My Boyfriend’s Dad Ch. 03

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All weekend I fretted about having posed nude for Justin’s Dad. I know, I should’ve just refused to allow him to take off my panties but, somehow, he had managed to get me to adjust my attitude about nudity and, well, I just let him do it. To masturbate him afterwards was simply inexcusable but it was the photos that were going to be a problem. I assumed Justin would never see them for obvious reasons, but the fact that Mr. Brockman had them meant I could always be blackmailed by him or others.

So I wasn’t surprised when I got a call Monday morning from Mr. Brockman.

“Carol!” He cheerfully greeted me. “The pictures are just incredible! You’ve got to see them! Are you available to come over this morning?” Of course Mrs. Brockman would be at school getting ready for classes that began the following week, and Justin was signing up for fall classes at Pierce College so we would be alone. No surprise. I knew what was coming.

The irony wasn’t wasted on me that I was going to blackmailed over nude photos…by a nudist of all people! It was no accident that Mr. Brockman had the house to himself today. I knew what to expect when I got over there. And I had little choice but to do whatever Mr. Brockman asked of me. Just so long as I got those photos, and the negatives.

I started to dress in my usual summer attire, tee shirt, shorts and sandals but somehow I found my mind wandering as I looked in my closet. I knew good and well that I probably would have to use my sexual power over Mr. Brockman to get those photos. Oh yes. I knew I had power over him, just as he had power over me. His brief look at my nubile young body had provoked a decidedly sexual reaction in him. He was used to seeing women naked, but for whatever reason, he found my slender figure quite arousing. So, yes. I had some cards to play today.

So, instead of my typical summer fare, I found myself digging deep into my closet. I found an old school dress that was my favorite when I was in Junior high. It was kind of short, blue and white checkered with puffy white sleeves. There was lace around the hem and, to my surprise, it still fit me quite well. Well, it was pretty short but I didn’t consider that to be a problem. While wandering down memory lane, I found the first pair of bikini panties that my Mom ever let me wear. They were my absolute favorites back then and I wore them at least a couple days a week no matter what. Of course they had been laundered a million times and were threadbare now but, again, I didn’t think that would matter.

I had butterflies in my stomach as I wound my way up Topanga to the Brockman’s house. I had no idea how this would play out but I knew I couldn’t leave without those photos. I parked in front of the Brockman’s house and knocked on the door. Mr. Brockman greeted me dressed in his bathrobe which I considered to be better than completely naked which was always possible at their house.

“What a cute little outfit honey!” He smiled at me. He put his arm around my waist and led me into the living room.

“I just couldn’t believe how wonderful those photos we shot the other day came out!” He said shaking his head. “You have this perfect look of innocence on your face Carol. It’s so hard to capture that in a woman.” He took me out to the studio where he had the photos.

“You must have natural ability to relax in front of the camera.” Mr. Brockman told me as he assembled the photos. “I’ve shot lots of pictures of this type and, usually, the model will start to “Pose.” It makes the photos look fake somehow. To have the camera actually capture that alluring look of vulnerability that you have is very difficult. He showed me one of the photos of me sitting in the chair with my legs hanging over the arms. My pussy was wide open and all of my girlish “Pink” was on display. My eyes were downcast and my curly red hair looked disheveled.

“See that naturally innocent look Carol?” He asked. I agreed with Mr. Brockman but I was honestly just waiting for him to proposition me so we could negotiate for the pictures.

“Now look at this one.” He selected a similar shot but, in this one, I was holding my open my little red haired pussy. “See that expression on your face honey? It looks like you’re about to burst into tears.”

Of course I actually was about to burst into tears when Mr. Brockman took that photograph. Maybe he wasn’t aware of it, having photographed so many naked women before, but I had never been seen nude by anyone except for Justin whom I knew very very well. I looked on as he announced his “Masterpiece!” The shot of me kneeling on his desk chair holding open my ass cheeks so he could photograph my asshole. I couldn’t remember ever having seen my asshole before! But there it was. Just a tiny pink dimple about the size of a dime. My goodness! And then below it, my tightly closed pussy lips were lewdly displayed. They were a delicate pink color compared to the snowy white color of my thighs.

“That’s just Escort bayan a world class shot Carol!” He complimented me. “Just look at how your eyes seem to be avoiding the camera. Almost as if you were ashamed to be viewed naked.”

