My Boss’s Wife

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I felt my prick swelling inside her cunt as I started to come. She had already started her orgasm, straining up to me and pulling me into her hot, wet centre with her legs. I opened my eyes to see her staring at me. I love you, I said as I felt myself spurting deep inside her. As she heard these words and felt me coming she said, God knows I love you too. With these few words our relationship effectively ended.

It had started about a year earlier when I went out for dinner with some people I was working with and one of them, John, had brought along his wife. I lived in the south of England, but was working on a project in Glasgow. Unfortunately, I only got home to see my wife and children every second or third weekend so after a few months, as well as horny, I was feeling quite sorry for myself.

Normally, when I eventually got home from work, I would make myself something to eat and then either sit in front of the television, or surf the Internet while listening to some of the few CD’s I had with me. This particular evening, some of the others who had their wives with them or who lived in the area, decided to go out for a meal and asked me and another guy who was also alone to go with them.

Although John was attached to the project, he spends a lot of time in the Head Office in London, probably spending about three days away every two weeks. He’s good at his job, but seemed to spend even more time in the office than I do, which is daft when you’ve got a wife and young family to look after.

Anyway, on this particular night, about a dozen of us met in the bar of a local restaurant. I had met some of the other wives and girlfriends before, but not Suzy. She was about half a head taller than me in her heels, she was wearing a short red skirt and jacket with a white body stocking underneath. She had mid length black hair, a round face with full lips, a good body and great legs. We shook hands when John introduced us, and I was pleased to find that she had a good grip, not a lump of wet fish you find with some women.

We chatted about this and that, then separated as another girl came in that she knew. I’d found her quite distracting. When she spoke, she looked me straight in the eye, and her whole face seemed to light up when she smiled. It was her eyes of course, they had a knowing look with a mischievous gleam. I tried to get close to her as we were shown through to the dining room, but I couldn’t without appearing obvious, or rude to the others.

Lady luck must have been watching over me that night, because I found myself sitting straight across from her; never had I been so pleased that modern restaurants had such small tables. We were at the end of the table, and the guy sitting next to Suzy, Graham, who’d been knocking back the g and t’s in the bar beforehand, was more interested in showing off to the table in general than talking with those closest to him. Next to me was his girlfriend Karen, who spent half the time boosting his ego by agreeing with him, and the other half telling us all about her own superior life.

Suzy and I soon got bored by our neighbours and soon forgot everybody else while we carried on our own conversation. John, Suzy’s husband, was at the other end of the table, chatting away quite happily. We got along like a house on fire. We spoke of our children, mine were about ten years older than hers, and where we’d lived before. I learned that both she and John were about thirty and liked the outdoor life, but she gave the impression of being neglected and having to bring up the kids by herself as he spent so much time at work and travelling.

All too soon we were onto the coffee. I felt so comfortable with this girl that I wanted to see her again, even if John was there too. I told her that I was a reasonable cook, which was true, and that I enjoyed having people round for a meal. She said that she’d have to check John’s schedule to see if he would be in town or not; if he was, then they may come but if he wasn’t, she’d definitely be there, she said with a laugh.

That night, lying in bed, I had an enormous erection. I got some hand cream and slowly wanked myself while thinking about Suzy with the laughing eyes and throaty laugh. I came as I imagined her lips wrapped around my prick, sucking me into her mouth and swallowing my come while looking straight into my eyes.

The next day, I made up a mental list of those I’d like to have for dinner the following Tuesday. I wanted a good mix, definitely not Graham and Karen, but a group that would enjoy a good meal, wine and conversation. So as not to make John suspect anything, I also invited John’s red-headed secretary Moyra who, despite the plum in her throat and superior airs, looked very sexy and had made a few overtures in my direction.

I immediately asked the others so that, when I planned to ask John the following day, it would be as if he and Suzy were replacing someone else who had dropped out. Everyone said yes, including John, Urfa Escort as I’d managed to chat Moyra into letting me know when he’d be free. Some asked what they should bring, I said only a decent bottle of wine, as I wanted to do everything else myself.

