My Brown Eyed Girl

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“Hi, my name is Jack. I’m a rather shy, Hispanic, hard working machine parts sales representative. I’m also a classically good looking, tall, dark and handsome man. Like most men, I have a vivid sexual imagination but unlike most men, I have little courage to pursue the women I’m attracted to. Being unlucky in love and painfully shy leaves me to rely on my imagination for companionship. I’ve been in a fantasy relationship with my Brown Eyed Girl for over a year now.”

“Hi, my name is Debbie. I’m also painfully shy. I’m well educated, but work under my potential as a receptionist for a mid-sized manufacturing plant. Truth be told, I masturbate furiously and frequently, but lack the courage to go after what I desire. In my heart, I know I’m pretty. I think my best feature is my eyes. They are big, brown, and sparkle when I am happy. Most days, I doubt myself. I’ve had a crush on a man named Jack for over a year. He’s a sales rep for one of our suppliers. I can’t get up the courage to say more than hello to him. Occasionally I manage to answer his office related questions. Most days, I just flash him my sexiest smile and secretly hope that he will make a move to advance our obvious lust for each other.”

Jack comes across many beautiful women in his travels to the administrative offices of the businesses he sells to. The women in these offices often flirt with him but he fears pursuing them. Jack explains, “I know that my big, brown, luscious cock will more than satisfy them, but I’m so desperately afraid of connection and commitment that I get tongue tied talking to women. The way I cope is by imaging that I actually have a relationship with some of the women I come across in my travels. My shrink discourages these fantasy relationships, but what the fuck does he know.”

As he plans his daily schedule, Jack usually make mental notes to be sure to interact with certain women. For example, on Monday mornings, he makes it a point to talk to the little angry and depressed looking redhead with the tattoos on her lower back and left breast. He finds her green eyes extremely calming, but lately they seemed glazed over, as if her new marriage (her second as far as Jack knew) is beating her down. Last week, Jack was shocked to see that she seems to no longer tend to her beautiful red hair. She typically wears it in a punk, messy style that he finds very alluring. Over the past several months, her hair has become flat and lifeless.

Jack explains, “I’m convinced that the little red head and I have an unspoken attraction. I imagine that she secretly knows that I have a large brown cock and that she’s aching to have it dangling above her mouth, just barely touching her lips, as she kneels in front of me, hands restrained behind her back, blindfolded and begging for it.”

Anyway, on his Wednesday sales stop, Jack is completely captivated by the administrative assistant at one of the manufacturing plants on his route. She has beautiful brown hair styled a bit like Marlo Thomas in the old “That Girl” situation comedy. Her eyes are big, brown, and always sparkle when Jack walks by. Jack often wondered if she’s really coming on to him, or whether he is just lost in lust and creating something in his head that’s not really there. After careful analysis over several months, Jack noticed that unlike with others, no matter what she’s doing, when he walks by, she stops to give him a wanting, sexy smile.

Jack reflected, “It’s the kind of smile that suggests to me that she needs me, needs my cock, needs my mouth on her genitals, and needs my tongue to probe her little white, aching asshole. She also seems very shy. We actually rarely speak. She smiles at me. I smile at her. “

Last week, the “Brown Eyed Girl” was very friendly to Jack. He walked by her desk several times and each time, she stopped what she was doing to give him a wanting glance. “It is kinda embarrassing,” Jack thought. “I feel rather pathetic trying to find excuses to walk by her office area. At one point last week, we were locked in a goofy gaze of mutual admiration that made us both blush.”

Her office mate looked at the two of them with a sarcastic snicker, as if to say, “Look you two, why don’t you just get a room!”

On this particular Wednesday morning, Jack woke up at 4:30 a.m. with his mind filled with thoughts of seeing Debbie later that morning. As he drifted in and out of sleep, he lapsed into the most erotic dream he’s had in many years.

“In the dream, I was determined to send my Brown Eyed Girl a clear signal that I want to violate her. I was trying to figure out what I could wear that might take our flirtation to the next level and ultimately settled on wearing my pleated slacks without underwear so she could see the outline of my cock as I walked by. In the dream, I made it a point to walk into her office area and position myself so that as she sat at her desk, my cock was dangling tantalizing in front of her. While discussing some inane business matters, I could see she was distracted by the outline of my cock. The expression on her face suggested that she was filled with desire. She was seated at her desk and while we discussed the problems with the Xerox machine, she interrupted the conversation, licked her lips and looked directly at my crotch. It was the clearest signal she ever gave me that she was wanting and ready to take me on. I felt my penis growing inside my pants, and instantly felt the embarrassing sensation of pre-cum lacing the head of my cock.

“In the dream, I shyly walked off, but she called me back. When I asked what she wanted, she scribbled a brief note and handed it to me.”

The note read, “I know you are not wearing any underwear, and I know you did so for me. I see how you look at me. You want me?”

