Ms. Marca Ch. 11

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Chapter 11: Fucked with her boots on

Years ago in my days of modeling I had many wonderful experiences that will live with me forever. I got a lot of work in the print medium just by showing this body. At 5’ 10” and with a set of 40DD that went with my 23 X 38 lower section, for some reason I had work when it came to showing the breast.

One of these great assignments I had was a shoot in Italy and was looking forward to the work and taking a few days off to see the country. Who knows might meet one of those great looking Italian men who can sweep a girl off her feet?

The shoot was for an auto company dealership and they wanted a tall lady with dark eyes and a dark tan. That is me, I can pass for most anything, just let me get my eye shadow on and lip gloss and I’ll be whatever you want me to be. Today I was to be an Italian sex kitten. The sponsor had his on ideas of what he wanted for his add, he knew sex sells and that was what he wanted sex. Raw sex and he wanted nudity from the get go. As long as he was paying the bills and my fee and expenses, nude was what he would get.

The photographer was an Italian and love tits and ass the more you could show the more he wanted to have it in the picture. The sun was out all day and it was a hot one and the crew had to work hard to keep the setting looking the same, we didn’t need lights that day, but had to use a lot of reflectors to keep the light looking the same all day. The poor guy had to get up on a ladder to take one shot, which showed my face and tits but not much of the auto. He got to the top of the ladder and kept motioning me to look up and stick out my ass. These guys loved big ass and big tits. Sex was here to sell his product and he knew men were the ones who were his market and he told the ad agent “I want big tits big ass big lady, for a big car.” The sponsor was about 5’ 4” 250 pounds and had about as much hair on his head as I have on my pussy after a Sunday night bath with my safety razor. I keep it clean and close no stubble on my honey hole. As one guy told me he hates a five o’clock shadow on a perfectly good snatch.

After a lunch break which last longer than it would have in the USA and a few bottles of wine later it was time to go back to work. The little short boss told the photographer that maybe I was showing too much skin so it might look better to cover some of me up. The first thing I said to myself “that be OK, need to get a top on my 40DD, sounds good to me.” Reason I’m not behind the camera and not the boss. He told the photographer he wanted to see me in thigh high spiked high heels boots and nothing else. That should cover some skin! All it did was make me get hot and sweaty and they had to keep the towels and water coming, my body temp had to go up 2* when I put on the boots. One of the crew was given the job of wiping the sweat off me and the makeup guy (gay) would come in right behind him each time. The first guy liked his job, he took special care to make sure I had no drops of sweat on my tits ass or high up on my leg area. The area north of my thighs and south of my belly button was what he took pride in. He had the biggest grin on his face after each of his mop-ups; man loved his work that day.

I had to admit that the boots with the 5” heel did make me feel sexy and when you feel you are looking the way they want you to, that is half the job. The looks on the crews face showed they approved of my new look and it turned me on to see them smiling and approving of my performance. I knew I had made some head way with the boss when the photographer told me to face the auto, spread my legs as far as I could and lean over on the boot and bend over deep and stick out my ass. He told Sakarya Escort me to flirt with the lenses with my beautiful ass and let my big breast hang down for all to see and admire. “Make out with the and to the camera.” While in this poses he told the towel guy to mop me up, damn this ass hole wiped everything and once or twice he forgot to use the towel as he ran his hand up my crack of my ass. It felt good and I didn’t need that to get me motivated I was getting hot with each click of the shutter. My nipples were showing I was getting turned on and the crew knew it. After he took a few shots like that he told me to reach back and show some pink. The guys went crazy when I exposed just a little and after that this shoot went down hill they wanted more and had me all over the car showing my pussy and “hey where is the mop up guy?” Some of the guys could have used that towel and not for sweat.

The last shot of the day they tell me was the best, “save the best for last” when I got into the pose and had to have help steadying myself on top of the car. I had all the volunteers that any girl could ever use or needed. The guys were all over and around me to make sure I would not fall and hurt that beautiful pussy as they called it. I had a guy on each of my legs, each had a hold on a leg as if I was a big wishbone and they were going to pull to see who got the big part. I think I know what each of them was wishing for, anyway the photographer had to take about 8 shots of that pose, from the same angle and position. That was about 4 more than any other close up he did that day. Anyway that last picture was the best the crew said and all wanted an autograph of that one. I wonder why?