“Well I was ashamed Mr. Brockman!” I finally spat out. “What did you think? That I always go around naked, letting men pose me like that? I let you take off my panties in the spirit of nudism. The Human Body is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of. But, to pose in such sexually provocative poses, well, yes I was embarrassed and ashamed! I’ve never let anyone take pictures like that of me before. Now, you’ve got those pictures and you could do anything you like with them.” I couldn’t face my boyfriend’s Dad. I had said what I had to say and now I was quiet.

“Carol, is that what you think?” He asked me directly. “That I’m going to…to hold you up for ransom or something? You think I’m trying to blackmail you honey?”

I looked up to meet his eyes. He looked shocked. Shocked and disappointed. “

“My goodness young lady.” He curtly replied. He quickly got to his feet and moved to his desk where he had the rest of the pictures. He stacked them up and held them out to me. “Here.” He offered all of the nude shots to me. Now I was shocked. I hesitantly took the photos and then remembered the negatives. He could easily make more.

Reading my mind Mr. Brockman added, “Oh, I’ll get the negatives Carol. Honestly. I’m so disappointed. I really thought you would love these. These aren’t just seamy pornographic shots. These are truly erotic! Why, look at the effect they had on me when we did them Carol. Do you think I get all hard like that from taking nude photos of a woman…any woman?” With that said, he headed for the darkroom to get the negatives.

I found myself looking through the pictures as Mr. Brockman looked for the negatives in the next room. Looking at the photos and remembering the experience of posing for him. The little things he’d said to me. Asking me to relax. Giving me encouragement. Making me feel like Marilyn Monroe as he shot the photos. I also remembered getting excited myself when I realized he’d become hard while shooting the pictures. I began to experience feelings of arousal just remembering what it felt like to have a man, a physically attractive and mature man like Mr. Brockman take off my panties and see me naked.

But, No! I was here to get the photos and the negatives and I couldn’t leave without them

I absentmindedly opened the top right desk drawer where Mr. Brockman kept his secret stash of “Other” photos wondering, I guess, if he had lots of pictures like the ones he’d taken of me in there. Maybe I was overreacting a bit. I glanced at the door to the darkroom and then I opened the folder with the eight by ten glossies in it. There were lots of shots from the nudist camp. Then the shots of Nancy and Louise and Justin. Justin was just so cute back then! He was wearing those surfer “Baggies” and had that goofy smile. I had to admit I found both of the Brockman men very sexually attractive. Then, towards the bottom of the pile…there was the shot of Mrs. Brockman holding her panties to the side and showing her pussy. I studied the expression on her face which seemed to say “Want some of this big boy?” I wondered what Mr. Brockman had said to her before he shot the photo.

I checked the darkroom door again and then looked at the final shots in the stack. I had to stop myself from gasping out loud when I saw the next photo. Mr. Brockman was lying on what I assumed was his bed. His eyes were closed and he wore an expression of rapturous joy as Nancy crouched before him, his penis buried in her mouth! Behind her, eighteen year old Louise was holding her pussy lips open and appeared to be about to lick her mother’s vagina!

My brain refused to comprehend the debauched sight I was witnessing and I quickly shuffled through to the next picture. In this one Nancy was lying on the bed, her legs well apart and Louise was kneeling between her legs actually kissing her mother’s pussy! Behind her knelt Ray Brockman holding his familiar rock hard penis and preparing to fuck his teenaged daughter! My mind was spinning now and I could barely comprehend what I’d seen. Then I heard Mr. Brockman about to reenter the room and I quickly stuffed the photos back into the folder and shoved them into the drawer.

“Here you are Carol.” Mr. Brockman said, handing me the negatives. “I wish you would reconsider though. Pictures like that are very very rare. It’s a one shot opportunity. If you destroy them, I doubt we could ever duplicate them.”

Relieved to now have the pictures and negatives in my possession, I had to reflect: This hadn’t been hard at all. Mr. Brockman hadn’t tried to pull anything on me and I was apparently free to go. I felt, well, kind of bad about coming over here all upset about the “Dirty” pictures he’d taken of me when he saw them in a completely different light.

“Well, Bayan escort I won’t destroy them Mr. Brockman, but I’ll feel better about having them where I know they’re safe.

