Mrs. Worthy

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Where do I begin? My story is one that I wouldn’t believe myself, if someone else were to tell me about it. But it’s true, and I guess I’m just one lucky son-of-gun! I think I need to go all the way back to when I had been working here at Import Furniture for about a month. That’s when I first saw Mrs. Worthy. I remember thinking immediately what a striking woman. Her blonde hair was about shoulder length and shown beautifully beneath the lights of the showroom floor. Her clothes were elegantly casual, and they fit in such a way as to reveal just a hint of the incredible creature beneath. She was alone, and moved about the place in the most natural, unencumbered way. I had guessed at the time she was in her mid-thirties and married, with a couple of young children. I would later learn that I was right only about the husband. Instead she was 46, with four teenage sons.

” Just a natural beauty”, I remember thinking after watching her awhile, as inconspicuously as possible. That was six months ago, and it has proved to be one of the most accurate assessments that I’ve ever made of someone.

Let me stop and tell you a little about myself. I’m approaching thirty years of age, I’m single, and I’m black. I’ve been told that I’m attractive, and I try my best to stay in shape. I’m no muscle man, but I am fit. I’m still working at Import Furniture, while I go to school at night. I decided kind of late to get an education after trying to make it in the workforce for several years. I have survived just fine, but I want more. And nobody else can make that happen except me. I’d like to find a way to write for a living. That’s my dream. And now that I have this story to tell, I thought why not?

Now, back to that first day. After walking most of the store, she made her way to the counter where I was busy doing some paperwork, and keeping an eye on her. As she approached, I felt a childlike nervousness coming over me. This was not something I had experienced before with women, and my head was spinning trying to determine why it was happening. Despite my heightened nerves, I was becoming more aware of the extent of her natural beauty, as she came closer. Looking back now, I’m sure that special beauty was the very reason for my nervousness. Never before, and I’m quite sure never again, will I find a woman that I find more attractive. Every single thing about her blew me away. I mentioned her blonde hair before, and now with her at close range I could see how it lay perfectly against her flawless pale complexion. How a few strands curled just below the lobes of her ears, and somehow conveyed the incredible softness of the milky skin beneath. I let my eyes follow the nape of her lovely neck up to her chin, and then on to a set of wonderfully full lips. Lips shaded lightly, and colored perfectly when taken in with the whole of her face. Standing there mesmerized by her, I surely had the all-time winning “deer in the headlights” look on my face.

“Good morning young man. Do you think you might be able to help me?” Slowly the sound of those words worked their way through, and when I realized she was speaking to me, I forced my eyes from her lips and up to her eyes. At first I froze even more, but quickly the warmth I found within her blue eyes eased my nerves and allowed me to actually converse, just like a real person.

“Yes Maam, of course. How can I help?” I tried hard to concentrate on her response, but my eyes were in control now. I continued to take in the beauty of this woman. I was amazed how that everything about her spoke of femininity. I had never been around a woman who was so naturally and unabashedly feminine. I allowed my eyes to drift back to her lips, then down her neck, and briefly caught a glimpse of the most beautiful inch and a half of cleavage I had ever seen. How could I know with such certainty of its sweet softness by merely stealing a brief view from a full six feet away? And then she was filling my nostrils. I took it in, and once again the word is feminine. Clean, understated, but something incredibly sexy hiding beneath the surface. It made me want to move closer and breathe deeply, but I resisted.

“Well, I just had a few questions about that beige sofa in the far corner,” she replied, smiling and looking me directly in the eye. I was sure that I detected just a knowing hint of appreciation for my lingering looks. Her smile and eyes said at once, “I noticed you noticing, and thank you.” Not in a come hither, or suggestive way at all. Just appreciative, like someone who hadn’t been noticed for some time.

“I’ll be glad to answer your questions. Just let me set the papers here and we can walk over and take a look.” Turning away from her, I placed my paperwork back in its folder and laid it where I could easily find it later.

As I moved from behind the counter, we walked side by side toward the sofa in question. I had recovered and composed myself enough at this point to begin doing my job.

“Are you looking for an entire set, or are you interested in just the one piece?”

“Just the one. I think porno izle it will go nicely with my hodgepodge of things, in the limited room available.”

