Mummy Time Ch. 05

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Laura’s voice:

I smoothed the satiny fabric over my barely-perceptible bump. “So, darling, what do you think?”

Evie’s face was solemn. “It’s lovely, Mummy.”

She gave me a puzzled look. “But why isn’t it the same colour as mine?”

“Well, darling, it’s just tradition — only the lady who’s getting married wears white, and she picks her favourite colour for the girls who are helping her.”

Evie nodded. “OK.”

She glanced around. “Isn’t Tim going to come and look too?”

This time I chuckled. “That’s another tradition — he can’t see my dress, or yours, before the day.”

“So it’s a surprise, like Christmas presents,” Evie concluded firmly.

I slipped carefully out of the dress and returned it to its hanger in the back of the wardrobe, then pulled on my jeans and t-shirt. “Now, darling, let’s go and find Daddy in town, and we can go to McDonalds for lunch.”


I parked in the multi-storey, and Evie held my hand as we walked to the precinct. “Look, there’s Daddy.”

She skipped towards Tim, and he scooped her into his arms, smiling. “Hello, darling.”

“We’re going to McDonalds for lunch,” Evie informed him in her usual no-nonsense tone. “They have the toys from the film we saw last week.”

Tim glanced at me, chuckling, then back to Evie’s hopeful face. “Of course you can have one, darling.”

We queued at the counter, then Tim carried our tray over to a seat near the window. “Remind me what we have to do this afternoon?” he queried.

I pulled a list from my pocket, and Evie looked on with keen interest as I ran my finger down the tasks still not crossed off. “Just the rings today.”

Tim nodded. “We said we’d go to that jeweller’s in the side street, didn’t we.”

Evie took a big bite of her burger, chewing carefully and swallowing before she asked her question. “What kind of rings are we looking for?”

“Gold ones,” explained Tim. “One for Mummy, and one for me.”

Finally Evie sucked noisily at her straw, sweeping it round the bottom of her milkshake. “Done, Mummy.”

I disposed of our tray, and we made our way further down the precinct, turning in towards the jeweller’s. Evie stopped at the window, pressing her face close to the glass. “They have lots of lovely things, Mummy.”

The bell rang as we went inside, and the grey-haired gentleman behind the counter took out the loupe he was using to examine a bracelet. “Can I help you?”

“We’re looking for wedding rings,” explained Tim.

The jeweller nodded. “Did you have a style in mind? Modern, or more classical?”

Tim glanced at me. “I think more traditional, really.”

I nodded. “But if you have something a bit unusual, we’d love to look at it.”

The jeweller thought for a moment. “Actually, we have something that might be what you’re looking for — I’d even say ‘old-fashioned’, but the style is one of my favourites.”

He turned to the oak drawers behind him, sliding out a tray and setting it on the counter. “Try this one.”

Tim carefully took the ring from its velvet setting, and slid it onto my finger. I stretched out my hand, turning it to catch the light, and felt tears welling up in my eyes. “It’s… perfect.”

The jeweller paused for a moment, obviously aware from my face of the emotions I was experiencing. “The matching one is next to it,” he indicated.

“Can I, Mummy, please?” begged Evie, and I nodded wordlessly. She took the ring, and Tim held out his hand for her to slip it onto his finger. “Just right,” Evie pronounced.

“Would you like them inscribed?” queried the jeweller. “There’s no extra charge.”

Tim grinned, throwing me a glance. “Please. But can it be a surprise for my fiancée?”

I took the hint, reluctantly atakent escort slipping the ring off my finger and putting it into Tim’s outstretched palm. “I’ll take Evie outside — you can look in the toy shop window, darling.”

Out of the corner of my eye I watched through the window as Tim pulled out his phone and showed the jeweller, the old man writing carefully on a slip of paper. They shook hands, and Tim came outside. “All done — we can pick them up next week.”

Evie tugged at his hand. “Daddy, can we go into the toy shop? I want to show you something.”

We went inside, and Evie pointed. “Look, they have a box I could keep my bunnies in.”

She glanced at my stomach. “We need my room to be tidy so that Charlie can come and play in it.”

Tim glanced at me, grinning. “As always, there’s no arguing with her logic.”

He picked up the box, taking it to the till and paying. “OK, you two, it’s probably time we got going — I promised to make you something special for dinner, didn’t I.”

We made our way back to the car, and Tim squeezed my shoulder as he got into the back, letting Evie have the passenger seat. I drove us back to the house, and Evie looked hopefully at me as she stepped into the hall. “Mummy, can I take my new box upstairs and sort my bunnies out?”

