My Adventure Ch. 08

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Mary’s Note: I love this story. When Jack ordered me to tell it from the beginning, I had no idea it would come out like this. So far, everything here is the way it happened. I like the way Ray explains things.

I’m happy in my new life. You won’t find out about where I am now for a while, so stay tuned. There is a lot to come. (Mary’s pun here.) Keep in mind that this story is mine. I’m telling my story to a man and he is writing it for me. I think it reads the way I’m telling it, and I work in a bookstore. I do a lot of reading. His writing is true to the events. I laugh at some of the comments.

Note to the person that wrote that a blow job is a lot of work. Practice. At this point, I could suck 20 dicks before I would even need a break. Sorry that you find it so difficult.

(Mary is laughing about this, and I deleted the comment.)

I’d be happy to answer any questions you have, with my Master’s permission.


Knowing I’d be home soon, they dressed and decided not to wait. They’d recruit September in a few days. September had a day off, and slept in that morning. Jack called off work, and January, fresh from the shower, was walking around naked.

September finally got up and went into the shower, just as Sam, James and John arrived. January came bouncing into the kitchen as the men had coffee. She kissed each man and sat on their laps so they could play with her pussy and tits. She finally got up when she heard the shower stop running.

“I’m going to get things started,” she said, sliding her pussy off of John’s finger. She bounced up the stairs. At this point in the story, January had me pull the car over again. Either she was horny again or she knew the story was going to get her hot. I pulled into the park as she directed. I was on my knees in the back seat with my face between my daughter’s thighs, her skirt pulled up to her waist. I began to lick her pussy as she told me about September’s seduction.

January was naked when she came into September’s room. September was in a towel and nothing else. January sat on the bed, talking about a variety of things, and steered the conversation toward their future. She told her big sister that she was considering becoming a massage therapist.

“My friends tell me I’d be good at it,” she told September. “Here, lay down and I’ll show you.” With the convincing story, some loving rubbing, some prior preparation and a good bit of quickness, September was tied, spread eagle to the bed. Her eyes fluttered open in surprise.

“Lay back and enjoy this,” January told her. “This is our new life. Get used to it.” January massaged her big sister, shoulders, tits, belly and thighs through the protests. “Didn’t you hear me talking downstairs? Dad took the day off. He and a few friends are here to help with your initiation.” September’s eyes grew wide and she struggled against her bonds. January put her head between her sister’s legs and began to lick her clit.

Despite herself, September got into the manipulations. Her body responded. As her mind protested, her hips began to move. Within minutes, she was grinding her pussy into her little sister’s face.

January stopped short, before September could cum. She stuck 2 fingers in her sister’s pussy and began to slowly finger fuck her. She kissed September, making her taste her own juices. She bit and sucked on her sister’s big tits. “I wish my tits were as big as yours,” January complained, and went back to licking September’s clit.

September was cumming on her little sister’s tongue, and all protests and reason left her. January kissed and rubbed her sister as her breathing returned to normal. “Dad and some of his friends are going to use you,” January whispered.

“You’re going to suck and fuck them until they’re done. Get used to the idea.” January grabbed her hair and forced September to look her in the eye.

“You will get into this and help us recruit April. You could always tell if I was lying. Here is something for you. If you don’t do what I tell you to do, I’ll bring the entire football team up here and let them all take turns on you. Now tell me, big sister. Am I lying?”

September’s head was spinning. She could tell that her sister was telling her the truth. It frightened her and turned her on. September began to thrash and protest when naked black men entered her room. January slapped her face, then positioned herself over September’s face, her wet puffy pussy lips inches from September’s mouth. September had never seen a pussy this close before. January sat on her big sister’s face. “This should keep her quiet,” January laughed. “Lick my pussy, you cunt,” she ordered.

Sam licked September while September licked January. September’s eyes were closed, and she was close to orgasm when the pussy left her mouth and a cock was presented to her. September opened her mouth, then her eyes, only to find she was sucking her father’s cock.