“Well, it’s a great piece and we just got it in……very versatile, don’t you think?” I watched as she lowered herself at one end, and then turned moving her right leg up and extending it out across the sofa. She was testing it for comfort, but in the process her movements allowed me to see the shapeliness of her legs and hips.

“Oh yes, definitely versatile. And quite comfortable,” she added, as she lay her head back lightly against the headrest. She looked my way as she rose, and smiled when she once again found me standing there staring at her.

“I’m sorry, but I forgot to introduce myself,” I said, attempting to recover. “I’m Eddie Nichols.”

“Well hi Eddie. I’m Cynthia…..Cynthia Worthy.” She extended her right hand, and as she gripped mine softly, she brought her left hand up to grip my wrist very briefly. That is when I noticed her wedding ring.

“Now Eddie, can you tell me about the manufacturer, and any warranty that comes with this sofa? I’m thinking seriously about buying it today. Is it on sale by any chance?”

“Uh, no maam its not on sale, but I think we can certainly work with you on the price. Let me get you the literature and warranty information so that you can be sure this is what you want.” I bent over to get the model number from the sofa and when I straightened up I thought I noticed her looking at me this time. She quickly averted her eyes and began walking back toward the sales counter. This time as we walked she was slightly ahead of me, and for the first time I was able to see her from that vantage point. She was absolutely incredible. She had a wonderful hourglass shape, and her hips swayed in the most naturally sexy way. Watching her left me almost breathless.

After a few seconds of following her, I closed the distance between us so as not to be drooling uncontrollably upon reaching the sales counter. Once there I quickly found the information and handed it to her.

“Here you go, Mrs. Worthy. Perhaps you would like to sit in one of our chairs and look this over. Can I get you some coffee, or maybe a cool drink?”

“No, but thank you,” she said smiling warmly. “I’ll just sit over here and read. I’ll be fine.” And with that she turned from me and walked over to one of the display chairs. As I watched her move away, I decided to not hide the fact anymore that I was watching her. And so, I stood there watching her walk that walk of hers, and confidently continued to keep my eyes on her as she reached the chair and turned to sit. I could tell immediately that she was happy with my decision, and she smiled proudly as she sat down. I allowed myself to smile just a bit in return.

“OK then. While you do that I’ll go speak with our manager about a possible discount.” Upon returning, I found her talking on her cell phone. When she saw me she said her good-byes to whomever it was she was talking to, and quickly walked to meet me at the sales counter.

“What can you tell me, Eddie? Can you come off of that price a little?”

“Yes Maam, I can. My boss tells me that I can offer you a full ten percent off today. How does that sound?”

“Well, it sounds good. Real good. But I’m thinking if he can go that far, then he can go five more and make it fifteen percent. Ten percent barely takes care of the taxes, after all.”

“You drive a hard bargain, Madam,” I suddenly heard my boss saying from behind me. I guess he thought he better check on his new sales person. “Next thing I know you’ll be wanting us to deliver,” he chuckled. “Hi, I’m Larry Knowles.”

“Cynthia Worthy,” she smiled. “As a matter of fact, I just found out all of my sons are tied up tomorrow so I will need a delivery……tomorrow that is.”

Visibly surprised by her directness, Larry continued. “Well now, I think we can live with the fifteen percent off, but there is a charge for delivery. And besides, we don’t deliver on Saturday.”

“I understand about the delivery charge, but I was really needing this tomorrow. I work during the week, you see, and I can’t leave work in order to meet your truck.”

“Well, let’s see now…..I don’t see how we are going be able to accommodate you, Mrs. Worthy.” What the heck is he saying, I thought to myself as I watched my commission dollars flying out the window!!

“I could come in and get the truck and make the delivery sir,” I offered quickly. “You don’t have me scheduled for the sales floor tomorrow, so I could do it if we can get it loaded on the truck today. You would just need to help me get it inside, Mrs. Worthy,” I offered, turning to her.

“Well that’s fine, that’s just fine. I could do that, no problem,” she beamed, both of us turning to Larry Knowles for his approval.

“Don’t ever let it be said that I’m standing in the way of commerce,” he cackled. “Sounds like a plan to me!”

