrdized a week home alone. I’m not your Dad.” She made an expansive gesture at her bikini-clad body, “As you can see.” she giggled. “I don’t buy you. Your story I mean. You just wanted to try beer. Really?? I know you’ve been drunk and high before. But you’re a good kid, and don’t do it hardly at all.”

“Okay… I thought there might be the possibility that I’d lose my virginity to a cheerleader.”

Mom giggled “I figured a girl was involved somehow. Then she frowned. “As cute as you are I thought you lost your virginity altıparmak eskort long ago.” She held took a drink and held her finger up. “I’m stating that not questing. Mom shook her head and blinked. “It’s not a question” “

What the hell. I answered anyway. “This is sort of embarrassing, considering I’m a guy. Yeah, I could’ve lost it long ago if that’s all I’d been interested in. I wanted it to be with a girl who was special to me. Buuut if you have a chance at a cheerleader…”

Mom laughed and splashed water on me. “You’re such a guy!” The jiggle of her breasts sent a tingle through me. As if reading my mind, Mom turned to face me brushing her breasts against my chest. “Your turn, ask wisely”

I couldn’t think of any clever way to get a lot of information out of her with one question so just asked what came to mind. “Why did you come back so early”

Mom took a pull off the bottle. At my frown, she said “Rules don’t say you can’t drink unless it’s your spin. Turn. Whatever. Okay, to continue.”

She took a deep breath and concentrated speaking more lucidly. “I didn’t go to the Bahamas to spend a vacation by myself. I looked for other plus ones I’d met some in the airport and plane to hang out with. But I couldn’t find none, so I went to the beach.” Mom’s face grew tense, “When I came back to the hotel I ran into one of the couples from the plane. They had missed me at the Meet and Greet.

“Then it dawned on me that I was the only plus one not supposed to go to the corporate functions. I asked when the next event was. It was a luncheon the next day.

On the next morning, your Dad left early for another meeting. I got dressed in a killer dress, got dolled up, and went to that damned lunch. And I got my fucking answer. And the answer to other questions!” She handed the bottle to me with a grim smile. “My turn”

Another burning gulp of whiskey. My nose felt a little funny.

“Since the cheerleader didn’t work out do you have anyone else in mind you’d like to pop your cherry?”

Well, I couldn’t very well tell my Mom that was moot since I’d already lost my virginity to her Mother. “Not specifically” I handed her the bottle.

“Oh, what kind of girl you’d like?

I have her a wiseass smirk to match her previous one. “Sorry, Mom that’s another question. My turn. Back to the Bahamas. What was the answer to the questions you had.”

With a sour smile she said “Once I got to the buffet luncheon, I saw your Dad working the crowd. Following him like a puppy was this little blonde about twenty-five. Every now and then she touched his arm or shoulder. And they’d exchange looks. Doug didn’t even notice I was there. So I kept out of his sight.

“I asked around about her.” In a snotty, nasal tone Mom said, “Debbie Masters, one of Doug’s team.” In a normal, although drunk slurred voice she continued. “She was a recent addition to the trip. Originally she’d been gonna skip it and visit her parents over the holidays. She decided to go on the corporate retreat at the last minute.”

Hmmm, no wonder Dad was kind of irritable the past week or so. He knew that his girlfriend and wife were about to meet. I took my drink. It was going down a little smoother now.

Mom took a drink and snuggled closer to me. One of her legs crossed over mine and her hard nipples lightly scratched my back.

“What’s your fantasy girl look like? Be truthful, Jimmy.”

I quickly described my Grandma as she had been in her youth. Figuring the Mom truth detector would know if I lied. “Dark hair, hourglass figure, green eyes”

“Really? Mom asked with a slight smile, a slurry drawl, and a quirk of her eyebrow. Then I realized that I’d made a mistake. Grandma’s eyes were blue, Mom’s were green. Mom and Grandma were almost identical except for their eye color.

“Did you confront Dad about this girl?”

“No, I was so heartbroken I just left the luncheon. Back in our room, I emptied the minibar, drinking my lunch and my dinner. I was in a fine and fearless state when Doug returned. So I laid out my case with all the evidence. How he’d known about the retreat since August but hadn’t told me about it. Then he had used the retreat as a substitute for a second honeymoon because Debbie had decided not to go. When she did decide to go, he tried to guilt-trip me into staying home with you.” She shot me a somewhat guilty look “Not because I didn’t want to but because I really thought I had a chance to reconnect with your Father.

“When Doug’s guilt ploy failed, he waited until we were in the Bahamas before telling me another lie. A stupid lie, doomed to failure. I don’t know what hurt the most, that he didn’t care if I found out or if he thought I was that stupid.

I asked him about all the weekend golf trips, the poker games, the long hours of working from home. He continued getting ready for bed, not answering, not saying a word.

