Ms. Marca Ch. 35

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Marca was 21 when she had her first big name client shoot on location and it was with a full crew for 4 days. The session was not that hard and it was a western boot company and the location was a ranch outside Ft. Worth, Texas. The last day of the shoot the photographer ask me if I wanted to do some nudes for a few extra dollars? “Make it worth my time.” The photographer made me a deal I could not refuse to take and it would be about 3 hours of work.

Working with the crew were two guys who seem to be just a few years older than Marca and were both nice looking, you could see they had been in the weight room. She could see that each had muscles where as the other members of the crew was on the fat side. Both the guys were quite and didn’t say much but she could tell they gave her the eye and looked when they could. When she was ask who from the crew did she want on the set for the nude session Marca picked them and felt that they would not give her any lip or trouble.

The shoot went off without any major problems and this type of shoot always made Marca a little nervous because of the sexy poses she had to make in front of the crew. Most guys would get worked up because of the type of poses she had to make and hold for the camera and had to touch herself and rub her pussy and nipples that got them hot and hard.

When the shoot was over the photographer told her he would see her back at the hotel he needed to get back and develop the film that had been shot for the client and that the two guys would take her back after she had showered and dressed. As he pulled out from the area near the barn one of the young guys held out a beer and said, “you look like you could use this to cool off.” She took the beer and had just one or two sips, not a drinker this was not her thing.

Marca didn’t have anything on but a light weight robe that did not hide her nipples coming though the material and the fullness of them made her look just that more sexier. “What are your names,” they told me they were Carlos and Jesse, brother’s who had been hired as part time workers. Jesse told me how hot I looked and they enjoyed watching me pose for the nude shoots. After I dressed and we were header back to Ft. Worth to my hotel I found out that they were going home to a small town on the Texas Mexico border and that they would be going though Houston, Texas.

I told them I had a guy in Houston and I was going to see him and was due to flight out the next day. They offered to drive me to Houston as they were going that way. It was decided that they would drop me off at my hotel and wait for me to get ready and we would head for Houston as soon as I checked out

They were in the lobby waiting for me when I came down to check out of the hotel. Both guys were dressed in jeans and pullover short sleeve shirt. They brought the car around and got out of the car to help get her things into the trunk, and they saw my body clad in a sexy 4” high heels, tight bra-less top, bare midriff and tight jeans that clung to every gorgeous curve. I could see them watching me as I got all my bags for them to put in the trunk. I was trying to put my sexiest look on as I could. I felt them lusting after my body. I loved it.

Marca got in the back seat, and the two guys were up front. The two guys made small talk for a while, and Marca would join in now and then. For the first hour, we basically got acquainted, I found out that Jesse was in construction. That’s why he had such a great physique and a darker tan than Carlos did. I could almost hear my voice gasp as I found that out. One of my first fucks was by a construction worker who had come to our house to do some work when I was an 18.

I had the fantasies etiler escort ever since I wanted to seduce and fucked one more construction worker. I could see Carlos looking in the rearview mirror to see my seductive grin. He didn’t know what I was thinking. I raised my eyebrows as if to ask, “Oh girl do you want to?” In reply, I slowly nodded my head and grinned even wider.

I also learned they had left home to gamble in Vegas. Unfortunately, they had lost. They had been working for the past few weeks, at part time jobs to make enough money to get back home. We chatted about a lot of different things and gradually they got the subject around to women and sex talk about some of the picture I had done. I told myself that I should not go too far with this, I don’t know them and they might want to try something I can’t stop.

However as always Marca joined in, as her hormones overcame her fears and she leaned up to the front. She was bending over between the front seats, and they could see me adjusting my top a little lower as I almost gave them a full view of my tits. There was just enough covered to get the imagination up to warp speed!

If you guys will stop at a nice place I’ll buy dinner since your giving me the ride. Both agreed and I knew they had very little money. Jesse turned and looked back at me and with a sweet smile, said “thanks your not a bitch like the others in the crew said!”

Marca laugh out loud and reached up and gently touched Jesse’s neck, and started slowly running her fingers through his dark, curly hair. His whole body immediately stiffened, and he looked over at Carlos as if in fear. “This is the best I can do to pay for the ride, buy dinner!”