Tuesday arrived, and I was on tenter hooks and couldn’t concentrate on any work at all. As Moyra lived at the other end of town, she asked if she could come straight home with me. I couldn’t say anything but yes and, as I left on time for once, got a few lewd comments as I walked out with Moyra, who’d got an overnight bag with her. Though none of the people who were coming that night saw us.

I drove home with Moyra beside me. I was so worried in case things went wrong, or if Suzy thought that there was something between Moyra and me, that I can’t even remember what Moyra was chattering on about. When we arrived, I really needed a drink, and asked Moyra if she’d make one for us both while I started things off in the kitchen as there were only a couple of hours before the others arrived.

I felt Moyra behind me and turned to find that she’d taken her shoes off and had brought me a very large scotch. I showed her where the fridge was and asked for a lot of ice. I know I needed a drink, but I also wanted to keep a fairly clear head, and a couple of Moyra’s specials this early in the evening could ruin all my plans.

After I’d got everything warming up, I took my half finished drink through to the main room to find Moyra stretched out on her back on the settee, balancing her drink on her belly. Her short dress had ridden well up her thighs, and I caught a glimpse of white panties as I passed her to sit down in an armchair by her head. Can I have a shower when I’ve finished this, Moyra said? Of course, I replied and went to get a clean bath towel for her.

I put it in the bathroom and went back into the living room to find that Moyra had lifted one leg and was openly displaying her crutch. I could even see a few stray red hairs peeping out from the side of her panties. One hand was still holding her drink, while the other was flat on her lower belly, just above the hem of her skirt, I wondered if she’d been stroking any lower down while I’d been out of the room.

All the girls had been wondering what your place would be like, she said. So what will you tell them I replied. Oh, that it’s like you, just as I expected. What do you mean, I asked? Very masculine, without obvious frills, but with a hidden sensitivity. But then I haven’t seen everything yet, so I’ll hold off the final verdict until later, she replied with a smile.

I noticed that while she was saying this, the fingers of her hand were gently pressing into her skirt, just above where I judged her pubic bone to be. Her head was turned to me and her eyes were wide and bright. She had a good suntan, but this didn’t hide the slow reddening of her face. She was breathing slowly and deeply, and I could see the rise and fall of her full tits down the low neck of her dress.

My prick started to twitch, and I thought that I’d better get out of this situation before anything happened. Here I was, trying to set up an evening to impress Suzy, and Moyra’s body language was getting to me. I said that I’d better see to some things and went into the kitchen.

When I’d finished peeling some potatoes, I turned to find Moyra leaning on the door frame watching me. You’re very domesticated, I half expected you to be opening tins, or sending out for a take away, she said, any woman would be a fool not to grab you. That’s what my wife said soon after we met, I responded. Moyra just laughed and said that she didn’t want to destroy anything, and actually enjoyed watching things grow.

As she said this, her eyes dropped to my trousers as I felt my prick swelling again. I blushed, and suggested that she’d better go to have her shower before I put her over my knee and spank her. She immediately took up a little girl pose, with one finger in her mouth and said promises, promises. Then she turned and walked back into the living room. She bent down to pick up her bag and I saw that her panties were cut very brief at the back, scarcely covering the crack between the cheeks of her arse. Moyra knew this and turned her head to see me looking at her bum and said, enjoy the view as she headed for the bathroom.

I finished my drink and poured another before going to sit in the lounge, wondering how I could extricate myself from this predicament. Moyra gave all the impressions of being interested in me, and was quite probably planning to spend the night. What would Suzy think? How could I make her see that I was interested in her with Moyra around?

The bathroom door opened and Moyra came out with a towel wrapped around her. It’s not very big, is it, she said. What, I stammered as I looked at her thighs and tits. If the towel had been an inch shorter, I’d have had a clear view of either her nipples, or pussy. Why the Urfa Escort Bayan towel of course, she said. What else? I told her that it was just about the right size.