“Great honey! I think you’ll be glad some day that you have those photos. You’re a very beautiful girl Carol. Very beautiful. I’d love to shoot more with you. Not necessarily nude shots, but erotic photos.”

“Not nude? ” I didn’t really understand. “Don’t I have to be naked for the pictures to be erotic?”

“No, not necessarily. To capture a woman’s personal sexual aura is difficult to do and not all women can show it if they are uncomfortable about nudity, which, well, I guess you are. A little.” He smiled when he said it. Mr. Brockman was trying to tell me I was hung up about being naked which we both knew was true. I appreciated the way he tried to handle it.

“What kind of photos do you mean then Mr. Brockman?” I asked, curious now.

“Well I love that little dress Carol!” He gave me that smile again. “It’s just a touch too short for you. That’s kind of sexy, don’t you think?” Without waiting for a reply, Mr. Brockman picked up his 35 millimeter camera off his desk and prepared to shoot a picture.

“Here, let’s start out on the chair again. Just relax and get comfortable. Just like that. Yes, now lift the hem of your dress…just a bit. That’s it!” Click Click. He began to photograph me. “You’ve got great legs honey!” I felt those feelings returning as I posed. I found myself wondering if Mr.Brockman would get hard this time…even though I wasn’t going to be naked.

He tried me in several poses but I could tell it wasn’t going well. He posed me on the desk on my hands and knees and I knew he could see my skimpy little white panties but he didn’t seem to be pleased with the results.

“Carol, it’s your facial expressions that I’m just not getting today.” He explained when we took a short break. “That allure of innocence just isn’t there somehow.”

“Would you like me to show my panties?” I asked Mr. Brockman. He’d managed to get glimpses of them during the past few minutes but I’d tried not to get too suggestive.

“Well, that would be a good start honey.” He replied. I sat back down on the upholstered chair and lifted my legs over the arms like he’d posed me earlier. Then, I slowly lifted my little checkered blue and white dress until my threadbare bikini panties were showing. I honestly don’t think I’d worn them since I was thirteen and I knew some of my red pussy hairs were showing too.

“I used to love to wear these panties when I was in Junior High.” I told Mr. Brockman. “I Wore them almost every day.”

“I’ll bet you drove the boys wild back then Carol.” He replied. “When did your pubic hair start to come in?”

Now that was none of his business but I answered anyway, showing off my Junior High panties all the while. When I was about twelve.” I told him. “The same time my nipples started to get big.”

“Could I shoot them honey?” Mr. Brockman wondered. I didn’t

hesitate. I just lowered the frilly white bust of my dress and allowed my large pink nipples to poke out. I wished my tits were bigger but Mr. Brockman’s eyes enlarged when he saw them.

“You have such wonderful little titties Carol!” He winked when he said it. “Now honey listen, you don’t have to if you don’t want to but it seems to me that, if you were to remove your panties and pose, then maybe I can get that expression I haven’t managed to get just yet. You don’t have to show your pussy. Just take off your panties and just maybe knowing you have nothing on under your dress will bring out that priceless look you had last time.”

“I…I don’t think that would be a good idea Mr. Brockman.” I answered honestly. I was on thin ice as it was. If I were to remove my panties, well, who knows what would happen? I glanced at his robe and noticed that it was open enough for me to see that his penis was still soft.

Mr. Brockman looked disappointed but resumed the shoot, posing me in a variety of ways designed to show off my healthy young body. He moved right up next to me as I sat in the chair and tossed my curly red hair locks about a bit and then fiddled with the top of my dress, managing to touch my exposed nipples as he did so.

“Let’s get them all hard and erect, don’t you think?” He asked.

I took over and teased my big firm nipples until they were fully erect and pointing right at Mr. Brockman.

“Okay now show me your panties again Carol.” He said, his eyes drinking in the sight before him. I did as he asked and separated my legs so all of my panty crotch showed. “Just pull your panties up tight now sweetheart…”

I pulled my panties up tight knowing the outline of my tight young pussy would now be visible. He shot several photos but, again he seemed less than pleased with the result.

“It’s still not quite happening Carol. Could you please take off your panties? We won’t show Escort anything. I just think you need to be bare underneath your dress for the shots to work. Your face is so expressive. The difference will be noticeable.”