When she began to say something, Jack pushed forward, choking off her words. Her mouth filled with aldatma porno dick and her pussy being licked, September succumbed to the event.

Her father pulled his wet cock out of her mouth, and January got in a 69 position over her sister. She lowered her pussy and began to lick the lips in front of her. She spread the lips with her fingers and licked the inside of her lips, around the outside, and the clit. September’s head was spinning from the sensation. Then she saw the shadow over her face.

January lifted her ass and September looked up to see a big black cock and balls directly over her face. As Sam’s cock began to part January’s pussy lips, she could feel her own lips being pulled open and felt a cock entering her. September watched Sam’s dick drive all the way into her little sister as she felt her own pussy being filled. “Doesn’t daddy’s cock feel good?”, January asked, and went back to licking September’s clit.

The black cock pulled all the way out of her sister and the big black cock head hung at her lips. September opened her mouth and began to suck. Sam fucked back and forth between January’s pussy and September’s mouth. Jack was doing the same, stopping the assault on his oldest daughter’s cunt to offer it to his youngest, and January sucked him with her now skilled mouth. Sam stopped and announced he was going to cum. “Where would you like it?” He laughed. “Both of you, fill our pussies and we’ll lick it out,” January told them. Sam needed no further encouragement, and blasted his cum deep into January.

For the first of many times to come, sperm dripped from January’s pussy into September’s mouth. She resisted for a minute, keeping her mouth closed. Then Sam pulled his cock out and presented it to September’s mouth to be cleaned. She sucked Sam’s cock while juice ran out of her sister’s pussy onto her face. January reached between them and grabbed her big sister’s nipple. She twisted it savagely and demanded. “You clean his cock and my cunt good. Do it right or you will be sorry.” She twisted the other nipple. A jolt of pain shot through September and she yelped.

September went back to licking and sucking as she felt the cock inside her tighten. She felt the thrust and heard the groan and despite herself, she began to cum with her father. As he flooded her with cum, she had a screaming orgasm on her father’s dick and her sister’s tongue. She thrashed for several seconds before letting her head fall back against the pillow. “I’m going to get dad ready to go again.” January went over and got the other 2 men, holding their hands until they reached the bed.

January then dropped their hands and grabbed their cocks. She felt them grow in her small hands as she addressed September. “You pick. One in your pussy and one in your mouth.” She played her fingers over the heads and jacked them slowly, feeling them swell. “We decided dad would be the first to use your ass.” January could see the shock and fear in her sister’s face. “If you don’t pick, I’ll decide for you.”

September nodded her head at James. “Him, in my mouth.”

“You sure you can open your mouth that wide?”

January laughed. “No, no, no, no, no,” she said. “Ask them right.” January put her lips to September’s ear and gripped her nipple. September was aware that her nipple was about to be twisted again, probably much harder this time. She repeated the words whispered in her ear. “James, may I please suck your big black cock until you cum in my mouth?” September looked from James to John. “Please, John, would you please fuck my little white pussy with your big black cock and fill me up with your cum?”

Both men laughed and Sam and Jack smiled on the other side of the room. They had picked the right daughter to start things off. January took on the role of mistress or slut as easily as flipping a switch. She not only fell into the role, she seemed to be loving it. James needed no more encouragement and began to feed September his cock. John got into position and started filling her pussy with his black meat. January released her legs, and she wrapped them around John’s waist, to get more black cock in her.

She was sucking James, trying to stuff more of his big cock in her mouth. January was standing next to her dad, watching the scene. Her small hands played with Jack’s balls. He was already recovering, and January could feel his cock grow. John was fucking September with long hard strokes. Her hips moved with him. Her tits had always been sensitive, and she gasped on the cock in her mouth as John’s mouth sucked on her nipples as he kept fucking her long and hard. Over and over, his shiny cock pulled out and slammed back in, and January felt herself getting wet just watching the scene.