Moyra went over to the side table and very demurely picked up her drink without bending. Mustn’t show you too much yet must I, she said with the laugh as she came over to sit on the arm of my chair. As she sat down, she held the bottom corner of the towel to keep it from opening. As she turned to me slightly and leaned her shoulder against the back of my chair, I saw that the fold across her tits was beginning to come undone.

Don’t get cold, I said, the central heating’s only just come on. I wont, she replied. I’m still hot from the shower and anyway, I’m sure you can keep me warm if you really wanted to. Come on Moyra, I said, we haven’t time for that, I’ve still got to finish the dinner, lay the table and then have a shower before eight. But it’s only six-thirty she said, and I can help you by doing the table and I’ll even wash your back.

My prick now got the better of me, and I put an arm around her shoulder, pulling her off the arm of the chair and into my lap. This was the final straw for the towel, which had been manfully trying to stay in place. The top came undone and slipped off her tits, giving me a glorious view of her superb body.

Moyra didn’t even blink. That’s better she said as she closed her hot, sweet, and very open lips onto mine and thrust her tongue into my mouth. She sucked on my tongue for a while and then pushed hers back into my mouth until it felt as though it was down my throat. When we came up for air, I said that I’d got to move as she was bending my straining prick into an uncomfortable position.

We can’t have that she said as she swung around to sit facing me and started to undo my belt. She had some trouble with the zip, as my cock was pushing against it, but she got it down eventually and pulled my shirt out to reveal the mound I was making in my underpants. She looked at it and said that looks ready as a stain of pre-come slowly stained the cotton.

I put my arms around her and pulled her back to me so that I could kiss those magnificent tits. She arched her back and held my head with one hand and squeezed her other breast with the other. I changed sides and gently bit her nipple and sucked it into my mouth. Harder, she said, suck it all in. Only too happy to oblige, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and tried to suck it all into my mouth.

My hands ran down her back and grasped the cheeks of her bum. I lifted her, pulled her onto the head of my prick, and pushed her backwards and forwards so that she would feel the roughness of my cotton covered prick rubbing on her clit. She started to rub her hips back and forth to pleasure herself and groaned, then slipped out of my grasp and onto her knees.

Come on, lets look what you’ve got here for me she said as she pulled my pants over my prick and down my legs to take them off completely. She took hold of my prick with one hand and my balls with the other. She looked into my eyes and said I’m going to empty these, as she licked over the head of my engorged cock. She ran her tongue around the sensitive underside and then slipped her lips over the top and started to suck.

I could see her cheeks indent as she sucked the head of my prick, before she opened her mouth wide and pushed her head down on my prick until I could feel the back of her throat close around it as she gagged a little before pulling back up. I felt my come start to swell in my balls and at the base of my prick.

I’m going to come soon I said in warning. I know, I can feel it she replied as she wanked my cock into her mouth and ran her other hand further under my balls until I could feel her stroking the delicate skin between my balls and arse.

My hips began to jerk and she wanked and sucked me harder until I burst into her willing mouth. I thought I was going to come forever, and Moyra seemed to have difficulty in swallowing it all as some trickled out of the corner of her mouth. My, you’ve been saving that up, Moyra said. I thought you were going to drown me.

She licked the last drop from the end of my now softening prick, then wiped her chin with a finger, catching the come that she’d not been able to take earlier. She stuck out her tongue and wiped her finger on it. Then, still with her tongue out, Moyra climbed back up into my lap and offered me her spunk-covered tongue to suck. I opened my mouth, moved towards her and closed my lips over her tongue.

After a few minutes, she said come on, it’s your turn and pulled me out of the chair. She sat down and put her knees over the arms, giving me a clear view of her sparely covered cunt. As I bent close, I could feel and smell the heat she was giving off, and told her so. And it tastes even better than it smells, she said getting hold of my head and pulling me where she wanted me most. I was happy to oblige. She’d Escort Urfa spread her legs so wide over the arms of the chair that I could see her cunt glistening with her juices and her smell was turning my head.