That next morning I was up early wanting to be sure I made it to her place by 10:00AM amatör porno as we had planned the day before. I had found it virtually impossible to get Mrs. Worthy off my mind that night and thus, I had been thinking about her almost constantly, remembering her beauty and the way she smelled. I thought of her milky white skin and how her flowing blonde hair looked against it, over and over again. I remembered her cleavage and wondered about the beautiful nipples that were surely there, aching to be caressed. I imagined how they must stiffen and tighten to a tender touch. I wondered again and again if she were a natural blonde, and if so, how wonderful a place it must be between her legs. I had finally taken my penis in hand and massaged it to climax while I thought of her lying naked, performing slow, sensual fellatio on me.

And now I was driving the delivery truck to the address she had given. The address was that of an apartment. That address, the wedding ring, and the sons she had mentioned didn’t all add up. I remember wondering what it all meant. Was this furniture for an aging parent? One of her sons? Could she possibly have a son old enough to move out on his own. Was it for a friend? Was it for her? Could she and her husband be separated, even getting a divorce? If that were so, would she still be wearing her wedding ring?

All of these questions were going through my mind as I came upon the apartment complex. With her simple but complete directions, I found the apartment with ease. I parked the truck and literally raced to her door. I was surprised how fast she answered, and was taken a bit off guard by her casual appearance. She was dressed in a short sleeve yellow pullover, and a free-flowing pink cotton skirt that hit just above the knee. She wore sandals, and she was absolutely gorgeous with her blonde hair put up in the back, off of her neck. I don’t know why I was surprised by her appearance. It made perfect sense for the springtime weather, the time of day, and the fact that she was about to move furniture.

“Good morning, Eddie. Thanks for being on time. How are you this morning?”

“I’m doing just fine, Mrs. Worthy. How are you?”

“I’m doing great! But let’s drop the Mrs. Worthy business, OK? We’re away from your store now, and I’m really not that much older than you, I bet.”

“I’m sorry Maam, just the way I was raised. I’ll try…….Cynthia.”

“Well how nice,” she said smiling broadly. “You remembered!”

“Yes maam,” I answered, thinking that I remembered everything about her.

“I just poured a cup of coffee. I’ll be glad to pour you one as well, if you’d like. That is if you can manage to drop the Maam stuff too,” she giggled.

“Yes I would, Maam…..oh, sorry. Yes, please. I’d like that very much.”

The thought of sitting and talking with her for awhile sounded great. I just hoped in the back of my mind that I would be able to keep my mind on the conversation. Actually, it went just fine. She was a very good conversationalist. No surprise there. It was light and friendly, and very casual. She asked many questions about me, and I found that I was talking a lot more about myself than normal. Throughout the conversation, I watched her intently. And like the day before she really seemed to appreciate the visual attention. As we sat there, she seemed to look for reasons to reach for things, or get up and move across the room. She really liked me watching her move.

After a warm-up of coffee, we determined it was time to tackle the sofa. That went without any hassle at all. We had it off the truck and inside the apartment within fifteen minutes. She asked if I would mind helping her try a couple of different arrangements with the sofa. No problem, I told her and after just a few minutes she had made up her mind as to which was her favorite.

“Eddie, you’ve been such a darling. I’d like to offer to fix you some lunch. Just some sandwiches, nothing fancy. You must be getting hungry.”

“Well I tell ya what, that sounds really nice. I didn’t have breakfast and I’m starting to feel a little empty,” I told her with a smile.

“Great! Sit down on my new sofa and I’ll fix it right up. How about a cool drink while you wait? How about a beer?”

I watched as she brought me a cold beer, and then smiled back at her as she turned to smile at me when she left the room. By now, I was fairly sure that this was her place and the sofa was hers. She and her husband must be divorced, or at least separated. I had noticed earlier that she wasn’t wearing her ring today. Probably struggling with what is appropriate, I thought. Over lunch her story began to come out. As our conversation progressed past the surface type of stuff, she started to open up about her situation. I had guessed right. She and her husband were separated, for about a month now. It was complicated. It always is, it seems. I could tell while I listened to her talk about him that she still had feelings for him. Some good. Some not so good. But it was when she spoke of the lack of intimacy anal porno between them that she choked up.

“I’m sorry Eddie,” she managed, her voice cracking. “I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable. It’s just so hard for me to understand his lack of interest.”

