My Birthday Present

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His lips were warm as he kissed me right behind my ear. I turned to look at him, but his hand on my shoulder kept me firm. His lips parted slightly as he kissed me again, just below his first kiss. He pulled my body back into his and his tongue flicked across my flesh, wet but hot. I crooked my neck to grant him access. His hand slid from my shoulder to my breast and he cupped it gently at first and then he squeezed my nipple through my shirt.

Why was he so suddenly sensual like this? I wondered. Usually, he just grabbed me and said something like ‘I want some of this pussy,’ when he was horny. I started to speak but his hand covered my mouth, his fingers trailing around my lips and his kisses moved closer to my lips. He turned my face just enough that his lips covered my lips and his tongue slipped into my mouth and raced around my teeth before it met mine. I leaned into his kiss and I felt the heat building as our kiss deepened.

One hand unbuttoned my shirt and found my breasts, bare and open to his touch. He moaned slightly and sucked my bottom lip into his mouth and tweaked my nipple and twirled it between his fingers. The other hand eased down inside my pants. I opened my legs wider and his fingers found my opening and slipped inside me for a second and then went in and out. He pulled his fingers out and broke the kiss by licking his fingers.

“You taste good, baby,” he whispered. My eyes were closed as he slipped back inside me and then rubbed my clit. I was already turned on with what he was doing and then I felt another set of hands pull me down and open my legs. My eyes flew open and I was shocked to see his twin brother on his knees in front of me.

“It’s your birthday, baby and we want to give you a present,” he whispered, his tongue in my ear, “don’t say a word. Let us love you”.

I had wondered for years what it would be like to be with both brothers but I had never said it. They were identical twins, both nearly 6’5″ with long rippling muscles, broad chests and sweet smiles. They both had dark blonde hair and blue eyes like lasers. And right now, one was pulling my pants down and the other was taking off my shirt.

They both stood up and stripped and I saw that this brother was packing just as much heat as he was. They both had big, thick cocks. They had muscular thighs and their chests were both covered with brown hair. I loved a man with a hairy chest and I had two before me now. They both had nice round asses that would be good to hold on to while we were getting busy. And the sight of those two big cocks, both hard and veiny, standing up and oozing a slight bit of pre-cum. And they were both going to be mine in a matter of minutes?

Oh yes! Whatever I had done to deserve this pleasure I would gladly do again!

My man slowly kissed my breasts, soft sweet kisses all over them both and between them and then he sucked one already hard nipple into his mouth and sucked it gently. Sparks shot through my body. And then I felt another set of lips on my other nipple, licking in a circular motion around it and I felt my legs begin to shake. I held both their heads as they both sucked my breasts. The pleasure was unbelievable. I felt the sticky wetness flooding my slit and oozing down to my thighs.

His brother reached down and began to rub my clit. I arched my back as I had my first orgasm from their touch.

“Damn! Her pussy is hot! She already came!” His brother said.

“She will come again. My baby is hot as hell,” he said gently.

He moved down and began to lick my thigh right where it joins my body. I nearly flew off the bed. He licked down my thighs to my feet and sucked each of my toes and licked his way back up to my pussy and then down the other leg. His brother was licking both my breasts and sucking them hard just like I liked. I was writhing and moaning because I had never felt anything that felt so wonderful as both of their mouths all over my body. They took their time, licking, sucking, nipping with gentle love bites, not missing a spot.

His brother moved in and held my face and kissed me, fierce hot kisses that left me feeling ravaged and more aroused than ever. He’d never kissed me and I had not felt his strength. He was rougher than his brother and I liked it.

While I enjoyed his kisses, his brother sucked my clit into his mouth and sucked it and I nearly flew off the bed. The kisses moved down my throat, licking, sucking, leaving marks and across my chest till he finally held my nipple in his hand and sucked it again.

Lights went off in my brain. I felt weightless. Their mouths took me to one of the strongest orgasms I’d ever had.