I slowly leaned down and kissed her pale red pubic hairs, then ran my tongue down the side of one leg and back up. Then down the other side and back up again, just brushing her hairs with the side of my face. I looked up at her and asked, do you really want this? Bastard, she replied, lick it and make me come. I lowered my head and, despite the bucking of her hips, managed to run my tongue gently between her dripping lips.

I pushed her legs as far back as I could and licked harder. I felt the hard nub of her clit and nibbled it between my lips and then sucked. She was right, her cunt juices did taste even better than their smell. I sucked her lips into my mouth and gently chewed on them and then ran my tongue lower and poked it deep into her. I fucked her with my tongue and lapped her juices into my mouth and drank.

Her hips moved more quickly and her breathing became hoarse. I could see that she was playing with her tits, squeezing them really hard. I concentrated on her clit with my lips and tongue and pushed first one, then two and finally three fingers into her soaking cunt. Come on, fuck me, she ordered. I ran my tongue up her body, licking her belly, rolling it round her navel and then sucked a hard nipple into my mouth.

I pushed her legs back until her knees were almost touching her shoulders. She reached down and pulled my prick towards her waiting cunt. I felt the tip at her entrance and pushed straight in. It felt as if her juices were boiling, she was so hot. I drove in and out, without any finesse, fucking her faster and faster as I felt my balls fill and my prick get bigger and bigger. As I felt myself start to come, I pushed into her as far as I could and held myself still so that Suzy could feel the throb of my prick as I spurted my come again, this time deep into her cunt.

I collapsed on top of her and she moved her legs to wrap them around me, digging her heels into my back and holding me in place. I looked into her eyes and we gently kissed, rubbing our lips together, and just fluttering our tongues between them.

A little while later, Moyra kept her promise and washed my back – and my front. But I told her that it was too soon for me to come for a third time, even though she got me hard again very quickly. I could come again she said, and so I obliged with her leaning partly on me and partly on the wall as I sucked her tits and fucked her with my soapy fingers. At the last moment, just as Moyra started to come, I slipped my middle finger into her arse. She screamed with pleasure and pushed herself down hard on my hand as I felt both her arse and cunt grip me as she came again.

When I’d dried off and dressed, leaving Moyra to lie in the bath, I went into the kitchen to check on things before setting the table and opening a couple of bottles of red wine, to let them breathe. As I finished, Moyra came out of the bedroom, wearing a short, bottle-green cocktail dress with thin shoulder straps. Do you like it she said, and pirouetted so that the skirt flew in the air to reveal a white thong. It was obvious that that was all she was wearing, as the skimpy top clung to her tits as if it had been painted on. You look stunning, I said, and wondered again how I was going to be able to explain her away to Suzy.

I needn’t have bothered though, as Suzy and Mike were the last to arrive, and Moyra was deep in conversation with another couple. I shook Mike’s hand to welcome him, and then put my hand on Suzy’s arm as I leaned forward to kiss her cheek. As I did so, she half turned her head and I felt her lips kissing the side of my mouth. I took their coats and my eyes almost popped out as I saw that Suzy was wearing virtually the same skimpy dress as Moyra, except that it was bright red and she showed a lot of thigh as she sat down onto a very low bean bag.

I made drinks for them and refreshed the others before sitting on the arm of a chair next to Suzy. I made small talk to her on one side and the rather mousy girl in the chair, but gradually I spent more time talking with, and looking at Suzy as Moyra chatted to the girl whose name I’d already forgotten.

After a few minutes, I excused myself and went into the kitchen to start getting things out of the fridge. I’ll help you said Suzy as she came into the kitchen. She handed me her empty glass and I felt the electricity pass between us as our fingers touched. My eyes never left hers as I told her that she looked gorgeous. It’s nice to be noticed, she said with a smile, and then turned to get the starter plates which were laid out on the side.

I took the rest in and laid them on the table on the opposite side to Suzy, so that we were standing next to each other when we’d finished and I called the rest up to get a place. I told them to sit where they liked, but on the condition that no-one sat next to their partner. Well I’ll sit here then, said Suzy as she pulled me into a chair next to her. The others sorted themselves out, and I found myself opposite Moyra and next to the mousy girl again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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