“Of course, darling. I’ll help Daddy cook, and I’ll call you when it’s time to eat.”

I followed Tim into the kitchen. “Anything particular you want me to do?”

“Could you peel the potatoes?” he queried. “I’m going to make cheesy mash, but the rest of it is a surprise.”


I retrieved the bag of potatoes and the peeler, and stood in front of the sink while I worked, looking out at the garden. Tim busied himself assembling ingredients from the larder and the fridge, pulling pans from the shelf, and soon a delicious smell began to fill the kitchen as he stirred.

Finally he nodded in satisfaction as he closed the oven and turned the dial. “That needs about an hour — we can put the potatoes on in about forty minutes.”

He moved to stand close behind me, wrapping his arms around me and resting a hand on my stomach. “How are you feeling, my love?”

I put my hand over his. “Absolutely fine. Well, a bit queasy in the morning, but not anything like as much as with Evie.”

I tilted my head back to rest against him. “There’s something else that’s different this time.”

“Hmm?” he queried.

I hesitated, feeling my face warming. “Last time I was pregnant I was on my own, and — well, I think it was the hormones, I really wanted to be touched…”

I flexed my hips, pushing back against him, and allowed myself a smile as I felt his ready response. He leaned forward to kiss my hair, and whispered in my ear. “I’d love to, darling, but Evie might decide any time that her bunnies are happy in their box and come downstairs.”

I nodded. “But…”

I reached to tug the hem of my t-shirt out of my jeans, and placed his palm on my bare stomach. “I’m sure we can think of something that we can stop if we do hear footsteps.”

Tim obviously got the hint, sliding his fingers downwards, past the elastic of my panties, tangling and tugging gently at my fur. I breathed in as I felt his fingertips begin to explore me, then gasped, tensing, as he brushed my already-hard nub. “Touch my breasts, darling,” I whispered urgently. He cupped one breast, then drew his fingers together to gently pinch my nipple through the lace of my bra. I moved my hand to my other breast, and felt the familiar response deep in my belly as I touched my nipple. “Oh god, darling, this feels really good,” I breathed.

I felt his smile as he kissed my hair, then bit back a ataköy escort moan as his fingers moved more insistently on me. “Mm — like that — yes…”

The delicious sensation began to build, and I squeezed my breast more insistently. “I can’t wait until Evie’s in bed,” I whispered. “I’ll pull you into our room, close the door, and undress you as quickly as I can manage. Then I’ll go to my knees, take you in my mouth, swirl my tongue around…”

I heard Tim’s soft gasp as he imagined what my words described. “You know I love it when you take me all the way with your mouth,” he murmured.

I nodded. “I’ll use my fingers as well as my mouth, and it feels so good when you start to tense, and I hear your breathing change, and…”

I paused, trying to gather my thoughts as the attention of Tim’s fingers on me started to bring me close to my climax. “…and — oh god — you groan and I feel you twitch, then all that hot stuff spurts into my mouth and I swallow, and I keep moving on you till…”

My words trailed off as I tipped over the edge, my whole body tensing, gripping Tim’s hand as he pressed his fingertips against me to draw out the fullness of my climax…

Finally I subsided, panting, and released his fingers. “Mm, thank you, darling.”

I heard a faint sound from the landing, then footsteps, and Tim gave me a final squeeze, withdrawing his hand and letting me push my t-shirt hastily back into my jeans. I turned, and Evie caught my eye as she stepped into the kitchen. “Are you too hot, Mummy?” she queried. “You look pink.”

I grinned, throwing a glance at Tim. “Maybe Mummy is a little too warm, darling. The oven’s been on.”

Evie nodded. “Is dinner ready?”

“Not quite,” smiled Tim. “It’s time to put the potatoes on for the cheesy mash.”

“Mm — I like mash.” Evie sat on her chair at the kitchen table, and I sat next to her while Tim set the potatoes to boil. “How are your bunnies, darling?” I enquired.

“They like their new home — I put it next to the Lego box.”

Tim joined us, keeping one eye on the pan, and glanced at Evie. “Now you know, don’t you, that you’re going to Grandma’s for a couple of days after the wedding? So that Mummy and Daddy can have some time by ourselves.”

Evie nodded. “It’ll be fun.”

There was a hiss from the stove, and Tim went over to turn down the heat. “I think these are nearly done.”

He busied himself mashing the potatoes, adding a generous helping of grated cheese, then carefully pulled the casserole dish out of the oven. “Hope everyone’s hungry.”

Evie smiled her thanks as he put a heaped bowl in front of her, and she carefully blew on her spoon before putting it into her mouth. “Mm — you cook well, Daddy.”