Later that evening we had a big party for the crew and lots of good food and wine was served to way into the night. I wore my boots to the party and a short min skirt that just came to the top of the boots, it had a low cut neck line that showed my tits even when I didn’t bend over. I went with no bra and just a black thong. I was the only female in the private dinning room and all the men were coming up to me and telling me how beautiful I was in Italian and one or two could speak a little English, but I got the message “ You are a master piece!” The more the wine flowed the more they wanted to hug me and kiss my hand and you know how Italian men can get they want to be your friend, lover, they just want to fuck you.

The party was over sometime after 2 in the morning and how I got back to the hotel I’ll never know. I found myself in bed and had hands and lips all over me which was par for the course, but I had no idea who the hell it was.

Fingertips touch her nipples, caressing them through the flimsy fabric of her top. She gasps in surprise but does not move, as his fingertip trace the outline of her face, her neck, her breasts, stomach, down to the wet slit only covered by a patch of cloth, my thong. Then Marca feels a round, warm piece of flesh rub against the side of her face. She feels the head caressing her earlobe, then move across her chin and down her neck, leaving an invisible trace of moisture. Than he whispered in a low deep voice!

“You like the way my cock feels against your face don’t you?”

He rubs his cock on her forehead, face, neck, avoiding her mouth. She whimpers as his hands play with her nipples. Marca is burning with desire but remains on her back, unmoving, desiring suddenly to be taken, fucked and fucked and fucked by the stranger. She moans with desire, a yelping, almost animal sound.

With his Italian accent, “Tell me what you want,” he says as his cock whips across her face, slapping the cheekbones, “Come my little fuck toy, tell Sakarya Escort Bayan daddy what you want”?

“I…” she stars to talk, pausing for a moment as she trembles with desire, “I…I want to please…I want to please you.”

“Tell me what you want?”

“Your cock.”

“Good girl. Where do you want me to put it, Marca?”

“In …my mouth.”

“You going to suck it hard?”

“Yes…any way you want. In my cunt…anyway.”

This SOB was getting ready to go down on me and he could tell I did not have a five o’clock shadow, not even lent was on it. He had me moaning, God he was good! Suddenly she groaned as his tongue reached out and flicked over her thick vaginal lips. Just as I moved my cunt lips up for him to kiss he moved into a 69 position and I had his cock in my face. It was big, long and definitely a monster size when I tried to put my finger around it, damn! Marca reached out and touched his cock. Tentative at first she lightly stroked up and down the length of his prick, feeling it as it grew and hardened under her touch. “Oh my God!” she gasped when he was fully erect. “You’re huge!” She took his cock into her hand and began to stroke it with long, loving strokes. I could feel the hard veins and an uncircumcised head. Marca worshipped that cock. Groaning her need as she licked the entire shaft and kissed and stroked each of his balls. All the while he was touching her body. That beautiful body

“Oh no…. Oh God Please Yes.”

The feel of his tongue on her pussy sent shivers though out her body. Her nipples became rock hard and the hair on the back of her neck stood up. The unknown Italian slipped his tongue into the gasping woman, seeking more of the liquids. He dipped repeatedly into the source, paying no mind to the sudden undulations of her hips. Marca on the other hand, was overwhelmed. Never in her life would she have believed something like this would happen, not the fact she was getting tongued and getting it good, but who the hell was it. As the tongue snaked it’s way inside her. Her hips humped back against the source of such pleasure and she felt herself approach orgasm. The unknown tongue slipped in and out of her throbbing pussy with such speed that it was like one of her vibrators. He didn’t stop this lapping of her sweet juice. His tongue dragged its way upward, along her engorged lips and over her clitoris. She inhaled deeply and groaned aloud as her pussy exploded. “Oh yes oh sweet Jesus yes.” Just from the pure pleasure of what was happening the animal in her took over and she spread her long legs as wide a part as she could, so he could go deeper and with her eyes still closed and head back she felt a second orgasm coming on. The Italian responded to her urgings by pressing his tongue between her thighs and giving her a serious of mind-blowing licks. His tongue slipped between her lips, lapping the length of her slit.