“That’s two,” he said and they slapped each brazzers other five and turned me over to my stomach and pulled me up to my knees. I knew what he was going to do. He slowly slid his fingers in me and almost immediately he found my g-spot. I let out a little shriek. Somehow his brother got his face down there and began to lick my clit while he massaged my g-spot.

I didn’t know I could make sounds like that. I didn’t know anything felt like that. My body quaked with the ferocity of my third orgasm.

“Fuck yeah!” he said. They rolled me back to my back and lifted my legs high. His brother mounted me and kissed me again and I felt his cock, hard and insistent against my opening. I wanted to feel him deep inside me. I moved but he held me still.

“Don’t move. I’m going to fuck you, but I want to do it slow. You just be still. I’ll get in there, you smoking hot little thang. I never knew you were like this. I would have cold cocked him a long time ago to get some of this good pussy.”

He put some baby oil on his cock and watching him touch himself made me hotter than ever. I glanced at my man who was also stroking his cock watching his brother and me.

He slipped inside me and stroked just a little. “Fuck, you feel good!” he moaned. He moved further in and for the next minute or so, slowly slid in till he was all the way in. His cock was a little thicker than his brothers but it felt just as good.

Then he started thrusting, holding my legs and ramming, ramming, making me squeal with each stroke. I was dizzy. And then he stopped. I opened my eyes as he pulled out and then I felt lips on my calves and I knew my man was taking his place and he slammed his cock in me and started fucking like he knew I liked — short fast strokes — and I held onto him and begged him to fuck me harder. I was seconds from coming and as my body began to spasm, I felt him shooting inside me. He pulled out and his brother quickly moved in stroking to his own release. I fell into a series of orgasms like waves, over and over and over and my body was awash in sensations the likes of which I had never imagined.

“How many times did she come?” his brother asked.

“Hell, I don’t know. That last one was massive. I think it was two or three rolled into one. It was, wasn’t it baby?”

“Yes,” I said softly.

“That won’t do,” his brother fake taxi porno said, shaking his head. “We agreed we would give her at least ten orgasms today and that was nowhere near ten.”

I stared at them. My honey smiled and shook his brother’s hand.

“Yeah, we agreed on ten. Let’s say that was five. We have five more to go.”

“I say we go for twelve. Can she do twelve?” he asked.

“Eleven is as many as I’ve ever done with her but since you’re here, I bet we could get her to twelve. You mind, sweetness? Can you give us twelve cums?”

“Let me understand this. You two decided you want to give me ten orgasms for my birthday?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said.


“That girl I was with never gave me even one. I wanted to know what it felt like to have a woman cum when I make love to her. He said you do all the time. You know I like you and I’ve wanted to get my hands on you for a long time. He finally let me do it. For as long as he says I can, I want to get all of this good pussy that I can.”

I laughed.

“You don’t mind, do you?” he asked, his face slightly anxious.

I reached out and with one hand took his cock in my hand and took his brother’s in the other.

“So I can have you both? You both will give me all the good sex I want?”

My baby laughed. “I told you she would like it. She’s so wonderful. See why I love her?”

I was stroking both cocks and they were starting to wake up in my hands. I love that feeling!

“Can you handle us both on a regular basis?” his brother asked.

“Surely you jest,” I replied. “Let’s agree. I’ll be happy to be with you both. But you have to do what I want and you know the saying, when Mama is happy, everybody is happy. Do you both agree?”

“Well, you know I cook. I own restaurants. I will cook for you if you let me fuck you,” he said.

“Let you? Sweetie, you HAVE to,” I told him.

My sweetie was getting really hard and was having a hard time talking but he managed to say “And I don’t mind cleaning. You know I like to. So we’ll cook and clean and take care of things and you just give us both all the sex we want.”

I thanked the Goddess in all Her forms for this gift.

I took my baby’s hardness in my mouth and sucked him, sticking my bottom up to his brother who slammed inside me. It felt amazing. I had never felt so strong and powerful in my life. I licked and sucked my honey all the while squeezing his brother deep inside me. Within minutes they had both come and were both asleep in the bed with me, their pleasure all over their sleeping faces.

Life was about to get real good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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