I pretended to roll my eyes. “I never was that good in the kitchen.”

Tim suppressed a chuckle. “Oh, I don’t know, I think you proved different this afternoon, darling.”

I grinned. “Very funny, my love.”

Evie made short work of her dinner, and put down her spoon. “Ok, darling, time for bed,” I smiled. “You can read for a while, or play with your bunnies.”

She shook her head. “The bunnies are in bed already. I’ll read my book, Mummy.”

“OK, darling. Go and get ready, then come down again and we’ll say goodnight.”

We were just finishing the washing-up when Evie reappeared in her pyjamas. “Did you clean your teeth?” I queried.

“Yes, Mummy, properly,” she declared. I leaned down to kiss her on the cheek, catching a hint of peppermint. “Good girl.”

She accepted a kiss from Tim, then stopped at the bottom of the stairs to wave goodnight before going up and closing her door.

I grinned at Tim. “Ready to follow her?”

He atalar escort nodded, taking my hand and drawing me with him up the stairs, into the bedroom. “Still want to do what you imagined?” he queried.

I assumed a thoughtful expression, pretending to consider. “Hmm, maybe another time.”

Tim chuckled softly. “Then what do you have in mind, my love?”

I took hold of the hem of my t-shirt, lifting it over my head, unfastening my bra and dropping it on the chair. Tim watched as I shed my jeans, then knelt on the bed in only my panties, facing away from him. “Does this give you any ideas?”

He made a low sound deep in his throat, and I turned to look at him over my shoulder, trying to interpret the expression on his face. “Hmm?”

Tim cleared his throat. “It… Well, seeing you there, nearly naked, pregnant, on all fours… it’s almost primeval, makes me want to take you like — like animals would…”

I grinned. “I think there’s a name for that position.”

His face became even more serious. “But at the same time I feel — well, like I want to worship you, like that statuette they found, the fertility goddess.”

I raised one eyebrow. “I don’t think I quite look like the Venus of Willendorf just yet, thank you very much.”

I shifted position, flexing my back and pushing my bottom out towards him. “Darling — worship me, take me, whatever you want…”

Tim’s response was to fumble with his belt, shedding his clothes, and I felt a thrill of anticipation as he moved closer, already erect. He knelt beside me, and began to run a hand over my back, my bottom, then down, stroking me through my panties. His other hand cupped my breasts, then caressed the curve of my stomach, down to press against my mound. I felt a fingertip pressing into my opening through the fabric, finding dampness. “Take them off,” I urged, and Tim chuckled, tugging at the hem and drawing my panties down till the elastic was tight against the top of my thighs. “I didn’t think you could look any more sexy,” he breathed, “but this does it.”

He moved to kneel behind me, pressing his hardness into the cleft of my bottom, bending to cup both my breasts in his palms and squeezing gently. I sighed in satisfaction, then gasped as he moved one hand down, his fingertips searching for my nub. “Oh, yes,” I begged, and he moved back so that he could slip a finger inside me from behind while he continued to touch me. My breathing sped up, becoming ragged, and I pushed my hips back against his hands. “I’m nearly there…”

“No rush,” Tim whispered, slowing the movement of his fingers and deliciously prolonging my slow ascent. “Oh, darling, now, please, I’m ready,” I whispered.

Tim’s touch intensified, and I pressed my lips together, determined to stick to my rule of climaxing noiselessly. I felt myself tipping over the edge, and I heard Tim’s quiet ‘Oh, my love’ as my body tensed uncontrollably…

Finally I subsided, panting, and Tim shifted to wrap his arms around my waist. “Thank you, darling,” I breathed.

I turned my head to look at him. “Now, love, your turn.”

He nodded, and I shifted to let him finish taking off my panties, going onto all fours again with my legs wide apart. He knelt behind me, and I moaned softly as I felt his hard tip touch my entrance, then his whole length slide deep into me. “Mm,” I heard, “I can get really deep into you this way.”

Tim began to move in me, slowly at first then more insistently. I felt his fingers gathering my hair into his grasp, and he pulled gently, drawing my head up. His other hand caressed my bump, and I heard his breathing quicken as he pushed into me, my whole body rocking with each thrust. “Oh — yes — take me — all yours –“

Suddenly Tim gave a deep groan, and I felt warmth spurting inside me, his hands clasping my hips as he buried himself in me. “Ahhh…”

Finally I felt him softening, and he moved back, drawing me with him so I was resting in his lap, his arms around me. “I love you,” he whispered.

I nodded. “Love you too.”

Tim stroked my stomach. “And Evie and Charlie…”

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