Carlos looked in the mirror and said “You could pay us back for the ride by doing something else!” We all laugh out loud and went on chatting about this and that.

By now we’d worked up quite an appetite (for food, too), so we stopped at a roadside restaurant. Besides, I thought this might give us all a chance to clear our heads a little and make decisions. We had a good laugh over dinner, about all kinds of things. We became really good friends. The tension had gone, and we all felt relaxed and comfortable with each other.

As I picked up the tab, the guys went to the men’s room and when I came out of the ladies room, where I had put on some fresh perfume in the right spots. I went to the car and found Jesse in the back seat and I knew they were letting me ride up front, but I wanted to do something else.

Marca joined Jesse in the back seat, and Carlos pulled back on to the freeway. We had just merged with the traffic when I could see him take a look in the mirror. He tilted it down slightly, to see Jesse putting his hand on my leg and in a few minutes in a passionate embrace, our faces together. By now it was dark and Carlos couldn’t see any detail, but I bet his imagination could fill in the blanks. Within minutes he had to hear us French-kissing passionately.

Marca was softly moaning. It was wonderful! It was exciting. It was everything I hoped it would be and much more. He rubbed my crotch as we drove on, as I enjoyed as much of the excitement as I could. Then Marca slowly and enticingly ran her fingernails down his open shirt collar and circled his nipples, curling his chest hair as she moved. I can only guess what this was doing to Jesse, but it was making me crazy. I couldn’t wait! For the next hour, Marca continued her enticing of him.

By now, Marca had sat on Jesse’s lap, facing him, still fully-clothed. As cars would pass, their lights would illuminate the interior, giving Carlos a better view. He could see and hear Jesse’s hands eve gelen escort exploring Marca’s clothed body and her moans when he reached her sensitive spots. It wasn’t long before he heard the movement of clothing, and looked back just in time to see Marca’s beautiful tanned back gradually exposed as she pulled her top over her head.

Jesse gently leaned over and his head disappeared. Loud moan filled the car as he had started to suck my sensitive nipples. His hands were all over me as he sucked. Marca’s moans, originally stifled the best she could, were no longer quiet. More clothing was flying in the back seat as I took Jesse’s shirt off, then rubbing his chest with my nipples.

After a few minutes, I had his belt buckle open and pulled out his 9” cock that was rock hard. For the next little while, all I could do was play with him and continue French-kissing passionately him while working that rock hard tool. My fingers was making jerky motions, while trying to get my head down and suck that bid thing.

Jesse pulled my tight jeans off and all I had left on was my black thong. His hands weren’t visible in darkness of the car but to feel him rub my body made me go wet and I wanted to fuck. More shuffling took place and soon I had myself to where my head disappear toward the seat. I was sucking him! I could not see it but could feel the beauty.

Marca’s jeans and panties soon came flying over the front seat, and Carlos looked back to see her straddling Jesse’s lap again, this time, totally naked. She was facing forward and Carlos could look in the mirror her big tits moving as she tried to set on his cock. One can imagined what she looked like from his perspective. It sounded like they were trying to fuck, but were having trouble due to the cramped space.

By now, Marca was nearly crazy, jerking around in frenzy, her tits bouncing wildly. She screamed. She screamed louder than the two men had ever heard anyone scream. “OH GOD NO PLEASE NO I CAN’T DO THAT NO PLEASE!” She must have screamed for more than a full thirty seconds, non-stop.

“Damn baby your pussy is so tight you cunt is like a vise on my cock!” Over her screams and moaning Jesse told Carlos he had never had a pussy like this it was the best pussy it or any man could ever hope for.

“Carlos God she’s really good, you know what I mean, man she is out of this world!”

Marca continue to scream and bounce as Jesse held on to her hips and hump up into her tight hole. “YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH, YOU’R IN MY ASS!” “Oh yes your in my ass oh it is so good!” “Yes! Oh Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me now, Jesse!”

He held my waist and drove his cock deep into me. He fucked me in slow, even strokes and as he drove me to ecstasy, he said, “Oh fuck, Marca! You’re so fucking good! I’m going to cum in you!” When his Dick started pumping his hot semen into me I screamed with another fantastic orgasm.