I really felt sorry for her. I could tell this was no show. This was heartfelt. I reached for her hand to maybe comfort her a little.

“There, there. It’s OK. You don’t have to apologize.”

“I don’t know why I’m telling you all of this,” she continued. “You just seemed so nice and easy to talk to. And the way I’ve noticed you looking at me. It makes me feel so good. Its been so long since someone has looked at me that way.”

That took me completely by surprise. I had certainly thought she enjoyed me looking at her, but I wasn’t sure. And I had never had a woman be so direct. Even though, I felt the need to apologize.

“Oh God, I’m sorry Cynthia. I shouldn’t have, its just that you are so beautiful. Surely you know that. Even still, I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable by staring.”

“Oh no, no. Don’t apologize, please. That makes me feel badly about how your watching me makes me feel,” she pleaded, looking shyly toward my eyes.

“And how is that, Cynthia?” I prodded her, while taking both of her delicate hands in mine and forcing her to turn and look at me. I moved my chair in closer to hers.

“No, no…..I can’t. Its wrong. Its too soon. I hardly know you,” she stammered, her head down, not wanting to look at me.

I reached and cupped her sweet chin in my hand, and raised her precious face up close to mine. “Tell me, Cynthia. Please tell me how I make you feel when I watch you. Please, because that is all it seems that I want to do when I’m around you.”

“Is that all?” she asked looking up disappointed, and wiping the tears from her eyes so that I could see the lust within. “Surely that’s not all you want to do?”

“Well no….that’s not all….but I…..”

“Then show me. Show me what you want to do, Eddie,” she beckoned, as she moved her face closer to mine.

I immediately took her face in my hands and our lips met, lightly exploring at first. And then more desperately and needful. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her as deeply and passionately as I know how. When our mouths parted, I was kissing her face, and neck, and ears. She managed to kiss her way up the side of my face until she was at my ear.

“Take me to my new sofa. Make love to me on the sofa, Eddie.”

I tried to be cool about it, but looking back I practically dragged her over towards the sofa. We stood in front of it, kissing and hugging for a long time it seemed. After a bit, I kissed her softly on the side of the neck and when I heard her moan ever so lightly, I moved slowly to the front and kissed lower. Soon I was right at the top of her cleavage. I kissed lightly between her breast, and then I let my tongue slide just below the fabric of her pullover. She moaned louder this time, reached and pulled the fabric to the side exposing more white flesh, while gently pulling my head toward her nipple with her other hand. She continued pulling the fabric further and further to the side until her nipple was cleared for my trailing lips and tongue. Her nipple was huge and dark pink. It sprang forward and stiffened as I pulled it slowly, but deeply between my lips and past my teeth. When I gave it a very gentle nibble, Cynthia pulled hard with her hand at the back of my head. With her other hand she traced the distance from my chest to my groin, and allowed her fingers to find the outline of my dick. She moved her hand slowly and deliberately from one end of it to the other.

I had been caressing her back until then, but now I reached with both hands and traced her shapely buttocks, then gripping two handfuls of her fleshy cheeks I pulled her tight against me. When I finally allowed her breast to fall from my mouth, she released my cock and brought that hand up to join her other in order to pull my mouth to hers greedily. She pulled my mouth into hers and we kissed hungrily, and I continued to knead and massage her gorgeous backside.

Then suddenly she was moving to her knees, pulling and tugging at my belt. I helped her unbutton my fly, and she kissed and licked at my stomach, moving lower and lower as she tugged downward on my trousers. As I sprang into view, she moaned approvingly, looking up letting her eyes meet mine briefly. I stood and watched as this strikingly beautiful white mother of four began to kiss, lick and suck on my black cock. Her wonderfully full, red lips took my sack into her mouth and sucked on it, gently moving from testicle to testicle, and rolling each one in her mouth softly. Then she extended her long, wet tongue to the underside of my dick and ran the length of it back and forth, until strands of saliva dangled from it and her chin. Then finally she took the head between her lips and pulled me deep into her mouth sucking with a force that took me by surprise. Soon she had me near climax. When I tried to warn her she only pulled harder on my ass, and she never missed a beat as I emptied my semen into her mouth and down her throat. I could see clearly as she swallowed each and every drop, as if she were quenching a thirst. I think in fact, she was.

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