Than he turned and they were kissing like old lovers. Marca’s tongue pushed through his lips and began to explore his mouth. He in turn reached over and began to gently caress her arm and shoulder. They kissed for what seem like long wet tongue kisses. Marca’s breasts were magnificent, firm and full. Her nipples were fully erect now and stood out from her breasts almost a full inch. She had never been so aroused. As his mouth found its way around her breasts and finally slipped over one of her sensitive nipples.

“Oh God! Yes! Fuck me. God! Just the head of your cock is so big. Fuck me! Oh please fuck me.” Marca begged him pushing her hips upward trying to get more of his huge cock into her wet pussy, trying to get him to put some of it in.

Suddenly, he is above her, Escort Sakarya his weight coming down on her, his thick cock sliding into the wet folds of her cunt. He pumps his hips, pushing his Dick deep into her as she responds, grunting with animal pleasure, opening herself more, feeling the meat lodged inside her.

“Oh, he’s fucking me. I am taking…a stranger’s cock up my cunt…. Oh, I am so wet. His cock feels so good, …oh yeah…oh, oh…I like…oh god to see who is …fucking and giving me such enjoyment. I am getting fucked just like I want.

He slowly pushed his cock deeper into Marca and she moaned loudly.

“Oh yes, yes, yes. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck me. Please fuck me. You’re so big. Oh don’t stop. Fuck me. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!” Marca kept repeating over and over.

Her words excited both him and he finally shoved the last two inches of his huge cock deep into her cunt. She was tight and hot and so very, very wet, but he had excellent self-control. He began to slide his long shaft in and out of her pussy. He moved slowly, letting her orgasm build deep inside her.

Marca moans as a quick orgasm rushes through her and he increases the pace in and out and she pushes her mound against his crotch in wanton desire. They are moving and moaning, cock inside cunt, his hardness inside her, filling her. Sex has never been so erotic, wild or wantonly wicked. Marca is thrilled as the man fucks her, his thick meat moving in an out of her slit. She contracts her cunt muscles, squeezing his thickness and he groans in delight, his tongue flicking out, licking her face. It was if he had a over sized plunger in my cunt used to scrap and clean my cunt walls, oh God yes!

She had never had an orgasm this powerful before.

Her orgasm pushed him over the edge and he shoved his cock deep into her cunt. He felt his balls constrict and then he came. Spurt after spurt erupted from his cock deep into Marca’s cunt and womb. He came and came filling her pussy with his seed. When her cunt could not hold any more his sperm began to leak back around his cock and drip down over her round ass.

Marca fell asleep somewhere between him eating her or she sucking him, all she can remember was that he had given her more than enough orgasms that she could ever hope for in one night. The next morning just as it began to get light she found her way to the bathroom to have that morning Pee. Setting on the pot she saw that she still had the black boots on that she wore to the dinner. No wonder I couldn’t run my feet over his ass! I did take them off before I got back in bed. As Marca got back in bed to feel the guy move and turn over and put his arms around her and feel his hands and fingers play with her nipples. They were like spoons in bed and she could feel his cock began to stir and slip into the crack of her ass. She still didn’t know who it was in the bed with her, but she didn’t care, he was good and she was ready to show him how good she could be. I think I did that last night, but you never know! I better do it all over again to make sure I got it right.

As his cock found it way to her wet love canal, she moved to where he was on top and she reached down and slipped it in and he took it to the house. He pumps and humps her pussy, she could feel him began to tense up and knew he was ready to shoot his hot cum coating her insides, along with the sheer size of the erect cock inside her ensured it. Marca wailed out in orgasm. “Oh yes fuck me”. Her face and upper chest turned deep crimson as she held her breath and milked the erection with her inner muscles. Her body convulsed. She gasped for air, then once again bore down hard on the unknown Italian. They lay in each other arms and she ran her hand down his back until she found his ass hole and she began to butt fuck him with her middle finger. This made him hump her and as he pulled back she saw by the first strong light of the new day that she had been seeing stars with all night.

It was the Towel guy!

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