September let the cock slip from her mouth and looked up at James with lust in her eyes. “Switch places,” she moaned. The big cock that originally scared her now excited her, and she wanted it to fill her up. January got on the bad and untied September’s wrists as James and John ensest porno traded places. “You don’t mind sharing, do you?” January put her face close to her sister’s, and John let his cock dangle between the 2 hot wet teen mouths.

James placed the head of his cock against September’s pussy lips. He pushed forward, and drove about 4 inches of cock into her tight hole. She groaned at the large cock filling her. James pushed her legs forward, until her knees were nearly up to her tits. He started working more and more cock into September. James rubbed his thumb over her clit as 5, then 6, then 7 inches disappeared into her cunt with each stroke, Just as he drove the remaining inches into her, September started to cum with a scream.

“Yes, yes, fuck me,” she screamed. “Oh, oh, oh, it feels so good! Daddy, I’m cumming on his big black dick! He has it all in! It is so good!”

September’s orgasm went on for a long time. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she moaned. “Yes, fuck me. I love this!”

James continued to fuck her with long strokes. Over and over, he slammed his cock into her tiny pussy. January was kissing September, and they sucked John’s cock together and separately. September was licking his balls as the head of his cock was sliding between January’s lips. He pulled out and stuck his cock in September’s mouth. He put his cock between them and let their lips work over both sides at the same time. John went back and forth like that for several minutes.

John reached down and pushed January’s face right against her sister’s. They were cheek to cheek looking up at John. His fist was flying over his cock, jacking it inches from the 2 young faces. September nearly forgot about the cock pounding her pussy as she watched, fascinated, as the first shot of cum left John’s cock. The cum shot across both faces, and he stroked his cock over their faces until his balls were empty. January caught his cock in her mouth and sucked and licked the remaining drops.

Sam went over to the bed and turned January over. On her hands and knees, Sam entered her as she began to kiss her sister. September and January licked cum off of each other’s faces, kissing and sharing the bounty of cum while both were being fucked by the big black cocks. They lingered even after their faces were clean, kissing each other. January turned to Jack. “Are you ready?”, she asked.

January disengaged herself from Sam and got James and September positioned the way she wanted them. James was on his back, and January got her big sister up and positioned right over his big cock. She fed his cock to September’s pussy until she was settled all the way down on him. When her pussy was stuffed with cock, January pushed her forward until her tits were crushed against James’ chest.

January settled down on her back next to James and spread her legs wide. Sam entered her slowly, feeling her smooth shaved pussy lips grip his cock. As he began to pump her pussy, Jack came up behind September. Jack placed his cock at the opening to her ass and pressed forward. September felt the intrusion and the pain of her ass being invaded for the first time in her young life. She came out of her fog of being fucked by James as she felt her father work more and more cock into her ass.

She felt every sensation. Her sister’s moans filled her ears as both men began to stroke in and out of her small holes. September turned her head to watch her little sister being fucked by Sam. January had an orgasmic look on her face, eyes closed, mouth open, panting as the big black cock drove into her. September was moving automatically now. Her natural instincts took over and she slammed herself back into the cocks every time they thrust into her. She felt a hand on her head and turned to find a third cock ready to enter her mouth.

January was playing with her own clit as Sam fucked her, and was cumming as Sam emptied his load into her. She felt him shove himself deep in her pussy and hold there. January put her arms around Sam, pulling him down and wrapping her arms around him. She crushed his chest against her stiff nipples and kissed his neck. “I want to taste it,” she whispered in his ear. “Roll over.” Sam put his arm around her and rolled them both. His cock never moved from her young cunt as he easily shifted, putting her on top.

Sam groaned as January raised up and his cock sprang free. His cum coated cock was still erect and January could feel still more cum dripping out of her cunt, running down over her clit. She looked at the black cock, wet with cum from the tip to the root and began to lower her mouth over it. She sucked on his cock, then on his balls, finishing by licking him from his ass to his belly to remove every trace of cum from his body.

September felt the men stop fucking her as she sucked John’s cock. Her father and James were both making contented moans, and although she couldn’t see anything, she knew something had made them stop. She found out later that her little sister had moved behind the men to lick escort porno and suck on their heavy balls as she was being fucked. She felt them moving again, more slowly now, fucking deep into her with long strokes.