“When I ran out of steam, he finally said “This is all your fault, Annie. If you hadn’t kept nilüfer escort nagging about a second honeymoon. If you’d just accepted the comfortable life we’ve built, mostly separate but intersecting when needed, you wouldn’t have gotten hurt. I have no desire to change our lives or to get a divorce. So think about whether you want to ruin our lives or accept things as they are.” Then he went to bed and was asleep in minutes.”

Mom’s story had filled me with an increasing amount of anger towards my Dad. I always knew he could be distant, a little arrogant, and dismissive of others but never knew he was such an asshole to Mom. If he’d been home we’d have gotten into it. “That… That Son of a bitch!”

“Jimmyyy, don’t talk about your Dad like that.” Mom automatically admonished me, “however true it might be.” She trilled. “The apple doesn’t fall far.”

You met my Grandma, My Mom’s Mom, earlier in my story but I haven’t mentioned my Dad’s Mom. Well, that’s because she wasn’t really part of our lives. She always thought Dad had married down and never accepted Mom. I have no memory of her. Shortly after I was born, she visited the hospital took one look at me, said, “No, that won’t do. He looks too much like… that side” She promptly left the hospital and our lives.

Mom took another drink of whiskey so I assumed that this was all the reply I was getting this round. Mom was dragging her answers out.

She shifted even closer to me, partially sitting on my leg. She looped one arm around my neck and laid her head on my shoulder. This odd mixture of maternal affection and flirtation was too distracting. I felt slightly dizzy from the heat, the conflicting emotions rising in me, and of course the whiskey. “Sooo, why haven’t you asked for your DVD player back yet? Any particular reason?”

Well, this seemingly innocent question let me know for certain Mom knew about “A Mother’s Love”. I gave her a true but non-specific answer. “I wasn’t sure if you were still using it.” She narrowed her eyes and gave me a knowing smile.

I took another drink. I was starting to like the smoky, astringent taste. “Can you continue with your story?”

Mom stared up at me with her chin resting on my shoulder. Pursing her lips, slightly she sighed causing her breasts to flutter against my chest. “I’ve been avoiding talking about it because it still hurts so much. The man I’ve shared my life with for twenty years regards me as little more than a trophy, a housekeeper, a broodmare. Apparently I was never his soul mate, his partner. After your father’s stunning revelations, I tried to sleep but tossed and turned all night. When dawn came I knew I couldn’t stay there any longer.

“I wasn’t about to spend my vacation alone. I wasn’t about to sleep in the same room as that man any longer. So while your Dad spent his holidays canoodled with his side piece, I was determined to spend my Christmas with the one person who I knew loved me unquestionably. I needed to be with my little boy.” Her voice broke and Mom threw her arms around my neck and hugged me full on.

She took several pulls from the nearly empty bottle of whiskey and finished it off. With a laugh she opened up yet another of my dad’s expensive liquors. This time it was a Grey Goose Vodka.

After a few minutes, despite the circumstances, the delectable sensation of Mom’s curvy body pressed against mine sent my male hormones into overdrive. Her full breasts rose and fell against me with every one of her breaths. The soft roundure of her ass nestled against my balls, while her cul-de-sac pressed down on my erect cock, pushing it flat against my thigh, her camel toe rubbed against my pubes. She squirmed feeling my hard cock.

Mom leaned back to her arm’s length, her hands still clasped around my neck. She kept one hand on my neck as she reached for the vodka. This movement swung her hard tipped breasts across my face, a stiff nipple tickling my lips. She downed a deep swig and replaced the bottle. This time when her breasts were flush against my face, she paused and gave a slight push, slightly flatting her breasts against my nose and mouth. A nipple poked me directly in the mouth. It took all my will power not to suck or lick it.

After a second she leaned back to arm’s length again, a tantalizing smile on her face. “My turn… I have a quessshun about your movie collusion. Especially a fashionable… she blinked and shook her head. “No, umm fashanating film called A Mother’s Love.”

She was really being affected by the liquor now. “So Jimmy Jim Jim…my queshun is to you is,” Mom stopped and made a visible effort to collect herself. She spoke slowly and deliberately “All the chicks in that film were mature, dark-haired and big boobed isss that whaaaa you jack off to?”

“Umm refuse..” Mom giggled as she reached for the bottle. “You two drinks gotta drink.”

I took two drinks and started to take another so I could ask a question. Mom placed a finger on my lips “Not done yet, you still gotta answer one” To put her finger on my lips Mom had to take one of her hands off of my neck. Unsteadily she lost her balance and swung forward plastering herself against me even further. My cock rubbed harder against her bikini-clad pussy, the thin layers of clothing feeling non-existent. She giggled as she put her hand back around my neck.

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