“I can’t Mr. Brockman!” I wailed. “I want to but I just can’t take my little panties off for you! It wouldn’t be fair to Justin.” I’m not sure what Justin had to do with it because I assumed he wouldn’t be thrilled to have his Dad shooting theses photos of his girlfriend anyway. But then it occured to me: Justin and his family had apparently had some wild times by my standards anyway. So what if I let Mr. Brockman see me naked?

I hadn’t made up my mind when Mr. Brockman moved quickly in front of me on the carpet and said something he’d said to me the last time he’d photographed me: “They said there’s no time like the present!” With that, he reached for my panties and attempted to pull them off.

“Oh Mr. Brockman No!” I said sharply. “Please! Not my panties!” Then we both heard a barely audible ripping sound. My old and thoroughly wash worn panties began to give way. “Oh No!” I wailed as I felt cool air now wafting over my vagina, “Don’t tear off my panties! Mr. Brockman Please! Don’t rip my panties off!”

Mr. Brockman looked confused as he realized what he’d done. I’m sure he didn’t know how seriously compromised those underpants were but now he’d done it! My panties were torn beyond repair and my little red haired pussy was showing!

My photographer acted on instinct and grabbed the camera. “Oh, there it is Carol!” He cried. “That’s what I’ve been looking for. Now try to cover up your pussy where your panties are torn…that’s it! Great!” Click, Click. Shot after shot was recorded as Mr Brockman apparently got the look of vulnerability he’d been after. And next I noticed his penis beginning to slip out from the folds of his robe. His big hard penis. Yes, the look of vulnerability had given him a hard on. Knowing it was wrong, I laid back and threw my legs over the arms of the chair completely exposing my pussy! My little white panties were now all torn and didn’t do much to hide anything. Mr. Brockman was getting harder as he shot photo after photo of me posing there.

“Quick Carol!” He instructed, “Up on the desk!” I did as I was told and meekly climbed onto the desktop. I moved my legs apart and Mr. Brockman flipped my dress up to show my rear. He then tore my panties up even more so that my forbidden little asshole showed. More photos ensued and I was sure he was getting that “Look” now because I was beginning to think about Mr. Brockman actually fucking me with that big thick penis. Of course I was excited! I’d, well, not intentionally planned to have my panties ripped off by my boyfriend’s Dad, but I couldn’t be shocked when it happened after all.

Then he was right up behind me and I saw his robe drop to the floor. I knew my boyfriend’s dad was now naked behind me, his cock all swollen and stiff.

“Mr. Brockman?” I said tentatively, “Mr. Brockman we can’t do this! It wouldn’t be fair to Justin.”

He didn’t immediately respond but, instead pulled my dress down in front and helped himself to a good feel of my firm little tits. He then slid his hands down and grazed them over my thighs until he was just below my useless panties.

“We have to do something Carol.” He told me. And I understood. Just from the tone of his voice. I’d teased him until he got hard and now I had to do something to satisfy him.

“I won’t take off your panties Carol…Okay?” He started. I nodded yes. “And we’ll be fair to my son.” I waited to hear his next command.

“Now Carol, I want you to take my cock and put it in your asshole. Do you understand?” Again I nodded. My pussy was for my lover but…but his Dad’s cock was so big! Could I take it back there? In my never before violated little hole? I reached back and grasped Mr. Brockman’s hard penis. Why, my little hand would barely fit around it! There was simply no way!

“Couldn’t I rub it like I did last time Mr. Brockman?” I begged. But I already knew the answer and so I just held his prick in my little hand, trying to buy time. I took hold of him and gently guided Mr. Brockman’s cock up between my ass cheeks until I was right at the lips of my horny little pussy. I rubbed it up and down until I could tell it was all slippery from my juices and then moved it up to the puckered little hole he intended to penetrate.

“Don’t put it all the way in Mr. Brockman.” I quietly asked. He grunted in response and then I felt tremendous pressure back in my forbidden little hole. My panties were unable to protect me and Mr. Brockman grabbed my hips and used them to hold me steady as he slowly pushed his cock into my asshole. Oh, it went in so deep! I thought I’d taken it all when I looked back and realized he’d barely managed to get the head in! Oh, what will become of me? I wondered as Mr. Brockman continued to apply pressure. More and more cock disappeared into my desperately resisting asshole but it was hopeless! He continued to press forward until, with a slight slap I felt his ball collide with my sensitive pussy lips. He’d crammed all of his rigid prick right into my asshole!

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