“In the dream, my expression was one of disbelief, “Jack reflected. “I walked away from the reception area reading the note. Gathering myself, I found a quiet corner in the waiting area and wrote back to her, “Yes, I want you so bad; I ache at night for you. Please let me have you. You won’t be disappointed.”

“I discretely passed her the note, and within a short time, I heard an over head page calling for me to dial extension 234. I found a house phone, and when I completed the call, I discovered that it was my Brown Eyed Girl on the other end.”

“Meet me in the upstairs lounge at 12:30. Go to the supply closet in the back. Knock twice and I’ll let you in,” she said.

“With that,” Jack explained, “there was a click and the line went dead. I was stunned but wildly excited by this offer. I tended to some more business matters, but come 12:25, made my way to the upstairs lounge. I quickly spotted the supply closet and knocked twice. The door slowly opened, I could see the shadow of a woman on her knees. Cautiously, I walked in and almost immediately felt the woman swiftly undoing my pants and hungrily groping for my cock. I stood in the darkened supply closet, allowing her to have her way with me.

“I sighed deeply, as she fondled my semi erect cock. It quickly became swollen and rock hard. I felt her lips kissing the head of my now over-excited prick. I grabbed my shaft with my large, muscular hands and offered it to her by bending my swollen penis towards her wanting mouth. My Brown Eyed Girl wrapped her lips around the head of my shaft while gripping it with both hands. She spit into her right hand and rubbed her slippery hand along my shaft while simultaneously licking the head of my cock. I moaned with pleasure and exhaled deeply as she gripped my cock tightly and slapped herself in the face and lips with it. “

“I ‘m being so bad, slap me with it”, she panted.

“As she felt my breathing quickening and me tightening up, she stopped manipulating my penis and got up off her knees. Standing in front of me, she ran both hands down the length of my shaft while kissing me passionately. She then lifted her skirt; bent over, grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them for me.”

She spoke calmly but directly,”Fuck my up the ass, sir.”

“With that, I spit on my hand to lubricate my cock, spit in my hand again, and rubbed my slippery fingers along her asshole, massaging her sphincter. I poked a finger into her wanting orifice, and was surprised at the receptiveness of her soft little ass. I breathed lustfully as my finger slid in easily. I relished the feeling of her milky white, soft ass gripping my large finger.

“I then stroked my cock firmly and positioned myself to penetrate her. As I did so, she grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them as wide as she could, opening herself for me. I whispered naughty words kızlık bozma porno to her while rubbing the head of my cock along her increasingly receptive opening. I pressed my cock directly on her anus. It slid in easily. My head was spinning at the feeling of her internal walls hugging my thick cock. I reached around to slip my hand inside her blouse, grabbing a handful of her breast as I deepened my thrusts. I tried to be gentle as I slowly slid my cock in and out of her asshole, but after a few gentle strokes, my Brown Eyed Girl cried out, “Don’t be a pussy, fuck me hard!”

“Stunned, I instantly pinched her nipple as hard as I could and began thrusting my hips without concern for her little asshole. Now feeling free to rip her apart with my powerful cock, I plunged deeply inside of her.

“Take it all bitch, “I uncharacteristically demanded. The room was filled with the sounds of her moans and the squishy sounds of my cock ravaging her ass.”

“Fuck me harder, Yes, Fuck me! “she screamed.

“Her cries to fuck her as hard as I could woke me from the dream.”

That very same morning, the Debbie also had an erotic dream. In the dream, she was getting ready for work, standing frozen in front of her closet trying to figure out what to wear for the day. She recalled that it was Wednesday, the day that Jack would be walking by the reception area. She decided to look classy today. She found her Ann Taylor black skirt, matching it with her black turtle neck top and pearl necklace. She thought for all of two seconds before deciding against wearing underwear. Instead, she found her only pair of nylons that required her to wear a garter belt. “Today, when Jack comes by my desk, he’s going to get a whiff of my sweet pussy,” she thought to herself.

Debbie’s pussy was aching with desire while driving to work. The dream shifted to her sitting at her desk squeezing her crossed legs in anxious anticipation of Jack’s arrival. She purposely jammed her drawer so that it would be next to impossible to open. When Jack arrived, she uncharacteristically winked at him and flashed her winning smile. She never winked at him before, but today she needed to get his attention. When he stopped by her desk to check for messages, she asked if he would help her get her desk drawer open. As he bent down to see what was wrong with the drawer, Debbie turned her office chair towards him and parted her legs, hoping that the freshness of her bare and increasingly moist pussy would register in his senses.

Indeed, as Jack looked up to explain that the drawer seemed hopelessly jammed, he caught a glimpse of her parted, milky white, soft thighs. He tried to avert his gaze but Debbie opened her legs wider as he tried not to look. She thought, “You’re not getting away that easily big boy! ” Jack stumbled on his words, but she quickly interrupted, “Jack, my pussy is freshly shaved and scented. Want a taste?” He was speechless.