In fact, I came so hard, I found out later, that my cum. completely soaked Jesse’s jeans and the back seat.

It took me a few minutes to get my breath and let Jesse’s cock slip out of my ass and I turned to Jesse and said, why don’t you two exchange places and that way Carlos want have to do all the driving. Beside you can rest and let that big thing get some rest and we can go at it again. After an uncomfortable pause, he asked, “you really mean it?” “If you’re agreeable,” I responded. Carlos pulled over on the side of I-45 after Jesse got his clothes back on and they exchanged places and I had time to clean some of Jesse out of and off me so not to be to messy for Carlos.

Carlos reach down and dropped his pants, exposing his large erection. He held it in front of me, eye-level. fatih escort Marca grabbed it with her left hand and stroked it, and then lightly touched it with her tongue. She wet her lips and then slid the head of his cock into her mouth. She kept stroking the length of it with her hand, guiding as much of it as she could into her slurping mouth, while at the same time, playing with his balls with her other hand. Carlos put his hands on each side of her head and pulled her back and forth on his prick, fucking her mouth.

Marca started to speed up and I could tell Carlos was getting ready to shoot his load. She grabbed his cock in both of her hands and squeezed as he erupted into her mouth. She continued sucking as his flood of cum dripped down her chin and on to her tits. He let her continue until his cock was going limp. “Carlos let me keep this thing hard!” I began to pump his rod to keep it up so he could fuck me and it didn’t take long for it to respond. I rolled over on my back as best I could and put my feet up in the air and had them touching the roof of the Ford we were in and Carlos got in between my spread thighs.

“Oh, it feels so good! Now fuck me with that thing! Fuck me hard, Carlos!” Marca rolled her head side to side as Carlos began to really fuck her, shoving it in all the way and pulling it almost all the way out. She was moaning and groaning in pleasure, and I wondered if I was actually going to get off in this position. I wrapped my legs and arms around him as we fucked ourselves into frenzy. I could hear his balls slap against me on every stroke.

Carlos let out a groan and began to come. He shoved his cock in as deeply as it would go. Marca closed her eyes and told him to fill her cunt with his hot cum. Carlos came for a long time, and when he did pull his cock out of my pussy, I could feel his cum leaking out of it, dripping onto the seat. “That was wonderful, Carlos.”

Jesse pulled the car over and the guy made a quick change and I didn’t have time to get up off the back seat and look around to see where we were. My pussy lips were spread wide, and Jesse did waste time he had his pants down and that cock in me before Carlos got back on the Interstate. I was tightly hugging his erection. I couldn’t see his face, but I feel his hands rubbing and sucking my breasts and squeezing my nipples. He was giving me tremendous pleasure.

“Keep riding me, baby… I love your big cock, pump me!” Make yourself cum! He said to me. “I want you to work that tight pussy on my Dick until I fill you full of my cum.” After several more minutes of fucking, we came together and collapsed into each other’s arms. Some of his cock was still buried inside me.

After catching her breath, Marca sat up, still impaled by Jesse’s mammoth cock, and rubbed his chest while rocking back and forth. “Oh guys, you can’t believe how great your cocks feel inside me. It’s been a long time since I rode one like this — much too long. I almost forgot how good a big cock feels.” “Damn and I had two of you at one time!” Marca old girl always a first time for everything, just don’t think I’ll tell them this was my first 3 some. How much longer to Houston as I tried to look out and see if I could see anything in the darkness. They both said it was hours away.

What I didn’t know was that the drive between Ft.Worth and Houston is only 4 hours and that is just going the speed limit. It took them 8 hours to get to the airport in Houston. What I didn’t know was that when we got into Houston, we got a freeway called the 610 loop and just kept going around the city for some 5 hours as they took turns fucking me.

Each time they would stop and switch place I would look up and try and see where we were, each time they pulled off the freeway they would go under the overpass and all I could see was a overpass, still thinking I was miles from anywhere. “Will I guess we need to cleanup Marca! “Oh come on guys we aren’t in Houston and not until you fuck me one more time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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