As I licked her pussy, January went on with her story. What took her minutes to tell me had actually taken hours. September had been fucked by the 4 men for the entire day. After the 3 men used September as a cum dump, January positioned herself over September and cleaned the cum from her pussy and ass. September dove into her little sister’s pussy, needing no force or even encouragement to lick her sister clean. The men were in and out, recovering and replenishing their fluids.

Finally, the girls went together into the bathroom and cleaned themselves up. They talked and washed and kissed, finding a solidarity they never knew before. September confessed that she had been a little uptight about sex.

Being used like this was something she had fantasized about, but never thought she would experience. Her last boyfriend wasn’t happy about her attitude about sex, and broke up with her, saying that she was bad at it. She left the relationship in tears, feeling bad about herself.

January listened, stroking her big sister’s hair as they sat in the bathtub together. The sisters kissed and stroked each other as they talked about their shared experiences. January revealed the ultimate plan, to get me in line, making me a sex slave, subject to their every whim. September’s eyes glazed over at the image in her mind. Being the oldest, she had recorded every unfair punishment I had ever given her, every harsh word and every neglect I had delivered, and she was ready for revenge.

The girls found that 2 heads are better than 1, and together, they laid out the groundwork for recruiting April into their little plot. They also set up the door system.

While I had thought the doors being open was a coincidence, it was actually a signal to everyone else in the family. A wide open door was an invitation for anything, anytime. Over the weeks leading up to Sam’s seduction of me, Jack and the girls would leave their doors open to invite the others in to use them any way they wished.

Closed doors meant they were unavailable. They didn’t need to give a reason, they just weren’t open for sex. A cracked door meant they were up for something, but it was something specific, like they would eat another cunt, but weren’t up for cock. Half open meant exactly that. They were semi available. In other words, they were willing to be fucked in the ass or give a blowjob, but their pussy was off limits.

The code made things run smoothly. Jack had done a good job in recruiting Sam. They had been friends, playing basketball at the park every few weeks. Their friendship grew, and they talked about their jobs and family.

Over a long time, Jack considered a plan that would put Sam and I together. He was curious to see if I would take the bait and actually let another man into my pussy. If I did, he would push me to my limits and beyond.

If I remained faithful, he had other plans. I have never to this day found out what those plans were. I fell into Sam’s seduction, and that sealed my fate. Whatever happened, I had invited it by my infidelity.

Sam did not want to take a chance in losing his place in all of this. He would have 4 fresh white women to serve him whenever he wanted. He was careful in his recruiting of other guys to join the party, demanding discretion and making the participants get tested before he brought them in.

I found out later that the scenes at the bar were designed in advance. The events were real, but the men were preselected and tested. Jack wanted his girls used and abused, but safe within this environment.

If the girls were asleep and Sam came over, he could walk the hall and know where he could find action. It made it easy to figure out when the girls had periods or cramps, and although all of the females were synced up in their cycles, some were willing and even wanted to be used during this time.

Sam, James and John were given the run of the house. They had preset times. The men knew to follow the rules. None wanted to give up willing young white pussy for an indiscretion.

All knew that I was the target. I was to be used and abused and serve as the house whore and maid. As I continued to lick and suck my daughter’s young pussy, I got more and more turned on listening to every detail. I humbly asked my mistress daughter for permission to cum.

She said that she would think about it, and it hit me how many times I had said the same thing to her when she had asked for something throughout her young life. It was rare that I ever, like most parents, said yes or no. I usually said I would think about it, then either let it drop or shifted the decision to Jack.

I was getting payback in a big way, and I went back to licking January. She continued her story, telling me that they came out of the bath refreshed and turned on and ready for more action. While January dove into her new sexuality as a source of power and self assurance, September was more submissive. She wanted to please, opening herself to any opportunity to make others feel good. The girls found new doors opening as they became what they really wanted.

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