The dream sequence shifted again and now Debbie was standing in the supply area of her office. Her leg was propped on one of the lower shelves, her skirt lifted around her waist, and Jack was on his knees as she grabbed his hair and shoved his face into her smooth moist crotch. She spread her vaginal lips wide and in her most demanding voice said, “Lick my clit, oh yeah, lick it hard, harder, faster! ”

He flicked his tongue vigorously along her aching clitoris. Debbie found herself grabbing his head and thrusting her pelvis into his face, as if she were fucking him. She began to feel her knees get weak as waves of pleasure filled her body. The intensity of the orgasm woke her up.

As Jack was driving to the plant, his head was swimming with thoughts of his early morning dream. “Later that morning, my walk into the plant where my Brown Eyed Girl works was filled with anticipation and anxiety. I was worried she would be able to tell from the expression on my face that I had been lusting after her in my early morning dream. Approaching her desk, she looked up at me with those lovely eyes and sexy smile. I looked directly at her and gave her a wink. It was the clearest signal I ever gave her that I was interested in more than a passing smile. She seemed taken aback but continued to look at me as I walked by.

“I conducted my business at the plant but was terribly köylü porno distracted and anxious over winking at her. I convinced myself that I had created the whole thing in my mind, just as Dr. Horowitz suggested. As I was leaving the building, I fearfully avoided eye contact with her, but she called me over, telling me that she had taken a message for me. I grabbed it sheepishly and walked off reading it and trying to hide my embarrassment for being so forward with her. As I walked away reading the note, I was shocked to read, “Call me 219-688-7937.”

When I called the number, I was amazed at how sexy and inviting she sounded on the phone. She explained that it was very unlike her to be so forward with men, but that she had an erotic dream about me this morning and felt that she could no longer ignore her attraction to me. I explained that I too was powerfully attracted to her, had coincidentally also dreamed of her this morning, and wondered if I could see her later that night. With a quick exchange of information, I was set to come to her apartment at 8:00 p.m.”

When he arrived at her apartment, she opened the door wearing stunning silk white pajamas and black pumps. “Oh my, you look absolutely beautiful!” Jack declared. Debbie threw her arms around Jack’s neck and kissed him passionately.

Nibbling gently on his ear, Debbie whispered, “I’ve wanted you from the first day you walked into the building.”

“I ran my hands along her back and squeezed her soft ass. The silkiness of her pajamas enhanced the feel of her soft cheeks. I reached forward to run my hand along her crotch, and as I did so, I could feel her silky slit through her pajamas. She moaned and whimpered with surrender that I found wildly exciting. I kissed her passionately while rubbing her pussy through her silky coverings. She leaned against the wall of the entryway as I continued to rub her and press my body against hers. I stepped back for a moment to throw off my clothes in a heated fury. When I pulled down my pants, she gasped. The sight of my cock was apparently satisfying to her. She reached down to grab my balls and then turned the tables on me. She now had me pinned against the front door, groping me and kissing me with reckless abandon.

“With my clothes tossed around her entryway, she led me to the dining room table and sat on the edge, laying back on the table to offer her sweet pussy to me. It was absolutely gorgeous and everything I imagined. Her little kitten was shaved clean, and her engorged vaginal lips seemed to be reaching out to greet me. When she spread her lips for me, I sighed with delight at the pink flesh being offered. I sat on the dining room chair, spread her legs further, and feasted on her pussy. It was absolutely delicious. I took long, slow licks, running my tongue from her vaginal opening up to her clitoris. She had a lovely little clit that peeked out from its hooded covering. I sucked it like a little cock, bobbing my head on her now enlarged bean.”

“Fuck me, Jack,” she declared.

“I stood up and slipped my cock into her while she pushed herself to the edge of the table. My cock slipped easily into her drenched pussy. I grabbed her hips and thrust my cock deep into her. I could hear her whimper, while her movements begged for more.”

“Yes, Oh god yes!” she begged.

“As I continued to slide my cock in and out of her, she sat up a bit and reached for my shaft, pushing me away from the table and leading me by my cock to the living room. She knelt down in front of me and stroked my cock furiously. I felt myself ready to cum, but she stopped stroking and lay back on the floor, spreading her pussy lips and panting breathlessly.”

“Cum on my pussy, Oh please cum on me baby,” she moaned.

Debbie lay back completely spread and exposed to Jack. He stroked his cock while gazing at her beautiful erect nipples and her pink flesh. “Here it comes baby, here it comes for you,” Jack panted. Jack gasped, “Oh god!” as he pressed his cock on her slit and spilled a huge hot load all over her luscious pussy.

Debbie moaned a delicious moan, and rubbed Jack’s cum all over her pussy. She then started masturbating herself furiously. “Stick it in my mouth while I cum,” she demanded. Jack crawled over to her, positioning himself over her mouth as she took him in. She sucked his cock while fingering herself. Jack could see her powerful contractions. She jerked violently, as if her entire body was caught in a spasm. She released her grip on his cock and lay limp on the floor.

This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship between two formally painfully shy people.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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